Well this is unexpected. I apologize to the people reading my current stories, but this bunny wouldn't leave me alone. And I have a gazillion other leverage stories I've written and well, I figured I'd share a bit since our fandom isn't the biggest. Enjoy!

Parker slowly opened her eyes, disoriented. Blue and red flashing lights seemed to sporadically appear in her line of vision as she slowly blinked her way into consciousness. A loud ringing in her ears made every other noise a muffled yell. Her vision cleared slightly and the back of a headrest appeared in her line of sight. Well, that wasn't right. The headrest was upside down. No, she was upside down. The ringing was fading and the muffled noises were starting to clear.

"...Parker..." The groan was coming in clearer.

"...ardison?" The croak that came from her mouth was barely even a whisper. That and the seat belt was the only thing keeping her from tumbling down, it holding her uncomfortably in place. Her head was starting to clear as she tried to turn to see the destruction of what was left of the car she was in. What happened? She stopped scanning when she saw Hardison in the seat in front of her and the other teammates missing. He seemed to be in the same predicament as her, upside down in his seat. But there was blood. Trying to get out of her seat, Parker went to move but cried out when the movement pulled at her leg. Gasping and looking down, she could only gape at the odd angle her left leg was sticking out. Definitely broken, she was lucky if she didn't seriously damage her knee. The voices were coming in clearer and Parker just realized through all the chaos that there were other people trying to help them in the wreckage. She could hear the voices trying to be soothing, paramedics, typical reassurance in moments like these. Through her hazy perception, Hardison was already out of the totaled car and on a stretcher. She was the last. Parker struggled at the hands that touched her, but relented when she realized they needed to help for her to escape from this metal cage. She let them move her, not that she held much more protest. Black dots tried to overcome her vision but she had to stay awake. Her mind screamed danger and she hadn't accounted for her team. Parker couldn't hold the loud moan as the paramedics moved her out of the car and onto the stretcher. The adrenaline was wearing off and her leg was screaming. Nausea overwhelmed her and her vision swam. She caught a glimpse of Nate and Sophie both secured in the same ambulance as the doors closed. Hardison was on the stretcher in front of her. Where was the Eliot? Parker's head fell to the side and she saw the last stretcher being loaded into the ambulance, the figure immobile and covered in blood.