Every girl swooned in front of him, but none of them saw his smiling face. It was just too much out of limit.

Every boy was astonished in front of her, and her smiles who made the day of many people. But she was just out of her league.

He was Natsume Hyuuga. 20 years.

She was Mikan Sakura. 19 years.

At the Alice College, a brunette was running in the hallways. Like always, she was late to her first course, in the morning. Arriving in front of her classroom, she opened the door slowly. Her professor Narumi smiled at her sweetly. Seeing his expression, she smiled brightly back, and exclaimed " I'm sorry professor Narumi."

"It's okay Mikan. You can go to your seat."

"Thank you. Good morning everyone !"

At the beginning of the semester, all the students in her class found it weird that she always greeted them. College is not like High School. You have more different classes with different people. Who would want to know every single one and be friends with them ? But they discovered this little sunshine who was the exeption to the unsaid rule.

When Mikan heard their answers to her greeting, she smiled even more brightly. Suddenly, the door reopened in a flash, a boy with crimson eyes and raven hair entering the room.

"I'm the transfer student to this major."

Did I mention that the majors at Alice College are special ? There's the normal ones. And there's sport and dance normally two majors different but there you can graduate from the two. So you can do different majors and still graduate in time, as if you did one. It was only more work.

Narumi smiled to him, but the boy didn't return it just staring bored at him.

"Welcome to Alice College major sports and dance, mister" reading the paper the new student gave him, "Natsume Hyuuga."

No reaction from Natsume, Narumi continued, feeling stressed "You can sit in the back, if you'd like. I was just beginning to explain the story of the hip hop dance."

No word said, Natsume went to the indicated seat, ignoring all the girl's whispering. When he sat, the brunette in front of him turned to him.

"Hey I'm Mikan Sakura. The guy next to me is Tsubasa and next to him is Misaki. If you want anything just tell us !"

Tch I'm sure it's just an act to approach me, thought Natsume disgusted by previous experience. He didn't answer her so Mikan just smiled and turned back her attention to the professor. Natsume just stared at her back, bored, before eavesdropping Tsubasa's conversation with the brunette.

"Mikan ! How much do I have to tell you ? If someone doesn't greet you why greet him ?"

"But, but he is a new student ! Of course he won't greet me, he doesn't know us !" was her happy reply.

"Whatever cupcake, don't forget you have to rehearsal with us today !"

"How many time do I have to tell you to drop this surname Tsubasa ?!" frowned a little Mikan and making sure to make a mental note to go to the rehearsal with Tsubasa and Misaki.

An hour passed before Narumi dismissed the class, most girls ran towards Natsume. Most, yeah because two girls were busy joking with a bunch of boys. One of them, named Kitsu, stood up suddenly yelling.

"Mikan ! How could you ?! With him of all !"

All the students were silent.

No. Mikan and Kitsu weren't dating, thought everyone, how could she cheat at him ? Even Natsume was watching them, by the corner of the eye.

"How could you eat all Anna's cookies with Koko ?! Without leavin' me any !"

The little group broke down in laugher.

"Oh please, Kitsu ! Seein' you this sad is making my heart ache ! Noooooo !" Mikan acted depressed, a little too much, giving the scene more laughers from the group.

The rest of the class just sighed and went back to, or sleeping, or questioning the new guy.

What was this group ? Too bad Ruka is in the veterinary major. I'll just have to support them a little more... Thought Natsume. Because a girl just stood up and with one cough, every girl shut up. Except the little group.

"Hello hot guy." She greeted him with a flirtous wink "I'm Luna K…"

She was interrupted by the laughs of Misaki and Mikan.

Glaring a them, she continued "So I was saying, I'm Luna Koiz…" For the secong time, she was interrupted this time by Tsubasa and Koko's yelling like girls.


All the students laughed at them, forgetting about Luna Koizumi for a little time.

"GUYS ! Shouldn't we be going to the …"

"... VOLLEYBALL COURSE ! Crap I was sure we forgot something ! Come guys we should run …"

So like I was saying before there's the major sport/dance. Like there's sports and dance majors alone. For example, some guys did only sports while Luna and other girls did only dance. Mikan and her group all did the double major like Natsume who stood up and followed them in the hallways.

Koko turned to him "You're Natsume right ? I'm Koko. So you are in double major too, huh ? Cool to have a new classmate bro'."

Kitsu gave him a salute "Kitsu, at your service dude."

Finally, the only quiet boy spoke "Mochu, be careful of your actions near me…"

Mikan laughed lightly before telling him "Let's just be nice okay Mochu ? He's still a new guy."

Natsume was surprised about their welcome. They made him feel as if they had been friends since long ago, but being able to mask his emotion he had put a bored mask.

Mikan thought for a second, before addressing him a friendly smile. "Natsume I think I'll be your partner."

Tsubasa thought about it too "Oh yeah it's true Mikan is the only one without a fixe partner since we were impair and everyone wanted to be with her in the two classes."

Misaki looked at Mikan, sadly "So we aren't together in dance with Tsubasa anymore Mik' ! Hey Natsume ! Do you want to exchange partners ?"

For the first time, the raven-haired guy took part in the conservation "Even if I don't wanna be with a childish girl, I want less to be partnered with a childish boy."

Koko bursted in laughers while Mikan and Tsubasa were pouting.

"We arrived to the gym, come on guys, who have an idea ?" asked Mochu, panicked.

"ME ! Mikan follow my lead !" Misaki answered excited.

Kitsu approached Natsume and whispered to him "Every time we arrive late we think 'bout an excuse to give. And every time it finishes in ... something."

Laughing lightly he promised "You'll see."

Misaki took a deep breath and opened the big door of the volley court.

"Yo coach ! How are you t'day ?"

"Misaki ! You are LATE AGAIN" yelled the coach.

"But coach we have a real excuse this time ! ''

"Oh yeah ?! Let's hear it. And please, don't repeat yourself like last time !" said the coach, sarcastic.

"Well we need time in the restroom to, you know, make sure about some girl thing." Continued the pinked-haired girl.

"Oh ... But that doesn't explain why the boys are late too !" Said the coach, a little embarrassed.

"Oh No !" giggled a little Misaki. "It wasn't for me and Mikan ! It was for them …" she continued glancing towards Mikan who immediatly took part in the conversation.

"I'm not worried about the fact that they are hiding their true nature" Said the brunette, looking worried. "But about the fact that Kitsu didn't have them all that month. You know what that mean." She whispered to the coach "He might be pregnant !"

The adult looked at them, disbelieving. Shocked, the boys couldn't talk. Suddenly, the whole class exploded. Some were on the ground laughing while others couldn't stop the tears.

"I will never win against your excuses ! Go change QUICKLY and COME BACK you will do 5 more laps."

"YES COACH !" answered the group of friends and ran towards the changing-room. Natsume blinked. These guys are unbelieving.

When he exited the locker-room the first, he saw Mikan exiting from the opposite one to them, looking at the ground, seeming lost in her thoughts.

"Oi."Called her Natsume.

She wasn't prepared for it.

"NATSUME ! Don't you ever do it again !" She scolded him like a little child.

He didn't find anything other than "Whatever." to answer her.

"By the way in that course, watch out of the other guys, they always want to see what the newbies are capable of. Give your best but not all of your secrets today. Like that, next time you will leave a bigger impression and will be remembered as strong."

"Did they test you too ?" Asked her Natsume, curious.

"Yup." She answered before beginning to run her laps.

He followed her silently before continuing the conversation "So what did they do?"

"Ya know ... The basics. We made a bet. That I couldn't beat the college's champion record. It left a strong impression on them."

They continued to run silently, but Natsume could see the smile on Mikan's face. She felt free.

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