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Chapter 1

          Vash locked the door of the ship and pushed a heavy stone across it to block the entrance.  It wasn't like Knives would be able to move around in his condition.  Vash sighed and shook his head.

          After he shot Knives in the desert 3 months ago, he brought his twin to one of the Seed's ships—the ship that brought both brothers to the Planet Gunsmoke. With no plants around to help heal his wounds, Knives was still unable to move his legs. Not like he wanted to anyway.  The brothers hadn't said much to each other since that fateful day when Knives fought Vash and lost.  Knives spent 3 months sulking and demanding medical help.  Vash kept quiet and only responded to his brother when it was absolutely necessary.

          "Where are you going?"

          Vash winced, his brother's voice in his mind sounded irritated.

          "We're almost out of food. Besides, I need to get more supplies and finish my work with one of the plants in the city. She needs my help."

          "You know that you can't be seen by humans, brother.  If they see you, they'll catch you and lock you up somewhere, and I'll be left alone to die!"

          "Quit whining!  It's night now and I'll be back before sunrise, I'll only be going away for a few hours!"

          Vash blocked his brother's protests out and started his old, beat-up jeep.


          "Are you sure he comes here often?" Meryl Strife tried to keep up with the little man in the lab coat.

          "Yes, yes, ma'am, but it's a big secret. We can't afford to have a whole bunch of bounty hunters from all over the planet come here. Vash helps a lot, because of him and his priest friend, our ships had to land.  People were suffering, not used to living on the surface. But without Vash we wouldn't be able to get all the plants working.  They were terrified of the new surroundings and almost shut down."

          "I won't tell anyone. My assistant Milly Thomson and I have been following Vash the Stampede for a couple of years now, but we lost sight of him three months ago!  He went to confront his brother and never came back!"—Meryl shook her fist at the invisible object in front of her—"The nerve of that man!  He just takes off without telling us where he's going!"

          Meryl froze when she saw Milly talking to a tall man in a hooded sweatshirt at the end of the large hall. Milly waved excitedly to Meryl. "Meryl! Look who I ran into just now!"

          The rest of the conversation that Meryl had with the plant scientist was a blur.  She only saw Vash.  A small smile tugged on his lips when he turned his face to look at her. She missed him so much.


          Meryl swallowed nervously.  She hadn't seen him in so long… She stared at his calm face and bit her lower lip.  He'd lost a lot of weight and his eyes were large on his pale face, almost hidden under the long blond bangs.  She wouldn't recognize him if he were just walking down the street.

          Her face flushed when she realized that she had been staring at him for the longest time. Meryl grabbed Vash's arm and shook him. "You owe me an explanation, Mister!"

          "Of course, Meryl." Vash's blue-green eyes were bright and gentle. He smiled down at Meryl. "Aw, Meryl, why don't you just admit that you've missed me?"

          Meryl turned even redder. She remembered that she had promised herself and Milly that next time she saw Vash she would tell him about her feelings…

          She opened her mouth and then closed it again.

          Milly struck Meryl's side with her elbow and dragged away the short scientist Meryl had been talking to a few minutes ago.

          Meryl nervously licked her lips: it was now or never. Vash could pull his disappearing trick on her again and she would have to spend another few months looking for him.

          "Vash…we…I…need to talk to you…."

          Vash cautiously watched Meryl and her inner turmoil. "Wait, wait. Meryl, before you say anything, I want to show you something…"

          A stricken Meryl followed Vash into the plant building.  Something had changed.  Vash was different, something was wrong with him.  He looked determined and sad.  He led Meryl through countless rooms and control desks and finally brought her to the control room of the plant.  Meryl gasped and tried to grab Vash by his arm. "We can't come in here!  Vash!  It's a plant, for God's sake! Stop! Where is the security in this place anyway?"

          Vash ignored her and typed the password to open the door in the plant room.

          Meryl was shaking violently.  She was scared.  A huge plant bulb inside the room was gently humming.  She had never seen one of those so close.  Her mouth opened slightly when Vash walked right to the plant and placed his hands on top of the glass surface.

          "Meryl, come here, please, it won't hurt you, I promise."

          Meryl was so terrified she couldn't move. She had no clue what was inside of the bulb.  She thought she saw movement in the white mist. 

          "Meryl, please…there is someone I want to show you…"

          Gathering all her courage, Meryl moved closer to Vash.

          The tall man walked up behind her and softly took her hands in his and placed them on the surprisingly cool surface.  "Watch…watch, Meryl…please…."

          Meryl let out a blood-stopping scream.  Right in front of her there was a hauntingly beautiful being with growths behind its back that looked like wings. The being was floating inside the bulb, its arms spread wide.

          Meryl pulled back, breathing heavily. "What in the hell…? Do the plant engineers know about this?  What is this? Who is this?" Meryl's fear-stricken eyes searched within Vash's darkened blue orbs. 

          "This is my sister, Meryl. I…my brother and I…I am not human, Meryl…"

          "What…?" Meryl suddenly couldn't breath. She closed her eyes and hoped that she was only dreaming, that this nightmare would go away and she would wake up in her bed.

          "Meryl, are you ok?"  Vash's face was full of concern.  He gently tried to shake the dark-haired woman from her trance.

          Meryl opened her eyes and jerked away from his hands, her expression full of disgust and horror.

          Vash's face fell.  He turned away, not even trying to stop Meryl when she took off sobbing.

          "You were wrong, Usagi…she is not going to love me for who I am…nobody ever will, not in this world…." He smiled gently, ignoring the hot tears streaming down his cheeks.


          It took Vash a while to start his car.  He sat in the driver's seat emotionlessly for God knows how long, thinking.

          He had tried to find Meryl after she ran out on him, but instead a furious Milly delivered a big punch right into his jaw for hurting her friend's feelings. He didn't know how to respond to that.  Instead he smiled his sad smile and walked away from her.  Milly, with tears running down her face, screamed something behind him, but he didn't care. He didn't even remember loading his jeep with food and supplies and giving a few instructions to the plant engineers.  He came to his senses in the car, when he realized that he had been sitting there quite a few long minutes, just staring at the steering wheel and quietly sobbing.  His shaking hands finally found the starter and he took off, never turning to look back. 

          He was about two miles away from his ship.  Knives' voice in his head was mocking. "So, she turned you away, what did you expect from a human!  They only care about themselves!  Polluting this planet, always getting what they want, destroying our kind!  They're afraid of anything they don't know!  They're chauvinistic pigs! All of them!"

          "And you are…?"—Vash stopped the car, grabbing the wheel so hard that his knuckles turned white—"JUST SHUT THE HELL UP, KNIVES!"

          He turned around and took off into the desert, driving away from his brother's voice, from the ship, from the heartbreak and loneliness.

          He finally stopped in the middle of the desert and turned off the car engine.  He placed his head on his crossed arms and stayed like that for a little while.  He didn't want to go back.  The mere thought of hearing Knives' nauseating comments made him sick.  He shut his eyes tightly, but a few tears escaped his closed lids.

          Suddenly he heard—no, felt a faint call. It was so weak he could hardly understand what exactly it was saying.

          He was in the middle of nowhere…a desert; a hot wind messed his hair and clothes. What in the world could that be?

          Vash tried to concentrate harder. He got out of the car and finally realized where he was.

          This was the place where he fought Knives.  Somewhere here, lying buried in the sand, were his red coat and Wolfwood's Cross Punisher, the one he shot Knives in both legs with.

          Vash placed his hand to his eyes, trying to clear his vision and prevent wind from throwing sand in his eyes.

          There.  Something was out there, just about a few feet away from him.

          Vash ran towards it with all his might.  He saw a figure with white wings curled on the sand, clutching something in its hands.  Was it one of the plants?  How had it gotten here?

          Vash's heart was about to jump out of his chest when he finally reached the body and kneeled down in front of it.

          It was a woman. A woman with dirty white angel wings and bloody clothes. The girl's face was hidden in the old red coat.  Vash grabbed the stranger's hand and felt a very faint pulse, then turned the girl on her back.


To be continued.