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It was a stormy mid summer morning. For once, the weather man had been right about the ominous showers appearing over their usually calm city. On a normal day, the streets would be crowded with people, parks filled with laughing children, malls overcrowded with teens and young adults hanging out with their friends, or over ecstatic parents trying to have 'family bonding'. But today was not a 'normal' day per say.

This kind of storm is just the right kind of storm that Dr Jack and Maddie Fenton needed.

In the living room of Fenton works, two teens sat on couch looking bored while doing the one thing they both enjoy. On the left side sat a raven haired boy with icy blue eyes reading an astronomy textbook, while on the right side sat his redhead of a sister had a psychology book. Danny would have been in bed but his dad had woke him up early, along with Jazz.

Just as they were dragged downstairs the lights had gone off.

"Danny-boy! Jazzy-pants! We got the lights back on!" Jack thundered upstairs from the basement. "Come down to the lab!"

The siblings rolled their eyes as they followed their father.

"How much you want to bet this about ghosts again." Danny grumbled.

"Oh come now little brother," Jazz smiled at him. "Maybe it's an update to the simulator."

"I really hope so."

They both raised an eyebrow when they saw a white tarp covering one side of the lab.

"Good morning sweeties!"

"Morning mom."

Danny quickly got his custom made HAZMAT suit. Jazz did the same but more reluctantly.

"Can we get this over with? I was supposed to hang out with Sam and Tucker today."

"You can play with your girlfriend later, sweetie."

"She's not my girlfriend!" Groaned Danny.

Jazz chuckled at her brother. Before Jazz could put her two cents in, their dad started going into his speech about how ghosts are 'evil' and how they were going to tear them apart molecule by molecule.

"After twenty years we finally did it!"

"We built a portal to the ghost world!"

"We'll finally catch a ghost with this bad boy!"

Danny whispered to his sister.

"If it actually works."

"If ghosts actually exist."

"If this works there's a chance this will just open to another dimension."

"Ghosts aren't real!"

"But another universe is!"

Their side comments went unnoticed by their parents.

After their speech, they were finally able to get to the main event of this family get together.

"Now presenting... The Ghost Portal!"

Jack pulled on the tarp which ended up on top of him.

"I ment to do that."

Sure you did. Danny thought.

Outside, unnoticed by the whole town, the thundering rain had stopped. Dark clouds swirled around the city creating a vortex. Despite being eight in the morning, it was as dark as the night.

The hair on Danny's neck stood on end. He did the most sensible thing, he put on his black goggles. The whole family anxiously waited what would their greatest accomplishment or their worst failure. Unknowingly by any of them, just as Jack plugged the portal, lightning struck their home.

The only thing that happen was a small spark. A moment later another spark came short circuiting everything in the lab. Just like earlier, the lights shut off, trapping them in darkness.

"Twenty years..." Maddie whispered though it did echoed for everyone to hear. "We worked on this for twenty years!"

Jazz growled at her parents. If there was any light they would see angry scowl.

"Maybe now you'll give up this outrageous dream of yours and we'll be, for once, a normal family!" Despite the darkness, she was able to grab her brother's arm. "Come on little brother, I'll help you study for your AP exams."

Danny sighed in defeat as he sent a pity look at what he guess was his parents direction. He didn't even argue as his sister dragged him upstairs. Maybe he can distract them later by asking them for a round in the simulator.


A knock a the front door made Danny jump. Looking at the time, he realized that he forgotten that Sam and Tucker were coming over.

"Door's open!"

"God Danny, what's that smell."

The Goth's comment made Danny stop and sniff the air around him. It smelled like burned meat, which was weird since he and Jazz just ate grill cheese sandwiches about an hour ago, so it wasn't that. Tucker drooled as he was trying to pinpoint the origin of the smell.

Danny shrugged. "No idea. We haven't bought any meat all week."

Sam didn't believe that for a second.


"Nope! Just came back from Florida yesterday. Remember?"

Sam didn't comment as she went straight to the bathroom.

As soon as the blonde was gone Tucker jumped his best friend with a crazy look in his eyes.

"Dude! Seriously, where's the the meat!"

"Tucker! Get. Off. ME!" Danny growled as he pushed his friend of the couch. "I already told Sam that there is no meat! We got bread and cheese, we'll head to the Nasty Burger later."


Sam came out before danny could say anything.

"Later." He promised.

Sam glared at the two boys as she put her long blonde hair in a messy ponytail.

"I have the perfect plan to spite my mom," Sam took off her spiked bracelet. "I'm going to dye my hair black."

"Or you could wear a wig."

Sam glared at her best friends. They spoke in unison, like they practiced it.

"Where will I find a wig that looks real? Eh?"

Danny smirk to himself. Looks like lady fate is in his favor as Jazz, at that very moment came downstairs. She frowned, looking at the trio. She narrowed her eyes as she spotted her brother giving a devilish smile but as soon as she saw it it was replace with an innocent smile.


She gave an askance look at her brother, not trusting his voice.


"You know how mom doesn't like to spend money going to the barber shop?" She nodded. "And how she can't cut hair to save her life?" Another nod. "And how you decided that you would cut my hair instead?"

"Just tell me where you're going with this. I'm really thirsty."

"Sam wants a wig but no ordinary wig would do right. Why not not make a wig out of real black hair."

Sam caught on quickly, Tucker on the other hand took a little longer but he eventually got it.

"That's gross." The elder Fenton stated. "But overall a good idea."

Sam smirked, imagining her parents reactions if she came home with black hair.

"I'll see what I can do."

"Can you order pizza while you're at it?"

"Sure little brother, let me guess one supreme veggie pizza, one super duper meat lover's, and a plain cheese?"

The four teens laughed.

"Don't forget the cola and extremely cheesy cheese bread sticks! Thank you, sis!"

The young red head smiled at her brother and his friends antics. She went right to the kitchen to take their orders that she memorized by heart. Once she was out of ear shot, Danny whispered to his friends.

"My parent built ghost portal in the lab. Want to check out?"

They both nodded. They both noticed that Danny was wearing his white hazmat suit with black strips going down the side. He wasn't wearing his black gloves but he did have on the black boots. Black goggles with blues lens were securely around his neck, though he always wears those (a habit his mom got him doing in case an invisible ghost appears) with his everyday clothes. He also wasn't wearing the sleeveless black hoodie that was made along with hazemat suit.

Sam was proud of her design. She absolutely hated the ones that the Fentons had laying around, so she both designed and manufactured Danny's, Jazz's, Tucker's, and her's for when their down in the lab. She might not amit it out loud but she is a Manson and Mansons don't do ugly and the original suit were by far the most ugliest hazemat suits she seen, that says more than it should.

(A/N We'll talk about those later though 'cuz I'm getting off track now, where was I? Now i remember!)

"My parent built ghost portal in the lab. Want to check out?"

They both nodded.

They followed the suited boy down to the basement/lab. Danny reminded them to put on their suits though they didn't need to be reminded. Sam was the first to emerge from the changing room in her form fitting, skin tight hazmat. Than Tucker. Sam's was a white body suit with blue accents (blue and white suit that Kim Possible wears in one of those movies if anyone has seen it) and Tucker's where like the original's but the belt had pockets for his phones and a back bag that seem to have its own dimension.

Three stood in front the strange machine in awe.

"Let's go check it out!" Sam suggested.

The boys shared a look. As much as they they love their goth friend, she tends to get them in trouble a lot.

"Um, I don't know Sam..."

"It doesn't work. So there's no harm."

Danny hesitated but Sam had already gone inside.



Danny shot a look at Tucker then followed their blonde friend into the machine. It was a small tunnel that only goes in about six feet and around seven feet in height. They stared in wonder as they looked around at every detail that the can see.

Back upstairs though, Jazz was searching every nook and cranny of their house for that god awful smell. Whatever that smell is, it has intensified since it first appeared. At first it smelled like something was cooking but no one made anything other than grill cheese sandwiches. Now it smells like burning meat.

"Where is that smell coming from?!"

She grabbed her hair and pulled it.


"Pizza delivery!"

Great! Jazz thought. Where did Danny go?

The door bell rang again.


She ran to the door, money in hand. The delivery boy was about to tell the amount when she gave the exact change, grab the pizza and slam the door in the poor guys face.

"Danny!" She called. "Sam! Tucker! Pizza's here!"

She waited for the three teens to come running and yank the pizza out her hands. But they never came. After another minute, she called again. Nothing.


Panic started to seep in as she looked around the room before she noticed the lab door slightly ajar. She should have angry but she was more worried about her little brother being in danger than anything else.

"Danny?" She paused to listen. She definitly hear them talking down there. "Maybe they're in the simulator."

She hopes.

She slowly made her way down, noticing that the smell got stronger as she descend. When she got down there, she was in complete shock as she saw that her brother and his friends messed around the portal.

"Danny!" She yelled. "What do you think you're doing?!"

Danny and the others jumped when they heard Jazz's voice. They are in so much trouble.

"Get out now!"

"We're going!"

It seem like everything was in slow motion when they tried to leave the machine when Tucker tripped on a cord and knocked into Danny who tried to steady himself on the wall when all four heard the obvious sound of a button being pushed. Danny barely registered the big green button that said on when a whooshing sound surrounded them. Their eyes widen as they realize that the portal was turning on.


They ran to the exit trying to leave before they were trapped inside. A green spark emitted, passing through each of them, bringing nothing but pain. They couldn't even tell if they were even screaming as they felt as if their entire body is being rearranged inside out. Every single molecule being torn apart then put back together.

To Jazz though, she could feel the heat radiating off the bright light. She could hear three collective screams but none louder than her brother's. She had dropped the food in shock as the light blinded her. Her brother is dying right before her eyes and she's just standing there.

At the corner of her eye, she caught sight of the outlet where the machine was plugged in. She didn't think as she raced to it and yanking on it, not caring about the risks that pulling the cord out does. She just needed her brother!

At the same time she pulls the plug, three bodies are thrown out the portal, slightly smoking.

Ran to the nearest body, which happen to look like Danny but his colors where reversed. Instead of his black hair and pale skin, it was snow white hair and a golden tan. The suit he was wearing was no longer white with black accents but black with white accents. Deep down she knew this was her brother, it doesn't matter that he's glowing or all his colors are reverse, she just knew it was him.

About a foot to the left of them was a female form. Sam, thought Jazz as she looked over the blood red hair, black and red body suit. To their right was, who she guess is Tucker. He's suit is now green with white accents instead of that beige color and black accents. His skin has a sickly green glow while Sam's was more like Danny's, a golden tan.

Jazz put her attention back at Danny who were in her arms lifeless. She hesitantly place her fingers on his neck...


"Danny!" She cried. He's alive!

Before she could fully hug him, a bright white blinded her. A white ring appeared around Danny then split into two, going the length of his body. He was no longer using the hazmat but his everyday clothes. Sam followed with green rings at her waist, than Tucker with with blue rings. Both had their everyday clothes on.

She smiled as she stared down her brother who is alive and not a single scratch on him.

"Arg... Jazz?" Danny slowly started to wake up. "Ah... My head!"

He finally came to when Jazz finally broke down in tears.

"Jazz!" Danny held on to her. "Why are you crying? Did something happen?!"

Two more groans called out from either side of them.

"I-i'm just g-glad that y-your alive!"

She hugged Danny even tighter. Danny in shock and in so much pain, he became intangible, forcing his sister to fall face first to the floor.

Jazz looked around but didn't see Danny anywhere. He was there a second ago, it was almost like he turned...

Jazz for the first time her mom made them, she placed the invisible ghost detecting goggles. There, in front of her, was Danny, staring at his hands in shock.

"D-danny your invisible!"

"B-but how?!"

A million thoughts, questions and theories passed through her head in seconds as she watched Danny turn back to normal. One conclusion came to mind.

"You're a ghost." Jazz looked at the other two who are fully awake now watching her. "Your all ghost."

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