It was a chilly night, and perhaps even more chilling because a cruel, pointless double murder had just been carried out by an evil wizard. But all was not lost: The wizard was ultimately destroyed by a mother's love for her child.

After this turn of events, Professors Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall were talking quietly right outside of Number 4 Privet Drive. Professor Dumbledore was telling Minerva that he was going to deliver that little boy to the Dursleys, the family that lived there, saying "He is to live with his Aunt and Uncle: They're the only family he's got left,"

Minerva looked sharply at him through her horn-rimmed glasses, and said "He's got more family than that! Maybe not by blood, but I'll be damned if I let this boy reside with these horrible Muggles!" Dumbledore was astounded by her words for a moment, then said calmly "Surely they can't be that bad," Minerva sighed as she said "I watched them all day, Albus. They don't like anyone that isn't like them, they would never understand him, nor would they want to: Lily told me about how much her sister and her husband hated her and James. Petunia refused to take part in Lily's wedding day, and even the birth of Harry! She cut off all ties with Lily the day she announced her engagement. Lily was heartbroken Albus, that sister of hers-"

Dumbledore interrupted gently, saying "Is the victim of severe jealousy. You know I received a letter from Petunia when she was a little girl, shortly after Lily got her Hogwarts letter. She said that she wanted to come to Hogwarts too, but unfortunately when I told her that Hogwarts is only for those who possess magic, it left a nasty mark. That mark seemed to grow into anger and hatred as the years past."

Minerva looked surprised, and Dumbledore sighed as he said "They aren't my first choice either Minerva, I would have liked to trust Harry with Sirius, Remus or Peter, but I am unsure of which one of them betrayed the Potters to Voldemort, and I do not wish to put Harry in anymore danger." Minerva flinched at 'Voldemort', and said "Isn't there a way we can find out which one of them did tell You-Kno-, oh, alright then, Voldemort?" Dumbledore shook his head "Unfortunately, no; if there was a way I would most certainly do it."

Minerva said "You can't just leave him here Albus. There has to be another way." Dumbledore shook his head sadly as he said "I'm afraid there isn't," Minerva was silent for a few moments, and Dumbledore pulled out a couple of lemon drops from his pocket and popped them in his mouth as he sat down on the bench near them. She sat down next to him and kept thinking; 'Who else could care for the boy? Surely there must be someone…'

She then thought about little Harry's fame, how he would be known by all wizards and witches, and said "But Albus couldn't a wizard family take him in and raise him? Surely there are plenty of witches and wizards that would give their right arm to raise Harry! He'll probably go down in history as a legend for Merlin's sake!" Dumbledore said "That's exactly why I think the best option is for him to be raised by the Dursleys, that way he'll grow up away from all that, and when he is of age he will be ready to understand it."

Minerva shook her head, saying "These Muggles will never care for Harry like a real family would! He needs-What's that noise?" They heard a loud roar coming from the sky, and as they looked they saw a light that was coming closer and closer, until it landed on the street in front of the house. They saw a huge figure carrying a bundle of blankets get off what appeared to be a large motorcycle. Dumbledore sounded slightly relieved as he said "Hagrid! Thank goodness you have arrived safely. Where did you get this motorcycle?"

Hagrid smiled through his heavily bearded face, and said "Youn' Sirius Black let me 'ave it, sir." Dumbledore nodded and said "Was there any trouble getting Harry out of Godric's Hollow?" Hagrid shook his head, and said "Nope, I go' lit'le Harry out before the Muggles started comin' 'round the destroyed 'ouse. He fell asleep as we was flying o'er." He looked affectionately down at the little bundle of blankets, and Hagrid allowed McGonagall to take the little boy into her arms.

As she did so, Hagrid pulled a dirty handkerchief out of his pocket, and blew his nose so loudly it sounded like the low note of a trombone. McGonagall shushed him, and soon he started sobbing loudly, saying "'m sorry! I can' help it! Lit'le Harry bein' raised by these Muggles, an' I won' see him again fer a long time!" Dumbledore patted Hagrid's arm gently, and said "I know, but he will be safer here."

McGonagall suddenly had an idea, it may be crazy, but it was the only choice she had left. "Albus. There are no sufficient reasons why Harry should be a burden here. It seems I have no choice: I will raise him myself!" Dumbledore looked surprised, while Hagrid looked completely shocked; Hagrid asked Dumbledore "Can she do tha'?"

Dumbledore looked at Minerva through his glasses, which seemed to have a twinkle in them as he said "Minerva, I am touched that you would take on all this responsibility, but I truly feel his best chance is with the Dursleys," Minerva said exasperatedly "Albus, we've been over this! He'll be treated like a pet by these people, they would not care for him the way his parents would have, even if they are blood related! I would raise the boy with the understanding that when the time comes he can accept what happened, and should Voldemort rise again, he may be in danger. I will care for him as if he were my own, which is what Lily and James would have wanted." She finished with tears in her eyes, as did Hagrid, he wiped his away with his sleeve though since his handkerchief was too wet to use anymore.

Dumbledore was silent for a moment, and said "I came here with the intention of leaving Harry in the care of the Dursleys," Minerva was about to object, but Dumbledore held up his hand, signaling her that he wasn't finished, and said "But I didn't think that I would find someone even better to raise "the boy who lived". Professor McGonagall if you wish to raise Harry, I think you will make a fine guardian. Raising a child is not easy, but I figure you know that already."

Minerva nodded with tears in her eyes, and she smiled down at Harry as she was reminded of her daughter, who was now full-grown and married off. Dumbledore smiled, and said "Very well then let us discuss details back at Hogwarts; I see no reason to still be here on Privet Drive." Hagrid said "Yeah," as he got back on the motorcycle, and Dumbledore asked "Do you wish to apparate with me, Minerva?" She nodded, and linked arms with Dumbledore, while still holding little Harry. She smiled, feeling that she made the right choice, and saved the little boy from a childhood of unhappiness.