Hello, hello! Just a note that this is picking up directly from the story "Living with V" so if it feels sudden, that's why. I don't own the characters, but I do hope you enjoy their renditions!

Evey woke up feeling safe. It was the first thought that came to mind but was quickly followed by a superseding one: she was comfortable— almost, too comfortable. Her eyes flew open and she instantly recognized V's bedroom. Evey, however, was more interested in what was behind. She couldn't help but grin upon feeling V's strong arms wound around her. He clung to her in his sleep as if she were an anchor, tethering him to earth. Yes, his arms around her felt good, but what was pressed below felt even better. Oh, he was not going to like this, Evey smirked.

Imagine, London's most dignified vigilante waking up with a boner. Evey tried hard not to snicker. She didn't know if she could get out of it even if she tried as his arm was hooked around her waist securely. With only a poets shirt and sweats on, Evey took a moment to appreciate his physique. Even though he was severely scarred and still healing, V's body was magnificent. If only he would let her explore… Evey's curiosity suddenly got the best of her. V awake was one thing, but how would he respond to her if asleep?

Biting her lip, Evey slightly pressed back into him. She felt V's breathing change as his hips gave a little twitch and his arm tightened around her. V hummed pleasantly, pulling her closer as he casually draped a heavy leg over her. Evey inhaled sharply when it shifted him closer. His mask was on her shoulder and his hand slid slightly under her shirt.

"Evey…." his deep voice murmured into her neck.

Evey tried to control her breathing, oh this was not good! He still wasn't awake; he probably thought he was dreaming and here she was being turned on. Thinking about the inconvenience of it all and trying quickly to come up with a way to get V out of his own embarrassing situation, her thoughts were immediately interrupted when his hand started drawing lazy circles on her stomach. Evey closed her eyes and inhaled, naturally arching back into him. Their legs intertwined, V pressed forward—Evey suddenly had the wild urge to turn around and kiss him. When V's hand began to drop even further, Evey couldn't help it as she moaned, "V…"

He suddenly froze behind her and Evey knew she was busted. If there was anything Evey was good at, it was reading V's body language, and he was most definitely now awake (and quite possibly terrified). Evey put her acting skills to the test, determined to save face. Her eyes already closed, she calmed her breathing and heart beat as she'd witnessed V do so many times before and let the corner of her mouth rise into a smile. She said his name again, only this time more quietly, as if half remembered and snuggled more securely into the arm underneath her. There, let him take that for what he will.

V's mind was scrambling. He'd been having the most salacious dream, a fantasy for only his mind to see, upon realizing to his horror that it was real. Not that having Evey in his arms was a bad thing, far from it, but acting upon his urges when she wasn't even awake, dear God! What must she think of him? Trying not to move a muscle, seeing as how he'd done quite enough of that already, V attempted to ascertain whether he had woken her with his advances. Listening to her steady breathing , V took in the small smile on her face. He slowly began to breathe again—she wasn't awake.

V paused for a second longer, enjoying the feel of her body tucked into his. He had to admit, it was the first time he'd woken in such an intimate position. Evey truly was beautiful when she dreamed. As V's gaze dropped from her peaceful expression to where the over sized shirt gaped apart partially revealing her chest, a fresh wave of desire coursed through his system. Oh, he needed to move. Slowly, V pulled his leg away and slid his hand to her hip. Gently extracting his arm from under her head, he leaned forward and brushed the lips of his mask against her forehead, smiling when she snuggled back into the pillows. Walking toward the bathroom to take care of a certain problem, V started the shower and realized that waking up next to Evey, if not quite so involved, was much better than dreaming.

Smiling, Evey fell quickly back asleep.

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