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The king of Mytica wasn't about to look like a fool pacing in front of her door all day and all night. He had complete faith that everything would be work out and he would have an heir soon enough or really he masked his worry well enough not to be detected by those that did end up passing by him. Instead of hovering by the door, he went to his office and poured his worries into some meaningful work. The newly combined land of Mytica still needed improvements, but after only a few minutes, he had given up on trying to do anything else while his golden hair queen was in so much pain.

So like the fool he had so pathetically tried not to become, he waited outside the door to her chambers for hours. He would give every servant a gold coin in insurance that his presence was unknown to Cleo. The wait was agonizingly long and he was drifting off to sleep on the floor when someone gently nudged his shoulder. His eyes opened and the maid jumped. It didn't matter how nice he had become, all the servants still saw his father's face over his. "Your royal majesty, she is finished."

He hurried to his feet and tried to calm himself before dismissing the maid and waiting a few more seconds before entering her room. Cleo looked just as beautiful as ever and she seemed, he dared to say it, glowing. Her eyes met his and she smiled. "Magnus, come look." Magnus hesitantly came closer, his arms behind his back, his posture perfectly straight. "You don't have to look so scared, Magnus." Cleo said.

"I'm not scared. I just don't want to startle him." He said, inching closer.

"And her." She replied. That made him stop. He had been too busy watching her that he hadn't notice two bundles in her arms.

Great, he thought, two lives I can destroy at once. "Two?" delivering two babies wasn't too out of the ordinary, but it was extremely rare and often, the mother would die. Thankfully, Cleo was too strong to let someone like labor take her out.

"Stop being like that and come here." She snapped, motioning for him. He finally did and she offered him one of the babies. "A princess." She said. "The oldest."

Magnus held her, afraid that someone all the darkness still inside him would somehow infect the most beautiful person he had ever seen, second to only her mother. He hurried and handed her back to Cleo and she handed him the second child. A prince. With this one, he wasn't too afraid, but he also didn't want him to turn into the prince he once was, heartless, cold, manipulative. He also handed the boy back to Cleo. "Do you have names?" He asked.

"Emilia Althea. I was saving his name for you." She said. He would argue that although Emilia was the perfect name, Althea was not, but she had been planning on paying some tribute to the woman who raised Magnus the best she could in the situation they had and Cleo was not easy to persuade.

Magnus once again took the little boy in his arms and thought. He wasn't expecting to get any say in the names of his children and so he had nothing prepared. What came out was just as shocking to him as it was obviously to Cleo, "Jonas Lukas Damora."

"Are you sure?" She asked. He nodded. He handed Jonas back to Cleo before walking around to the other side of the bed and sitting beside her. She offered him Emilia. He took her and in that moment, with Cleo next to him and their two children in their arms, the world seemed almost perfect. He still had his past. It was a past he could never forget, years and years of his life living in the darkness that his own father had created, but now he was determined to not let his children suffer through the same childhood he had. They would have a mother and a father who loved them and each other very much.

AN: I hope that was okay? I tried to make both Magnus and Cleo be completely in character, but I'm no Morgan Rhodes. I was thinking about turning this in to a series of one-shots about life with children? Idk