Summary: Hermione is having constant nightmares and has received help from an unexpected person.

Pairing: Fred/Hermione

Setting, etc: Takes place a few months after the war. Hermione is 18. Fred is 21.

Word Count for Chapter: 5,000

Rating: M. There IS and WILL BE adult themes in THIS chapter and coming chapters as well as language.

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I scream in agony as the pain shoots up and down my whole body. My eyes have a hard time focusing when my body stops convulsing.

"That sword is meant to be in my vault at Gringotts, how did you get it! Did you and your friends take it from my vault?" she screams in my face.

"I didn't take anything. Please. I didn't take anything." I choke out between sobs.

"I don't believe you." She says and sneers. She then raises her wand and smiles an evil smile. "Crucio!"

I scream and writhe on the floor. The pain is all I can register. I can't do anything but scream and convulse. The pain slowly eases. The ringing in my ears dies down. She looks at me with hate and disgust for a moment.

She then gets that same damn evil smile before raising her wand again. Shit. I am trying to get my mouth to work before she casts the spell I know is coming. Too late.

"Crucio!" She yells with pleasure.

"Hermione! Wake up! You're safe! Please, just wake up!" I hear someone's frantic and pleading voice.

I slowly open my eyes. When I get my eyes to focus, I am met with bright blue eyes, filled with panic and relief, freckles, and the Weasley trademark, bright red/orange hair. I become aware that I am covered in sweat. I look down and see my light green tank top sticking to my still-too-thin body. My black short-shorts have become twisted and have ridden up exposing the tops of my thighs.

I look back up at Fred and try to say something but can't due to my painfully dry throat. I manage to choke out some sort of sound however because Fred moves and sits down on my bed and helps me sit up.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asks so softly I'm momentarily surprised.

"Just a bad dream." I say roughly. I look up from staring at the ground to meet his gaze. I see him smile a bit and roll his eyes. I can still see the panic and worry there however.

"I guessed that much," He said with some humour in his voice and a small smile. "But are you O.K.?" He asked with a seriousness that I wasn't used to from him.

"Uh, yes? No? I don't know anymore." I reveal with a small laugh trying to lighten the mood. One look from him shows me that he's waiting for a serious answer. "I guess. I just was dreaming about being in Malfoy Manor again. It happens every night. When it's not that, it's some other horrific thing from the War. I should be used to it by now." I say with a shrug.

I look down to my lap and see small drops of water running down the inside of my thighs. I bring my hand up to wipe my eyes. When my hand comes back I notice two things, my hand is wet from my apparent crying, and I have a small bit of blood in the tiny pools of salty water.

"Hermione," I hear and am broken out of my musings. "You should never have get use to something like that. You are eighteen years old. By most standards you're still a kid. To me, you are a brave, and strong woman. You were forced to grow up young. You were forced to join a war that was over some immature shit. You shouldn't have to be used to nightmares about a horrific war." Fred explained with so many emotions that I could only catch a few.

I'm sure I'm looking at with so much emotion that it makes him uncomfortable. He doesn't budge. I can feel my eyes water and the tears pool. My throat constricts painfully from the sob I keep in. I finally let those tears fall and a sob escapes me. I mumble 'thank you' over and over trying to express my gratitude to him when says that.

"Shhh." He says as he collects me into his arms. He rearranges me so that I'm resting all of my body on his. He gently lies back so that he's comfortably resting his back on my bed.

I sob into his chest for what seems like an eternity. All the while he whispers comforting things into my ear. As I start to calm down, I can feel one of his hands rubbing slow lazy circles on my back. I can feel his other hand gently playing with my hair. I become aware that he has no shirt on and is only wearing boxers. I can feel a small blush creep onto my cheeks.

I look up at him and see something in his eyes that I can't quite place. I can see his pupils are more dilated than they should be in my moon lit room. I can feel his breathing become faster and become slightly labored. I can feel his heart beating faster. I can finally place the look. Lust.

I stretch my body up and lightly kiss him experimentally. After a few seconds of him not responding I begin to pull away feeling rejected and embarrassed. He grabs my hips tightly but not uncomfortably and kisses me fervently. I moan when he rubs circles on my hipbone. One hand makes it up to my hair and tangles itself in my curls.

I start moving up and down minutely. He growls and flips us so I'm beneath him. His mouth leaves mine and starts trailing kisses down to the hallow of my throat. I moan in pleasure and can feel him smirk while kissing me. 'The git is enjoying making me squirm.' I think while smiling and wrapping my legs around him tightly. Very tightly. 'Well two can play at this game.' I think with a smirk.

With my legs wrapped around him, I press up my body so that it's flush against his. My breasts are pressing into his chiseled chest and I can feel his groan reverberate when I press my lower half into his member. I can feel the hard length become even harder through his pants when I do this. In response, he grabs the hem of my shirt and slips it up and over my head.

He smirks evilly and lowers his mouth to my puckered nipple. He gently suckles on it. I close my eyes in pleasure at the sensation. He gently cups my other breast and his fingers begin playing with my other nipple. I moan softly as he does this. He lifts his head after a few minutes and switches over to my right nipple to start the cycle again.

When he stops, I reach down and grab his face and kiss him frantically. We kiss for all that we're worth. He breaks it and chooses a spot above my clavicle and kisses and nips there. 'He's leaving me a love bite!' I reach my hand down to his boxers and am about to slip my hand inside for retaliation when he grabs it quickly.

He smiles naughtily and places my hand on his side. He then reaches down and grabs my shorts. He plays with the elastic before hooking each side with a finger. He looks up at me with question in his eyes. 'Is this O.K.? Do you want me to stop?' Is the silent question.

"Please, Fred, I want this. I need this." I answer his question breathily. I put as much sincerity into my eyes as I did with my voice. He nods and slowly pushes my shorts and practical underwear down my legs. He looks up at me and quickly brings his lips back to mine.

His hand reaches down and makes contact with my clit. I gasp and wiggle in pleasure. He lets out a quiet laugh while still kissing me lightly. His thumb begins to rub slow circles. It's the best thing that I've ever felt. My breathing comes in small gasps now. He can tell I'm close. His thumb slows down and I whine at the loss. He chuckles and kisses my neck now.

He gently adds a finger inside of me. He lets out a small groan and continues kissing my neck. His rubbing picks up a bit and then he adds another finger. I can feel myself stretch a bit and find it rather pleasurable. His rubbing becomes more frantic. I can feel the build up in my lower abdomen start to uncoil. I feel pleasure rip through my body. I let out a louder moan and press my mouth into his shoulder to stifle my loud moan. I relax as the last bits of my orgasm fade.

I feel him slip his fingers out. I still want more though. I grab his shoulder to get his attention. He looks up and I say what I know we both want to hear.

"I need more. I need you inside of me now. All of you." I say in a dreamy voice that could rival Luna Lovegood.

He smirks and nods. He goes to untie the string around his boxers, but I stop him before he can. He looks up at me with a questioning look. I send out my own smirk and start to untie the string. His eyes go wide as I scoot up and slip his boxers down his legs and throw them to the other side of the room.

I turn back to him and kiss him with a passion I didn't think I had anymore. He slowly pushes me down so that I lie on the bed with my knees bent and arms wrapped around his midsection. He shifts my legs so that they are on either side of his hips. He looks up with slight hesitation in his eyes.

"Is this your first time?" He asks lightly to get me to relax.

"Yes." I say so quietly I'm not sure he heard me.

"Do you want me to stop? I don't mind if you want to."

"No! I really want this Fred. I don't want you to stop at all." I respond furiously to get him to understand that I really need this.

"Alright." His soft voice soothes. He positioned himself at my entrance. "I'm going to try my best to make it as pleasurable as I possible can. It'll probably hurt at first though." He explains with honesty.

"I'm fine." I say. "Do it quick?"

He nods and with a quick thrust breaks through my hymen. The pain is what hits me first. I can feel the wetness in my eyes starting to form. The feeling of stretching is what comes next. I can feel myself expanding to accommodate him. Finally, I get a feeling of fulfillment.

"You good 'Mione?" He says with such sincerity that I'm taken aback.

"Yeah. Yeah, just give me moment to adjust." I respond evenly. I close my eyes and think about feeling complete. I open my eyes and smile up at Fred. "I'm good. You can move now." I whisper the last part. He looks at me gently and smiles a small and rare smile.

He slowly begins to move in and out. He doesn't go very fast at first, still worried about hurting me. When he hits a particularly pleasing spot, I moan and press my nails into his back. This gets him going and he begins going faster and with more vigor. I can see the sweat roll down his chest and into his navel. I moan even more when he hits a spot that makes my shudder.

His thrusting is starting to lose rhythm and I can tell he is close. Apparently, so can he. He leans on one elbow and reaches between us to find my nub. His thumb rubs circles in rhythm to his thrusting. I can feel the coils building pressure inside my lower abdomen with every passing second.

His thrusting is becoming even more erratic than before. With a well-timed thrust, I feel myself uncoil in extreme pleasure. I let out a throaty moan and my whole body quivers and shudders in pleasure. I feel him thrust three more times and release inside me.

He slowly relaxes on top of me. He carefully props himself up so he doesn't crush me. When we finally regain our breath, I feel him pull out of me and shift so that he's on his back next to me. He leans his head next to mine and gives me a lazy kiss. He pulls back and looks at me with content. I'm sure I look the same.

"Good night." I whisper. I roll onto my side so he can spoon me.

He inches closer and wraps a blanket around both of us. "Good night love." He whispers back. He then nuzzles into my shoulder and falls asleep with a sigh.

I look back and chuckle quietly to myself. I soon fall into my own slumber. Coincidentally, this is the first time I haven't been plagued by nightmares.

The next morning

I opened my eyes slowly and immediately squint in the bright sunlight. I look over at my clock and note that Molly let us sleep in later than usual. 8:17. I decide an hour more of sleep couldn't hurt. I lie back down and burrow my head into my pillow. I sigh and curl up even tighter. My eyes snap open as my blanket grasped my breast.

I slowly turn my head to see if what I think is behind me is really there. Fred. He's sleeping peacefully behind me. Actually, he's spooning me. He lets out a quiet groan and shifts closer to me. His morning erection presses into my back and his arm wraps tightly around me. I remember what happened. 'I shagged him. I shagged him! Merlin! I shagged my best friends brother! Why don't I feel guilty? Ron said he would wait for me. Shite. Ron. I internally groaned when I thought of Ron. What am I going to do?'

I just shagged Fred Weasley. I was supposed to be in love with Ron! I told him I wasn't ready for a relationship yet. He told me he would wait for me. Loveable, goofy, aggravating, loyal Ron. The worst part was that I don't love Ron. I tried so hard to love him. I tried so hard to think of him like that. I shagged his brother and liked it. I'm supposed to feel guilty right? I need to think.

I carefully roll out of his arms and land on the floor. I bend down and grab my clothes that are strewn about the floor. I slip on my shorts and pull on my tank top. I look back to see if he is still sleeping. He is still sleeping. Lightly snoring in fact. I quietly slip out of my room and across the hall. I open the bathroom door with a creak and step in.

I make my way over to the toilet to relieve myself. I notice the thin trail of dried blood as I pull my shorts down. Great. I clean myself and go to the bathroom. I gently wipe when I finish. I flush and rinse my hands in the basin next to the toilet.

I finish and put my hair into a messy bun that, in my opinion, screams 'I just got wildly shagged.' I head down the many flights of stairs and head into the kitchen. Everybody is sitting at the table eating and chatting. I stop in the doorway and try to convince myself to not look as awkward as I feel.

After settling my nerves, I walk over and pull a chair out and sit down next to Harry. He looks at me curiously and with a bit of worry. I roll my eyes at him and reach for some toast.

"Have you been sleeping 'Mione? You look really tired." He whispers so no one else could hear.

"Gee, thanks Harry. You really know how to make a girl feel good." I said as dryly as I could.

He blushes and smiles apologetically. He then leans in again and asks in a more serious tone, "Sorry. Didn't mean for it to come out like that. But I really am worried. You just seem more tired this morning or something." He explains timidly.

'Oh, if only you knew why I was up so late last night.' I muse to myself. "I'm fine Harry. Just dreams. I know you get them too." I shot back at him.

He sighs and leans away. I hadn't meant to snap at him. I was about to apologize to him when I hear someone thump down the stairs. I glance back and see a flash of red walk by. I turn my head more to my right when I hear a chair scrape out. There he is. The person I just shagged. Merlin help me.

I try my hardest not to blush and look awkward. This is just great. The guy that is in love with me has no idea I just shagged his brother's brains out. Also, the guy who I just shagged is sitting two people away.

"Are you O.K. dearie?" came the sweet tone of Molly.

I saw everyone turn their heads to look at me. Crap. I guess I wasn't acting as nonchalant as I though I was. I saw the concern in everyone's eyes. I saw Harry crinkle his brow in even more concern now.

"Uh, y-yeah. I'm just tired is all." I said trying to placate them for now. I swivel my head to my right and catch Fred's gaze. He looks amused, concerned, and sad?

Everyone goes back to their own conversations and eating. I nibble on my toast and try to pay attention to what Ginny is saying from across me. Obviously I am not succeeding and she knows it.

When she calls my name to get me to pay attention for the second time, I see her and Harry share a look. They have been a couple for a few weeks now. However, they act like they have been together for decades. They can share a look and communicate without words. They can just sit there and hold hands for hours without moving. They are content. They are in love. They are everything Ron and me aren't.

I snap out of my daze and finish my toast quickly. I have to get to work soon. I push my chair out and head back upstairs. I finish my final flight of stairs and push my door open.

I've been living at The Burrow since the Final Battle ended. Originally, I was going to spend the night in my family home in London. Molly had insisted that I spend the night with them at their home. I decided that the memories from my childhood and parents would prove too much. I went home with the Weasleys' and only went back once. The memories are too much.

My memories suck me back to my meeting I had with Professor Flitwick a couple days after the Final Battle.

"So, I can't restore their memories." I ground out angrily.

"I'm afraid not Miss Granger. The Oblivion charm is irreversible in this case I'm afraid." The tiny Professor squeaked out.

"So what do I do then!" I hissed out in misery and anger.

"Nothing." He said sternly "There is nothing you can do." He said in a softer tone.

"I just leave them? Let them believe they're Monica and Wendell Wilkins? Let them forget about their daughter? The life they had before?" I spewed at the tiny professor.

"Yes. That's exactly what you do. I'm so sorry Hermione." The professor said morosely.

I break my daze with a shake of my head and close my door. I lock it and walk over to my wardrobe. I pull out my lime green Healer's robes. I take off my current clothing and toss it into the basket in the corner by my window. I slip on the robes and walk over to my mirror that hangs from the back of my door.

I spend a few minutes trying to tame my curls into something presentable. I give up after a few minutes and stick it into a plait down my back. My hair was now somewhat tame, but still bushy and wild. My face looks less hallow and thin. I can still count my ribs from spending all those months in the woods with little food. But now, I have a glow, a happiness about me again.

A knock on my door makes me jump and reach for my wand. Old habits die hard I guess.

"Come in!" I say as I back away from my door to sit down on my bed. I pull on one sock and look up when I hear someone clear their throat.

"Yes?" I question trying to keep my voice even and neutral.

"Uh, I think we should talk a-about, uh, you know, uh, last night." He manages to stumble out.

"I have to leave for work soon Fred." I remind him in what I hope is my best bossy voice.

"I know." He said in frustration. He takes a breath to calm himself. "What do you want to do about it."

I pause to think about my options. I debate between telling him to forget it even happened, and telling him the truth. I go with the most logical.

"We forget it even happened." I said softly to ease the blow. "It was a moment of weakness on both our parts." I further explain.

He looks down for a few seconds before looking back u and meeting my gaze. He slowly nods.

"It never happened. It was a mistake. Consider it forgotten." He said quietly.

He looks at me for a few more seconds before turning and leaving.

'Great.' I think. 'Merlin.' "It better not be awkward." I quietly mutter to myself.

I look at my clock and realize that I'm about to be late. I hurry and shove my other sock on and race to my shoe rack. I pull out my athletic shoes and slip them on quickly.

I run out of my room and race down the stairs. I skid to a halt by the fireplace. I reach up and grab the flowerpot containing the floo powder. I grab a handful and put the pot back on the mantle.

"By everyone! See you tomorrow!" I shout hurriedly. I fling myself into the fireplace and shout "St. Mungo's!" loudly and clearly.

With a haze of green swirls, I'm squeezed through what feels like a tube that pulls at your intestines. The Burrow fades and the hospital comes into view. I land on my feet and clumsily stumble out of the fireplace. I nearly plow down one of my nurses in my haste to move and gain my balance back at the same time.

"Sorry Sunny!" I say in a hurry. "I'm late!" I yell as I run down the hallway.

"You're about to miss rounds!" She yells after me.

Crap, crap, crap, crap! This is so not my day. I round the corner and nearly collide with a second body. I stop my self just in time. I smile up at my old friend.

"Hi Hannah." I gasp out in little puffs of breath.

"Hey Hermione. You're late! Herman is going to kill you!" She whisper hisses.

"I know, I know. I'm only a little late though. Maybe he won't not-" I was cut off before I could finish.

"Wouldn't notice? You're late Granger. Don't think I'll excuse you either. Answer me this question and I may give you less than a week cleaning bedpans. Muggle way of course." He said evilly. "What is the treatment for a patient who is in repertory failure because of severe burns to his chest and abdomen?"

"What spell was he hit with sir?" I ask in concentration.

"Incendio." Was the curt response.

"Give the patient a form of episky and an inflation charm for his lungs." I answer in confidence. "Keep a close monitor on him for 24 hours or until his vitals improve and he wakes."

"Exactly." He says with a smirk. "Abbot, do exactly that for the patient in room 2341," He said swiftly. "Granger, get started on the bedpans."

The bastard. I nod my head and stalk away in anger. I enter the closest room with a polite knock. I walk in and walk over to where the bedpans are. I grab it with more force than necessary. I bring it over to the waste bin by the doorway. I dump the contents into the trash. 'At least it's solid stool.' I think grumpily.

I grab the rag and cleaner from the side of the cart. I spray the inside of the bedpan and start to furiously wipe it clean. I'm wiping harder than I should be, but this is the only way to get the frustration out. A gently hand brings me out of my aggressive cleaning.

"Hun, you're going to burn a hole through it if you keep at it." Came the amused voice of my favourite nurse.

I sigh and agree with her. "You're right Sunny. I'm just so mad. Herman asked me to diagnose a patient and I did. Correctly, might I add. And then he gave it to Abbott. I got the bedpans for being late." I said in anger.

"Yeah, he's a right dick. Don't let him get to you though. He's just bitter that he didn't make Head of the department yet. The fool has been trying for years now." She added cheerily.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm just tired. I had a long night."

"Up late studying?" She teased.

"Ha ha. You're hilarious Sunny. You just kill me." I joked back. "Alright, I gotta get back to work."

'See you Hun." She said lovingly.

For the next hour I cleaned bedpan after bedpan. I don't think I have it in me to clean another one. I might scream and knock someone unconscious if I see another bedpan.

After contemplating my sanity for a couple moments, I get back into gear and round a corner to continue my janitorial work. I round the corner and see a man that looks about ready to pass out in the middle of the hallway.

I rush to him and help him sit down on a bed that's off to the side. I set him down and move to stand in front of him. I take in his appearance; he's pale and a sallow colour, he's sweating and is shaking. I put my hand to his forehead and tsk when it's burning.

I crouch in front of him and take out my wand. I ask him to follow the light I produce at the tip of my wand. He doesn't respond and just slumps forward. Not good. I make a mental not of his symptoms and lack of cognitive understanding.

I take one of his hands and discover that they are sweaty and clammy. 'Crap. Not good at all.' I think in haste. 'It may be just a simple flu. But than why is his reaction time so bad? What does this guy have? Shite. He may be contagious." I mentally scold myself at my own stupidity.

I grab my wand and type out message asking for Healer Herman and some help.

At this point I'm guess that his motor and verbal skills are shot to hell. I ask him a few more mandatory questions like: "Who are you? Where are you from? What seems to be bothering you? Do you have any family that we can send a patronus to?" No answer for all of them.

I hear someone round the corner and turn to see who it is. Herman. Great. I wait for him to come around and ask what my incompetence couldn't solve this time. I look back at the patient to avoid Healer Herman. My patient looks at me and I think he's about to say something.

Nope. Could not be more wrong. The guy leaned forward and retched on my robes. 'This day could not get worse.' Is the first thought that pops into my mind. I look down in disgust. I look up and see Herman holding back laughter. The dick.

"You should go get cleaned up Healer Granger." He said turning red from holding in the laughter. "When you finish, get back to cleaning bedpans. I'll take this lovely patient." He said with silent laughter.

I must have looked like I wanted to kill him then and there. I stood up and glared at him. I wanted to challenge him so badly. He must have seen this, for he stopped laughing and glared at me.

"Now." He commanded. "I will not have you contaminating and stinking up these halls. Go get cleaned and get back to work."

"Yes, sir." I said in what I assume is a defeated tone.

He smiled and turned back to the patient. I wanted to throttle him. I turned on my heel and stalked down the hall to the locker room. 'This day just keeps getting better and better.' I thought bitterly to myself.

End of Chapter One.

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