A/N: This is an adaptation of an unfinished story that the author chose to take off the site. Rated T for language. The story starts right after Rivers and Roads finishes. One major canon change for this is when Chuck reaches Sarah at the beach she immediately asked for their story.

Chuck vs Ellie

Chapter 1: Silent Exit

It was the best kiss she could ever remember. If any kiss could have memory retrieving properties this would have to be it; alas even this kiss could not undo Quinn's machinations.

"Well?" Chuck inquired, his brown eyes initially full of hope, but with each passing nanosecond of silence the eyes became ever so weary.

Not wanting to lie like she had at the fountain a week prior when leaving him, she attempted some levity in letting him know the news; although hardly her instinctual choice she sensed he would appreciate the effort. "I would say it was more outstanding than well."

Chuck couldn't help but smile and even display a brief blush, but his features once again began to harden and started to stand up. Neither had noticed during the kiss Sarah had latched onto Chuck's shirt utilizing her kung-fu grip. Sarah soon acquiesced and brought herself up with Chuck rather than letting go. Following the growing feeling in her gut one hand released his shirt and made its way to the back of his neck. Not knowing whether or not the second kiss would bring back any memories, but she desperately needed it and she could not recall the last time she needed anything like this. His lips opened up all set for another round when just before they connected Chuck placed his hands on her shoulders slightly pushing himself away. Sarah opened her eyes with a look of puzzlement and apprehension after looking at Chuck's face.

"I'm sorry Sarah, I just can't do this unless I know you're back."

Sarah's face dropping gave Chuck the answer that he was hoping not to get, but needing to tell him some truth she started to speak, "No memories returned, but… Chuck?"

At the sound of 'no' Chuck released her shoulders and turned beginning to walk away. Stopping when he heard, "Wait, please."

Unable to turn to look at her, donning his Carmichael voice he stated, "Agent Walker." Sarah slightly shivered at the brusqueness of his voice, "I will always hope that someday my Sarah will come back and if she does I want to be as much a part of her life as she'll allow me." The hope laced within the words buoyed Sarah momentarily, "You Agent Walker, I can somewhat understand why you would believe Quinn and detonating the room with us in it was professional. Your taking Ellie was personal and watching your eyes I know that you were willing to pull the trigger on an innocent and not lose any sleep over it."

Chuck completely tensed; rolling his shoulders and balling his fists knowing he had crossed a major line he turned and forced himself to look at her while she was trying to see if he understood what he had said, "Sar… Agent Walker, I should not have said that. Sleep can be a very difficult thing for you, I know and that was just the stupid phrase that first came to mind." Sarah nodded wanly at that, "I guess no matter what anybody has said to me, including you, as to how much you've changed I never believed it. I never could. The problem is that whenever I look at you I immediately see my Sarah and my heart breaks all over again." Chuck barely gets out the last few words and Sarah starts to close the gap between them before he holds out his hand as a stop signal, "Agent Walker you were right at the fountain and back in Castle. We both need some time apart and your mission in Burbank is complete."

The finality of when Chuck said 'complete' made her take a step backwards. She tried to look into Chuck's eyes to see if he really meant that, but he was looking down. "Ok Chuck, they need me to go back to DC and take some tests and have some paperwork for me to fill out. They said I had to do it within a week or two, but I guess I'll go now… Goodbye Chuck." Sarah turned and struggled to walk away.

Chuck looked up and shouted over incoming tide, "Agent Walker I'll make sure all of your things are placed in your hotel room so that you can go through and keep what you want. Goodbye Agent Walker." Hearing that Sarah's pace quickened but was unsteady; Chuck watched just in case she fell as the waves easily drowned out his whispered plea of, "Please come back to me Sarah."

Casa de Woodcomb

After leaving the beach and sitting in her car it took Sarah some time to get herself together and drive. Finding herself in front of their apartment complex she scanned the lot to make sure the Nerd herder wasn't there. She parked and after a minute left her Lotus and walked to a door. The knock was much harder than she intended as she felt a twinge in her knuckles from it. The person answering the door surprised her as well, Mary Bartowski.

"Sarah, Chuck isn't here. He went to look for you, if you want to wait inside and we'll…"

"Mother, No! Agent Walker is not welcome in this household. If you need to discuss business with your fellow agent, please take it outside. I'm going to check on Clara."

"Eleanor, last night you were trying to help her. What's changed?"

"Last night I was trying to get back my sister, unfortunately the person at the door is the farthest thing from the Sarah that I knew. I just… hold on there is one thing I need to ask her," Ellie makes her way to her front door and opens it up staring at Sarah up and down with a disapproving look. A dismissive shake of her head preceded the question, "You are leaving aren't you? Because if you are staying I'm canceling moving to Chicago. So, what is it?"

Sarah quirked an eyebrow as this was a classic power play move and of the three women here, Ellie would have been the initial person of this group dismissed as being the alpha. In looking over at Mary's surprised face she was in the midst of processing this as well. Seeing her face begin to contort, Sarah decided to answer Ellie before it went any further. "No Ellie, I am going back to DC for some tests and then I guess there is some paperwork to sign. I'm not sure what I will do after that."

"Good." Ellie slammed the door shut. Sarah could hear the shout of 'Eleanor' through the door, but left before Mary opened it again. Leaving the parking lot she was completely numb; the only decision she felt able to make was pulling into the long term parking at LAX. It was at least a promise to herself that she would return and attempt to reconnect with Chuck. Although she only knew life as a spy, the spy life had lost the appeal that once fueled her. She was certain that fuel was now a tall, kind man whose eyes told her everything she had wanted was possible, but had no idea on how to make her way back to him.

A/N: Not expecting a warm response to this one and the way the story is going to proceed is different than how the original author was going to go. If you feel the need to say the Bartowski siblings are acting OOC, perhaps there is a reason for that. However as always, let me know what you think and thanks for reading.