Faking It ch. 1

Korra is a 20 years old girl from the Southern Water Tribe living in Republic City. She's going to school at the University of Republic City for Music Production. The Water Tribe girl lives and breathe music. It is her life and who is she. The 20 year old always had an ear for music ever since she was 4. She made her own drum set and guitar when was 6 and play as well as any professional at the age of 10. Her Dad Tonraq and her Mom Senna knew that their daughter has a gift and made sure that she worked hard on her studies as well.

They wanted her to be smart as well as she was talented. Korra never liked studying but knew it was going to her later and there was something else that set her apart. Korra was born with male gentails or a penis as some may call it. It made growing up a lot difficult for her and didn't have many friends that understood her. When she turned 14, Senna and Tonraq sent her to live with their family Tenzin and his family.

The Water Tribe was sad to leave her parents but knew that this was the only way that she would be able to reach her dream of making and producing her own music. Tenzin's family have become like an second family to her with the younger kids Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan being the younger siblings that she wished that she had. At times they do get on her nerves but younger siblings don't. The darker teen went to Republic City High for high school and met Bolin and Mako.

She and Bolin hit it off right away but it couldn't be said about the older brother Mako. Mako and Korra couldn't stand each other and would argue over stupid things. There was one thing that they could agree on without a doubt, they couldn't stand the school's pretty boy Tahno. Tahno was one of the popular kids in school and made it a point to flaunt his superiority over others. It rubbed everyone the wrong way. The group couldn't stand his pompous, bougie ass but there wasn't much that they could do about it. They did crack jokes on his greased up hair though. The more time that Korra spent with Mako, the more she feel for him but there was on thing standing in her way.

Well, more like one person and her name was Asami Sarto. She's the richest girl in the school and has what the darker teen wanted. The shorter teen didn't like the raven haired girl but she didn't want to ruin Mako's relationship with her. Mako's friendship means a lot to her and will support him no matter. The taller teen tired everything to get Korra to like her but nothing worked. It went on into their sophomore year and the Water Tribe girl couldn't take anymore.

She had to tell Mako or she'll explode. The shorter teen confessed and kissed a very surprised Mako who surprisingly kissed her back. Things were apparently going bad between him and Asami for awhile now. Mako broke up with Asami a few days after the kiss. The heiress took the break up with dignity and wished the new couple well. She hung out with them and Bolin but mostly with the younger brother.

Korra was happy with her relationship with Mako. They were together for sophomore an junior year before breaking up. The couple was fighting a lot and it was straining their relationship. Mako would complain about how Korra would be too busy to hang out with him because she was working on a new track or learning a new instrument to play. He soon found out about the appendage between her legs that she didn't mentioned to him.

Mako was more upset that Korra didn't tell him that she had a dick or the fact she was bigger than him. It added more problems to the already growing list of problems. It was becoming too much to handle and they agreed to break it off but remain friends. Asami rushed to Korra's side and comforted her. The younger girl appreciated and it became the start of a beautiful friendship. The darker teen never really had a female friend before but glad that it was with the paler teen.

They spent everyday together, doing anything that came to mind. The taller girl graduated a year ahead along with Mako of Korra and Bolin. Asami promised that she would spend as much time with the younger girl as she could when she went off for college. The heiress was a little disappointed her parents weren't in the crowd to see her graduate but Korra and Bolin were there and of course the loudest ones cheering for her.

The two definitely made up for the family part that was missing in her life. Mako went to the police academy and soon joined the police force. Korra and Bolin worked their butts off and graduated with Honors with the raven haired girl's help. Bolin managed to get a lead role in a movie by a movie producer named Virrick. Korra applied to the University of Republic City which also happens to be the school that Asami was going to her engineering.

The raven haired girl plans to take over her father's company now that he's in jail fro embezzlement and fraud. Over the years, Korra and Mako worked out their issues and remained friends but better than ever. The Water Tribe girl moved out of Tenzin's house and into her own apartment that was closer to the campus. Tenzin told that she would always have a room in his house and the younger teen was grateful for him and everything that he's done for her over the years.

She loves the college life and spending it with her best friend Asami. It's been awhile since Korra has been home but she stayed away for a reason: Her extended family. Every time the darker teen went home for the holidays, they would interrogate her about her lock of love life and why she never brought anyone home. Her parents never pressured her about it but knows that they were curious about who she's dating. Korra doesn't want to go through that every time she goes home. She snaps out her thoughts when the phone rings.


"Korra, I finally got a hold of you" Senna said cheerily.

"Hey Mom, what's up?" Korra asked smiling at the sound of her mother's voice.

"Everything is fine over here. My father and I miss you very much, Sweetheart"

"I miss you too. I'm sorry that I haven't been home lately. School hasn't taken up a lot of my time" Korra said sighing.

Well she wasn't lying. School along with the part time job at a local club as a DJ she gotten to pay for rent and food. Korra loved the work and it works around her schedule for school. She mostly works the night shifts on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays nights and the pay is good. The Water Tribe girl is very swamped with school and work.

"I hope that you're taking care of yourself and eating properly" Senna said sternly.

"I am, Mom. No worries" Korra said smiling.

"Sweetheart, I know that school is going to be on break in a week and I was hoping you might come home this time" Senna said hopeful.

"Um I don't know, Mom. I have a lot of things to over here and I don't know if I'll be able to get off work. Maybe next time" Korra said feeling guilty.

Korra's boss Zaheer has given her the break off to recharge her batteries. Oh the irony. She hates lying to her mother but she didn't want to deal with her rest of her family especially her Aunt and Uncle on her father's side. She is always putting her down and picking on her for deciding to go to college. Her Aunt thinks that women should stay at home to clean, cook and pop out babies. The darker teen can't stand her.

It wasn't her fault that her Aunt was forced into that situation. To this day, arranged marriages is still big in the Northern Water Tribe but Southern Water Tribe is somewhat more open to finding true love. Korra was raised that love is all around them and it comes in different ways and forms. Her Uncle doesn't feel that way at all. It doesn't help that her Uncle Unalaq is a homophobe and the Water tribe girl is bisexual. He's always telling her that what she's doing is morally wrong and that she's gonna be punish for it. The 20 year old tries to not to let it get to her but it's hard sometimes because it hurts.

"Please Korra, it's been almost 3 years since the last time we saw and we miss you. I'm making your favorite dishes: sea prunes and seaweed noodles" Senna said a sing-sang tone.

Korra's mouth watered at the thought of her favorite foods. Oh ho, she's good. I should have seen that one coming. It's been a long time since she's had a home cooked meal. The 20 year old has been living on instant ramen and take-out since forever.

"Okay, I'll come" Korra said giving in.

"Korra, it's your Dad and I heard that you were coming" Tonraq said grinning.

"Eavesdropping again, Dad. I knew that I heard someone breathing on the other line" Korra said smirking.

"Details, details. It'll be great to see you again, Squirt. Are you bringing a date?" Tonraq asked curious.

Dammit, I knew I was forgetting about something. Damn, my short attention span. Korra's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. She should've thought ahead of this but it was too late now.

"Um would you mind if I did?" Korra asked nervously.

"It's more than okay but they're gonna have to deal with me" Tonraq said seriously. It was a second of silence before they busted out laughing.

Korra loved that her father always been able to make her laugh. She missed these times a lot while she was at school.

"Okay Dad, I'll talk to you guys later" Korra said finally calming down.

"See ya soon" Tonraq said hanging up.

The music major sunk into her couch. I am so dead when I get home. She has to find a date to come with her to the South Pole to meet her family. It's not like she can ask a complete stranger to do this for her. Korra couldn't ask Bolin to do this because he couldn't lie at all and everyone knows when he lies. There was only one other person that she could ask. Korra picked up the phone and dialed the number. The music major anxiously waited for the person to answer the phone and the knots in her stomach were growing. It felt like forever before the phone was picked up.


"Hey Mako, I have a favor to ask you" Korra said nervously.

"Sure, what is it?" Mako asked curious.

"I need to pretend to be my boyfriend so my family will get off of my back" Korra said in one breath.

"What? I'm confused" Mako said frowning.

Korra calmly explain the situation to him and Mako waited patiently as she talked. He waited for her to finished and the situation was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

"I don't know, Korra. This sounds like a really bad plan and it's gonna backfire. I'm not comfortable with it" Mako said scratching his head.

"Mako, please I really need your help" Korra said pleadingly.

"Okay but you owe one for this" Mako said sighing.

"I owe you big time and thanks, Mako" Korra said grinning.

"You're welcome and I'll talk to you later" Mako said hanging up.

Korra hung up her phone with a smile on her face. She was feeling a little bit mad about involving her ex like this but she couldn't think of another option. Her plan is flawless and fool's proof. The Water Tribe girl and Mako have been a couple before so it should be easy to pretend to be one again. There's no way that this could backfire and the pale boy is just being a worrywart as usual. The music major studied for exams and before she knew it, the week had came and gone in a flash.

Korra aced her exams, picked up her paycheck before packing her stuff in a small backpack. She was waiting at the docks for Mako to show up. The darker woman had said her goodbyes to Bolin and Asami before down here. The green eyed made her promise to write and take a lot of pictures when she was at the South Pole. The paler woman was acting a little funny like she was hiding something but the shorter woman just ignored it. Korra was excited about going home after so long but wanted to get it over with.

It was 15 minutes before Mako showed and he had a guilty look on his face. Why does he look guilty for? Why would he be guilty? What did he do? The music major didn't have a good feeling about this at all.

"Korra, there's a change in plans" Mako said rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Why? What happened?" Korra asked raising an eyebrow.

"The Chief needs me at the station because of the Agni Kais messed up badly this time. She needs every officer for this so I wont be able to help you" Mako said unable to look Korra in the eyes.

"What?! Dammit Mako, I really needed you for this. What the hell am I gonna do?!" Korra asked glaring at him.

"I got someone to go with you and I believe that they can do a much better job than I can"

"Mako, I'm not taking a complete stranger to my parents' house and I'm not paying them" Korra said crossign her arms.

"It's not a complete stranger and you won't have to pay them" Mako said putting a hand on Korra's shoulder.

"You know that Bolin can't lie to save his life" Korra siad rolling her eyes.

"It's not Bo but you do know this person" Mako said smiling.

Korra was about to open her mouth to say something but a cab arrived before she could say anything. It was Asami who stepped out of it with a bag over her shoulder. The music major's mouth dropped when the raven haired woman walked over towards them. Why was Asami here? Is she here to see me again? Was she going somewhere? Was this she was acting weird earlier? What the hell is going here?

"Hey Korra" Asami said smiling. "Asami has agreed to go in my place and pretend to your girlfriend" Mako said smiling a little.

"You know that this isn't gonna work" Korra said frowning.

"Yes, it will. Korra, trust me I think that we'll be a more believable couple than you and Mako. No offence, Mako" Asami said putting a hand on Korra's shoulder.

"None taken" Mako said shrugging.

Korra glared at her ex for putting her in this position but she does trust Asami's judgment. She still doubts that her parents are going to believe that she and Asami are a couple. They do spend a lot of time together and the shorter woman does talk about the taller woman a lot. It's not gonna mean much. The Water Tribe girl knows that the raven haired heiress is a beautiful woman and there's no denying that.

But the older girl is way out of her league even if the engineer major was interested in her like that. Korra jumped in surprised when she felt a arm wraps itself around her waist. She sees that it was Asami and she had this look on her face that made her uncomfortable and blush at the same time.

"Ready to go, Sweetie?" Asami asked giggling.

Korra snapped out of her trance and rolled her eyes a little. She is glad that Asami was coming with her because it means the older woman won't be alone during the break.

"Whenever you are, Babe" Korra said grabbing her hand.

Mako helped the girls with their luggage before hugging them both. He knows that Korra is gonna get him for this but this will be a good experience for the both of them.

"I'm gonna get you for this" Korra said whispering in his ear.

"H-Have a nice trip, Korra" Mako said laughing nervously.

"See ya soon, Mako" Asami said smiling.

"This is your chance, Asami. Don't waste it and good luck" Mako said putting a hand on Asami's shoulder.

"I won't and thanks Mako" Asami said hugging him one last time.

End of ch. 1