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is killed

Chapter 6 " Plan A is set in motion"

"Dear Dairy, I've been a VERY bad girl…a few years ago, well, technically, that would be few HUNDRED years ago—" The sound of the alarm made Chibi-Usa stop writing.

"It's time…"

"Already?" Chibi-Usa solemnly looked at Setsuna's face on the small screen.

"Yes…they are on their way to the city"


"Would you like me to proceed with Plan B, Neo Princess?" Setsuna's eyes were sharp.

"No, gods, NO! Are you nuts! You can't do it to me, I mean to them!" Chibi-Usa met Setsuna's stern stare and fell on the chair, groaning. " It's all about me, isn't it?"

Setsuna wisely kept her mouth shut.

"Would you really do it, Sets? Go back and have Usagi and Vash never meet in the first place? Would you change all that? Would you?"

"In a heartbeat."

"How could you? She is so happy!" Chibi-Usa clenched her fists.

"She would be happy either way, and you know it, Chibi-Usa. It is Usagi we're talking about here."

"I am going with my plan, Setsuna, but if I fail you do whatever you need to do." Chibi-Usa shut off the monitor and fell face-down on the bed. "Stay positive, stay positive, I CAN do it!"

A soft knock on the door interrupted her chanting.

"Who is it?" Chibi-Usa flipped on her back.


The pink-haired girl gulped and visibly paled. "Hold on."

She unlocked the door and tried not to meet the person's eyes. She's been trying to avoid him all day. "Um…I am kinda busy right now, Dad…"

Strong arms enveloped her in a hug. "I know."

Chibi-Usa's eyes filled with tears. She bit her lower lip, trying to control her sobs, but failing…

Vash softly closed the bedroom door. Usagi looked at him from her alert position in the middle of the bed. "Is she….?"

"Yes, she is leaving in a few minutes."

Usagi let out a pained moan. "What are we going to do?"


The Neo Queen burst in tears.

Vash chuckled and climbed on the bed next to her. "There, there…no one is going to be hurt, yes, a few things might change, but knowing Setsuna, it's going to be painless for everyone…"

"But I don't want anything to change!" Usagi grabbed the blonde by his shirt.

"And I don't want anything to change either, but we can't sit here and think about it and talk about it all the time! It's driving me insane, too!"

Usagi sniffed. "Well, I can't think of anything else to do BUT to go insane waiting for what is to come!"

"Really?" Vash gave his wife a blank stare.

Usagi stared at her husband's deadpan expression and then her tear-stained face slowly turned a lovely pink color. "Oh…"

"Ahh, NUTS!" Knives was about to knock on the royal bedroom door and then rolled his eyes.

"Hey! I was here first!" Haruka strolled in the hallway with a few folders in her hands.

Knives snorted. "Well, gee, how come I didn't see you when I was about to knock?"

"I had something to do on another side of the hall."

"Yeah, right, whatever, either way, you won't be able to get in."

"Why not?" Haruka's head immediately was plastered against the bedroom door.

Knives visibly blushed. "They are…um…busy…"

"AGAIN!!!!!????" Haruka looked scandalized, but didn't change her position at door. "Damn, I can't hear anything…how do you know?"

"He is blocking me."

"You mean doing that weird thing that you two weird brothers can do when you don't want the other hear your thoughts? Niiiiiiiice."

"Something like that…" Knives came to decision that he really truly hated this woman, and when the time came, she would certainly die first. Nod. Ahh…that thought felt great.

His pleasant daydreaming was rudely interrupted.

"So, my dearest Weapon of Mass Destruction, how's your girlfriend doing?"



Haruka was laughing hysterically as she watched Knives storming off.



Seriously, the true purpose of Haruka's existence was to annoy the king's twin brother. And love Michiru, and serve her Queen. Not necessarily in that order.

Chibi-Usa looked at her wristwatch. They would be there in a few minutes. She waved back at some geeky looking guy in the same lab coat she was wearing. Damn, that was the third guy who seemed to know her somehow. She should've picked less attractive transformation.

Her location was perfect. She knew Vash and the others would be coming to this place–it was the only close diner to the Plant.

Chibi-Usa knew Vash was doing some work for the Plant technicians undercover. In return they supplied him with food and other basic needs. Now that Knives was insured, Vash needed all the help he could get.

"They are here." Setsuna's voice was distant in Chibi-Usa's earpiece.

"What?!" How could she have missed them walking in?

Chibi-Usa slapped her forehead. Of course, Vash wouldn't announce his presence to everyone; after all, the bounty on his head AND his brother's was enormous.

"And fries, too, Vash!" Usagi's cheerful voice made Chibi-Usa jump. There they were, about three tables away from her.

Vash groaned and paid for the food. Bringing Usagi with him was the worse idea ever. Not to mention that part where he had to bring Knives as well. His brother was currently painfully pinching Usagi under the table for mentioning Vash's name to the entire diner.

Chibi-Usa smirked. Usagi-baka had just made her life A LOT easier. If all went according to her plan, she will have those three back on Earth in no time. It would take forever for Usagi to convince Vash to come back with her. So…he needed a little push. After all, Vash was very stubborn, especially when he thought that he was doing the right thing. Chibi-Usa snorted and got up from her seat. 'Let's get wild.'

"IT'S VASH THE STAMPEDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"