Once again, Regina was forced to rebuild her walls, meticulously laying down each brick and slathering it with mortar to forever hold it in place. Once again, she was forced to watch as another happy ending was brutally ripped from her grasp, leaving the Evil Queen to mend her wounded heart. And once again, she watched her son walk off with his birth mother as she broke Regina's heart.

The relationship had lasted for a good 6 months in secret before Snow had found out about them and that had been the end of that. The entire town was nearly ready to reach for their pitchforks and torches to make sure that the Evil Queen lost the tiny shred of happiness that she'd managed to gain. Emma then began to see Regina in secret, but the visits became fewer and far between, until Regina had finally decided that she wasn't interested in being a secret or a second choice. Especially not behind a handless pirate. Emma walked away without another word, dragging Henry with her.

That was three months ago and Regina hadn't seen either one of them since. She spent days and nights in a drunken stupor, crying over her lost loves.

The townspeople treated her with scorn and hatred until she could hardly show her face around town. Emma wouldn't even let her see Henry and she was only too happy to stay away from Snow and David, but she did miss Henry. He was the only light that she'd had in years and now, without him, she was surrounded by darkness. Which brings her to where she was now...on the edge of a cliff of a mountain, overlooking a beautiful cove.

Regina had always prided herself on being strong, unbreakable, powerful. In this moment, she felt anything but. She would never have a happy ending, she would never have her son, she would never be loved or have anyone to love.

"Regina?!" She looked over her shoulder at the waitress as she walked slowly towards her, hands outstretched. "What are you doing?"

Did she honestly think she was about to jump?! Sure, Regina was hurting and the thought had crossed her mind, but her entire life was nothing but pain and darkness. Why would she end it now? Then again, who would care if she did?

"Can I help you Miss Lucas?" Regina asked, turning back to the scene before her.

"What are you doing, Regina?" Ruby asked, slowly continuing to approach.

"You can relax, dear. I'm not going to jump. I've been through too much to jump. If I didn't end it before, why would I do so now?"

"You didn't have Henry before." Ruby said. "You didn't know the love of a child and have it taken from you." The werewolf came to hesitantly stand next to her.

"What are you doing here, Miss Lucas?" Regina demanded. "How did you find me?"

"I followed your scent. I haven't seen you in weeks and I know the town isn't being too friendly right now." Regina said nothing. "I, uh, wanted to thank you."

"For what?" This made the former Mayor look at her with suspicion.

"For the Curse." Ruby said, looking out over the cove, not meeting the eyes of the other woman. "I was a monster too. The Curse let me forget that, let me try to live again. Thank you, Regina." Ruby looked down at her feet shyly, instantly regretting her decision as the earth spun before her.

Regina grabbed her arm and poofed them a few feet backwards onto safe ground. "Don't thank me." She said simply with dark eyes. Normally, she would have some kind of catty remark about that, but she felt drained, exhausted beyond comprehension. She was tired of dealing with this town, but she wouldn't leave. That would be seen as running and they would probably celebrate. Regina didn't want to give them the satisfaction.

"No, I should." Ruby said. "You don't deserve half the shit this town throws at you, no matter what you did in the Enchanted Forest. Regina, if you ever need someone to talk to, someone to yell at even, I'm here."

"Why would the best friend of Snow White, fairest of them all, show me any kindness?" Regina snapped.

"Because she knows what it's like to be a monster, to be hated and feared, and it's never a good feeling. It isn't a feeling i'd wish on my worst enemy. Please, talk to me."

For the first time in so long, Regina wanted to let someone in. She told Ruby only a little, but it lifted some of the weight off her shoulders. But she wouldn't tell her everything, she would never allow someone else to further break the already fragile organ within her chest.


The next day, Ruby visited her. And the next day, and the next day. The werewolf was unafraid of repercussions from the townspeople and so, she was with Regina every chance she could get. It was only a small comfort, but it meant the world to the former mayor.

It was on a particularly bad night of crying and angry outbursts, that Ruby suggested they go down to the Rabbit Hole. The diner had been virtually taken over by the 'goodness gang', but the bar was free for the taking. The werewolf made Regina dress in a little black dress that stopped barely mid thigh, tall elegant heels and did her makeup and hair, making the already supermodel looking mayor into a goddess.

"What's the point if people will know who I am?" Regina asked as Ruby did her own make up in the mirror.

"Because, you need to get out of the house." Ruby said. "It'll be good for you to just cut back and let go."

Regina sighed. "What if we don't go to the Rabbit Hole?"

"Where would we go?" Ruby turned around.

"We could go to Boston and visit some bars there, or anywhere else in the country, I have magic dear. It'll be just a snap of my fingers to get us there." Regina smiled as Ruby's face lit up.

"Let's go to Hawaii! We could go to parties on the beaches!" The brunette continued to animatedly name a list of things they could do and Regina simply sat back and listened.

In the last month that the werewolf had begun visiting her, Regina had quickly found out that the two of them were more alike than they were different. The only problem, being their affiliations with Snow. They listened to each other's history, listened to each other's stories told from the person themselves, rather than a storybook and began to understand each other, although Regina was still reluctant to trust her. Even so, she desired a friend, someone to combat the ache of loneliness.

The two eventually decided to go to Boston for the night and Regina transported them there.

The club was full but not close to suffocating or unable to move without touching someone full. Regina had never been to such a place, not even the Rabbit Hole, and was sorely lacking in people skills due to her isolation from the town, but Ruby assured her that she wouldn't leave her side. And for half the night she didn't. Regina let her go dance with some guy that had been making googly eyes at her all night and approached the bar.

She didn't notice the beautiful goddess next to her until she heard the words, "can I buy you a drink, Beautiful One?" in a British accent. She turned to look at the woman next to her, jaw nearly dropping at the sight. The woman was absolutely gorgeous, stunning in almost every way. She appeared to be naturally tall but the six inch heels she wore augmented that. She wore a sleeveless long black dress with a thigh high slit that revealed long toned dark golden legs when she crossed them. Her hair was nearly waist length and was a blend of multiple browns, golds and blacks. Her eyes were strange. Half silver and half some purplish blue color.

"Haven't seen you around here before." The woman said in a deep, husky voice that sent shivers through the other woman's body.

"I don't come here often." Regina said. "In answer to your question, yes, you may. What's your name?"



"Regina." She repeated, releasing a deep purring growl that resembled an animal's. Regina found the noise odd but she didn't dislike it. "That is a lovely name, Beautiful One."

"Beautiful One?" Regina smirked while raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, it was my first thought when I saw you, so that is what I will call you. Unless you mind."

"Not at all." Regina smiled. They spent the next hour simply talking about any and everything that popped into their head. Regina found out that Lycia had a son, whom she loved dearly. She liked the way the woman's eyes lit up when she talked about him. She inquired about Regina's own family and Regina felt comfortable enough to tell her a revised version of it, minus the magic and curses and she could see rage come over her eyes.

"You are very strong to have to go through all of that." Lycia said.

"No, I'm not. I fell apart. That's half the reason I'm here." Regina sighed. "I deserve all of it though."

"No, you don't. Your past is your past, you can't change that. People who live in the past, have no future. You're still alive, and you're still fighting. You are very strong, my dear."

Regina smiled at her words, knowing that she didn't grasp how true they were. She felt so relaxed and comfortable around the other woman and she wasn't sure why. Perhaps she was just felt fragile or vulnerable. Whatever the case, she found herself wanting to be in the other woman's presence as long as possible.

Lycia looked down at her drink before pushing it to the side and standing up. "Come, Beautiful One, and dance with me."

"Oh no, I don't dance."

"I'm not giving you a choice." Lycia smirked, taking her hand. "Stop thinking for once and simply let go." She smiled and pulled Regina onto the floor. The music was quick but had a carefree beat. Alcohol, coupled with great company, made Regina finally let go. She would blame it on the alcohol later. She prayed Ruby wouldn't see her as she danced or she'd never hear the end of it.

The music began to slow to a sensual song with a heavy bass. Lycia wrapped her arms around Regina, pressing their bodies close together. Regina closed her eyes and leaned into this stranger's embrace as though it were a lifeline. Lycia's hands roamed over her body as they danced, not groping, but caressing. The rest of the world melted away. Regina turned in Lycia's arms and met her eyes, now black with intense desire.

"I see you, Regina." Lycia said.

Regina blinked, not quite understanding the words that obviously had a deeper meaning than she perceived. But Lycia didn't give her a chance to ask, before she kissed her.

Ruby stood outside the club, with her phone to her ear and impatiently tapping her foot. She let out a squeal when Regina finally answered the phone. "Regina, where the hell are you?"

"I'm with a...friend. I'll probably be with her-them all night. So don't wait up."

"Regina-" the click of the phone signaled the end of that conversation.

Regina threw the phone onto the floor as she was pushed back onto the bed and pounced upon. She kissed Lycia with every ounce of passion she possibly could. She wanted to use magic to rip the other woman's clothes off, but of course she couldn't do that.

Lycia grinned before suddenly pinning Regina to the bed. "If this is to be a one night thing, Miss Mills, then I want to take my time exploring every inch of you." She slowly lowered her lips to Regina's and kissed her passionately.

"Who said this would be a one time thing?" Regina raised an eyebrow with a signature smile and she nearly moaned as Lycia's breath hitched and she slammed their lips together.


The next morning, Regina awoke feeling better than she had in months. The sunlight streaming in felt so good on her bare skin, but for a moment she forgot where she was and sat up quickly. Lycia's arms immediately tightened around her waist, and the memory of last night came rushing back. She smiled as the memory of their lovemaking washed over her. No one had ever made her feel the way Lycia did last night. She felt wanted, truly wanted, as though she were the only person in the world that mattered.

Regina lay back down and Lycia instinctively pulled her closer, wrapping both arms protectively around her and nuzzling her neck. Regina laughed and Lycia's eyes fluttered open.

"Good morning."

"Very good morning." Lycia smiled and placed a kiss on her neck. "Did you sleep well?"

"You mean after everything else? Yes, I did." Regina smirked. "Best sleep in months."

"Good. I trust everything else was to your satisfaction?"

"Very much so."

"That's good as well."

They grinned at one another like idiots before snuggling together and continuing to talk. Regina felt relaxed and almost playful in the other brunette's arms as she kissed her nose and slipped free of her grasp. Lycia wiggled her nose, looking cross eyed down at it before getting up to chase Regina around the room.

They collapsed back onto the bed, Lycia's arms wrapped around Regina once again with her head on Regina's chest. They lay like that in a comfortable silence, enjoying each other's presence, before Regina got a phone call and had to search for her phone under the bed.


"Thanks for ditching me last night! You do realize you're my ride home?!"

"I'm so sorry, Ruby, where are you?" Regina said, face palming herself.

"I'm back at the club, waiting for you."

"Okay, I'll be there as soon as I can." Regina sat up and began to get dressed. "Lycia, I'm so sorry but I have to go. I kinda left a friend last night to be with you."

Lycia said nothing as she watched her get dressed. Once she was done however, she grabbed her and kissed her hard. "I want to see you again, but I'm going to be leaving soon."

"Call me and set up a date." Regina said. "I'll wait for someone like you."

They shared a smile and kissed once more before Regina quickly left, or else she never would and made her way back to the club where Ruby was waiting. As she approached, Ruby's eyes grew wide and her pupils dilated.


"Why do you smell like another werewolf?"


"I didn't know she was a werewolf." Regina said, throwing her keys onto the table. She sat down and kicked her heels off.

"You reek of her, I mean REEK!" The younger woman gasped. "You slept with her?! Oooh, look at Regina and her one night stand." She teased, searching the kitchen for a glass and a bottle of cider.

"It wasn't a one night stand." Regina said, blushing. "At least I hope it wasn't."

"What?" Ruby turned around, grinning from ear to ear. "Has the queen fallen in love?"

"I don't know what this is. I've never felt it before." Regina hugged herself, ready to close off herself to the wolf, but Ruby stopped her with a gentle touch on her arm as she sat down as well.

"Come on, Regina. Talk to me, please."

Regina sighed. "When I first met Daniel, I wasn't awestruck or stunned into silence. He was my first love, my True Love and I will never forget him, but I also won't forget the feeling of strength and boldness that came with meeting him against my mother's wishes. Then with Robin, you know I hated him in the beginning but he was my soulmate so I learned to care about him. Then Emma, it started with hatred, then turned to friendship but I never felt... Loved. I felt cared for of course, but no one I have ever been with has made me feel this way. I can't describe it, it's just freedom."

Ruby smiled, honored that Regina had revealed so much of herself, but she was intrigued about who this mysterious werewolf was and why she wasn't in Storybrooke with the rest of them. "It sounds wonderful."

"It is. I wish I could see her again."

"Who says you can't?" Ruby asked, pouring them both a glass of cider.

For the first time in weeks, Regina smiled, genuinely and sincerely smiled as she walked through town with her chin raised and a skip in her step. Since she was no longer the mayor, she spent a good amount of her time down at the stables with the horses. The townspeople's glares and babrs hurt a little less and did absolutely nothing to diminish the fact that she had at least a sliver of happiness. It may not have lasted long, but it was just enough. She didn't expect to see Lycia again, so she was shocked when she got a call from an unknown number.


"Beautiful One?"

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