I hear my name get called

the school falls silent

To the floor my tray falls

"We will see you in the windmill."

Miss Weaver calls from the from front

Yet I stand still

I cannot die

not now

please not tonight

Stinch starts for me

I start to run

I cannot see

I'm blinded by the tears in my eyes

I feel the chains surround me

Please don't let me die!

Stinch drags me across the floor

My grades were insufficient

They could not take it anymore

I am locked inside the Windmill

darkness covers all

I went and got myself killed

They pull me from the shadows

I am whisked away

I feel as though I'm next in line for the gallows

They strap me down

I'm in a weird machine




I feel myself being torn

I lose my memory

Soon I wake upon the next morn

I'm not who I was

I only know my name

I lost it all because

I got bad grades

Now I've lost my memory

I got bad grades

so much less than I should be

I got bad grades

Failed for Miss Ricketts, Miss Notch, and all

I got bad grades

I certainly deserve this downfall

Failed in my studies

I have lost it all

Not the mad scientist I should be

This is my curtain call

I'm here with the other failures like me

All because my robot destroyed a the shopping mall

now and forever...

Doomed to be...

Here in Hollow Fields...

Why don't you join me..?