Author's note: Here's the deal. This universe has outgrown this story. There is so much I want to get into, so many adventures I want to explore, that I've decided to make this a series of multi chapter stories. As such, this is the last part of the first story. The second will pick up almost immediately where this leaves off, so don't worry about missing anything. So if you're enjoying Killian, Emma and Liam's adventures, there is plenty more to come. Just under a separate title. Keep your eyes peeled! And thank you for enjoying this; it's a blast to write!

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Part 8

Beep, beep, beep.

Almost in unison, three groggy groans and annoyed grumbles rent the air. A single arm slithered out from under the covers, hand smacking the still blaring alarm hard. They missed and had to try again, extinguishing the sound with a satisfied grunt.

"Sodding thing," Killian muttered under his breath. Emma sighed as he snuggled closer to her under the blanket, arm around her waist. She wanted desperately to stay in her warm cocoon, but that alarm was for her. She was the one who had a job to do for a change, one that required her to leave the bed.

Just five more minutes.

She covered Killian's large hand with hers, burrowing her nose deeper into Liam's shoulder. Their last few days had been blissful, only leaving the bed for food, showers and the occasional follow up on her case. She had no new leads. She decided another trip to Coventry was in order, to firmly rule that out as a place where Anastasia would go. The missing mother and sister bothered her; she was determined to find out what was going on.

But first she needed to get out of bed.

"Hmm, that tickles," Liam grumbled, accent thick from sleep. He rolled over, tangling his legs with Emma's, lips brushing her forehead.

"S early," Killian complained. "Go back to sleep."

Emma groaned. "I can't. Work."

"The sun's hardly up," Liam pointed out. He kissed her nose, her chin. "Sleep, lass."

"It's a long drive," she reminded them. She didn't want to go, but she had a job to do.

She felt Killian's lips on her skin, light brushes, teasing, and she bit her lip. Of course he would try and distract her with sex. But Liam was no better, finding her lips at last, kissing her. It was light and sweet, his hand sliding up her arm until he was cradling her cheek. "Emma."

"Hmmm?" Killian's hand wasn't idle, brushing the underside of her breast, beginning to fondle and squeeze. "Oh."

"You're so soft, love," Liam murmured, nipping at her lips. He stroked her stomach, her hips, gently, carefully, slowly arousing her, igniting the fire in her belly. "Love touching you."

Killian tossed the blanket aside, exposing their nakedness to the cool air; Emma's nipples stiffened painfully and she whimpered.

"Ugh, not fair," she complained, thighs already clenching. But it was too late now; she wasn't leaving the bed until she had them.

Killian's dark chuckle rumbled against her back. "You're not fair, Emma. Bloody temptress." He cupped her chin, bringing her lips to his in a deep needy kiss. "And you're not leaving until we've satisfied you."

The ease with which they turned her on should be frightening, but with them, it just fit. She half turned, hand in Killian's hair as she kissed him, tongues tangled in a familiar dance. Liam took advantage, latching on to a pert nipple and suckling. None of them were in the least bit sleepy now, all too willing to indulge in lazy morning sex.

Emma whimpered, pushing her hips back, grinding into Killian's hardening cock. He hissed and rutted into her just as eagerly. "Minx."

"She's always a bloody vixen, brother," Liam growled, his hand slipping between her legs. He skimmed through her damp warm flesh, coating his fingers with her arousal. "So slick already."

"Oh god." Emma spread her legs wider, resting one on Liam's hip, silently begging for his touch. He obliged her, rimming her entrance, teasing her with the tip of his finger. Her back arched, head pushing deeper into the pillow. Killian's hand slid over her trembling stomach, finding her clit and rubbing in slow circles. "Aaaahhhh," Emma breathed, pleasure spiking.

"That's it, love," Killian whispered in her ear. "We've got you."

Liam slid two fingers deep inside her cunt, swallowing her gasp with a kiss. They worked her mercilessly, hands in tandem as she writhed and moaned. "Come for us," Liam demanded, nipping at the swell of her breast.

"Shit," Emma cursed as it washed over her, hips rocking wildly. She slumped back into Killian's chest, letting them bring her down gently. They didn't stop touching her, showering her with kisses and gentle touches.

"Do you want us?" Liam asked, his own arousal brushing her stomach. He brought her lips to his, kissing her until she was panting. "Please, Emma."

She nodded, her body eager for them to fill her. Killian kissed her too, rougher, needier, bringing her hand to his throbbing cock. "Need you so much, love."

"Take her, brother," Liam murmured, hands squeezing her heavy breasts. Emma keened, her clit pulsing. "Hurry, Killian."

Emma started to roll, but Killian stopped her, merely drawing her leg back over his hip. He took her from behind, sliding in to her waiting heat with a heavy groan. Emma moaned his name, relishing the way she stretched to accommodate him. Her boys were thick, filling her in just the right way to make her want more. She could never get enough of this feeling.

"Emma, you should see your face when we're in you," Liam said, eyes drifting to where she and Killian were joined. "You're so beautiful."

She moaned, back arching, Liam's gaze setting her skin on fire. "Feels so good, don't stop." She wove her fingers into Killian's hair, kissing him over her shoulder. She could already feel another orgasm building, the drag of him along her walls so, so good. She turned back to Liam, bringing his lips to hers, moaning into his mouth as Killian shifted the angle, hitting even deeper within her. "Oh fuck," she panted. "Fuck, just like that."

Killian grunted, taking her harder, deeper. "She's so fucking wet and hot, Liam," he gasped. "Fuck."

Liam watched them, blue eyes burning, waiting his turn. Watching the emotions play over Emma's face was one of his favorite things, whether he put them there or his brother. She was gorgeous, pale skin flushed, nipples pink and hard, lips parted for all the cries and moans. Emma whimpered, pressure nearing a breaking point. Liam slid down the bed and took her clit into his mouth and sucked hard. Emma screamed, her high almost instantaneous. Killian pushed through it, seeking his own release, coming with a hoarse shout of Emma's name.

"Bloody hell," Killian breathed to no one in particular as he went still, kissing Emma's damp skin. He slipped out of her with a whine, but it was Liam's turn. "Go to him, Emma."

Emma was still breathless, still buzzing, but she pulled Liam into her, eager for more. She rolled him on his back, sliding her slick and sticky flesh over his straining cock. She shivered, the flesh abused and swollen, almost hypersensitive, but she needed him. Liam held her hips as she lowered herself onto him, feeling full once more. "Yes."

"Fuck, you are wet," Liam breathed, hips rocking up in an easy rhythm. Killian had ridden her hard; he was content to take his time.

Emma bit her lip, content to just rock, undulating her hips in Liam's lap. She felt sensual, wanted, desired, powerful. Their passion for her never seemed to end and she willingly reveled in it. Emma threw her head back and moaned, memorizing every feeling, every touch. She didn't want to forget any moments she had with them.

She felt lips on her stomach, tongue licking her breast and opened her eyes to Killian tasting her. She hummed encouragingly, bringing both men's hands up to her torso. Liam fondled one breast while Killian suckled the other; Emma's rhythm faltered as the exquisite sensations threatened to overwhelm her.

"I love you," she breathed. "So much."

"That's it, love," Killian murmured. "Do he feel good inside you?"

"Y-y-yes," she moaned, getting wetter by the second, their sure hands sends waves of lust right to her aching clit. "So good."

"Faster, Emma," Liam pleaded, breathing becoming ragged. "Need you."

Killian moved behind them, his lips on Emma's sweaty skin, as she pulled Liam up to her. She kissed him hard, bouncing faster in his lap. Liam held her to his chest as Killian's hand wiggled between them to massage Emma's aching nub. It was too much, too hot and she exploded again, holding on to Liam for dear life as her third orgasm made her see stars. He pulsed wetly inside her, rutting until he was spent.

They collapsed in a heap, sweaty and exhausted. Emma mewled softly when Liam slipped from her, her thighs sticky and wet. She needed to get up, shower, but she couldn't move. More precisely, she didn't want to move.

"If your plan was to keep me here...good plan," she panted, heart still beating wildly.

Killian squeezed her hand. "Not exactly a plan, darling. You're just irresistible."

"Insatiable," Liam continued, kissing her damp forehead. "And bloody incredible."

"I feel pretty sated right now," she said with a choked laugh. "Damn."

"Rest for a minute," Killian advised. She started to protest, but he put a finger to her lips. "Coventry's not going anywhere, lass. Nap for an hour, then you can go."

She opened her mouth to argue again, but Liam agreed. "We'll wake you, we promise."

She sighed, defeated. She couldn't say no when they were just looking out for her. No one had ever taken care of her the way they did. "Okay."

She did nap, but was surprised to wake up to an empty bed, alarm blaring again.. Probably for the best, all things considered. She got out of bed, stretched her stiff muscles. The hot shower did wonders, soothing bunched muscles and waking her up. The only drawback was washing the boys' scent off her skin; she loved the way they smelled.

Dressed and refreshed, she headed downstairs, drawn by the smell of coffee. Killian and Liam were in the kitchen, padding around in t-shirts and boxers. There was a small cooler on the island; Killian was filling it with water and snacks.

"Are you making me lunch?" she asked.

"Just a few things for the drive," he replied. She could tell he was trying not to make a big deal of it, knowing she was perfectly capable of finding her own snacks. There was a sudden lump in her throat; she was unbelievably touched. No one, not even amongst her myriad of foster families, had ever packed food for her. It was such a simple thing, but it was only something people did for someone they truly cared about. At least in her experience.

Liam added a couple of sandwiches and she almost lost it. Her ridiculous amazing loving boys.

She stepped around the island and hugged them each tightly, silently conveying her gratitude. She took a deep breath, pulling herself together, smiling gratefully when Liam handed her a steaming cup of coffee. "I'll call when I get there," she promised. "Not sure how long I'll be."

"Be careful, Emma," Killian said with a cute cock of his head.

"You don't have to worry about me."

"Good luck," Liam added. "Or should we say happy hunting?"

Emma grinned. "You can say that." She sipped her coffee, ate the pastry they pressed into her hands. She was already late; as much she wanted to spend her weekend with them, she needed to get going. Liam gave her another coffee for the road and they followed her to the foyer. Emma slipped on her boots and red leather jacket, hoisting her overnight bag on her shoulder. She hoped to be back that night, but wanted to be prepared. She was not looking forward to sleeping in a hotel room without them. They each gave her a kiss, Killian handing her the cooler. She gave them a smile then forced herself to leave.

She caught a cab to the car rental place—she really needed to look into getting her own car at some point—and retraced her steps to Coventry. She'd done some digging; Mrs. Tremaine had a few relatives in the area. Emma thought it would be a good idea to see if any of them had heard from her. Of course, if the family was truly on the run they could be anywhere. She just couldn't shake the feeling that she'd missed something last time.

As if discovering someone unfriendly wanted Anastasia out of the way wasn't bad enough.

It seemed straight forward enough. If Anastasia wasn't found then Will's CO had no solid defense. He would go down with his ship, as it were. Career ruined, drummed out of the service. That kind of stain, civilian or military, would be difficult for the man to shake. Emma knew that better than most. Her only salvation had been that her records were sealed, as she was still underage when she'd gone to prison for Neal's crime. Those eleven months were the worst of her life, which was quite a feat considering how utterly shitty it had been before. But she had nothing, especially after her miscarriage.

Emma shivered, recalling the utter terror she'd felt when she discovered she was pregnant. She covered it with anger and sarcasm, but she'd never been more frightened in her life. How could she, a girl barely seventeen with no family, no job and no other support, raise a child? Emma didn't know the first thing about being a mother; she couldn't be one. She spent her entire life in the system, shunted from one family to the next, sometimes running away; she didn't want that for her child.

It hadn't taken her long to decide on giving the kid up for adoption.

Then she woke up one day in her cell to searing pain and a puddle of blood. Her problem solved.

She didn't speak to anyone for weeks, consumed with silent grief.

Eventually, she moved on. Emma was stunned to find the old Bug she and Neal had stolen waiting for her when she got out, apparently hers. Foolish even then, it had given Emma hope that Neal had cared about her, that he would find her. But he hadn't.

So she moved on again, from town to town, one night stand to one night stand, until that fateful night she met the Jones brothers. Ten long years of being alone, of not letting anyone close. And that night she let them in almost without a fight.

She hadn't recognized it, of course, tried to lie to herself. But they filled in the cracks in her soul, protected her shattered heart, got her to feel again. She didn't want to ever take them for granted, knowing how it felt to be utterly alone.

Was Anastasia alone? What kind of trouble had she gotten herself into? How had she evaded the Navy? Where was she? Where was her mother and sister? Her file praised her intelligence and resourcefulness; she was studying for officer training. So the woman clearly had ambition. If she watched a lot of cop shows, she'd at least have a rudimentary knowledge on how to slip away with a new identity. And if she had connections, a way out wouldn't be that hard to find. But the file also showed that she called home once every week, so she was loyal and dedicated to her family. Emma got the feeling that the two disappearances were connected.

Emma stopped for a bathroom break just on the edge of town. She wanted to call and let the boys know she arrived safely. She gathered the trash she accumulated, dialing Liam's number as she threw it away.


"Hey, Liam."

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, I just got here. Gonna try the mother's house again, before badgering the relatives. Is Killian there?"

"Aye, let me put you on speaker." There was a beep and she heard Killian's voice. "It's Emma, Killian."

"Hello, lass. Have a nice drive?"

"Boring mostly. You boys behaving?"

"Well, we haven't burned the house down yet," Killian drawled.

Emma laughed. "Were you trying?"

"Be glad you aren't here for the acrid vacuum smell, love," Liam interjected. "I'm expecting the neighbors to complain at any moment."

"You vacuumed?" Both Jones were fairly tidy, a consequence of being in the Navy. The only exception was when they were tearing at each other's clothes. They often left a trail from one room to the next, to be picked up later.

"He's laundering too."

"Okay. Weird but...nice, I guess." When she first got there, they refused to let her do any chores, but once it became apparent that Emma was no longer a guest, she made a point of pulling her own weight. The only thing she didn't do was cook, and that was because she didn't want to poison them with something she concocted.

"We were occupied the last few days," Killian pointed out defensively. "Things piled up."

"And you're a neat freak," Emma teased. Killian grumbled something she couldn't hear. "But we love you."

"Someone is angling for a spanking when she gets home," Killian said, his voice dropping to that octave that made her shiver.

"Not unless I spank you first." It just popped out, a dirty fantasy that she'd held onto for a while, ever since they used that riding crop on her.

"Don't make promises you can't keep, Emma," Liam said quietly.

"Does the Commander wish to be punished too? Because we can arrange that." Damn, they should not be flirting on the phone; it was getting her riled up again with no outlet.

"Ugh, stop," Killian growled. "It's cruel to tease with you so far away, lass."

Emma let out a breath, gulping down some of the water they'd sent her. "Okay, okay. I'm gonna go now. I'll talk or text you later. Be good."

"Be safe, Emma," Liam admonished.

"I will." She had every reason in the world to look after herself; she had people who loved her, a home to get back to.

Emma headed for Mrs. Tremaine's house on the other side of the city. The heavy traffic gave her a chance to recover her equilibrium after talking with her boys. The way they wanted each other was insane. But Emma needed her wits about her for this job.

Mrs. Tremaine's house was still dark; there was no car in the driveway or along the street. The mailbox was stuffed with mail; some of it dating back to right after Anastasia supposedly got back into the country. Interesting.

"Excuse me," a woman's voice said. "But who are you?"

Emma spun, surprised to find a dark haired woman a few years older than her eyeing her suspiciously. Emma was doubly surprised because the woman didn't have an English accent. She gave the woman a disarming smile. "I'm a friend of Anastasia's," she lied smoothly. "This is her mom's house, right?"

"Yes. It is." The woman adjusted her shopping bags, which contrasted with her tailored business suit and heels. "But no one's been home for a while now."

"Rats," Emma said. "I was hoping she was hiding out here."

"Did you try her place? I believe she lives in the complex on Marlborough."

"I just came from there. We were supposed to have lunch together."

"I didn't know Ana had any American friends. Not many of us around these parts."

"Exchange program when we were kids. I'm just visiting, thought it would be nice to catch up."

"Well, Ana was deployed until several weeks ago, looks like you arrived just in time, Miss..."

"Swan, Emma Swan." She held out her hand, trying to appear as friendly as she could.

The woman set down her bags and shook Emma's hand firmly. "Regina Mills, Miss Swan. I live just down the block." She smirked. "I think we both know you've never met Anastasia Tremaine in your life."

Damn, the woman was good. But she might know something. She seemed the type to notice the goings on of her neighbors. "I've been hired to find her," she admitted. "She went missing right after the incident in the Indian Ocean." Emma looked at the house. "And I think her mother and sister did too."

Regina's face grew serious. "I see. If you want, I can tell you what I know about the family. If you'll allow me to get my groceries inside?"

Emma nodded. "Yeah, of course. Anything you know could be helpful."

Together the women took Regina's groceries down the block to her stately home. It was on par with the Tremaine home, upper middle class with hope of more. Emma settled in the older woman's kitchen, listening to her fire off every thought she'd ever had about the eldest Tremaine. The two did not get along; in fact, it seemed that Mrs. Tremaine didn't get along with most of the neighborhood. That explained why no one seemed overly concerned with her absence; the place was quiet for a change.

"Anastasia had a huge falling out with her mother when she decided to join the Navy," Regina revealed. "Lots of shouting and screeching. Apple?"

Emma shook her head. "No, but thank you," she said politely. "Was she still holding a grudge?"

Regina looked thoughtful. "Perhaps. I know Ana tried to maintain ties because of her sister. They are close or they were. She visited at Christmas last year."

"Do you have any idea where they might have gone?"

"No. Do you think they're in some sort of danger?"

"It's been almost a month. No one I've spoken to has seen any of the Tremaines for at least three weeks. Anastasia's neighbors are still under the impression she's at sea. And her apartment was broken into."

"That's awful. I may not have any love for the mother, but Ana's a nice girl. I have Mrs. Tremaine's number if you think that will help."

"It can't hurt." Even if there was no answer, she could try pinging it.

Regina got out her phone and scribbled down a number on the back of a business card. "Good luck, Miss Swan."

"Thanks." Emma pocketed the card and went to let herself out. Back on the street, she flipped over Regina's card, chuckling as she read. Regina Mills, Barrister. Emma had learned that word. Her informant was a lawyer.

Back in the rental, Emma dialed the number. It went straight to voice mail. So it was either off or Mrs. Tremaine wasn't answering. If it was off, pinging it would be useless, but she had to try. After she talked to the relatives and settled in a hotel. It didn't seem like she was getting home tonight.

Each of the relatives turned up nothing. Or less than nothing. The only one willing to speak to her was Anastasia's step sister, Ashley. She seemed genuinely worried about her former step sister once Emma explained the situation. Once the woman passed off her infant daughter to her husband, she insisted on sitting Emma down and talking. Emma got more information on Mrs. Tremaine's character, none of which would actually help her locate her or her daughter.

"Do you have a way to contact them? A cell phone? A place they would go?"

Ashley shrugged. "There's a great uncle that lives in Devon but I doubt they'd go there. Stepmother hates him. But let me look..." She snatched her purse and started to dig. When she pulled out a day planner like Anastasia's, Emma's eyes widened. Ashley pulled out one of the pages and handed it to Emma. "Here are the last numbers I have for my stepsisters. I'm not sure if they're still good though."

"It's more than I had. Thank you."

"Will you let me know? If you find her?"

"Yeah, I can do that."

After her visit, Emma found a cheap place to stay. She fired off a text to Killian and Liam, letting them know she wouldn't be home and that she would call them later. Her little cooler of drinks and sandwiches came in handy as she worked, eating up the hotel's wifi. She checked on Regina and Ashley's information, step by step. Her gut said they were trustworthy, but she wanted to be sure. It had taken some emails back and forth with one of her contacts back in the States, but she managed to reconfigure her tracking program for English phone numbers and listings.

Everything seemed to check out. A brief phone call to the great uncle concluded that none of his relatives were there.

Emma went out for some dinner, determined to take a crack at pinging the phones next. It felt good to be on a case; it never failed to get her adrenaline pumping, especially when she though she was on to something. The only other thing to give her that kind of high was sex, which she was now getting on a regular basis. Very, very, very good sex.

Get your head out of the gutter, Swan.

She could daydream while she ate, surely. That wasn't a crime. She had two crazy hot boyfriends to go home to, not many people could say that. Sitting there alone with her meal, she missed them. Missed Liam's laugh, Killian's teasing. She missed the way they looked at her, like she was the only woman in the room. She missed them bickering; honestly, they often sounded like squabbling five year olds and it was adorable. At first, she'd envied their bond, not having had any siblings herself. But they welcomed her in so effortlessly, making them a unit. She understood what words like home and family meant for the first time.

Neal had once told her that home was the place that when you left, you missed it. She thought he was full of it then, but she understood now. She missed Killian and Liam fiercely; they were her home.

She needed to get back soon.

Her first try at pinging Anastasia's phone came up empty. It was probably turned off. Or she ditched it, which was what Emma would do. She set up the other traces and went to the bathroom to change. She peeled out of her jeans and blouse; it was finally warming up to her satisfaction, spring in the air. Perhaps when Anastasia was found they could discuss that trip to France.

No work, no responsibilities. Just her and her boys on a romantic getaway.

Speaking of which...Emma flopped down on the bed and grabbed her phone. She wanted to hear their voices, see if their day was any better than hers. It was still a foreign sensation, being a girlfriend, but she liked it.

"Evening, love," Killian answered. Emma could tell he was smiling.

"Hey you. Enjoy your cleaning?"

"Not especially, no. I didn't have a comely lass to motivate me."

"That's too bad; we'll have to fix that for next time."

"Or perhaps she could help? The shower could use a good scouring." Damn it. Now she had an image of Killian naked and wet and soapy in her head.

"Would the shower get scoured or you?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Why not both?"

"A maid and a fuck toy. I see."

"She'd have to be very beautiful. Long golden hair, sparkling green eyes, long legs. Know anyone like that, love?"

"I might." She paused. "What are you doing now?"

"Laying in our bed talking to you."

"Where's Liam?"

"Watching the telly, I think. Are you thinking what I think you are, lass?"

"Maybe. Should I call him?"

"Please do."

Emma put Killian on hold and dialed Liam's number. He picked up on the first ring. "Emma? Did I hear Killian talking to you?"

"Yeah. He's, uh, on the other line. Can"

"We are yours, lass. You know that." Emma could hear his smile; they really did seem to be happy just...making her happy. No matter what it was.

"Okay. Gimme a sec." She looped Killian back in on her call. "Killian?"

"I'm here, love."

Emma bit her lip. What was she supposed to do now?

Liam saved her for the moment. "How was your day, lass?"

"I got a couple of leads. Might pan out, might not." She paused, adjusting her position on the bed. "I miss you guys."

"We miss you too, love," Killian said.

"Are you sure you have to stay there?" Liam asked.

Emma sighed. "Yeah. Something's up; I want to check it out. I'll be home soon."

"We'll be here waiting for you, Emma."

"You guys have any plans for the evening?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Talking to our lady love isn't a plan?" Killian teased.

Emma blushed, even though they couldn't see her. "I thought you'd go...have a guys' night or something."

Liam laughed. "Talking to you is far more interesting, sweetheart."

"More interesting than drinking? Who are you and what have you done with Liam Jones?"

"He's fine, Emma," Killian assured her. "We just miss you."

"What are you doing right now, lass?" Liam asked.

"Laying in the hotel bed, talking to you. You?"

"Stretched out on the couch, watching the telly. Missing my favorite pillow," he replied in a low voice. She knew what that was. Her lap. She shivered.


"Just got out of the shower, love. What are you wearing?"

"Your academy t-shirt and blue boy shorts," she said, swallowing. "And that's all."

"Ever the little thief," Killian rumbled softly. "Minx."

"You love it."

"Seeing you in our clothes is...very arousing," Liam pointed out.

"Is it arousing you now?" Emma asked. Their low rumbling voices in her ear was arousing her, that was for sure.

"Yes," they said in unison.

"Shit," Emma breathed. "Can I see?" Thank god for smart phones. She heard the shuffling as they switched her to speaker. Moments later she had to do the same, as her phone vibrated twice, indicating two texts had come in within moments of each other. She opened them with almost indecent haste, but this phone sex thing was more fun than she anticipated. She knew which picture was which instantly; Killian's towel was open, his hand wrapped loosely around his cock. Liam's pants were open, cock hard, laying up toward his stomach. "Oh god."

"Are you wet, love?" It was Liam, drawing her attention back to them.

Emma bit her lip. Lust flooded her, clit aching. "Yes."

"Touch yourself," Killian encouraged. "Tease those nipples for me, Emma."

Emma moaned, licking her dry lips. "Should I leave the shirt on?"

"Please." Emma brought the phone back to her ear, cradling it against her shoulder. She lifted her borrowed shirt up, fingertips skimming her hardening nipples. "Oh, yes."

"Bloody hell, Emma," Liam breathed. "Don't stop."

Emma clenched her thighs together as she pinched and twirled her nipples. "I want you," she complained.

"We know, lass. We'll take care of you when you get home," he promised. "Suck those pretty pink nipples. Would you like that?"

"Yes, so much."

"You like us both touching you," Killian murmured. His voice was a low growl and Emma shivered. "Hands and mouths on you, driving you crazy."

"Yes," Emma hissed. Her clit throbbed imagining them there with her, each with a nipple in his mouth, lavishing them with attention. "Fuck."

"Who do you want, Emma? Who do you want to fuck you?"

"Don't care," she panted. "It hurts."

"Take your shorts off," Liam ordered. "Are you nice and slick?"

Emma scrambled to obey, kicking the underwear away impatiently. She moaned as her fingers slid through her soaked aching flesh. "God yes. So wet."

Two low groans echoed over the line. Liam cursed and Killian hissed. "Want to taste you so bad, love," Killian bit out.

"Taste that sweetness, Emma," Liam said. "Lemme hear it."

Emma writhed on the bed, dripping her fingers inside. She gathered moisture and brought it to her lips, moaning loudly. She tasted tangy and sweet, telling them so. She did again, just to hear their moans of pleasure. "Are you touching yourselves?" Emma asked.

"Aye," they replied. "Wanna be inside you," Liam added. "So much."

"Me too," she breathed. "Need you both so much."

"You like that, don't you, love?" Killian said, his voice getting more and more strained. "When we each fuck that sweet greedy cunt, right after the other."

"Oh my god," she bit out. She slipped two fingers inside, wishing it was them instead.

"Or do you want one to suck and one buried deep inside," Liam said, his breathing short. "So hot like that, Emma."

"She's always hot," Killian argued. "Our girl."

"Yours," Emma agreed. "All yours." She pumped her fingers faster, thumb finding her clit. "So close. Need to come."

"Let go. Come for us." Emma's hips bucked up off the bed, fingers pumping madly as the orgasm washed over her, a low scream on her lips. She heard them each groan out her name as they came, almost in unison, melting into unintelligible grunts, hands pumping until they were spent. Emma shivered with aftershocks, hand still between her legs.

"Holy shit," she breathed.

One of them laughed quietly. "Feel better now, love?"

"A little." The phone sex was fine, but she really would rather have them there with her. She had to admit it was hot though. "You?"


Emma slumped back in the bed, sweaty and tired. "That was fun though."

"Have you ever had phone sex before, lass?" Killian asked curiously.

"How did you know?"

"You were adorably nervous."


"It's alright, love. I'm very glad we were your first."

"And only," Liam added quickly.

Emma swallowed, the weight of that settling in her stomach. Only time would tell if they were the real deal. She desperately wanted them to be. Losing them would probably destroy her. "Are you done teasing the phone sex virgin now?"

"Not a virgin any more," Liam pointed out. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yeah. I wish you were here though."

"I know, love, I know."

"I should let you guys go. I need to check some things before I go to sleep."

"Would you like us to wake you in the morning?" Killian asked.

"No, you guys should sleep in. I'm gonna get started early, try to get home."

"Okay. Sleep well, Emma. I love you."

"Love you too, Killian."

"Come home soon, lass," Liam said. "Love you."

"I will. I love you, Liam. Night."

"Good night, Emma." She ended the call with a sigh. She knew she wouldn't sleep well, but there was nothing for it. She went back to the bathroom to clean up, pulling on some clean underwear. Then she rechecked her laptop. To her surprise there were two hits. She logged them on the map and checked the time. It was late, far too late to check them out. She reset the trace on both numbers, adjusting it to rescan every couple of hours while she slept. She'd check it out in the morning.

Morning was slow in coming, since Emma, as predicted, didn't sleep well. She used to be able to sleep anywhere, if lightly. Sometimes she would need to get out of wherever she was squatting in a hurry, so she learned to sleep with one ear open. Once she had her own place, that vigilance faded gradually. She was content to sleep alone, never staying after sex, never bringing anyone home. All that changed when she met the Jones brothers, sleeping between them became her safe place. There, she knew nothing could get to her and she got the deep rejuvenating sleep that had alluded her her entire life.

Without them, she slept in fits and starts, huddling under the comforter trying to stave off the chill of the hotel room. She wondered if they were any better, sleeping away from her. The three of them frequently got tangled up in each other during the course of the night, seeking warmth and comfort. It occurred to her how lonely they must have been before they met her. She knew about Clara, the bad break up Liam had. She also knew that Killian had an ex that he was reluctant to talk about. While she was certain they weren't monks, nothing had stuck until they found her. What they had was new and precious, something they all needed. It filled the hole in her chest with love and a sense of belonging that she'd never ever had before. She hoped she did the same for them.

The alarm went off early; Emma snarling as she shut it off. She'd finally managed to fall into a deep sleep, an image of the three of them lounging around their living room soothing her. Of course it couldn't last. She moved automatically, performing her usual rituals. It was empty without her boys teasing her or stealing a kiss before going to start breakfast.

Emma made some coffee in the provided coffeemaker before going to check her laptop again. She compared the results of the trace against the map of the city and county she'd bought the day before. The results were widely spaced, only showing up every second or third scan. That led her to believe that whoever had the phones didn't have them on all time, but only turned them on to...what? Check in? With whom? Why?

"Holy shit," Emma breathed, eyes widening as she stared at the map. She wasn't very familiar with the city yet, but unless she was hallucinating, it seemed that both the mother and sister's phones were in Anastasia's building. How was that possible?

It certainly would be a last place anyone would look after realizing that Anastasia herself wasn't there.

Emma finished her coffee in one gulp and gathered her tools. She pulled her boots on and grabbed her jacket; this was her first honest to goodness break and she didn't want to waste time. She wove through the early Saturday morning traffic to Anastasia's building. She tried the missing woman's door again and wasn't surprised there was no answer. She decided a systematic search of the building was in order; she went door to door, despite the hour. She got a lot of annoyed looks, especially once she mentioned Anastasia's mother. Did anyone like this woman?

"Oh, Mrs. Perkins," Emma said when the old lady opened the door. "Sorry to disturb you. I know it's early."

"Have we met?"

"Emma Swan? I was here a few days ago, looking for Anastasia?"

"Oh, yes! I remember now. Memory not quite what it was, you see. Have you found her?" The dog started barking loudly. "Hush, Hondo!" Mrs. Perkins shouted. "You'll disturb the nice young lady."

"Don't worry about it," Emma replied hurriedly. "Um, I was wondering if you've seen Anastasia or her mother lately?"

"Can't say that I have, dear. I'm sorry."

Emma sagged. "Thanks anyway." She was about to turn and walk away when she remembered something. "Mrs. Perkins?"

"Yes, dear?"

"You said your husband designed this building?"

"He did, Lord rest him. Is that important?"

Emma pressed her lips together. "Maybe. You wouldn't happen to have any of his plans?"

"I don't," she said sadly. "But I'm sure the main office has them. I can introduce you, if you want."

"That would be great."

It took the old lady a long time to get dressed; Emma got antsy, pacing back and forth. She fired off a text to Will, updating him on her progress. She exchanged texts with Killian and Liam, wishing them a good morning. She didn't let them in on her lead, not wanting to get their hopes up. It might be nothing. Finally, Mrs. Perkins was ready, leading her down to the main floor of the building. She had her dog with her, which slowed them down. Emma liked dogs just fine, but this was seriously trying her patience.

"No, Mrs. Perkins, we haven't gotten the plumber in yet," said a grouchy voice as soon as they stepped in the door.

"You can just hush about that Leroy," Mrs. Perkins snapped. "We've got something important, you daft fool!"

The short bearded man looked at them warily. "Who's this?"

"Emma Swan," Emma said clearly. "I'm looking for Anastasia Tremaine."

"She's not here," Leroy snapped. "You got terrible timing, sister."

"I think her mother and sister might be though."

"Did you try her place?"

"Yeah, no one's there."

"What do think I can do? Make her and her annoying mother appear? Do I look like a magician?"

"Leroy," Mrs. Perkins said. "Find Harold's plans. The young lady wants to see them."

"Those are confidential."


"Fine," he said with a huff. Leroy turned and dug in a long squat cabinet, extracting the building blueprints. He laid them out on the desk. "You never saw these."

"Of course not," Emma said. She bent over the plans, looking for anything unusual. She had a case in Boston where a bailjumper thought it was a good idea to hide out in his building's subbasement; the space was little more than a crawl space. When Emma found him, he'd been hiding there for over a month, only coming out at night to stretch, use the bathroom, get clean water and snacks and smoke his weed. It was the weed smell that had given him away. He wasn't too bright.

"Where do these pipes go?" Emma asked, looking at Leroy.

He scratched his beard. "Dunno. The laundry room?"

"No, that's over here." Emma pointed. "That's weird. Plumbing that doesn't go to anything."

"This wasn't the first building here," Mrs. Perkins piped up. She was struggling with her dog. "The old one was from just after the war. Harold said they just built right over the foundation."

She thanked Leroy and Mrs. Perkins, deciding to check it out. Alone. Leroy gave her the key to the basement storage and got out of her way. Emma crept down there as silently as she could. She let a trickle of fear slide down her spine, then shoved it aside. It was probably nothing. She followed the pipes; sure enough, they disappeared into the wall at the far end.

A hidden room? There were weirder things in the world. Unfortunately, there was a section of shelving in the way. She examined it closely, pulling on a switch that didn't seem to go to anything. She had to jump back when the wall hissed and started to slide open.

"What the hell?" Emma asked out loud. It was like something out of an old movie. As soon as there was enough space, Emma stepped through warily. "Anastasia? Mrs. Tremaine? Anyone here? I'm a friend."

She walked down a short corridor that was on a shallow decline and turned a corner. And stopped short at the gun pointed in her face. "Who are you?" An imperious older voice asked.

Emma put her hands up slowly, indicating that she meant no harm. "My name is Emma Swan," she said honestly. "I'm trying to find Anastasia Tremaine. Are you her mother?"

"How did you find us?"

Emma looked past the barrel of the pistol and caught the older woman's eyes. "I'm a friend. Anastasia's superior, Will Scarlet, asked me to look for her. I can show you, if you just put the gun down."

Mrs. Tremaine eyed her warily for a long moment, but did lower the gun. Emma breathed a sigh of relief, reaching slowly into her pocket for her phone which had some of the voice mails she had exchanged with Will about Ana's disappearance. Mrs. Tremaine listened without comment, her face relaxing just a fraction.

"Anastasia hid you here, didn't she?" Emma asked, looking around. There were two cots and a dingy couch in the space. It looked a bit like one of those old time bomb shelters.

"Yes. Some ridiculousness about someone being after her. She always was dramatic."

Emma frowned. "Mrs. Tremaine, your daughter is right. I was in her apartment a few days ago and someone else had broken in. Did she tell you what happened in the Indian Ocean?"

It was Mrs. Tremaine's turn to look worried. Her other daughter stepped out from around the couch, looking frightened. "Only bits and pieces. Is she in danger?"

"I don't know. Do you know where she is? I can help."

"I only have a number to reach her. We check in every few hours. She won't tell me where she is."

Emma thought. If Anastasia was so worried about her family that she hid them away, then Emma didn't think she'd go far. If she could just talk to her, assure her that she was a friend... "May I call her?"

"It's almost time for me to check in anyway." The woman pulled out her phone and dialed a number. Emma suspected it went to a burner phone. She accepted the phone and waited.

"Mum? You're early, I told you..."

"Anastasia, don't hang up." Emma knew she had to talk fast. "My name is Emma Swan and I'm with your mother. But I'm a friend, I promise."

Emma could hear the other woman stiffen. "How did you find her? Is she okay? My sister?"

"Everyone is fine. I can explain everything. Your XO, Will Scarlet, asked me to look for you. He's worried about you."

"Needs me to testify, you mean."

"Well, yeah. But he is concerned. You just disappeared." She paused. "Can we meet? In public of that will make you feel better. I'll leave your mother and sister here. They'll be safe."

Anastasia paused. For a long time. Emma thought she hung up, but finally she spoke. "Okay. Do you know where the Cathedral is?"

"I can find it."

"I'll meet you by the angel at the main entrance. Thirty minutes."

"Okay. I'll see you then." Emma hung up and handed the phone back to Mrs. Tremaine. "Thank you for trusting me." She said goodbye to them and left the way she came. She shut the door firmly and replaced boxes to where they had been; no one would know the door was even there. Emma ran for her car, firing up the GPS. It would take her twenty five minutes to get to the Cathedral. She drove as fast as she dared in the unfamiliar traffic. She pulled in with two minutes to spare. If she missed this chance, she might not get another.

A blonde woman a bit shorter than Emma stood under the angel. "Anastasia?"

She looked at Emma warily. "How did you find me?"

"Finding people is what I do. You did a good job of hiding though." She held out her hand. "I'm Emma."

Anastasia glanced from the proffered hand to Emma's face, gauging her honesty. Finally, they shook. "Are they safe?"

"Yeah. For now. But we really should get them into protective custody. You too."

Anastasia shook her head. "It's too dangerous."

"I found the button in your apartment, Anastasia. I know there is someone in the Navy who doesn't want you to testify. But you have to. A good man's career is on the line."

"And what about my family? Don't they mean anything?"

"Of course they do. But we can protect them. I know people. We can keep all of you safe until the trial."

"Court martial," Anastasia corrected automatically.


Anastasia still appeared skeptical. "You're American. How do you even know the Commander?"

Emma paused, wondering how best to answer. She decided for the truth. "I'm dating his friend, Lieutenant Jones. He asked me to look for you. Killian and his brother have contacts, we can get you somewhere safe." She was putting the boys out on a limb, but she was certain they would back her up. She pulled out her phone and showed Anastasia some of the pictures of her and Killian and Liam. Then she listened to Will's voice mails like her mother had done. Her face softened, but she still looked scared.

"Do you really think you can find somewhere safe?"

Emma nodded. "I do. I just need you to trust me."

Anastasia considered that. "If you can find somewhere, we'll leave. But not before."

"Leave me a way to contact you and I'll make the arrangements. You have my word."

Anastasia added the number of her burner phone to Emma's contacts. "I'll have this phone for 36 more hours, then I'll dump it. You have until then."

It was the best she could do, Emma decided it was enough. She nodded, accepting the phone back. The women parted ways and Emma immediately called Liam. He got Killian on via the speaker and she filled them in as quickly as she could.

"Can we help her?" Emma asked when she was finished.

"Aye, I think we can," Liam said.

"We'll have to explain everything to the Admiral," Killian said. "You too, Emma."

"I can do that. You'll come with me?"

"Of course. We do this together, love. Come home and we'll go see him tonight."

"Okay. I'll be home soon." She had to stop by the hotel and get her things, but then she could get on the road.

They decided to use Emma's rental to drive into the offices where Liam and Killian worked. Emma had never been there, even though they offered to show her around. She'd never felt like it was right, worried about how they would be perceived by their peers. Now she didn't have a choice.

The boys were dressed in their uniforms; she was still in her normal clothes. They nodded at people as they passed, Emma protectively between them. Emma got more and more nervous. They were bothering an admiral on his day off, but this was too important to wait. Her boys squeezed her hands reassuringly before they entered the admiral's office; it calmed her. She could do this.

"This better be important." Emma's eyes fell on the man sitting behind the huge desk. He was in his fifties at least, balding but with a beard. His brown eyes were annoyed and narrow. "I have a dinner engagement in an hour."

"Sir, we wouldn't bother you if this wasn't of the utmost importance," Liam said firmly.

"Very well, Commander. Lieutenant. And you are..?"

"Emma Swan," Emma said firmly.

It took the admiral a moment, but then he recognized her. "Yes, I saw you at the ball. What business do you have, gentlemen?"

"Admiral Tyler, Emma found the missing witness in the Hood case," Killian said, allowing a hint of pride enter his voice.

Tyler looked skeptical. "No offense, Miss Swan, but what business do you have investigating a Navy matter? And what credentials do you have?"

Emma stepped forward, refusing to be cowed. "I've been searching for people, bailjumpers mostly, for almost ten years, Admiral," she said politely. "I'm very good at my job. Lieutenant Commander Scarlet asked me to look into Petty Officer Tremaine's disappearance. He didn't believe the Navy was doing enough."

Tyler bristled. "Not his call to make. I'm sorry, Miss Swan, but he had no right to engage your so called services."

Emma swallowed. "So called? So how is it I managed to do something your own officers couldn't?"

"I'd watch your tone, young lady. I could have you sent back to the States in a heartbeat."

At her side, both Jones brothers bristled. "Sir, if you did that, my resignation would be on your desk in an hour," Liam said clearly.

"Mine too," Killian agreed instantly.

Emma looked at them both as if they were crazy. They couldn't give up their careers for her. That was too much. She wanted to stop them but the Admiral was already speaking. "You would throw away promising careers for this woman?"

"We would if you refuse to show her the respect she deserves," Liam said. "She's worked very hard to find the Petty Officer. If she believes the Petty Officer is in danger, I believe her."

Emma was flabbergasted. Liam had been so against Emma even taking the case, but now he truly was behind her one hundred percent. Killian agreed with his brother, vouching for Emma's trustworthiness. She couldn't describe how much their faith meant to her. She'd never loved them more than in that moment.

"What sort of danger?" Tyler asked, a bit more agreeable now.

Briefly, Emma explained her search, the lost button, the trashed apartment. She didn't get into huge detail, knowing Anastasia was trusting her. She mentioned Will's suspicions of Nottingham and Anastasia's obvious fear. "She believes there is genuine danger, Admiral," Emma said firmly. "I saw her apartment, and I believe her. I promised we could help her. I believe it's in the Navy's best interests as well as hers."

"I'll be the judge of that," Tyler snapped. He dismissed them to think, make a few calls. Emma followed the boys out of the office, sitting on the couch in the hallway. She wanted to talk to them about what happened, but this wasn't the time for such a private conversation. She didn't pull away when they reached for her hands, squeezing tenderly. Their blue eyes shown with pride and love and she wanted hug them tightly. Right after she yelled at them for talking back to the Admiral. She wasn't worth that, even though she appreciated it.

Forty five minutes later, Tyler called them back in. He explained the arrangements he'd made for Anastasia and her family. "Do you believe that this would be acceptable, Miss Swan?"

Emma looked at Liam, then Killian; they both nodded. She pulled out her phone and dialed Anastasia's number. She explained what was going on and waited. When Anastasia asked to speak to the Admiral, Emma handed over her phone. "It's for you, sir."

The stunned man took the phone and spoke to Anastasia. Apparently, she drove a hard bargain, judging from Tyler's end of the conversation. Emma smothered a grin. The Admiral missed his dinner, but they got Anastasia and her family safely in custody. Emma and the Jones brothers worked closely with the rest of the Admiral's staff until well past midnight. Once she was sure Anastasia was safe, Emma sagged, exhaustion catching up with her.

Liam drove them home; Emma and Killian were in the back, Emma resting on Killian's shoulder. He held her close, humming softly with the radio.

"We're home, lass," he whispered, kissing her hair.

"Okay. I'm awake." They got out of the car and headed inside. It wasn't until they got into bed that Emma broke the silence. "Are you guys insane?"

"What do you mean, lass?" Liam asked.

"Resigning!" she cried. "What the hell was that?"

"Emma, love, he threatened to have you deported," Killian said patiently.

"So? That doesn't mean you should give up your careers for me! You've worked so hard!"

Liam rolled on his side, facing her. "Emma, you are more important than the Navy. Don't you know that?"

"I don't want you to get punished for being with me," she said. "It's not right."

Killian took her hand. "Do you know how much it hurts us to see people judging you for loving both of us? We appreciate your concern about our careers, Emma. Truly. But we love you. We're not giving up on our family because of some narrow minded wankers."

"One of those narrow minded wankers is your boss," Emma pointed out.

"We can handle Admiral Tyler," Liam assured her.

Emma bit her lip, still not convinced. "Your lives don't have to be this difficult," she said sadly. "You could have normal relationships, get married, have kids."

"We don't want that life, Emma. We want you. We want this."

"But why?" Emma cried. "I don't understand."

They exchanged a look, one of those silent exchanges only possible between siblings. Emma braced herself for...something. She'd wondered so often what they got out of this, besides really hot sex. She was still so broken, trying to put herself back together. No one had really loved her before them, not really.

"Emma," Liam said softly. "Do you doubt that we love you?"

She shook her head. "No."

"Thank god for that." Liam smiled and kissed her, nipping gently on her bottom lip.

Killian gently turned her toward him. "You light up the whole room, love. When you smile. When you laugh. You could have let your past extinguish your light, but you didn't. You shine."

Emma felt tears pricking her eyes. She tried to blink them away, but wasn't entirely successful. One slipped down her cheek; Killian tenderly brushed it away. "Sorry," she muttered.

"Hush now." Killian gently pressed his lips to hers; Emma felt it all the way to her toes. "We are honored that you opened your heart to us, Emma."

"You're strong and brave, Emma," Liam added. "You fight for what you believe in. How could we do anything but love you?"

Emma smiled weakly. "You guys have to stop or I really am gonna cry."

They lay beside her, one on either side, hands resting on her stomach. "We've always been close," Liam said, glancing at Killian. "Even when we fought...if someone went after either of us, we had each other's backs. Imagine this one..." Liam nodded at Killian. "Standing in front of a gang of boys almost twice his size because one of them threw a punch at me."

Emma looked at Killian wide eyed. "Did you really?"

Killian nodded. "He's my brother," he said simply.

"Anyway, when we realized we both cared about you...we decided to let you lead. I want you to be happy. I want Killian to be happy."

"And I want you and Liam to be happy," Killian said. "So all of us being happy together really is all we could ask for."

"You're the only one for us, sweetheart," Liam said. "We don't care what anyone else thinks."

"And if there was a choice between you and the Navy...we choose you. Always," Killian said firmly.

"I don't want you to."

Liam's lips brushed her cheek. "We want to build a life with you, Emma. Here or somewhere else. In the Navy or not. The question is, do you want the same thing?"

Emma looked at them both, tried to imagine her life without them. Empty, cold, alone. It hurt. "Yes," she said. "I want that. I want both of you. Our family."

"That's right," Killian said. "Family. All of us."

Emma leaned in and kissed him, pulling him closer, deepening it. He moaned into her mouth, fingers pressing deeper into her skin. She broke for air and turned to Liam, he slanted his lips over hers, kissing her just as passionately. They were lovers, they were family, they were happy.

They slept late the next day, Sunday. Emma woke up to Killian's head between her legs, slowly tonguing her to the stars and back. They made love slowly, thoroughly, making up for time missed. After, they showered playfully, fooling around with the showerhead and soap. It was joyous and exciting, surely a sign of things to come.

Emma wanted to go check on Anastasia personally. "Do you mind?" she asked, over breakfast. "Should only be a little while."

"You should go," Killian agreed, sipping his tea. "We can celebrate later."


"Your first successful case," Liam said. "The first of many, I'm sure."

"I don't even have my visa yet," she argued.

"You will. Shouldn't be much longer now."

"I hope so." She didn't want what they had to change; the townhouse was homey and comfortable, they'd made a lot of great memories there. Whatever happened, they would stay with her. She believed that now.

Only a half dozen people knew the actual location of Anastasia's hideaway, she, Killian and Liam were half of them. Emma drove over there with a bag of fresh toiletries. With three women living in a small apartment for an indefinite amount of time, surely they would be welcome.

"Settling in?" Emma asked, after the agent on duty let her in.

"Mum's not crazy about it," Anastasia confided.

"Better than sleeping on a cot though?"

"Yeah. She'll be fine. As soon as the court martial is over, we can go home."

"Are you gonna stay in the Navy?"

"I haven't even thought about that. Could be complicated."

"Think about it," Emma advised. "You planned all this yourself, I think you'd pass that officer training, no problem."

"Thanks. For everything."

Emma smiled. "You're welcome."

She left shortly after, intent on dropping off the rental. She was about to catch a cab home, when her phone rang. The caller ID said it was Will. "Hi, Will."

"Hello, lass. Do ya think I could buy a pint for the lady who saved the day?"

"I don't know about that, but sure. I've got some time." They agreed on pub not far from the townhouse; Emma shot the boys a text letting them know she'd be home in a bit. They were planning something, she could tell. She hoped this one involved going out, but knew she would be happy no matter what.

Emma was a bit taken aback when Will showed up; he was in civilian clothes. Dark jeans, henley, dark leather jacket. And he was grinning.

"I dunno how ya did it, lass," he said, sitting across from her. "But I canna thank ya enough."

"It was an interesting case, that's for sure." They gave their drink orders to the bar maid, who was speedy in bringing them. "I'm glad I took it."

Will pulled out an envelope. "Speakin' o''s not much, but I promised I'd pay ya and I'm a man o' my word." Emma accepted the envelope, knowing that arguing would be useless. "Don't open it here, use it for somethin' nice. Those boy'll like that."

Emma blushed. "I can't wait until I can start working for real."

"Shouldna have any trouble with that, after the court martial," Will said, sipping his beer. "Yer gonna be famous, lass."

"The Navy would never advertise that I was the one who found her," Emma argued. She may be more confident in her relationship but she didn't want it put under some media microscope. Especially since the English tabloids could be vicious. They were happy as they were.

Will shrugged. "Well, yer famous to me. Robin too. I hope you can meet him one day."

"Me too." They chatted for a bit about other things; Emma liked Will quite a bit. He was quickly becoming a good friend; they had an easy report that was fun.

When she got home, Liam ushered her to the bathroom. Emma groaned. "Did you guys buy me clothes again?"

"No, no. Something you already have, love. But you need to hurry or we'll be late."

"Fine, fine." She shut the door behind her and changed. It was one of her simpler dresses, black, strapless, hung to mid thigh. When she added the heels though, it added a bit of sizzle to it. Not too much, not that it mattered. Their attraction wasn't really dependent on clothes.

Her hair swung in a ponytail as she descended the stairs; her boys gave her an appreciative once over. "Beautiful," Killian murmured, kissing her cheek.

"So where are we going? We are going out, right?"

Liam laughed. "Aye. The destination is a bit of a surprise, but I think you'll like it."

"Been waiting all winter for this," Killian said, offering his arm. "We're gonna be going out a lot now, love."

"Sounds good to me."

They took a cab to a fancy restaurant for early dinner. Liam advised her not to eat anything too heavy since they had something after this. "Well now I'm curious," she said, sipping some champagne.

"You know how we've been talking about seeing some of the sights?" Killian asked.

"Yeah. So?"

"Well, we might be hitting a lot of them at once," he said cryptically.

"Dressed like this?" She was in a dress and they were in casual suits, both seemed unsuitable for sight seeing.

"You'll see."

She couldn't get another word about it out of them. So Emma decided to let them have their secret and enjoy dinner. The food was great, even if she couldn't pronounce any of the words. Liam spoke some French and ordered for her.

"Guess I'll have to learn some French before we go," she joked.

"I hear Paris is beautiful in the summer," Killian said. "Would you like that, love?"

"I've never left the US until now. So yeah, being anywhere with you is fun."

"Do you miss it? New York," Liam asked.

Emma shook her head. "Not really? I lived there for three years, but it was never home. I didn't really understand what that was until you guys." A shadow passed over Killian's face; his hurt on her behalf never failing to move her. She just wished they'd have found each other sooner. "Hey," she said, holding his hand. "I have a home now. With you."

Killian smiled, lips brushing the back of her knuckles. "Aye."

"We'll have to go get my things at some point though," Emma said thoughtfully. "Or I can go. Shouldn't take long." She didn't have much she wanted to keep. A few more clothes, some trinkets, the few books she owned.

"We can make some time to go with you," Liam assured her. "Make it a nice visit."

"It is where we met," Killian pointed out.

"If you want to." She didn't want them to feel obligated.

"Don't think you're getting rid of us that easily, darling," Liam said with a smirk.

"Why would I want to do that? Who doesn't love having two Navy men wrapped around their fingers?"

"Who indeed."

They finished dinner and caught another cab. This one dropped them at the Westminster Pier. "Now will you tell me...oh." Emma's eyes widened as she took in the ship docked at the Pier. There were other couples boarding the ship; it looked like an ocean liner but a lot smaller. Perfect for sailing on the Thames.

She took Liam's arm and held Killian's hand as they boarded. A few of the couples glanced at them oddly as the trio found their seats on the top deck, but Emma paid them no mind. She sat between her boys, feeling the gentle sway of the ship in the river current.

"This is incredible," she said, looking around eagerly.

"And we haven't even left yet," Killian teased. "Are you warm enough, Emma?"

"Yeah, for now anyway." They were served some wine and canapes; the captain of the vessel came through, greeting his passengers. He was a former Navy man; Liam drew the poor guy into a laborious discussion about sailing on the river versus the open ocean.

"See?" Emma whispered to Killian. "He loves it."

"Aye, but he loves you more. As do I." He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "What do you think, Emma? Perhaps a small vessel for ourselves? We could take you sailing anytime you wanted."

"I think..." she began, threading her fingers through Liam's, "that would be a lot of fun."

"What's my wayward brother cooking up now?" Liam asked, finally letting the captain go.

"Us having a boat of our own. To go sailing," Emma replied.

Liam grinned. "That's actually a good idea. And we would have the fun of christening her properly."

Emma flushed. As if they didn't have sex in enough places. "Mustn't break the rules."

"No, we mustn't."

Their excursion began soon after, two hours sailing along the Thames. They saw all the sights in the soft evening light, the sun just starting to set. Emma had to admit that London in twilight was gorgeous. They saw the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament. Killian pointed out the Tower of London and a few other points along the skyline. Emma snapped some pictures with her phone, including a selfie of the three of them with Big Ben in the background.

Once the sun set, it cooled off; the boys got into a minor tussle about whose jacket Emma should wear, which just made her roll her eyes. She took Killian's because it fit her better, even though it was still big. "Next time," she whispered to Liam, giving him a sweet kiss on the lips.

Still, they had a great time. After dark it felt like they were all alone in their bubble, flirting and laughing. It was kind of romantic too, the city lights reflected in the water, going under London Bridge. It was a lovely date and Emma looked forward to more of them in the future.

"You're not sleepy?" Liam asked, lips brushing her temple. They waited in the queue for a cab, the boys standing close to her for warmth.

Emma shook her head. "Nope. Did you have something in mind?"

"Don't we always?" Killian chuckled, arm tightening around her waist.

His low voice made her shiver. "Now who's insatiable?" she teased. She wasn't opposed to post date sex at all, but that didn't mean she couldn't have fun with it.

"Is that a complaint?"

Emma slid her hands into each of their back pockets and squeezed. "Not in the slightest."

She was rewarded with near identical growls. "Playing with fire again, love," Liam said softly.

"You love it."


They managed to get their cab without breaking any public indecency laws, but Emma didn't miss a few disapproving glances thrown their way. Whether it was for the flagrant flirting or because she was openly and boldly touching them both, she couldn't tell. Any thought of it was forgotten as soon as they entered the townhouse and Liam claimed her mouth in a slow sensual kiss. Killian's hands slid over her from behind stripping off the jacket, tracing her curves, lips peppering her shoulders with kisses.

"Come," Liam murmured, taking her hand. Emma nodded, following where he led. When they got to the bedroom, Liam pushed Emma into Killian's arms. "I'll be right back."

Killian was kissing her before she could reply; Emma moaned, her hands sliding over his chest. He was warm and broad and solid; she itched to feel his skin. She started plucking at the buttons of his shirt, until Killian stilled her hands. "In a hurry, lass?"

"Am I not allowed to see my lovers naked?"

"You will. Later." He pulled her back in for a kiss, his hands sliding to her ass and squeezing. "Tonight is all about you, love."

"What are you going to do to me?"

Liam came up behind her, lips caressing her neck. "Make you feel good, Emma. All over."

"Oh god." She knew whatever it was, it would be intense.

Liam was already unzipping her dress, letting it fall past her hips to the floor. Their hands were on her immediately, gently gliding over her pale skin. "You are so lovely, Emma," Killian said, kissing the swells of her breasts.

"Exquisite," Liam agreed, kneading down her spine. "Perfect."

Emma's eyes fell shut, soaking in every touch. Her bra and panties were gone quickly, leaving her nude and exposed. "Eyes open, darling," Killian said, nibbling on her lower lip. "I want to see you."

She opened them, glancing between her handsome lovers. Love shined in their pretty blue eyes, love and heat and lust. She wasn't used to them going slow; their need for her and hers for them overwhelming and hot. She watched as they stripped off their shirts, licking her lips at the newly exposed skin. Her nipples tightened in anticipation, heat pooling in her belly. They were gorgeous and hers.

"Stretch out on the bed," Liam said. "On your stomach."

Emma cocked her head, but obeyed. The sheets were cool and silky on her skin; Emma moaned softly as the high count cotton slid over her aching nipples. The bed dipped on either side of her; Emma turned to look over her shoulder. They were still stubbornly half dressed, although Killian's belt was gone and fly undone. His cock peaked out of the opening, standing firmly at attention.

"Now what?" she asked.

"Now you relax and let us take care of you," Killian said, smirking at her gaze. He was arrogant enough to relish her ogling him, mouth watering. Emma's core clenched, hoping she'd get to feel him moving inside her before the night was over.

"Try to stay still," Liam warned. Emma turned to look at him; he had a small bottle in his hand. "But you can moan as loud as you want." He flashed her a grin; he loved how vocal they could make her, bringing out that side of her. Emma nodded and waited, a tight knot of anticipation growing in her belly.

Liam squeezed something into his hands, then handed the bottle to Killian. He rubbed them together vigorously before starting with her foot. Emma bit her lip when she realized what they were going to do to her. Liam's massage was firm but gentle, working the oil into her skin. Killian quickly caught up, fingers pressing into the arch of her foot. A jolt of heat shook her and Emma moaned.

"Oh my god."

"The arch, brother," Killian said. "She likes that."

Liam chuckled, his fingers mirroring Killian's. Soon Emma was moaning louder and getting wetter by the second. Her clit throbbed and they'd hardly even touched her yet. Slowly, so slowly, they moved up her legs, four hands kneading her muscles, massaging sweet smelling oil into her skin. Mouths preceded hands, as they kissed and licked their way up her body. It was relaxing but incredibly arousing at the same time.

Killian spread her cheeks and tongued her puckered hole and Emma cursed. Of course he was using every trick he knew to make her putty in their hands and Emma loved having her ass played with.

"Love this arse," Killian murmured, an oil covered finger rimming her. "Nice and sweet."

Emma fisted the sheet, trying to press closer to him. Liam stopped her, hand to the small of her back. "Relax, Emma."

"Then stop teasing," she bit out.

"Should we plug her, brother?" Killian asked. "I think she'd like that."

"Aye," Liam agreed. "Fill all those holes."

Emma whimpered, needing them to stop talking and do something. Even though talking about how they planned on using her was arousing as hell.

The box of toys was under the bed; Killian got it quickly, selecting one of the new plugs. Liam gently massaged her back as Killian spread her cheeks and pressed a lubed finger into her. Emma groaned, relaxing into the familiar way he stretched and prepared her. Killian eased the plug in, patting her ass lightly when he was finished. "There's my good girl."

"Good, sweetheart?" Liam asked.

"Yeah," she replied softly. Her words melted away as they started again, rubbing more oil into her skin. Killian kissed the small of her back, murmuring how much he loved her. Emma was too blissed out to form a coherent reply, her skin buzzing.

They turned her over and returned to her ankles. She could see now, her skin glistening with oil, smooth and silky. She watched them as they worked her, the muscles in their arms bulging and flexing. Liam was more focused, his strong hands leaving no spot unexplored. Killian liked to tease her, doubling down when he found a place that made her moan or curse. Emma's back arched when they pulled her legs apart, hoping they would finally take pity on her. But they spared her just the barest glance before sliding their hands over her trembling stomach.

"Patience, sweet," Killian said, licking her nipple.

"But it hurts." Her clit ached, it felt like she was on fire; still, they teased and tormented her.

"Look at her, Killian," Liam said, ignoring her plea. "All pink and wet."

Killian's eyes traveled down the length of her, stopping at the apex of her spread thighs. "I want her."

"Not yet." Liam finally, finally moved his hand, oily fingers sliding over her sopping flesh. Emma moaned and bucked, far too eager for this touch. Killian silenced her with a kiss, letting Liam massage her molten flesh. She was so turned on, she came in an embarrassingly short time, back arching off the bed. Liam didn't stop though, nimble fingers still stroking her. "Feel her, brother."

Killian's hand joined Liam's between her legs; together they fingered her swollen flesh. Each inserted two fingers, massaging her walls. Emma didn't even try to keep quiet, a litany of moans and mewls spilling from her lips. Their fingers combined with the plug had her spiraling again in moments, walls clamping on their fingers.

Emma sagged against the mattress, panting for breath. She felt empty when they left her, even as they pressed kisses to her flushed skin. "More, love?" Killian asked, nipping at her earlobe. "Want you."

Weakly, she nudged his mouth to hers, kissing him firmly. "More," she confirmed.

They moved her again, letting her catch her breath as they stripped off their remaining clothes. Liam sighed in relief as his straining cock sprang free, bobbing over his stomach. Emma didn't hesitate, reaching for him above her head, her hands sliding over the hard silken flesh. Liam groaned, leaning into her touch. She twisted and stroked, kissing the tip.

"Suck him," Killian said, kneeling between her legs. "Lemme see you, lass."

Emma glanced down at him and nodded, turning her head to allow Liam to sink past her lips. She swirled her tongue around him, humming around his cock. She could taste the salty precum on her tongue and it only made her greedy for more. Liam brushed some hair away from her face, sighing. "Feels so good, Emma. Such a sweet mouth."

"Aye," Killian agreed. Emma felt his warm tongue on her slit, lapping at her wetness. "She gets off on it too, brother."

"She'll get off more if you fuck her."

Emma widened her legs in invitation, silently asking him to take her. Killian sat up, teasing her with the head before abruptly sinking inside, groaning. Emma moaned around Liam's cock, back arching deeply. Liam had to fight to stay still, the vibrations of her mouth driving him crazy. "Shit," he cursed.

"Fuck," Killian gasped, pulling almost all the way out before sliding back in. "So hot, Emma."

Emma breathed through her nose, taking Liam as deeply as she could. They were right; she did love this, one in her cunt, the other in her mouth. Add in the plug and she was full, craving every sound they made as they took their pleasure from her body. Killian pushed her legs together, grunting low in his throat. "Hurry, Liam," he panted, taking her faster. "She's so tight."

Liam reached down and flicked and pinched her nub, begging her to come. "One more, love. Please."

The pressure burst like a dam, almost dragging her under. Her body tightened and shuddered, her muffled cry triggering Liam's orgasm. He grunted as he came down her throat, Emma swallowing as much as she could. Killian cursed, hips stuttering, her name on his lips as he spilled deep inside her.

They left her feeling tired and sated; she could hardly move. She was drenched in sweat, skin still slick from the oil. The air was cool in contrast to her overheated skin and she shivered. Emma hummed softly as they cleaned her up, Killian removing the plug gently. Then he picked her up, holding her against his chest as Liam stripped the heavy comforter off the bed. Killian settled her in the middle, bringing her some water.

"Easy, love," he admonished as some dribbled down her chin.


"I know. But we don't want you to choke now, do we?"

Emma rolled her eyes. "Didn't seem to stop you earlier."

Killian grinned, unashamed. "You are so beautiful like that, Emma. Never get tired of watching you."

"You don't seem to get tired of a lot of things."

Liam joined them on the bed. "Do you think we could get tired of you, Emma?"

She shrugged. "I usually don't hang around long enough to find out." But she'd been with them for nearly seven months now and they were stronger than ever.

"It seems we changed that," Liam said gently, kissing her shoulder.

She smiled at him, touched by the gentleness in his eyes. "Yeah."

Killian took her empty glass and put it on the bedside table. He crawled in beside her, kissing her forehead. "We have a lot more to look forward too, my love," he said quietly. "This is only beginning."

"We're in this for the long haul," Liam added. "No matter what."

There would be challenges ahead, Emma knew that. But as long as they were together she wasn't worried. She kissed both of them, lips lingering. "Here's to many more adventures together."

They laughed and held her close, their strong hearts lulling her to sleep.