Adapted from The Screenplay


Jack Buchanan

From the Idea Conceived


Marian C. Cooper & Edgar Wallace


Morning Night, the docks are busy as hell as lights shine from the guard bridge. Cranes are loading supplies onto a large ship called The Venture, a ship owned by the Englehorn Corporation, an oil company that is in dire straits, thanks to the financial crisis back in 2007. While many companies have picked themselves back up by now of 2016, Thomas Englehorn owner of the company has failed to do so, he has even gone into the separate business of shipping large animals on his ship to zoo's throughout the world to pay back depths.

Sailors are loading suitcases into the ship. Some of them are for the workers and sailors. Many are unaware of the recent supply of heavy guns and arms, but more serious is the 5 cases of Chloroform Grenades, similar to Gas Bombs, but with a more deadly sleep. But most of the suitcases have the logo "C.B. Pictures", a now growing famous film studio that has taken the film industry to a new level, returning Hollywood to its glory days and even giving Universal Pictures a run for its money.

Near the ship is the Dock Watcher, keeping the supplies in order. Ordering the men, loudly.

"Keep up the good work men." He continues. "Hurry up, we've got 15 minutes before we make sail."

Soon, he is approached by a man who looks like Al Gore without the weight. His name is GEORGE WESTON, one of the head Producers of C.B. Pictures. He wears a fashionable black coat and a fedora hat. He approaches the Dock Watcher, carrying a cane in his hand.

"Excuse me sir." He shouts. The Dock Watcher turns to him, grinning his teeth.

"Huh. What do you want?" The Dock Watcher growls.

"Say, is this the film production ship?" Weston asks walking up to him.

"The Venture? Yeah." The Dock Watcher replies. "Are you going on this crazy voyage?

"Wait, what's crazy about it?" Weston asks surprised.

"Well for one thing everybody's talking about that nutball guy that's running it?" The Dock Watcher replies.

"That nutball wouldn't happen to be Carl Denham would it?"

"Yeah, that's him. They say that he's a lunatic. Talking about a location he plans to film on will be in the history books."

"That sounds like em alright, but what's all this talk about this voyage being crazy?"

"Well for one thing, everyone is talking about the heavy weight cargo. And I've never seen a ship this size with such a large crew before."

"Not enough men to handle her, eh?"

"Not Enough? There's three times more than the damn thing needs. Thirty five at the most. And the ship itself is only a merchant vessel, only needs about 12 men at the most."

"Hey you down there!" A strong voice startles the two from above.

The Watcher and Weston look up toward the captain's headquarters of The Venture. The man who called them was JACK DRISCOLL, captain of The Venture. He wears a company shirt that says on a patch 'Englehorn Oil Company'. He usually works for the company taking The Venture to an oil rig down the coast to be shipped to gas stations. But for now he's working for C.B. Pictures as The Venture has now become a movie set and a transporter for the studios next film. He turns to Weston, wondering who let him into the dock entrance.

"You looking for someone?" The captain asks

"Yes, a Mr. Carl Denham. Is he on-board?" Weston shouts asking.

Jack seems suspicious of the man. He was told to watch his surroundings for spying journalists. "Who wants to know?" He asks.

"My names George Weston, I'm an agent of C.B. Pictures. My client is the one paying you."

Jack's face turns to a quick welcoming of the man. "Oh, why didn't you say so? He's here. Come on aboard."

We then enter Jacks quarters on the Venture. It's loaded with charted maps and many trophies from the captain's many voyages. A man named CARL DENHAM sits by the table, smoking his trusty pipe.

DENHAM is a showman, a larger than life character, part Orson Welles, and part John Huston, a man in love with his own legend. He has reputation for traveling to the most dangerous corners of the world, producing exotic documentaries. He's thrilled audiences on film and TV with his images of elephant stampedes and lions hunting. DENHAM is overweight, has no taste in wardrobe except for his cap that titles 'DIRECTOR' and sweats profusely.

Jack suddenly swings past the door, shutting it tightly to keep out intrusion. His mood has changed impatiently, approaching Denham with unease.

"All right Denham, let's talk. You haven't told me or the crew ware we're going. I wanna know and I wanna know now!" He says with haste.

"Calm down Jack," Denham replies, putting his hand on the captains shoulder. He brings his attention to a charted map hanging on the wall. "We're sailing to an island off the current seas of the Equator. It's uncharted and there's supposed to be a lot of oil there."

Jack sits down, a sigh of relief. "Well then there's a lot more business for me when we get there. Besides, what's there for your part?" He asks the director.

"I'm afraid I can't tell you that Jack." Denham replies, a smirk on his face.

Jack turns to suspicion. "Why?"

"You'll have to pay for a ticket like everyone else, no spoilers." Denham jokes.

The two give a quick chuckle. Denham has always kept a very tight lip on his pictures. Like JJ Abrams, he keeps the films top secret by holding contracts with every one of his employees to keep quiet or face termination and like M. Night Shamalyn, only reads his screenplays with the film's producers at his Hollywood home.

Jack opens a small wooden crate and picks up a large grenade. "What do you think the Dock Marshals will say about these new chloroform grenades of yours?" Jack asks with nerves. "At least one of them is enough to knock out an elephant."

Denham smiles, his pipe bitten in his mouth. "Don't worry about that Jack. I gave em all 2 grand to keep their mouths shut."

Denham has paid very good money on this project. With a low budget of all his past pictures, they still give out profits, making its money back and paying off producers in the studio to keep them from criticism. The budget for this particular project is a little larger than the usual Carl Denham project at over seventy six million dollars, with even Denham putting in some self-finance to keep it from over budget. He pays everyone on board the ship to take him to his destination and even throwing a gamble for the captain and the oil company, promising a large supply of unearthed oil that can save the company from financial depth and possibly make it one of the world's finest oil companies, even there with Shell or Exon.

Then, the door knocks. "Come in." Denham orders.

The door opens, and Weston come in, somewhat nervous but serious at the same time. Denham might be his client, but Denham ultimately calls the shots, since C.B. Pictures is Denham's own built film company.

"Oh, hello Weston." Carl welcomes with arms. "I was just about to call you. We we're just talking over here about the shooting locations."

"Let's hope their affordable inhabitants." Weston replies.

"Don't worry, they will be." Denham shrugs. He hands Weston a cigarette. The producer takes it with ease, he's flown all the way from LA to meet with Denham.

Denham grabs his cell phone and starts dialling a number. "That reminds me, I gotta call Dwan, she's late." The director speaks with a sudden frustration. "She doesn't have six hours to put on her face. If she wants to be in this film, she's gotta be on this boat in 10 minutes."

Weston then realizes something. "She doesn't want to be in this film." He says nervous.

Denham turns to Weston. "Wait, what?"

Weston sees that Denham doesn't know what happened. "Dwan pulled out." He replies.

Denham is in shock. "She pulled out?"

"Yesterday, I told you." Weston replies.

Denham hangs up his phone, all his attention is all on Weston. "You said we were shooting in Hawaii right? That's what you told her?"

Weston shakes his head. "Yeah, but where not shooting in Hawaii. Which begs the question, where ARE you shooting this movie?"

Denham lowers his head in disappointment. "That doesn't matter Weston, all you had to do is look her in the eye and lie."

"That's why I came over here." Weston said. "Carl, you're not listening, you've already spent half the budget in less than a month. This project is the biggest production we've had, and you're here on a rusted ship, with the toughest mugs I ever looked at."

Jack gives Weston a glare of offensiveness.

Weston pulls back his words. "…I mean the crew." He apologizes. "We got to delay the shoot. Shut production down before we go bankrupt."

"Not an option!" Denham shouts, moving to his feet. He turns to Jack. "Jack! Set sail right away!"

Jack and Denham walks out the door, with Weston close behind.

The Crew of the ship is in a major hurry, last minute supplies and equipment are being loaded onto the ship. During the commotion, Denham walks down from the Captains Quarters to the Main Deck, with Weston following in a panic.

"Carl? Wait a minute!" Weston shouts panting. "Can't you be reasonable here? You can shoot this damn thing on the backlot in no time at all!"

Denham turns his attention back to Weston. His face is determined and mind made up. "I'm shooting this movie come hell or high water. For god sakes Weston, think like a winner. Call my agent, tell him to hold auditions at the studio in 2 days and email me footage on all actresses. I need my goddamn leading lady!"

"But Carl, how the hell are you to go into production without your main actress on board?" Weston asks.

"Like Spielberg on Jaws, shoot around the shark." Denham replies instantly. He puts his hand on Weston's shoulders. "Defeat is never an option on a Carl Denham Production, my friend. Now go find me a girl, even if you have to marry one."

Weston walks off to the parking lot. Denham walks to his film crew, giving commands. "Alright boys, get the hero cameras stored in my cabin!" He shots.

Upon the loudspeakers of the docks, Jack's commands can be heard loud and clear.

"Now here this! All hands prepare to board the Venture! Departure in 2 minutes!"

The crew hustle to get last minute oil pipes into the ship's hull. We then meet two of the ships men, John and Cage, who mark down the pipes being loaded on-board.

"Okay John, how much we got here?" Cage asks.

"About 18 hundred." John replies.

"18 hundred?" Cage replies with shock. "What the hell's going on?"

"I dunno." John replies, pointing to a lab coated figure by the bridge of the ship. "Ask Hyde."

John turns to the lab coat man.

HYDE wears a lab coat; he is the oil specialist of the Venture. His job is to test and inspect oil when it's picked up to check for problems, or studies.

"Hey Hyde!" John shouts. "They'll be enough pipe here to push one test home. Less than 2,000 feet."

"That'll be enough." Hyde replies. "Take my word fellas. This hole proves out within two thousand, or it's a write-off."

As the last of the Venture Crew rush to the ship, about 5 feet away, near a large cargo box; a young woman is trying to sneak on-board the ship. Her name is ANN DARROW. She's an upper-class Woman, around 18, with long blonde hair, but tied up to hide her appearance. She is the daughter a famous Archaeologist, in which she is too. She wears surprisingly a Japanese College outfit, and has a film camera (she's into photography as well), and a back pack. She starts taking pictures of the ship. Seeing that the cost is clear, she sneaks aboard.

From the ships bridge, Jack shouts to Bob, the first mate of the ship. BOB is a smooth shadowed man, wearing only his companies' uniform and jacket. Hiding his identity with a ball cap and sunglasses, but surprisingly has close ties with Englehorn Corp. While old friends with the captain, he can't help but feel a bit of jealousy of being second in command.

"All right Bob were ready to let go." Jack shouts. "Stand by for take-off."

"Aye Captain." He replies, turning to the crew. "All right men, let her go! Move it! Get them gateways ashore!"

The Dock Crew release the ships ropes from the dock and unloads the gateway bridges from the vessel as it begins to sail away.

Denham holds in his hand two scotch glasses. He walks down towards Jack who is watching the crew closely. Jack turns to Denham. Denham hands him his glass. Jack takes his glass. The two smile in excitement, and raise their glasses, a toast to the maiden voyage.

"Well Denham, here's to the big one." Jack says with pride.

They both tip there glasses, and drank as the Venture sails through the harbor to the ocean, on its way to a grand adventure on the open waters.