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Warnings: Mild swearing.

"I know what it is. I'm just not good enough for you."

And that was just it, wasn't it? Mike was always (and still is) assumed to be the problem and no one really considered if he'd been affected in any way, shape, or form. It was always about the other person and for some reason, Mike continuously found himself letting people walk all over him and put crater-sized dents in his emotional well-being.

Mike stared after Rachel as she stomped away from him and the coffee vendor. He just dazedly looked on, watching someone he cares, cared, for distance themselves from him for completely irrational reasons. And as Rachel got further, Mike found himself to be less distraught and more angry at her. He could feel his body tensing with his growing rage and had to reign in his anger so he didn't run after her to yell a few choice words of his own. The least she could have done was hear him out. How could she have gotten so angry at him and assume things and then not even let Mike explain what was really on his mind?! The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

After taking a few deep breaths to calm himself, Mike realized that he was still standing in front of the coffee vendor. He looked over to the vendor's window to find him staring with, what he thought as, a worried expression. Mike returned it with a shy, albeit shaky, smile and turned towards the direction of Pearson-Hardman, coffee all but forgotten.

Harvey was sitting at his desk, mentally going over some details of an upcoming trial and didn't notice when his associate had entered the room. He also didn't notice the way Mike had walked in quietly and slowly, clutching some files in his hand with enough force to crumple it had it been a thinner folder. Instead, he glanced up to catch Mike setting the file down on his desk with a firm scowl and then abruptly turning around to head out. The movement had been so fast (and a little jerky), that the older man didn't even have time to call Mike back and lecture him on his constant tardiness. Not that it was on Harvey's mind any more because the only thing he could think of was Mike's deep frown and rigid posture. He vaguely wondered if that was what having eidetic memory was like.

Harvey pressed on the intercom and requested for Donna to come in. She was through the door in seconds and was staring at him with concern, clearly having witnessed Mike's strange behaviour.

"Close the door."

The secretary turned around and softly shut the glass door before walking closer to Harvey's desk. She looked at him with questioning eyes, hoping that maybe he knew, even if only slightly, of what could possibly drain Mike Ross of his quirky attitude.

"Did you see that?" Harvey didn't know why he was whispering, but it just seemed appropriate despite the fact that it was only him and Donna in the room.

"Of course I saw that, I'm Donna."


"What?" She'd never admit it out loud, but Harvey was really beginning to catch her off guard these days. She'd owe it to the stress.

"Because you're Donna, you're going to find out what happened and when you do, you're going to fix it because you're Donna." Harvey's excessive mentioning of her name had instantly tipped her off that he was trying to smooth talk his way out of his responsibilities, mostly because he was an emotionally stunted prick, but despite it all, she couldn't help the smug feeling of superiority wash over her after hearing it being said out loud.

Harvey leaned back in his chair and gave his secretary a once over, seemingly correct in his tactics. He knew that if he attributed her 'awesome skills' simply to the fact that she was Donna Paulsen, she wouldn't, couldn't, refuse to carry out his requests. Harvey Specter's ego has so far been unmatched but that's because most are unaware of Donna's equally, if not bigger, huge self-esteem.

Donna remained rooted in her spot, looking at her boss with a knowing smile. She elegantly raised her thin brow, silently saying 'You're care is showing', but she only got a light-hearted glare in return. Donna knew better than to press the matter further, so she uttered a quick, 'Aye aye Cap' before mock saluting her boss and strutting out of his office and towards her desk.

Once he was by himself, Harvey let out a resigned sigh. There was always something going on with Mike and he could never keep up with his emotional roller coaster rides, especially amidst an important case. But Mike was his associate and even if Donna hadn't hinted at it, he knew he was beginning to care for the kid far more openly than he'd liked.

"You better work this out Donna. Can't have the puppy limping before a marathon."

After dropping off the files that Harvey wanted (more like demanded), Mike headed straight back to his desk without so much as a second glance. He wasn't in the mood to put up with heavy, sarcastic criticism from his boss and therefore, desired to spend no more time in the office than necessary. He was already feeling like a fool thanks to Rachel and definitely didn't need such feelings to be reinforced by the one guy he looks up to.

The office was bustling and busy, more so than usual, and Mike was absolutely loathing it. Any other day, he'd be fine with the workload and the constant stream of files to keep him busy and focused but today, he just wanted to put his head down and clock out from the world for at least a few hours. It didn't help that, on top of everything else, Louis was having a bad day and kept tossing mountain loads of paperwork on his desk.

The junior associate begrudgingly picked up a folder to start working, hoping that he'd fall into an intense concentration to keep time from running slow, but was disappointed to find out that he couldn't even register the words printed on the sheet. He was just so tired. Not the sleep-deprived kind either (though he was pretty sleep-deprived as well); it was the kind of fatigue a person felt when they were emotionally drained.

And though he'd never admit it out loud, Rachel's words had really hurt him, which then got him thinking that maybe he was the problem. Maybe, his personality or his character or something is flawed. What else made sense?! Whenever Mike found himself in a complex situation, the blame fell on him almost instantly each time. And now that he really thought about it, he couldn't recall a moment when he was allowed to explain himself above all that undeserving accusation.

His fatigue was becoming heavier and he could feel the growing emotional weight pressing down on his thin shoulders. Why didn't anyone ever give him a chance? Was he really that much of a screw up? Is it really hard for people to believe that maybe he's not always at fault? Or is his 'fuck up' behaviour so predictable that it's impossible to assume otherwise? Mike quickly shook his head of such thoughts. Now was not the time to be dwelling on such things or Louis would never let him forget it if he caught him staring into space. Instead, the associate pushed them to the corner of his mind, promising to sort them out later in the day. For now, he'll forget about Rachel and his nagging suspicions and simply continue his work routine like he would any other day.

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