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"Hey, man. Are you even listening to me?" I'm vaguely aware of my friend Jasper trying to get my attention, but I'm too busy concentrating on the hot blonde over at the bar who's been staring at me and smiling for over an hour.

She keeps turning her head towards me, twisting her amazing body that is barely covered by a little red dress. I've been biding my time but I think I have to go over and introduce myself. I give her my trademark grin and put my hand up to Jasper.

"Got to fly J, don't wait up.'

I smirk at him as he groans in frustration, he knows me too well. I walk over to the bar and lean against it; watching as Jasper walks off, probably trying to hunt down Emmett and turn towards the girl on my right.

She smiles up at me through her long lashes.

"Hi, I'm Tanya."

She pouts her plump lips, before swiping her tongue across them.

I smile appreciatively as I let my eyes wander up her legs that seem to go on for days. An image of them wrapped around me pops into my head making my cock twitch. I carry on over her as I reach her huge rack, which is spilling out over the top of her dress.

I fucking love tits, that has to be my favourite part of a woman, closely followed by the ass. I like to think that I'm both a tits and ass man, I don't want to be choosing between things like that.

This whole charade is a game that I'm good at, I can't lie and I know exactly how arrogant that sounds. I also know that she wants this and she knows what I want too. It's barely a game anymore if I'm honest.

I compliment her and ask if I can buy her a drink, she giggles and tells me what she's drinking. After one Belini for her and another beer for me and a conversation or two about irrelevant shit, as said by Flynn Ryder (Yes, I fucking love Disney. Fuck off.) I turn on 'the smoulder' and yes, it works.

She asks if I want to go back to hers. Touching is better than any pick up line, just little brushes of your hand, not too much or too grabby or she'll be calling you a pervert and spraying pepper spray into your eyeballs, and believe me that shit hurts. But as we walk out I place my hand onto the small of her back, I think they like feeling safe.

By the time we get to her place I've already forgotten her name but we've made out twice. No groping, I'm saving that for behind closed doors. I can't say the same for her, she almost had my cock out in the cab. I'm not complaining, but I don't like an audience and the cab driver loved the peep show he was getting a little too much.

As soon as I shut the door to her apartment, she is all over me. I love having a woman under my mercy, watching them come apart under my fingers or tongue is hot. I'm partial to the odd blow job, but I'd rather be doing the sucking and finger fucking.

I turn round and I press my lips to hers as I push her up against the wall, I suck gently on her bottom lip as I find the zipper on her dress. I kiss my way down her neck, starting just under her ear.

She throws her head back and moans as I slide her dress down her body. My fingers brush against the sides of her breasts and they jiggle softly as I free them. I pull my face from her neck and stare at her large, soft tits. Her nipples are already hard and I run my thumb over the hard nub. She inhales sharply as I kiss, then suck gently on it and circle the other nipple with my thumb.

I don't particularly like fake tits but these aren't too bad.

"Bedroom, where's the bedroom?" I mumble.

She points over my shoulder as I scoop her up making her squeal and carry her to her room in her panties and shoes. I put her down on the bed and pull off my shirt and pants, I crouch over her and run my fingers up the inside of her leg until I reach her apex. I touch the smooth silk of her panties and then pull them down sharply, freeing her pussy.

Fuck, she's smooth and wet.

I look at her glistening lips as she starts squirming and bucking up her hips. I smile and kiss her there gently.

"Oh fuck. More."

She spreads her legs, opening herself up for me. Some guys think giving oral is more of a second date thing to do, but I love it. The taste of pussy is better than anything else; some girls are definitely sweeter than others. I lick her there, ending up at her clit, where I linger for a second.

Her hips buck up and I feel her hand on my head, pushing me into her. I don't mind, but unfortunately I can't breathe through my fucking ears yet, I'm waiting for evolution to sort that shit out.

However tempting a death by pussy may seem, I want to feel that pussy wrapped around my cock in a minute and I can't do that if I'm dead from asphyxiation. I tap her hand and look up, she's fucking sitting up slightly and her tits are bouncing around as she squirms and fidgets. A fucking perfect view.

I fuck her pussy with my tongue and rub her clit with my fingers, I swap over at one point.

I bring her to the point of no return several times but deny her. By the time I do, she fucking explodes, her body shaking.

That's my cue. I rip the foil on a condom and roll it down my cock.

Sometimes I can make foreplay last a while, but it's been at least a week for me and I need a release so I flip her over and smack her bum hard, making her groan. I bring her hips up and push my very ready dick into her wet heat.

That feeling of being inside a girl, is indescribable. The heat and the way it squeezes, its fucking amazing. I reach round and rub her clit as I thrust myself into her roughly. Her moans get louder as I get quicker.

She wants to change position while I'm in full swing and pushes me backwards until she's sitting on me with her back to my face. She turns round to face me while I'm still inside her, which I have to admit does impress me.

I watch as she rides my cock, her massive tits bouncing up and down. I throw my head back as I feel her walls clamp down and I come in long spurts.

Fuck. Me.

She shouts my name as she comes. I stop and breathe for a second and then pick her up and pull her off me. She hisses at the loss of contact, I put her back down on the bed beside me. She goes in for a kiss but I sit up quickly, brushing her off and get up.

I reach down and pull the condom off, throwing it into the trash basket near her bed. She's leaning back on her elbows watching me as I pull on my pants and shirt. I pause to look down at her.

"Got to dash." I rummage inside my brain for her name. Natasha? I'm really not sure, she's just another nameless face to me so I just turn and walk away.

I can hear her asking me to leave her my number, which isn't going to happen. She knew the deal from the beginning and I'm pretty sure we have crossed paths before, not that I can be certain of that.

Once I'm back outside I run across the street and lift my arm to hail a cab, if I'm lucky I can still meet up with J and Em before we go home.

My name is Edward Masen, my friends call me a pussy hound, even though I fucking hate it I can't deny that it's a pretty accurate description of me and my extra-curricular activities. I've pretty much heard it all, so you can call me whatever you like.

My life has been like this for as long as I remember.

At the age of fourteen I had older girls serving themselves up on a platter to me. I resisted until I was sixteen. I guess I didn't know what I was missing. Ever since my first time, with a girl who just accidentally ended up in my bed naked at a party and pretty much begged me to have sex with her, I just can't help myself.

I don't keep count and it never means anything more to me than just sex. The fact that my family is very wealthy probably helps and I often get girls who are after the money and try to get me to fall in love with them. My father would have a new woman on his arm every week and I grew up surrounded by beautiful women, I guess the apple never falls far from the tree.

My friend Jasper, who is into psychology, thinks I'm searching for some kind of connection. I think I just love sex.

I message my friends as I'm in the cab and they meet me outside of the bar. They know where I've been and they want details, I placate them with a few minor details. I don't like to fuck and blab. They are telling me about the girls they met and how amazing they are, but I don't listen because I just want to go home, shower the pussy off me and sleep.