Author's Note: I do not own the Royals. Also, this has been edited to reflect the fact that they were in Monaco, not Morocco (thanks to the commenter who pointed this out!)

Liam eyed the moody girls sitting away from the rest of the group. Gemma, he knew, would bounce back. She'd do something else ridiculous in no time, probably a matter of minutes, to ruin everyone else's night but her own. Eleanor, on the other hand, he wasn't so sure about. He'd thought inviting Beck along to Monaco would help his twin, but it seems he's made a grave mistake. He knew Beck was married, but that'd never bothered the mischievous girl in the past. Perhaps with the loss of their older brother the distance from Beck too was too much.

He wished there were something he could do for her, but nothing seemed to help.

Beck had gotten her to stay away from the "diplomatic bag" for the the whole weekend, though, so that was as good as anything he'd managed to do in the weeks since he's come back from university.

He knew he was only older than her by a few minutes, but he felt a responsibility towards Eleanor, especially since Robert's passing. She really had been the older boy's favorite, he'd've had both their heads for their behavior since he'd gone.

Beyond the sense of responsibility though, he did genuinely feel for the poor girl. She'd always been the more emotional of the three, even though she'd done her best to hide it behind sex and drugs and the like.

It certainly didn't help that the queen was terrible towards her; had been since they were young. Sure, she had a tendency to make his life difficult, but if it weren't for him and his father he was sure Eleanor's life would be quite unbearable.

She really was horrible to her, he thought to himself, frowning. Even when they were younger Eleanor would describe her as more of a wicked step-mother than a real one. That was around the same time when Helen had stopped letting them watch Disney movies and Eleanor had decided the princess life was not for her.

And he believed in her too, that she could strike out on her own and be successful, but for the meantime he'd rather keep her nearby, at least so he can keep an eye on her. He noticed her get up from her perch with Gemma and head their way, and he was happy she'd chosen to join them rather than sulk in the corner.

However, she kept right on moving past, a sort of melancholy smile on her lips as she headed towards Beck's bedroom. He smiled brightly back at her, because that's what he did; smiled brightly, hoping it would catch on for everyone else. It rarely worked on Eleanor, who'd just roll her eyes and laugh at him, but it certainly charmed Ophelia, who caught his eye and smiled sweetly back at him.

Perhaps it was selfish of him to bring her along; he'd told Eleanor this weekend was just for them, but then again Eleanor seemed to like the girl, practically as much as he did actually. He struggled the think of any female friends Eleanor had had; besides their cousins, if you could call them friends, there weren't many.

It was good for the both of them then, he decided. His American girl must stay, for his sake and his sister's. The two needed all the friends they could get.