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"Now to the Newsflash. In a small town in Venezuela, came reports about a middle-aged man who attacked the people around him. The suspect killed one person and injured four, before the police could stop him. The surviving victims are now being treated at the hospital for bite and scratch marks the attacker caused.

The police and paramedics, who had been on the scene, stated that the attacker had apparently been infected by rabies. Presumably caused by a rabies infected animal attack that the Suspect had previously obtained before his own attacks in the small town.

He is now in an isolated hospital ward and remains under police custody." (teleSUR)

"The number of rabies infected humans increases and begins to spread worldwide. There have been worldwide reports with the same symptoms. The law enforcement departments try to contain the threat by keeping them quarantined and in custody." (MSNBC)


It has been five days since the global attack on Muggles has been reported and has been spread around the world. Muggles believe it to be an illness, a disease from a rabies animal attack which spreads to other Muggles. But the Magical Devision and Law Enforcement believe that the nature of this so called sickness is based on a dark curse, which resembles the Inferi Curse." (The Magical Times)

"Physician and scientist have no explanation. They advise not to get close to anyone, who bears these symptoms, and to call the police immediately." (N24)

"The same rabies like symptoms has been confirmed in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South-America, Australia, and now, in the United States. It has been stated today, that the rabies attack has reached the major cities in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, New York, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, and California. The World Health Organization still does not know what causes this infection, or how to cure them. The WHO has declared the current situation as a global outbreak, after seeing the high infection rate worldwide." (FOX News Channel)


Yesterday, the first reports of the same mysterious attacks have been reported in the Magical World. Villages in Louisiana, New York, California, Florida, Greece, Italy, India, China, South-Korea, Egypt, and Tunisia have been attacked by the same unknown curse. There is still no lead on the identity of the new Dark Wizard or Witch." (The Seer)

"More and more reports are made all over the world that tell of infected people attacking their victim. Witnesses tell of horrific cannibalistic behavior and of those who have been bitten or scratched by these infected people, begin to develop the same symptoms, shortly after. We still don't have an official statement of how the infection transfers or what causes these, might we say, inhuman behavior of the infected. Eyewitnesses from around the world, some of them who wish to remain anonymous, confirmed the rumors that the victim of the infected died and turned into these…things. (Euronews)


The Unspeakables around the world excluded the possibility of a modified Inferi Curse. They still don't know what causes this curse or who could have cast it." (The Visionary)

"Today, my wife and I were sitting on our rooftop terrace enjoying the weather and day, when we suddenly heard loud noises and shoutings. It came from our neighbor. They were in the garden and at first we thought they were fighting, but then we noticed that the wife of our neighbor was biting…eating her husband. She had been one of those infected. My wife called the police, who told us to stay put and not to approach them. We…stood there frozen on the rooftop and saw how my neighbors wife, killed her own husband and…ate him. There is no other way to explain what we saw. She was eating her husband!

"I couldn't tell how long it took until the police and ambulance arrived. Four police officers went into the garden of my neighbor and the infected woman turned, from her ripped up husband she's been eating, towards the police officers and rushed towards them. The police were shouting for her to stop moving, but she ignored it and then one of the officer's shot her in the chest. She didn't react at all. Like she wasn't feeling the bullets. Then they shot at her twice again, but she didn't stop, and then one other officer shot her in the head, and she went down. We thought this was finally over, but then suddenly her dead husband began to sit up. He was definitely dead. I am not crazy! His chest was ripped wide open and…he could have never survived this. It's not possible. But he stood up and moved towards the police officers. We could see the horror and disbelieve in their face, as they tried to stop the man, but he was just like his wife. Not listening and they shot him first in the open chest, but he kept moving! Just like his wife, as if the bullet didn't hurt him and then another officer shot him in the head.

My God… there was so much blood! I have never seen something like this before. These aren't just rabies-infected people. This is something much worse and the government is keeping this quiet." (John K. Lewis from Italy on Facebook)


The Infected aren't cursed or sick as many wishes to tell us this, but in truth have turned into terrible soulless beings who wants to eat us! Muggles call them Zombies! Shortly after someone gets infected, caused by a bite, or scratch of the Zombie, they die and turn into the same soulless Zombie monster. These Zombies attack every human being, no matter a witch or wizard and will try to eat them. The only way to stop them is by damaging the brain, which will succeed with a well aimed Reducto Spell, or any other spell that can damage the brain." (The Quibbler)

"Two days after the United Nations confirmed that these infection attacks have reached a global outbreak, the President of the United States declares that all air, ships, and train transportations to be cancelled effective immediately. Many countries in Europe have followed the example, as did several other countries in Asia. No incoming or out coming transportations are allowed. Ignoring this law, will lead to a forceful and offensive action, against the refugees. The United States of America doesn't permit foreigners into their country. They will be seen as a threat and therefor will be in their legal right to use any defensive methods, to ensure the protection of the States. Additionally, several military troops stationed in the Middle East, North, and East Africa are ordered to return back to the United States within the next forty-eight hours until further notice." (ESPNEWS)


As of today, following the Muggle example, the Leaders in the Magical World came to a decision to shut down all international traveling means until further notice. The reason behind is that the International Traveling Departments around the world have unknowingly let infected witches and wizards to travel around the wizarding world, spreading the unknown curse in the magical villages and putting them in mortal danger." (The Oracle)

"Five days after the rabies outbreak, there is still no explanation or cure against the rabies infected victims. The number of infected has yet not been confirmed, but experts believe it to be in over thousands. The CDC, WHO, and other health and disease organizations, remain silent and aren't given any statement. Experts believe that even with the quarantining of the infected, the number of victims will increase in the upcoming days, if the health organizations doesn't act immediately and do something about this." (NEWS Channel)


This morning, the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, declared the State of Emergency and ordered every magical citizen to find a safe location, to add strong wards, to stay home, secure your food supplies and wait for further instructions. If anyone does not have a safe location, the Ministry of Magic offers safe houses for those who cannot find somewhere secure to stay. The Wizarding Wireless Network announce from noon on today, further instructions, information, and locations of safe houses. Meanwhile, please remain calm, stay safe, and don't have any contacts with those Cursed ones." (The Daily Prophet)

"There have been reports and news from around the world that the dead are walking. Infected people, who were missing vital body parts, or had been shot countless times, were still moving and trying to infect people. People begin to call them Zombies." (Al Jazeera)


Three days after the sudden declaration of the State of Emergency by the British Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, several magical villages and towns around the world have followed the same example. Governor Lydia Zachary of North Dakota, USA said, 'We need to protect our people and think of the safety first. Therefore, we will completely close down the whole magical villages and towns in state of North Dakota.'" (Wizarding Parchment)

"Seven days after the outbreak, the CDC gave an official statement today. Dr. Candice Jenner, Director of the Atlanta CDC facility, states that the rabies attacks are not something they have seen before. Scientists are working relentless on a cure.

(Dr. Jenner:) 'We ask everyone to remain calm and to stay caution. Please avoid any contact with the infected people. The infection spreads through the bites, scratch marks, and possible fluid exchange. Please note that the infected people do not have the ability to communicate or have perception capability. They are highly dangerous and any contact needs to be treated with extreme caution.'" (BBC News)

"There have been more reports of people, who had been declared dead, only to have been returned alive and attacking others. Witnesses of one such instance reported that a police officer shot the Infected multiple times in the chest and yet appeared to be unaffected at the injuries. They kept walking and attacking people, or even eating the victims or the corpses. Only a shot at the head could stop the infected and killed them." (CCTV News)

"As of today, twelve days after the outbreak, the President of the United States of America call upon the Martial Law, for the United States of America, following the example that many European and Asian countries did. The Army stated that they are confident they can control the outbreak within the next few days. Additionally, they offer protection, support and help at the refuge camps located at the major cities. We ask our viewers to stay caution. Remain calm and to stay safe." (CNN International)

"The situation in the Muggle world gets worse. The attacks have increased and it appears that the governments have begun to lose control of the situation. We advise everyone to keep away from larger cities, stay in wide-open areas, and keep your wand on yourself at all times. Use any protection spells and concealing charms you know. Silencing charm will help as well, since those creatures react to sounds immediately. In a moment, we will give you a list of useful spells and charms to help you protect yourself, friends, and family.

But now, we bring some bad news. Johann Nebel, reported that the small town in magical Dresden in Germany, called 'Feental', has been completely taken over. No living wizard or witch had been spotted, or heard of in three days. Due to this devastating news and of the great loss to the magical world, we advise everyone not to seek any attempt for a rescue party. Please stay safe and in your homes, behind the wards. (Wizarding Wireless Network)

"WTF PPL? This ain't rabies sick people. They are motherfucking #DeadRisingZombies! This' the damn #ZombieApocalypse & we're all so FUCKED!" (JJFrey on Twitter)