Author's note: Many of you have probably already read this as mart of my Long Nights collection. But seeing as it has take on a life of its own, I decided to make it as separate story. Nothing has changed, it's just easier to access now. I'm still updating, as the story is not over yet!

Warning: As I said the first time I posted this, it is a Killian/Emma/Liam story. Modern AU. Dirty threesome sex that blossoms into a full on relationship. If that's not your thing, DO NOT READ. It's as simple as that. Enjoy!

Part 1

She was having a terrible week.

The laundry room in her building flooded on Monday. Her trusty Bug was having a transmission issues and there just weren't that many garages that worked on vintage Volkswagens anymore. So she was forced to take cabs everywhere until it was fixed, which was not really efficient in her line of work.

Ugh. That was by far the worst though. She'd been chasing a bounty for the last three days and he'd managed to slip through her fingers. That kind of thing drove her nuts. She was damn good at what she did and to see her miss her man...well, to say she was tense would be an understatement.

She needed to get out of the house. Go to a club, get a bit buzzed and find someone to ease her tension. A good anonymous fuck was exactly what she needed to clear her head. No romance, no strings, just two people using each other for a bit of physical comfort.

There were times when her fingers or her little electric friends just weren't enough to ease the ache. She wanted to be filled , to be fucked , to be ridden hard until her body felt used and boneless and sated. But she'd settle for just one really good orgasm that didn't involve anything plastic.

If anything was going to make that happen, it was the dress she was wearing. Well, officially it was a dress. In reality, it was merely some black fabric wrapped tightly around her body and held up by some straps and gravity. It exposed more skin than it covered, backless with a short skirt that hardly covered her ass. Her golden hair was piled on top of her head, held together with pins. She didn't expect her hair to survive the first few minutes on the dance floor, but it was all about the effect.

Emma looked hot and she knew it.

She got out of the cab, rolling her eyes as she paid the cabbie who spent most of the drive ogling her rather than paying attention to the road. She strolled over to the bouncer, ignoring the long line outside Neverland. Looking like she did certainly had its advantages, she noted to herself, as she smiled coyly at the huge bear of a man. Her smile widened when he nodded and pulled back on the rope to let her in.

First thing she did was get a drink. If she was going to dance, then she needed some liquid courage first. Plus the alcohol lowered her inhibitions just enough to let her give herself over to the driving beat that assaulted her ears the moment she stepped inside the club. A couple of shots and she was stepping out onto the dance floor, slowing moving her body to the beat. She didn't have a partner, didn't need one, not right now. There was already a crowd; the air thick with the close quarters of a hundred gyrating bodies. Emma was already getting some attention as she moved, a few would be suitors sidling up to her, trying to engage her. She rebuffed them all, not quite ready to attach herself—however fleeting.

Parched, she headed back to the bar, getting a rum and coke. As she nursed her drink, she looked around the club seeing who there was to see. She could feel eyes on her, the intense stare coming from somewhere to her left. She peered through the dim light, trying to find her admirer. It wasn't until the bartender tapped her on the shoulder with another drink in hand that she figured it out. The drink was from a dark haired guy over in the corner, who nodded when she caught his eye.

Holy shit. This guy was gorgeous, even from where she sat. He had thick black hair, piercing blue eyes. His chin and cheeks were covered in light scruff. He seemed to be chatting to someone...his friend? No, brother. The faces were too similar, the eyes the same. Both of them were staring avidly at her and she could feel the flush creeping up her chest. She was used to men staring at her, but these two looked like they wanted to devour her.

Emma downed the rest of her drink and headed back out to the dance floor. The strobing lights made her squint and blink rapidly until her eyes could adjust. She threw herself into the beat, a dark corner of her mind wondering if her new friend would seek her out.

She sucked in a breath when she felt the hand sliding up her bare arm. Somehow she knew it was him. She didn't turn, instead leaning back into the touch, letting him pull her back against his chest. Emma shivered despite the heat, her skin tingling under the unknown touch.

"Accepting a drink then running away..." Oh Christ, he has an accent. Deep and rich and English, it pulled on something deep in her gut. "That's very bad form, love."

"Most men would take that as a hint," she said, her voice already betraying her. Oh yeah, she was definitely into him.

"Perhaps I'm not most men." His hand skimmed over her clothed stomach; Emma had to bite back a moan. She'd never felt anything quite like this, and certainly not this fast. He was hardly touching her, but god, did she want him to. Emma brought her hand up behind his head, threading into his soft hair. She felt him stiffen momentarily, not expecting her to touch him, but then he growled softly in her ear. "What hint are you sending now?"

Emma rubbed her body against his, the beat and the heat and his touch making her feel freer than she had in a very long time. "What do you think?"

"That I want to see the vixen who's currently trying to kill me." He spun her around in his arms, putting them face to face for the first time. His hands instantly went to her hips, bunching the fabric slightly in his large hands. Emma swallowed, letting him guide their movements, her hands teasing the soft hair at his nape.

"Happy now?"

"Not even close." He leaned in close, warm lips brushing her ear. "But I think that could be arranged for later, lass."

Good god, he was going to kill her with that voice of his. It was like silk, low and rumbling, making her clit throb painfully. "We'll see."

But Emma had already made her decision. She was leaving with him. Just not yet.

They danced for a while, gyrating and grinding, using the enforced closeness to learn the basics about each other. His name was Killian, he was a sailor in the Royal Navy who was in town for a few days for a conference. Perfect. In and out and Emma would never have to see him again. Just what she needed.

"Who's your friend?" Emma asked, running her hands over Killian's ribs. She could feel the muscles ripple and flex under her touch. She couldn't wait to get him naked.

Killian looked over his shoulder. "Oh, that's my brother. Liam. He's just sad that I spotted you first."

She'd been right, brothers. Liam was staring at them, downing a shot as his blue eyes burned into them. "Does your brother often watch you get your game on?"

"As a matter of fact, no. Is he bothering you?"

"Not really. It's such a shame he'll be going home alone tonight though." Emma clapped her mouth shut as soon as the words were out. Had she really just said that? The brothers were both gorgeous, any fool could see that. Liam seemed to be the older, with lighter curlier hair and a bit taller than Killian.

"Was that a request?" Killian didn't sound affronted; in fact, he sounded curious. Curious to see if Emma was really depraved and desperate as she sounded to her own ears.

Had she really just suggested she go home with both of them? She could feel Killian's arousal pressing hard into her stomach and it made her whimper with want. She wanted him, that much was evident. God knew she needed the relief.

Killian's hands stroked her spine as he held her close to him. "Nothing to be ashamed of, lass. All you have to do is say the word."

"Really?" She couldn't believe she was even considering it, but what kind of man offered?

Killian shrugged casually. "Not many women can say they've been pleasured by the Jones boys."

"Not many?"

"Well, any really. But I get the impression there's more than enough of you to go around."

Emma's eyes fluttered shut as a vision of her pressed between the brothers, naked and wanting, formed behind her eyes. It wasn't something she'd ever entertained before, but she couldn't hep but be intrigued. What woman didn't fantasize about having two men surrounding her, touching her, driving her wild with ecstasy?

A flood of heat flowed through her and she knew she'd made up her mind.

Emma opened her eyes and caught Liam's eye. She smiled as she beckoned him over, still holding on to Killian. Liam raised a curious brow, but sat down his Guinness and strode out onto the floor. He came up behind Emma, hands going around her waist.

"Making a new friend, brother?" Liam rumbled in her ear. He was warm against her back, thumbs brushing her bare skin.

"Aye. Emma, this is Liam. Liam, Emma."

"Aren't you a pretty lass?" Liam said, rocking his hips into her just a bit.

Emma ignored him, just letting herself get lost in the feeling of having both men around her. Her stomach muscles trembled, as her breathing got shallow, hips pressed into Killian, shoulders pressed back against Liam's chest. She let them touch her, hands sliding over the fabric of her dress, over her skin. The song changed to something slower, more sensual and they moved with it, each man brushing light kisses over her neck and shoulders.

Emma bit her lip, knowing this couldn't go on much longer, that they would need to take this somewhere more private. She slid her hands over Killian's ass, squeezing lightly, smirking when she heard him groan. Deftly, she relieved him of his wallet, leaning in to announce that she was going to the ladies room.

"Meet me at the door in five minutes." Both men nodded as she slipped away. She hurried to the ladies room as quickly as her quaking legs could take her. She was unbelievably turned on, burning for the decadence that they offered her, but she wasn't an idiot. Once she was safely in the stall, Emma rifled through Killian's wallet, checking that he was who he said he was. She found nothing amiss, military ID, some British pounds mingled with American dollars, a few credit cards. He even had a condom slipped inside it. She grinned, satisfied that her intuition was on the money.

Emma put everything to rights and headed back out, seeking Killian's dark head in the dim light. She found him by the door just as she'd asked. He beamed when she turned up, arm instantly going around her waist. Surreptitiously, Emma slipped his wallet back into his pocket, the Englishman none the wiser.

"Where's Liam?" He hadn't had second thoughts? She hoped not. Now that it was this close, Emma wanted it.

Killian chuckled low in her ear. "If I were a lesser man, I'd be offended by that, love." His fingers slipped under the edge of her dress and Emma inhaled sharply as the pads of his fingers burned her skin. "He's getting the car, never fear."

"Oh." She gasped as Killian pulled her in close, flush against his chest. Emma could feel the eyes on them, knew people were staring. It made her feel powerful and wanton, that she had these two men desperate for her while other people seethed with jealousy. Killian's lips ghosted over hers, not quite kissing her, his warm breath teasing her.

"God, I want to kiss you," he growled.

"Not here."

"I know." He tugged her away, stepping out into the night. The air outside was cooler than in the club, even though it was still a warm night. Killian's hand rested firmly on her ass as he guided her away, leading her to the curb where Liam was waiting with the car. Killian opened the car door, waiting for her to slip inside.

That's when it hit her that she was doing this, like actually doing this. She was going back to a hotel room with two men—brothers no less—who offered her dizzying and intense pleasure. She was under no illusions. These were passionate men, who would use her body in every way possible until she begged for mercy. The thought made her shiver.

It was so sinful, so wanton, but she wanted it. She wanted to know what it would feel like. Just once.

Emma brushed her hand over Killian's as she slid into the car. Killian was in after her a moment later, slamming the door closed. She saw he and Liam share a look before Liam pulled out into traffic.

"Do you know what you've started?" Killian asked, his hands on her body once more. She normally didn't like men to be this handsy with her—she was more interested in getting off and getting out—but she practically craved his touch, feeling it all the way to her toes.

"Why don't you show me?" Emma retorted, her hand sliding over Killian's thigh.

Killian growled again—she was really beginning to love that sound—and pounced on her, lips hot and demanding. Emma moaned loudly, fingers diving into his hair, hauling him against her. She hadn't been kissed like this in forever, teeth clacking, tongues dueling. His hands were everywhere, pulling on the fabric of her dress, exposing one of her breasts to his eager touch.

"Oh god," Emma breathed, her hand covering his as he fondled her, kneading her soft flesh.

"You like that?" he asked, breath hot on her neck.

"Yes," she hissed, back arching.

She heard Liam groan and Emma forced her eyes open. They locked with his blue ones in the rearview mirror and Emma shivered. "I think someone's jealous," she said, eyes never leaving his.

"She feels so good," Killian mumbled, loud enough for his brother to hear him. "Soft and hot." He lowered his head and licked her puckered nipple, teeth nibbling on her sensitive skin. "Wait until you taste her, brother. So sweet."

Emma clutched at the arm rest, trying desperately to hold back her soft cries. Having Killian touch her while Liam could hear everything they were doing was doing things to her that she'd never even imagined. She was burning from the inside out, core aching, clit throbbing . Her hips moved of their own accord, begging to be touched.

"Touch her," Liam said, hands tightening on the wheel until his knuckles were white. His words came out as a strangled moan and Emma shivered again. "Spread your legs, love."

Emma did as he asked, legs falling open eagerly in the narrow space. Killian adjusted his seat, hand brushing over his fly trying to adjust himself. It had to be painful, if he was anywhere near as aroused as she was. But he made no other moves, simply gliding his hands up her bare legs. The street lights lit up his face as he touched her, lips curled into a feral grin.

"Are you wet for us?" Killian asked, kissing her knee. His right hand pushed up her dress exposing her to his sight. "Christ. No knickers?"

"Panty lines," she breathed, stomach trembling hard, waiting for him to touch her. Her dress was far too tight for her to be wearing anything underneath it.

"Killian," Liam snapped. Killian glared at his brother before turning back to Emma. Oh, so the Jones brothers really hadn't shared before. She was their first. Why did that make her blood run hot?

She mewled and gasped as Killian finally petted her most private spot. He stroked her wet folds, teasing her, tormenting her. "Fuck, you are bloody soaked," Killian said in awe. He circled her clit, his finger slipping wetly over her hard, aching nub. Emma rolled her hips into his touch, head falling back against the seat.

"God, more," she breathed, back arching, legs widening. Her dress was up around her waist now, her ass rubbing over the soft fabric of the seat.

"You heard her, brother," Liam said. "I want to hear her come."

Killian leaned over her, nail stroking the edge of her entrance. Emma whimpered, unable to hold back how much she needed this. "Killian, please."

Killian captured her lips with his, kissing her breathless as he slid two fingers deep into her. She was so wet, there was no resistance, just bone deep pleasure at being filled. He fucked her with his fingers, the squelching sounds of her sopping cunt filling the car. She was gasping when he finally released her lips, hips rocking madly into him.

"She's so tight," Killian told Liam. "Wet and warm and she's gonna feel so fucking good, brother."

Emma moaned, his words going right to where she was on fire. "Fuck."

Killian laughed, as he bent his fingers just right, finding the perfect spot inside her. "You want that, don't you, love? You want us both to fuck you, so good and so hard that you come over and over until you can't even stand."

"Yes!" The world shattered behind her eyes, spots popping in the darkness, as her orgasm ripped through her, leaving her shaking and quaking in Killian's hold.

"Bloody hell," both men said at the same time. "You are glorious," Killian added, bringing her down from her high. She whimpered softly when he pulled out of her, still breathing hard. "Alright there, love?"

Emma nodded faintly, still dazed. Her eyes fluttered open and reached for Killian's hand. She sat up, bringing his fingers to her lips. Killian groaned loudly when he realized what she was about to do, her tongue darting out and licking her essence from his long digits. "I'm perfect," she said softly. She sucked each finger into her mouth in turn, mimicking something she hoped to be doing later.

Killian let out a shuddering breath, his eyes glazed over with lust. "Tell me we'll be there soon," he said to Liam. "Because I'm about to have her right here."

"Five minutes."

"Bloody hell."

Emma decided it was better to distract him for those last few minutes. She brought her legs back under so she could close the gap between them, bringing his lips to hers in a kiss. She kept it slow, more tender than she usually went for, but she wanted this night to last. To be one she remembered for a long time. Killian sank his fingers into her hair, hands wandering her body, righting her clothes as much as he could.

"You are so beautiful, lass," he mumbled, lips sliding along the column of her throat.

"Aye," Liam agreed. "Beautiful."

Emma thought she would melt on the spot. Fortunately, they pulled into the hotel parking lot a moment later; the bright lines getting their attention. Emma and Killian sprang apart as Liam pulled up to the valet, Emma lifting her ass to pull her dress the rest of the way down. She was sure she looked like she'd had a mind blowing orgasm, but Killian looked completely wrecked. Emma pulled the remaining pins from her hair just before they stepped out of the car, letting her blonde hair flow down her back and allowing her to mask her face a bit.

Killian and Liam scrambled out after her, each other reaching for her elbow at the same time. All three of them laughed lightly, and Liam led the way inside.

It was late, but there were still people about entering and exiting the lobby, headed for the elevators. Emma's butterflies returned as they walked toward the bank of elevators, marveling at her own brazenness. She wasn't a prude by any stretch but this was out there, even for her. But as she looked between them, she couldn't bring herself to turn around and go home. She just wanted to feel wanted. Just for a little while.

In no time at all it seemed, Liam was opening his room door and ushering Emma inside. Killian followed, flicking on the light and discreetly putting the "do not disturb" sign on the door and bolting it.

Christ, she was committed now.

Liam's room was average size with a couple of windows (curtains drawn), a nightstand, small table with two chairs and dresser with a TV. The queen size bed lay in the middle against the wall covered in a thick blue comforter and a half dozen pillows. It looked plush and decadent; Emma could almost feel the fabric sliding over her bare skin.

"So..." she said to no one in particular.

Liam tossed his key and wallet on the nightstand. "So."

This wasn't really a place for small talk, not after the display in the car. She could still feel the remnants of her orgasm flowing through her system, the first of many, surely. But how to break the ice?

Killian rescued them, pulling out his phone and fiddling with it. Soft music filled the air and Emma relaxed. Killian came up behind her just as he had in the club, only this time he pulled her hair off her shoulder and replaced it with his lips nipping at the place where neck met shoulder.

Emma's eyes fluttered briefly, then she held out her hand, beckoning Liam forward. He was in front of her in two strides, tipping her chin up so he could kiss her. Emma melted into him, Liam's kiss less fiery than his brother's but still demanding. She opened for him immediately, fingers curling in his shirt, her knees already weakening under the dual onslaught.

Liam slid her hands under the straps of her dress, dragging them down as he continued to kiss her. Killian made a grunt of protest, since he had to move to get her dress off. His mouth was on her a moment later, his large hands cupping her breasts from behind the moment they were free of the confining fabric. Emma gasped, her forehead pressed to Liam's as Killian teased her, the dress falling off her hips to the floor.

"I knew you'd be perfect," Liam muttered as he watched his brother's hands on her.

"Taste her," Killian said, pinching her nipples sharply. Emma moaned; they were still fully clothed, while she was naked except for her heels.

"Please," she whispered to Liam.

He groaned, hands sliding over her flat stomach, hovering over the heart of her. "You're so fucking hot," he bit out. Then he was on his knees, pushing her legs apart. Emma leaned back on Killian, who held her firm. He brought her head around so he could kiss her, biting at her kiss swollen lips. Emma bucked in their hold as Liam mimicked them, his mouth hot on her core. He were merciless, sucking her clit into his mouth, circling his tongue around it over and over. Emma had one hand in Liam's curls and another in Killian dark locks trying to maintain some semblance of herself under the waves of bliss that flooded her.

They may not have ever shared a woman before, but it was clear that they both had experience in pleasing one.

"Come for us, Emma," Liam said hoarsely. "So good."

He slid a finger inside her, flicking his tongue over her clit until she sobbed out her release, trembling hard in their arms.

"Even more gorgeous than I imagined," Liam whispered, kissing the inside of her thigh.

"Isn't she a bloody marvel?" Killian asked, holding her against his chest.

"And for some reason, she wants you, little brother."

Killian huffed. "Oi! Nothing's little around here, Liam."

"Perhaps we should let the lady decide?"

"You're on."

Emma shook her head weakly. "Play nice, you two."

"As long as we get to play with you, love," Killian replied, gently kissing her temple.


"Apologies, lass." Liam guided her to the bed; as she suspected, it was incredibly comfortable. She sank into it gratefully, still weak from her first two orgasms.

The men climbed into the bed after her one on either side. "You're not sleepy, are you, Emma?" Killian rumbled in her ear. "Because we're just getting started."

"No, I'm good," she mumbled. "But I am wondering why I'm the only one here who's naked."

"Something we should rectify immediately," Liam said, leaning down and capturing her lips in a kiss. "I want to feel you, love."

"Hmm, sounds good to me." Having them skin to skin was definitely something she could get behind.

She watched with hooded eyes as they stripped, breathing hitching as each new patch of skin was exposed. Emma slid further back on the bed, still watching, her hands drifting absently over her body. From her earlier explorations, she knew they'd be gorgeous, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Their time in the navy had enhanced their already lean physiques, wiry muscles flexing in the soft light of the room. Killian's chest was covered in dark hair, with a trail that led directly to the arousal she could see peaking out of his boxers. She couldn't wait to see how that hair would feel sliding over her nipples. Liam was broader, less hairy, but still stunning, his cock already weeping with precum, making her mouth water.

Liam got back to her first, crawling over her, his blue eyes dark and predatory. Emma welcomed him, arching into him, and pulling him in for another kiss. Her hands roamed the strong muscles of his back as they kissed, loving the feel of him under her touch.

"Fuck," she heard Killian mutter somewhere off to her left. She was wondering what was taking him so long, when the bed dipped again and he was there, his warm body pressing against them, rolling them onto their sides. "You have any idea how hot this is, lass?" Killian's lips slid down her spine, licking and scraping over her flushed skin. "Watching you as we toy with you."

"Oh god." Emma hissed as Liam's lips wrapped around her nipple, suckling gently. "Don't stop." She wanted more, more of them touching her, more of their words in her ear, just more. She felt Killian's hand slide between her legs, teasing her.

"God, I want you," Killian muttered into her skin. "Please tell me I can have you."

His thick cock pressed into her ass, rutting lightly.

"Yes," Emma breathed, only half aware of what she was agreeing to. There was a rip of foil, a groan, then he was there, pressing against her entrance. Liam bit down on one of her nipples as Killian slid inside her, one leg thrown over his hip.

"How does she feel?" Liam asked, mouth teasing her breasts.

Killian moaned. "So bloody good, brother. So tight." He thrust experimentally, making Emma whimper in pleasure. He was so big, filling her completely.

Emma reached between them and wrapped her hand around Liam's cock, stroking it in time with Killian's thrusts. He was warm and velvety in her hand; she loved the way he felt. "God, you really do want us both, don't you?" Liam asked, voice shaking. "Fuck."

"Later," she said without thinking. Right now all she could focus on was this moment and the two gorgeous men pleasuring her.

"I bet her ass is just as sweet as the rest of her," Killian said, angling his hips, taking her a little harder.

"Perhaps we'll find out." Liam returned to her breasts, burying his head in her cleavage, licking and biting. He sucked hard on her hardened peaks, sending waves of want rolling through her.

"Yes!" Emma exclaimed. "Fuck, just like that."

"That's it, love. Come around my cock. Let me feel you." Killian brought his hand to her clit, rubbing it roughly until she cried out, curses tumbling from her lips. He pulled out before he could follow her, clearly not through.

"My turn," Liam growled. Emma moaned, wondering just how much more she could take. But she couldn't deny that she wanted it. She wanted Liam inside her, wanted to feel him stretch and fill her as Killian had. He rose up, moving behind her, out of her field of vision. Killian pushed a bunch of the pillows off the bed to make room for him.

"Think you can suck him off while I fuck you?" Liam asked, rolling Emma onto her stomach. His hands slid over her ass and hips, fingers dipping into her dripping folds.

Emma sucked in a breath, the picture already in her head. Something she'd only had the faintest fantasies about. Killian stretched out in front of her, his now bare cock resting on his stomach, one of his hands stroking it lightly. "Answer the man, love."

"Fuck, yes, okay?" she said, rolling her hips into Liam's touch. He was teasing her, working her up again, which seemed redundant since she'd been in a near constant of arousal since Killian came up behind her in the club. She hadn't even known it was possible to feel like this, but then she'd never had two skilled lovers at the same time before.

"There's a good girl," Liam praised. He pulled on her hips, raising them up so she was on her hands and knees, kneeling between Killian's spread legs. Killian slid down the bed, his shoulders propped up on the remaining pillows so he could watch. He groaned as Emma took him into her hand, resuming his stroking. Liam's cock rubbed against her, slipping over her folds, his hands holding her ass. "Suck him, Emma."

Emma licked her lips once, her eyes locking with Killian's as she leaned in and licked the underside of his warm thick cock. Both men groaned, which encouraged her. She swirled her tongue around him, licking and laving his length before finally taking him into her mouth. Killian was a bit bigger than she was used to, but not overly so. She sucked lightly on the head, tonguing the slit eagerly, waiting for Liam to take her.

"Jesus," Liam breathed. Another rip and then she felt him, right at her entrance, just the lightest of pushes. Impatient, Emma rocked her hips back, letting the tip of him slip inside. "Such a naughty girl." There was a sting on her ass where Liam swatted, making Emma moan around Killian's cock. "Dirty, filthy thing, you are." He surged forward, hands tight on her hips, until he was in to the hilt.

"Oh fuck," Killian whined, his hips rising a bit off the bed. "Don't stop."

Emma inhaled through her nose, trying to maintain her rhythm while Liam fucked her. He wasn't exactly gentle, thrusting deep. Emma actually loved being taken like this, loved the angle and how deep her lover could go. She wasn't a delicate damsel by any stretch. She took all of it, Liam deep inside her cunt, Killian in her mouth, his hand in her hair, both of them muttering just how amazing she was.

Liam nudged her legs wider apart so he could take her harder, almost making her choke. She released Killian long enough to catch her breath before diving back in. She was getting wetter with every stroke, unbelievably turned on by the sheer forbiddenness of what they were doing. She sucked on Killian's cock, tongue swirling around the tip, trying to get him to come.

"So close," he bit out. "Such a sweet mouth."

Her hand resumed stroking, moving faster, feeling the tension in his body. Killian came with a shout, spilling down her throat. She swallowed every drop, then released him with a gasp. "Fuck!"

"Did you like that?" Liam grunted, fucking her with abandon now.

"God, yes," Emma mewled, pushing her ass back toward Liam. She could feel his broad hands digging into her skin, fingers pressing hard enough to bruise.

"You feel so bloody amazing, lass."

Killian sat up, sliding his hands over her over sensitized skin. "She's close," he informed his brother. "Feel her squeeze you, brother." He reached down and fondled her aching breasts, rubbing and pinching. Emma keened, crying out her release as it washed over her in a wave, her entire body trembling with the force of it.

"Oh god," Liam moaned, pushing forward once, twice, then stilling as he came deep inside her.

Emma collapsed almost instantly, her body worn out. She felt Liam slip out of her with a whine, but she made no effort to move. The bed dipped and rose then dipped again while Emma tried to regain her breath and her wits.

"Alright there, love?" Killian asked, brushing hair tenderly away from her face.

"Yeah," she muttered. She knew she would feel sore in the morning, sore and completely wrung out, but that was okay. It was exactly what she had wanted when she left home that evening. Right now, she felt good. Completely blissed out and high from four fucking amazing orgasms.

"Let's get her into bed," Liam said to Killian. She made a tiny sound of protest—she never stayed, too many complications—but she was also too tired to move.

"None of that now," Killian scolded. "You sleep, lass."

Too exhausted to fight them, she acquiesced, allowing them to pull the covers over the three of them. She was out as soon as her head hit the pillow, feeling warm and sated.

The first thing she noticed when she woke up was that she wasn't alone in the bed. Killian was pressed against her back, his chest hair tickling her skin if she moved. Liam was in front of her, looking so much younger with his face relaxed in sleep. She wondered how she was going to get out this without waking them. She felt heavy, used, but in the very best way. She lifted her head to see the time; it was only about three thirty in the morning. She'd only slept for a couple of hours.

"So you are awake," Killian mumbled from behind her.

"Go back to sleep."

His hand slid over her hip, making her shiver under the blanket. "Who said I was asleep?"

"Look, Killian..." But his hand was already skimming over her breast. She hadn't felt this kind of deep attraction in such a long time—for two men no less—it was going to be hard enough to go. She could feel her resolve weakening as his lips touched her skin.

"I do believe you made us a promise earlier," he said, in a voice designed to go straight to her clit.

"A p-p-promise?"

"Of sorts," Liam interjected, making Emma start. She hadn't known he was awake. "But if you truly wish to go..." He leaned in and kissed her, stealing her breath.

"What did you have in mind?" she asked breathlessly, even though she was fairly certain of the answer.

"Both of us," Killian said.

"At the same time," Liam finished.

Emma exhaled, her chest studdering. "Do you want that?"

"Only if you do," Liam said carefully. "You've never before, I take it?"

"I' know," she said, blushing. Why she was blushing after everything they'd done already, she had no idea. "But this is a first."

"We don't have to."

She remembered her fantasy about being pressed between both of them. They were willing to make that happen. "No, I want to. I think I've wanted to since Killian told me who you were."

"Bloody hell," Killian whispered. He forcibly turned her head and slanted his lips over hers, invading her mouth, exploring her thoroughly. Emma moaned into him, her body twisting, reaching for him instinctively. If she was going to do this, then she was going to wring every single moment of pleasure from it.

Liam's hands danced over her skin, sliding along her spine, her stomach. "We'll make it so good for you, love. I promise."

Killian pulled back and nodded, kissing the corner of her lips. "So good."

"Then you better get started." Emma rolled onto her back, looking between them, knowing that for this night they were completely hers. She cradled their cheeks and guided them to her breasts. They didn't need any other coaxing, each latching on to a nipple and suckling. Emma moaned loudly, the sensation of two mouths on her thoroughly intoxicating. "Fuck, that feels incredible."

"Tell us what you want, love," Killian said, tongue flicking across her sharp peak.

It already felt like there a fire between her legs and they'd hardly touched her yet. "Touch me. Please."

"Both of us?"

"Yes," she hissed. Liam kissed his way down her stomach, fingers slipping into her heat. He picked up enough moisture to begin teasing her puckered opening, gently gliding his fingers over it and pressing. Emma's back arched as her whimper melted into a gasp as Killian's hand joined Liam's between her spread legs. He dipped into her heat, gently fucking her as Liam worked on opening her up.

"That's it, Emma," Killian coaxed, nipping at her breast. "Relax and let us take care of you."

"Oh my god," Emma said, breath hitching as she felt Liam's finger slip inside. "Already feels so good." Just having their hands on her body was driving her crazy.

"It'll get better," Liam promised. He was gentle, shallow thrusts, seeing how much she could take, how fast. It had been a while since she'd had anal sex, and her lover had just been...okay at it. She didn't do it very often, but she didn't hate it. She had a feeling this would be different.

"Is she tight?" Killian asked, his voice low and rumbling.

"You were right. She is sweet."

"Fuck. Let me?"

"Fingers only," Liam warned. "That arse is mine."

Emma's head lolled, secretly thrilled that they were fighting over who got to take her there. She didn't care, she just wanted to feel them inside her, filling her up until she begged for mercy.

She whined when they pulled out of her, leaving her feeling bereft. Liam rolled her over once more, shoving one of the pillows under her stomach. Killian was already behind her, spreading her cheeks. "I'll go nice and slow," he assured her. Emma felt the cool tingling of lube on her skin and she let out a sigh of relief. Killian gently massaged her opening, picking up where Liam left off. It didn't take long for him to slide one long finger in, stretching her slowly.

"Oh god."

"Is that too much?"

"No. Keep going." She forced herself to relax, remembering that it would hurt if she fought him. There was pressure, but remembered pressure. She knew what this felt like. As long as they prepared her, they should be fine.

"Want a distraction?" Liam asked. Emma looked up, realizing that she was perched on the edge of the bed and Liam was standing in front of her, his cock hard and weeping. The bed was tall enough that she didn't even need to reach that far. Liam cupped her chin and brought her mouth to his cock.

"She's got a wicked mouth on her," Killian warned.

"I can handle it. Go on, Emma." She smiled and licked her lips once before kissing the tip of his cock, smearing precum all over her lips. She raised up on her arms, giving Killian better access to her ass, as she took Liam into her mouth and teased his velvety head. Liam groaned, eyes falling shut.

"Fuck, that's hot," Killian breathed, gently sliding another finger inside her tight hole. He scissored them slowly, opening her up as much as possible. Neither of the Jones boys were small; it was going to be a tight fit. But Emma was confident she could take it. She desperately wanted to try. It would probably be her only chance.

"Feels so bloody good," Liam breathed. He rocked into her slowly, fucking her mouth. "So hot."

"Wait till we're inside her, brother," Killian said. "That'll be fucking glorious."

"Is she ready?"

Emma rocked back on Killian's fingers experimentally. It didn't hurt. "I think so," she said, releasing Liam with a wet pop. Her heart raced in her chest; this was really going to happen. But they'd clearly unlocked something inside her, desires she'd only imagined before.

"Are you sure?"

Emma nodded. "Please. I need to feel you. Both of you."

Liam leaned down and kissed her briefly. "Get to the middle of the bed."

She instantly felt the loss when Killian pulled his hand away, but she'd be full soon. They'd promised her. It wasn't until she looked over her shoulder that she saw the small pile of condoms on the nightstand, next to the tube of lube. A laugh bubbled up in her throat. "Someone came prepared."

"Can't say I imagined needing them in these circumstances," Liam said, grinning. "But it was worth it." Killian agreed.

A moment later they rejoined her on the bed. Killian pulled her in for a kiss, hungry and demanding. "God, I missed kissing you."

"I think she wants you fuck her, little brother," Liam admonished.

Killian rolled them until Emma was straddled across his lap, his cock slipping through her soaked folds. "Does that feel little to you, lass?"

She moaned, her over sensitized skin tingling. "Definitely not."

"You want me to fuck that tight greedy cunt now, love?"

"Yes. Please." She sighed as her hips rose up and took him in, all the way to the hilt. He thrust a few times, letting her readjust to his size.

"Take her now, Liam," Killian ordered. "She's so tight."

Liam moved behind her, lube in hand. She felt his fingers brush over her hole, making her as slippery as he could. "Relax, Emma."

She let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding, and turned to stare at Killian. "That's it," he said, stroking her face. "Eyes on me. Relax. We've got you."

It was the strangest but most erotic thing she'd ever felt, as Liam pushed inside her. They all remained still as Emma adjusted, her breathing shallow. "How do you feel?" Liam asked.

"Full," Emma said honestly. "So fucking full."

"I can feel you," Killian said, his own breathing labored now. "Fuck."

Emma squirmed a bit in their hold. "Move. Please." Tears burned the corners of her eyes, the tension more than she could take.

It took them a few tries but they found a rhythm; Emma whimpering in ecstasy as they slipped in and out of her. She clutched at Killian, his chest hair teasing her nipples as they fucked her. He caught her lips in a brief kiss, murmuring praise in her ear.

"Feels so fucking amazing," he said, holding her steady. "So good."

Emma nodded frantically, beyond speech, reveling in the incredible sensations.

"Come for us," Liam whispered hoarsely. "Want to feel you."

Emma slipped her hand down between their sweat slicked bodies and flicked her clit. In seconds she was coming hard and fast, screaming incoherently. Liam and Killian both cursed as Emma's muscles spasmed around them, triggering their own releases. Emma felt them pulse deep inside her, aftershocks rocking her body. She could feel everything, her body still flying from her intense high. She'd never felt anything like that before, almost too intense to be real.

All three of them slumped back against the mattress, Liam rolling off of her back. Emma tried to move too, but she was sapped. She ached (in a good way), every muscle drained of energy. When he regained his breath, Killian rolled her off him, so she was between the brothers once more.

"You are the most amazing woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet," he said softly. "Thank you."

Emma chuckled weakly. "Shouldn't I be the one thanking you?"

"You already did, lass." They lay there quietly, until their hearts regained their normal rhythms. Each brother kissed her sweetly, then pulled the blanket back up for them to sleep.

When she woke up, the sun was streaming through the gap in the curtains. This time, Emma was alone. She felt a pang, even though she knew it was stupid. They hardly knew each other and one night stands were what she did. This one had just been more...intense than her previous ones.

Still, she knew that something wasn't quite the same. She could feel it in her bones.

She reached for a glass of water, thoughtfully left on the nightstand. She needed to get out before they came back. A piece of paper fell to the floor. Emma bent over to pick it up, her muscles protesting. She groaned; she was going to feel this for a while but she couldn't really be sad about it. It had been an amazing night.

Emma sipped at the water as she read the note.


The room is paid through tomorrow, so feel free to stay as along as you like. I'm sorry Liam and I had to leave without saying a proper goodbye to you, but you'll probably think it's better this way. You're an extraordinary lass. Perhaps if we're ever back in the States, you'll give us a chance to show you.


Emma couldn't stop the smile that curved her lips. Maybe—and the odds of them returning were insanely low—maybe she'd give them that chance. Some day.