Note: This was meant to be a humorous one-shot but it grew much longer and deeper than expected. This is timed to be post "Queens of Darkness." Lily was reunited with her mother, Marian was always Marian – no Zelena twist so they never bring Hood back to Storybrooke.
This story is focused on Maleficent, Regina, Lily and Emma.

Hands in the Cookie Jar

Regina suddenly felt hands come from behind and pull her into a warm body. She had been walking down the hallway to a council meeting but now she was suddenly inside a utility closet with a stranger.

"What do y—" A hand covered Regina's mouth before she raised her voice.

"Shhh…" someone whispered behind her ear and placed a gentle kiss on her nape.

"Maleficent..." Regina gasped against the hand that was slowly leaving her mouth.

"I'm glad you still recognize my lips," Maleficent smiled as she loosened her grip and the brunette turned around slowly inside her embrace. "I'm here to relieve your stress, dear. Or rather, pique it," she said sensually.

Regina swallowed nervously but her body had a different desire than what her mind was telling her. Council meeting in twenty minutes… but the tingling sensation in between her legs urged her to stay.

"I have a meeting…" Regina said reluctantly, "and this is no place for —Mmh," her reasoning was cut by a soft moan when she felt long fingers slide up her sides, riding up her skirt, and a thigh pressed against her core.

"No place for what?" Maleficent asked innocently as she looked into Regina's half-open eyes, head tilted slightly back. "For helping the Queen of this quaint village relax before attending a boring assemblage that will last dreadful hours, hmm? I think you will feel even sharper after I'm done with you, Regina," the blonde said as she moved her leg to rub back and forth against Regina's lace covered sex and a warm tongue licked the soft skin of Regina's throat while waiting for a response.

"Mmm… Mal. The conference room is not far from here, if anyone hears us—"

"You never minded the danger of getting caught before," Maleficent teased. "What makes it different here?" She asked as she leaned closer to kiss her, but stopped just a mere distance before their lips met when they heard a voice echo in the hallway, coming closer to the door of their little hideaway.

"I can't find Regina."

It was Emma.

"Should I call her? She's usually half an hour early for these things."

Regina felt a cold chill travel down her spine, and a punch of guilt. Guilt? No. She shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying her secret relationship with Maleficent. Emma had guyliner and Robin was history; a big mistake she committed because she trusted a dumb fairy and her idiotic pixie-dust.

"I don't think disturbing the mayor when it's still twenty minutes until the meeting is a good idea, sheriff Swan. Besides, that's kind of like my job," The ginger said as she pointed at her name tag. Leslie. "I'm her secretary, remember?"

"Right. I keep forgetting you came in the last curse. Sorry," Emma looked for a last moment at the name in her phone — Regina — and shoved her phone back inside her pocket and exhaled somewhat angrily.

"We'll call her when it's five before the meeting, okay?" Leslie said kindly and offered a smile.

"Fine," Emma sounded petulant.

The voices soon disappeared down the corridor, as did the sound of heels and boots in the distance.

"I suppose we have fifteen minutes, dear," Regina raised a playful eyebrow and pulled Maleficent closer. "Make them worth it."

"With pleasure," Maleficent grinned and claimed plum lips with red in a hungry kiss.

Magic in moments like this was a very handy thing and Maleficent clasped her fingers to make Regina's purple silk blouse become unbuttoned, making her perfect breasts more available for the dragon sorceress. The only barrier between soft flesh and her hands was the delicate black lace from Regina's bra.

Maleficent's hands were all over Regina's body when the door suddenly broke open.

"Oh my God!" Emma was baffled. She was holding her phone in one hand and her pistol in the other. She'd magiced her way back to go unnoticed.

"What the hell Emma?!" Regina groaned as she desperately tried to cover her chest with her arms.

"I was worried about you! But, clearly, you couldn't have been in better hands," the sheriff responded angrily.

"You tracked me down with that thing?" Regina was conflicted. She was part angry and part moved Emma had come to the rescue… even when there was no rescuing needed.

"Let me know when you're done with your lovers' quarrel so I can resume my task," Maleficent said to both of them as she graciously picked her own coat from over a pile of dusty boxes. "You're right my sweet pupil, this really is no place for a — what do you call it here, quickie?" She said as she patted her coat to remove some dirt.

"I'd come here to please the Queen but now we're out of time," Maleficent shook her head at Emma. "Perhaps another time?" She bit her bottom lip as she looked at Regina.

"Woah! Just… wow. I'm out of here," Emma muttered and exhaled heavily, eyes burning hot as though she would cry from anger.

"Or you could stay and join," Maleficent said naturally and took the other blonde by surprise.

"What?" Emma wasn't sure she heard right.

"NO!" Regina quickly said after. "She's not. Our relationship-Mal," Regina stuttered.

"Oh, please, Regina. It's not like we haven't done it before. You know I'm not jealous and the Savior looks quite… appetizing," she took an appreciative look at Emma.

Emma felt the heat rise to her cheeks. She was both embarrassed but at the same time -- was she jealous? No. Angry. Disappointed. Shame on you Regina!

She avoided looking in Regina's direction until the brunette finished buttoning up her blouse and then just stood there like the idiot she felt; hands on hips and a perpetual frown adorned her brow.

"In any case you let me know, dear," Maleficent went forward and lifted Regina's chin gently with her index finger. She pressed her lips against hers in a soft kiss and side glanced Emma. "You just have to summon me. Any time," she winked at the blonde, and in a swirl of black smoke Maleficent was gone.

"Great. Now I'll have to deal with a petulant child and a frustrated climax," Regina grumbled as she walked to the door, but a hand caught grasp of her arm and stopped her before leaving.

"How long?" Emma asked, but Regina was slightly confused and gave her a 'the hell do you mean, swan' look. "How long have you been together?"

"Does it matter, Miss Swan?" Regina responded coldly. "Would it change anything? Because last time I checked we were only friends, you and I."

"You said the same about Maleficent but you're obviously not just friends. Not like we are." Emma muttered.

Regina turned to look at Emma with curiosity and tried to read her expression. What was she not telling her? Why was she so upset?

"Does it bother you that my friendship with Maleficent comes with extended rights?" Regina asked blatantly to test her.

"Of course it does! Up until now I didn't know you liked women, too!" Emma let it out before stopping to think. "And it's called benefits"

"Like I care. Unless... are you trying to tell me something, sheriff?" Regina raised an eyebrow.

"Damn it, woman," Emma grumbled. "I… I like you!"

"Emma…" Regina said her name softly. "This would never work," she pointed to the space between them. "There's too much baggage in between our families. Oh, and a one-handed pirate whom you find so exciting only the heavens know why."

"I don't really. Look, he's just a beard. I was afraid..." Emma took her hand in hers. "Say the word and I'll leave him for you," she looked at Regina with big, bright eyes.

"No. I don't want you to leave anyone for me. If you're going to leave him do it for yourself, not for anybody else. I don't need that responsibility."

"But, Regina…" Emma looked like a beaten puppy.

"Now, if you would excuse me, I've a meeting to attend. Actually, we both do."

Emma let go of Regina's hand, looked around her and then watched the mayor walk away.

"But Regina!" Emma yelled behind her and caught up with her, "Please wait. At least let me give you–"

"I said NO. You're not going to be my friend with benefits just because we're both bisexual," Regina said firmly, and in the near-silence, they heard the unison gasp of the people inside the conference room, right behind them.

"I didn't just yell that, did I?" Regina looked at Emma with horror. So much hanging out with the charming savior had rubbed onto her.

"You kinda did… And I just wanted to give you this," Emma blushed as she put something in Regina's hands. People were still staring at them through the windows and open door to the conference room. "You left it in the closet…"

Regina looked at the balled object in her hands and then at her chest and blushed when she could see her perky nipples poking under the thin fabric layer of her elegant blouse. She had forgotten her bra. When did Maleficent even remove it? That sneaky bitch.

"Ahem," David cleared his throat. "Will the mayor be opening the assembly or would she like to re-schedule," he glared at Regina and looked at Emma with disappointment before shaking his head, hands on his hips.

"I'm pretty sure you can have it without me. If you excuse me, I've other more pressing businesses to attend," Regina turned on her heel with elegance and strutted away, bra still in her hand- all poise and posture.

"Ugh… Now that I think about it, I've some–" Emma got interrupted.

"No, you don't. Come inside, Emma. We'll discuss this later," Mary Margaret ordered.