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Chapter 21 - Welcoming Prey

30th May 2012, West Georgia Correctional Facility, Newnan, Georgia, USA


It took them an hour to get everything ready and the most important things packed up. It helped using magic.

Now came the hard time, saying goodbye.

Teddy's arms tightened around him, giving him one last hug before he would leave with Hermione, Jon, Hershel, Beth, Judith, Carl and Russel. The latter wasn't familiar with using guns, like Axel, but he also wasn't aware of magic, which would be a liability for the group who stayed behind. Axel chose to stay and help wherever he could. Carl and Teddy hadn't been happy about it, wanting to help and fight, but Harry, Hermione and Rick wouldn't have it.

"It will be only a few hours and everything will be alright, Teddy," Harry said calmly as he made him look back at her. "I want you to watch over the others, ok? If you feel or sense something is wrong, tell it to Hermione."

Teddy nodded, not saying anything, before he gave him one last hug and left to go to the car.

Hermione came towards him, not hiding her worries. "I could stay, Harry. Help you with the spells and potions. Some of them are really dangerous and-"

"I've got it, Hermione. We've already set up most of the spells, I just need to take the wards around the prison down, open the gates and conceal our prison block. Everything will go as planned. I'll be fine. You are needed with the others, Mione."

Hermione nodded and sighed in defeat.

"If anything happens-"

"I will use my magic," Hermione cut in, with a forced smile, before she hugged him tightly. "Be careful, Harry. I-I don't know what-"

"Hey, I will be fine, don't worry about me," Harry said in a calming voice, as he rubbed her back slowly, before Hermione broke it off. Her eyes filled with tears.

"I will see you in a few hours. Everything will be fine," he assured her, which earned him a nod from Hermione. That's when he saw Jon heading their way. Harry turned towards the grinning toddler with his own smile, crouched down, with his arms wide open, and pulled him into his arms, as soon as Jon reached him. The toddler was oblivious to the upcoming danger or tension around the people and Harry savored the moment with the child, who had become like a second son to him. After a moment with the child in his arms, Harry handed Jon over to Hermione and watched his family go into a car.

Harry sighed worriedly, before he walked towards Daryl, who prepared his bike. He noticed, as he passed the second car, how upset Carl still was about the situation. The teenager pushed his backpack angrily into the car trunk and ignored pretty much everyone.

"Everyone ready?" Daryl asked as soon as he was close by.

Harry turned towards Daryl, who wiped off his hands with a piece of cloth. "They're putting their last things inside the cars. Think they're ready to go."

Daryl nodded silently and looked towards the direction of the two cars getting geared up with the people who wouldn't be part of the fight. Harry was torn between joining them and making sure that they are safe and another part of him was glad that they would be far away from the danger.

"They'll be all right," Daryl said, as he walked towards Harry and stood next to him. "It's far away from here and safe. Will have a good view of the prison."

Harry nodded in return and watched his son approach Carl, who nodded at something Teddy had said. Harry could see, without needing to hear the conversation, that his son was trying to lighten up Carl's mood, but he could tell that it wasn't working. Harry had never seen the kid this upset before, not even Teddy had acted like that upon having been told that they would go in hiding with Hermione and the others.

"Come on," Daryl spoke, getting Harry's attention. "Get all ya magic stuff down here. Oscar and I'll get the others to their spot."

Harry nodded in return before he looked back at the slightly taller man and looked him in the blue eyes, as he said, "Please make sure that the area is safe. Give Hermione time to set up the wards around, without Russel seeing them.

Daryl nodded at Harry. "Will do, Harry."

With a last glance back at his family and new friends, Harry walked back inside the prison to finish the magical set up.

30th May 2012, West Georgia Correctional Facility, Newnan, Georgia, USA


Everyone was tense at the hiding spot. Hermione quickly began to set up three layers of protection wards around the place. It would make sure that they were hidden within the perimeters of the ward and protect them from anyone who wishes them harm. The third layer of the ward, would hold back and entrap the undead, like a magical spider web and hold them in place until Hermione removed them. It would also warn Hermione, as soon as one of those things had been caught.

It was the best solution for the small group, without drawing too much attention due to the bright lights several types of shields would have during the casting and even after they were set, some of the wards would hold a certain type of glow afterwards. The last thing they wanted was to be spotted by the Governor's people or more undead. Having seen the arsenal of weapons they had, she didn't want to test how strong her wards could hold against one of those bombs, or other dangerous weapons.

Teddy stood next to Carl and Hermione could see that he was trying to calm him down. The boy had been angry the whole day, since Rick had told him that he couldn't participate in the attack. It oddly reminded her of Harry and Ron and now she could understand why Molly had been so upset for getting the 'kids' involved with the Order business so earlier in their lives.

Jon and Judith had fallen asleep. Beth had volunteered to watch over them, in the backseat of the car, where the two children were resting. Thankful for the help, Hermione had given Beth a book in return, something she had enjoyed in her younger years.

In the last days, Beth and Hermione and begin to spend more time together since they had mostly taken care of both Jon and Judith. During their long talks, Beth had confessed that she enjoyed reading and writing. Sharing the same passion, Hermione had happily offered to borrow Beth some of her books. The teenager had quickly accepted the offer and soon began to read whenever she had time to do so. She was a kind girl, who still tried to see the good in the world and people and hold onto hope however she could. Something everyone could still need these days.

Hermione sat next to Teddy, who held his wand discreetly in his hand. Russel was next to Hershel, while holding a gun nervously. She could see both men talking to each other quietly. Carl on the other hand, who was closer to Hershel, stared with a hard gaze at the prison.

Teddy sighed next to her and said, "Carl's upset. Keeps saying that he could have helped and fight. I tried to tell him that we… need to be here, but… yeah well… I don't think he wants to hear it."

Hermione sighed and put an arm around Teddy. "I'm sure after this is over, he will calm down. He is just upset for being unable to help. He isn't aware how dangerous the attack is going to be, not only for him, but also for the group. He would be more of an obstacle and distraction for everyone else, than a help. You do know that, don't you?"

"I know," Teddy sighed and leaned closer into Hermione's embrace. The moment of peace was gone, when they saw several cars heading directly towards the prison. They began to shoot, as soon as they neared the facility. Teddy tensed and moved a way from Hermione to have a better view. His hair, Hermione noticed began to chair color. Hermione quickly placed a charm over his hair to make it appear black again.

Hermione's gaze returned back to the prison and her hand tightened around her wand, as her heart beat furiously in her chest.

"Everything will be alright," she said. Not sure whom she tried to convince with her words.

30th May 2012, West Georgia Correctional Facility, Newnan, Georgia, USA


As soon as, Daryl and Oscar left with two other cars, occupied with all the children, Hermione, Hershel and Russel, everyone else at the prison went back to work. Harry quickly cast the last spell at the entrances of the two cell blocks that had been habituated by their groups, and transfigured a wall in front of it. Giving the impression that it was just an empty corridor.

Afterwards, he cast the Disillusionment Charm on himself, before he apparated outside at the first gate, in the courtyard and opened it. He did the same thing with the other two fences and left the gates wide open. The undead began to move inside the prison.

With the spells and charms cast all over the place, the prison gave off a sense of gloom and doom. It looked not only inhabitable, but also gave off quite the dangerous vibe. Harry returned back inside the courtyard and waited on the stairs, which were surrounded and protected by fences. He looked outside the road where Daryl and Oscar were expected to return. He could see several others on the upper bridges and the doors, either waiting for return of the two people or getting in position.

Fortunately, they didn't have to wait much longer and saw Daryl driving inside the prison. Harry apparated to a safe spot that was surrounded by closed up fences and free from the undead. He cancelled the charm over himself, opened the fence gate and let Daryl drive inside safely, before he closed it behind him.

"How did it go?" Harry asked immediately.

"Everything went fine," Oscar explained quickly, while Daryl pulled out his gun and crossbow from the back.

"Yeah," Daryl cut in. "Hermione cast the spells to protect them. All's good."

Harry sighed in relief and quickly briefed them in on what has been done around the prison and were they were expected to be. Harry also reminded them where he had cast the spells and which places to avoid, in order not to trigger the jinxes and curses. Afterwards, when all was said and done, Harry quickly cast the transfiguration spell around the safe area and turned the fences into a solid wall.

When he finished and turned around, he found Daryl waiting for him, with a nervous and worried look in his eyes.

"You be careful, alright?" Daryl said almost gently.

Harry took a moment to look at the man before him, and couldn't lose the feeling of worry for that man. He was honest to Merlin, deeply concerned about his safety. Even though Harry had seen him fight and knew that Daryl could defend himself, his own thoughts kept drifting towards the man. In the last weeks, Harry had gotten to know Daryl and the more he spend time with him, Harry began to feel… something he couldn't yet describe. They were friends, understood each other and had a closeness that was almost unfamiliar to him. Something he hadn't experienced with Hermione or Ron.

"You too, Daryl. Be careful," Harry finally said, which earned him a nod from the other man. After a moment, Daryl turned around went inside the building, to meet up with his brother on the bridge, where he was expected to be.

Harry sighed and soon heard someone shouting that the cars are coming. Harry took a deep breath and apparated inside the building right next to the entrance. He could already hear series gunfire going and explosion coming from outside.

Harry quickly cast a Bubble-Head Charm over his head, before he spilled a grey looking content from a potion bottle on the ground and just as Hermione had predicted, the liquid evaporated to a dense grey fume. Anyone who would breathe these fumes would begin to experience a heightened sense of fear and panic and the effect would take hours to wear off, without the antidote.

Another set of potions had been put in a number of flasks and had been given to several people, who would be able to use it. This potion would react like a muggle bomb, once the flask got broken. Hermione had placed a strengthening spell on the flask, to minimize any accidents. The flask would have to be thrown rather forcefully, to make it break. Harry had a few of them as well, just in case he would need it.

Harry waited patiently for the group to walk inside the prison building. Hermione had charmed all the other building with a muggle repelling spell, which would make all other entrances appear almost non-existing to them. Just in case, Hermione had also cast a locking spell at the doors.

The moment they would enter the prison and breath in the fumes, they would begin to feel the effect almost immediately. Forced to walk into one direction, the intruders become disoriented and faced with the complicated structure of the prison corridors, while they were led towards him.

Harry opened the cafeteria and looked at the transfigured and inanimate figures that had been created by Hermione and himself in the last few days. With the help of McGonagall and Hermione's quick understanding of the spells, as well as the mechanism of it, they were able to create a small army of undead in different shapes and forms. Most of them were wearing prison gear or some ripped clothes. Compared to the real undead, these transfigured version of them, wouldn't be killed by a headshot, nor were they infectious. They would bite, sound and act like real undead. Only with a spell would they be able to stop or after the time was up from the spell, which would be two hours, due to the materials and less magic in the objects. The transfigured undead were similar with the statues and suits of armors at Hogwarts. They weren't as strong as them, but it was enough to fight and scare the attackers.

Looking at them now, Harry had to agree that it was a pretty good idea, which had been Hermione's suggestion in the first place. After hearing from Merle how the Governor would use the undead for his own fights, Hermione saw it as a great form of payback.

Harry raised his wand at the inanimate undead figures and called, "Piertortum Lovomotor!" He watched as a dull green light flew at them in a massive single wave, going through each figure.

It was a spell, according to the Headmistress, that would animate the objects to act upon the casters wish of duty. He watched with a heavy beating heart, as each and every figures came to life and began to move forward by stumbled and slowly moved forward, groaning and snarling on their way as they walked past him.

It was an unnerving sight.

"Attack every intruder! Protect us! Fight till the end!" Harry called after them as he pointed his wand at the direction the group would come from.

It didn't take long for the screams to reach his ears, followed by a series of shots. Harry placed the Disillusionment Charm back on himself and held a shield in-front of him, before he followed the last animated undead in the same direction.

The alarms wailed through the entire prison, as soon as the screams and gun fire could be heard, setting off the signal to blare the alarm, which Axel was responsible for.

Upon seeing the group in the distance, Harry pulled out the bottled up potion and threw it closely to the people, hitting the ground and just as Hermione had told him the content exploded upon impact. More screams and shouts could be heard, as the panic and fear grew, but Harry didn't care. He began to throw one bottle after another in different directions, making the intruders disoriented and unable to pinpoint from where they were attacked. After Harry ran out of the explosive potions, he aimed his wand in direction of the group and cast a dense fog, making it more difficult to see anything.

Harry heard with a great sense of satisfaction, as the people shouted their retreat and the realization that the undead couldn't be killed. Harry quickly shot another spell at the entrance door, pushing it open and giving the intruders a way of escape. The light, coming from the open door, was all they needed to leave the place, by running out screaming.

The shooting continued outside and after Harry was sure that no one was left behind, he apparated next to Rick. He quickly cancelled the spell on himself, pulled out his gun and fired at the running people, hitting close by and on the ground. It was clear that no one really wanted to kill if it wasn't absolutely necessary and from what they had found out from Merle, many of the Governor's people hadn't had a clue with whom they were dealing with.

Harry tried to locate the Governor among the running people and undead, but before he could find them, they had all jumped to the cars and drove off.

Harry sighed in relief and grinned at Rick, who returned it with one of his own smiles and said, "It worked."

"Don't think they like it much here," Harry stated, which caused Rick to chuckle at his words.

Several others called all over the prison. Harry quickly cast his Patronus and sent it to Axel to stop the alarms, before he turned to Rick and said, "I'll secure the fences first and then clear out the prison. No one should go in there, until I clear it."

It was far from over, but right now, they needed to secure the facility, before they come up with another plan to end this madness, once and for all.

30th May 2012, West Georgia Correctional Facility, Newnan, Georgia, USA


With a relieved sigh, Hermione watched as the Governor and his group fled the prison. They could go back soon.

She was just about to go look for Jon, when suddenly, the wards triggered indicating that someone went through her wards. Hermione looked in the direction and called out towards Hershel, "Someone is coming."

For a moment she had wondered if Harry had apparated to get them, but the plan had been that Daryl would return them back to the prison, after it was safe again.

No sooner had she told Hershel about it, when someone walked into their small safe area. A teenager, not much older than Teddy. Carl, Hershel, and Russel aimed their gun at the child.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't shoot," he quickly said, while holding one hand up and the gun pointed down.

Hermione raised her wand and walked closer. The boy looked confused between them, especially with her wand pointed at him.

"Drop your weapon, son," Hershel immediately said.

"Sure. Here. Take it." he assured and went to put it down on the ground.

Hermione watched intently, as she took another step closer to the boy, while Carl still aimed his gun at the boy, wearing a cold determination that sent chills through her.

"Carl," Hermione spoke calmly, "I've got this. Put your gun down."

But Carl didn't move and when Hermione looked at him, she could see the determination in his eyes. Hermione swiftly cast a Stupefy spell at the teenager, hitting him straight in the chest, which made him fall unconsciously to the ground, just as Carl pulled the trigger.

Hermione swiftly turned around and disarmed Carl, before she rushed towards the fallen boy. She sighed in relief when he was just unconscious due to her spell and not shot down by Carl.

She turned around when she heard the pull of a gun and was met with Carl pointing his gun at them. Hermione was shocked, as were everyone around them. She looked into Carl's eyes steadily, while she shielded the body of the unmoving boy.

"Carl, what are you doing?" Hershel spoke not hiding his disbelieve.

"I-I have to do this. He is a danger to us. He will kill us," Carl argued.

"He won't, Carl," Hermione spoke calmly. "Remember when I went with Daryl earlier? I placed wards around this area to protect us from everyone who wishes us harm. Only someone that doesn't want to hurt us, would be able to cross through the magic. Anyone else would immediately be injured and unable to even walk. This boy walked through, uninjured."

Carl still didn't react or seemed to hear her. Hermione noted Teddy getting closer, looking panicked and angry, but Beth held him back.

"Don't you see? He ran away from his group, Carl," Hermione continued. "Someone dangerous made him believe that we are the bad guys here. Try to see it from his view, Carl. One day someone broke into their place, attacked them and in consequence people died. The Governor made us responsible and this boy believed him, just like the majority of Woodbury… His only guilt was to believe and trust in the wrong leader."

Carl began to look unsure, but still held his weapon at Hermione's direction.

"Do you want to kill me?" Hermione suddenly asked in the same calming voice, shocking Carl.

"What? No! I-I- I just…"

"Because this will be the only way to get to him, Carl. By murdering me," Hermione stated and she could see that she finally got through Carl. "Defending and protecting themselves, as well as others, is different from killing someone in cold blood. You are not a murderer, Carl."

Carl began to shake, as he shook his head in denial and dropped his gun to the side, until it fell to the ground. Hermione quickly stood up and walked towards Carl and pulled his shaking form into a tight hug. As soon as her arms were around him, Carl began to cry. Hermione's own heart was racing furiously, as she tried to appear calm and collected.

"Shh… it's ok. Nothing happened… everything will be fine," Hermione spoke calmly and rubbed his back gently, while she glanced at the others. Everyone looked equally shaken at the disaster that almost happened. Teddy was held by Beth, while Hershel put a hand on his shoulder. Russel looked completely gobsmacked and Hermione internally groaned, aware to have revealed her magic to another muggle. She would have to take care of it, but it could wait for now.

30th May 2012, West Georgia Correctional Facility, Newnan, Georgia, USA


Several people waited with him at the courtyard, while Daryl, Oscar and Tyreese went to get Hermione and the others. The addition was only there because Tyreese wanted to help as much as he could. He was a great guy, Harry could tell. They still needed to clean up the place, well, mostly Harry did, due to the magical nature of it. First he closed the three prison fences, before they all together killed the remaining undead and removed with another spell. Afterwards he had vanished the transfigured undead, who had stood aside, after Harry had cast the command and rendered them motionless, once the Governor and his group left.

Once Daryl left with Oscar and Tyreese, he went back inside the prison building and removed as well as cleaned all trace of the dangerous potion fumes, gun bullets and put everything back the way it had been. It had taken him a fraction of the time he had needed to set up all these spells and traps.

Harry was finished just in time, when he walked out and saw the familiar cars heading their way. He exhaled in relief and walked close to open the wards and gate to let them in. As soon as the cars drove into the courtyard, Harry walked towards the one where Teddy, Hermione and Jon were. The car had barely stopped, when Harry quickly opened the door of the backseat and pulled his son into a hug.

He immediately noted the tension in the teenager, as he returned the embrace. Believing that it had something to do with the attack on the prison, Harry began to assure him that everything was fine now. Teddy only nodded and wouldn't meet his eyes. He was about to ask him if everything was all right, when Daryl called Rick and Harry over. Even Hermione appeared to be tense and the smile she gave him, looked more forced than believable. He wanted to ask Hermione what's going on, but Hermione just shook his head and told him that they would talk later.

Harry frowned at the strange behavior and simply nodded in the end, before he rushed towards Daryl and found an unconscious boy in the backseat in the car Oscar had driven back. It took Harry completely by surprise, seeing the boy lying there.

"Hermione did some magic on the kid. Knocked him out cold. Did some more magic on Russ, erased his memory of what he saw. He's in the other car," Daryl explained.

"Yeah, said, that Russ will be a little disoriented for a while, but all's good, she said," Oscar continued, to which Harry could only nod, not able to mask his surprise at what he heard.

Harry quickly looked for Hermione and saw her walking inside followed by Teddy while she carried Jon in her arms. Carl tried to avoid everyone as he stood a little further away from Beth, who held the baby in her arms. Glenn and Maggie were the closest to them and ushered them inside. Harry frowned at the whole display. Something was definitely off.

He wanted to go and investigate and talk to Hermione, but right now, his help was needed, and together with the other three men, Harry helped them get Russel and the new kid inside. They placed them in the other cell block and closed the door behind the unconscious boy. The spell wouldn't hurt him and he needed to talk to Hermione first, find out what happened, before he did anything.

As Harry walked back, he saw Rick hugging his son. Hershel stood behind Carl silently wearing the same worried and closed off look he had seen on Teddy. Harry quickly crossed the distance between them and heard Carl say, "Dad, I… I think I'm not ready yet."

Rick frowned and stood up, looking confused at his son. "Did something happen?"

Carl looked away before he took off.


The father was about to go after him, when Hershel stopped him, "Let him, Rick."

Rick turned around at Hershel, just as Harry reached them and asked, "What the bloody hell happened out there?"

Hershel shook his head and explained, "A kid stumbled across us, went through Hermione's wards, which she had placed around us. She said only someone who wouldn't wish to harm us would be able to pass through." Hershel exhaled heavily for a moment and then continued, not able to hide the emotions that were clearly still running through him, "The kid was scared. He was handing his gun over, but Carl… he was determined. Hermione quickly did a spell on the boy, made him unconscious, but Carl still shot. He missed. Hermione then made Carl's gun fly out of his hand and she went to check on the boy. Before any of us could even react, Carl had his gun back in his hand and… aimed it at the kid and Hermione."

Harry sucked in his breath in shock and hissed angrily, "He did what?"

Hershel glanced at him and back at Rick, who had lost all color, as he went on, "Carl believed that he was protecting us. The kid didn't pose any danger. He was scared… Hermione shielded the boy with her body, talked Carl off from killing the boy and her."

Rick shook his head in denial. "Maybe he saw reason. Maybe- maybe he saw something? Drew his weapon?"

Harry could see that Rick was grasping at straws, but Hershel only shook his head.

"I was there," Hershel continued, "Hermione was right next to Carl. The boy didn't draw and Hermione had the situation under control and yet Carl still fired. If it hadn't been for Hermione, Carl would have gunned the kid down."

Hershel left after that leaving Harry and Rick behind. Harry stood frozen on the spot, unable to comprehend what had happened and almost did happen. He didn't know what to feel, and do. If Carl had been an adult he would have punched him hard and made it clear what would happen if he went out of line again, but since Carl was a kid, a year younger than even Teddy, Harry didn't know what to do or say. From what Hershel had described, Carl had good intentions, but lost control by not knowing what to do or knowing what was right or wrong.

Harry looked at Rick, who looked heartbroken at the information. He didn't even want to imagine if someone had told him this about Teddy.

He took a deep breath and said to Rick, "You need to talk to your son, Rick. Make him see… you need to talk to him."

Harry walked away before Rick could say anything. He went towards Hermione's cell room where she was with Jon and Teddy. Now everything, their behavior, made sense.

Teddy sat silently on the bed next to Hermione with Jon in her lap, as she gently stroked the toddler's dark hair. Harry slowly walked in and as Hermione looked up to him, her eyes began to tear up, before she looked away. She probably knew that he had found out what happened.

Harry was about to speak up, when Hermione cut him off and ask, "Did everything go well? I mean, is anyone hurt?"

Knowing Hermione, he figured that this was her way to avoid the topic. He went along for now and informed her of what happened during the attack and how well their transfigured undead figures worked out. Teddy had been curious about them in the beginning, even though they were bloody creepy, according to him, but now, he barely paid attention, as he looked at Jon, watched him play with a magical flubber toy, that would slide around his hands, until he caught it.

He knew he had to leave, when Daryl looked from a little distance at him and motioned for him to come outside. They still had to end this. Hermione looked up at him worriedly. She gently placed Jon on the bed next to Teddy and basically threw herself at Harry, hugging him tightly.

"Be careful, Harry," Hermione whispered in a shaky voice.

"I will, don't worry," he assured her and dropped his voice, as he added, "We will talk about what happened later, alright?"

Hermione only nodded in his arms and then let go, after a moment. Teddy was next to hug him, while he still didn't say anything. Jon joined in later, all smiling and kissing him on the cheek, not aware of the tension in the room. With one last smile at his small family, he walked out and followed Daryl.

"Y'all right?"

Harry glanced at Daryl and shook his head. "Can wait later," was all he said, to which Daryl nodded in return.

As they walked out, almost everyone had been at the courtyard, pulling guns and weapons inside the cars. Ready to head to Woodbury.

Merle, Daryl, Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Tyreese and he himself would go and finished what that raving lunatic had started. Everyone else would stay behind and guard the prison.

Just as he was about to go in a car, he saw Rick kneeling down in front of his son. He couldn't hear what was said. Only saw how Rick talked to him intently, while Carl listened and nodded at his father, before he walked inside. Rick didn't look better after his son had left. He picked something up, before he stood up and walked back towards the group.

Before he could say anything, Glenn spoke up, "Rick, we're staying." He glanced at Maggie, who stood next to him. "We don't know where the Governor is. Even with the wards Harry had placed on the fences, it would still need someone guarding it. The others aren't as well trained as Maggie and I… If he comes back, we'll hold him off."

"Just the six of us? All right." Daryl concluded and pointed at the other people who stood outside.

Rick already nodded, accepting Glenn's words, as he said, "I appreciate you staying."

It had surprised Harry a little, since Glenn had been so hell bent on killing the Governor for what he did. Harry nodded at them both before he followed Daryl into the car, sitting on the passenger seat and his brother right behind them, while Rick, Michonne and Tyreese took the other car. Daryl wanted to go with his bike, but it would have given them away instantly.

Glenn had opened the first gate, letting the cars drive through. Harry apparated from within the car outside the second gate and opened it letting them through, before he did with the same on the main gate, after opening the ward. He waited until all the cars went through, before he closed the gates with a quick wave of his wand and closed down the ward. Once it was finished, Harry quickly apparated back inside the passenger seat, next to Daryl, who had waited on him. Daryl looked at Harry with wide eyes, as he drove off again and muttered, "Damn!"

They remained silent and took the lead. Merle directed them to the route the Governor would have most definitely had taken.

Almost ten minutes later, they spotted the military vehicle and Daryl pulled the window down, giving Rick the signal that they had found them. Daryl parked the car a little away, with Rick right behind him, as everyone walked out.

"Holy shit!" Merle exclaimed shocked as he looked at every undead that looked newly turned and the unmoving bodies that either were dead or in the verge of turning. "Tha' crazy motherfucker killed them all?!"

Harry's eyes widened as he looked around. He hadn't known any of the people from Woodbury, nor did he had a clear view of them. For a moment, he had thought that maybe the cars had maybe lost fuel or had broken down on the road and stopped here. But seeing all these people who had been alive over an hour ago, sent a cold shiver down his spine.

Harry pulled out his wand and quickly cast a strong Homenum Revelio spell at the area, covering the whole field and over the cars, where it detected a living person inside a car.

"Someone is in there," Harry explained. Daryl was the first to react and quickly aimed his crossbow at the said vehicle. Everyone walked closer to it, while they killed every nearing undead around them, without using guns. Harry quickly cast cutting hexes at the head of undead and anyone lying unmoving on the ground. As did Michonne with her katana sword. Together they finished them off quickly.

Rick went to open the door, after a loud banging came from the car. Harry moved closer and saw a woman inside. Rick went to open it, while the others aimed their gun at the door. Harry quickly put his wand away and replaced it with his gun, waiting to see, if he would need to use it.

The woman instantly stumbled out of the car, looking scared and shaken at everyone. Michonne went to frisk her and said, "She's clear."

"What happened here?"

The woman shook her head and explained after finding her voice, "The Governor- Everyone was upset and we didn't want to fight. Many of us didn't… The Governor then- he just fired off everyone… He… killed them all… without any reason. I-I've never seen him like this… He went just… mad."

"Do you know where he went?" Harry asked.

The woman looked at him confused for a moment, before she shook her head. "I-I don't know. I… I think he went this way. Maybe back to Woodbury?"

Harry walked towards Rick and whispered into his ear, "I will take my broom and see where he went. Maybe I can spot his car from above."

Rick thought for a moment and said, "Be careful."

Harry nodded in return before he jogged back from the directed they had come from and as soon as he was out of eyeshot, he swiftly apparated into his prison cell room that he shared with Teddy. Fortunately, no one was there when he arrived, not wanting to explain yet what happened. He quickly grabbed his backpack, broom and apparated back to the road side he came from. Daryl had been close by and looked up as soon as Harry appeared with a with a crack. Daryl looked up immediately and met Harry's eyes. He nodded at the wizard, which he turned, before Harry cast a Disillusionment Charm over himself and took off flying. He flew over the area the woman had described.

The sun began to set, when he spotted a little bonfire, at the end of a field. The other two people with the Governor began to set up their camp site. Harry recognized the area. It was the same field side he had seen over the satellite footage back at Fort Polk, when they had lost the signal to Hermione, Walter and the military group.

It was somehow poetic or even ironic that the Governor would choose a spot like this to hide now. The same place where it all had begun and where it would end today.

Harry still recalled the scene of death, the way they were scattered around like trash. Even now, there were still body parts rotting at random places, around the field. A lower half of a body, arms and legs, ripped and bloodied military uniforms lay everywhere. The sight only fueled his rage as he hovered on his broom, magically concealed from anyone.

All Harry could think about was that it had been his fault, this bloody fucking bastard, who sat there as if he had no care in the world. It was his fault that all these men had died that day and Harry had almost lost his own family in the process. All these innocent people and today that bastard continued with the slaughter. It was unforgivable.

But what he did to Hermione, for that he would pay.

Harry silently landed at the far side of the field. The three men instantly turned in his direction, when they heard a branch break, but not seeing who or what was there. Harry barely spared them a thought as his rage began to grow inside him. He swiftly cast two quick Secumsepra spells at both men, who fell immediately to the ground. The Governor raised his weapon in his direction and began to shoot, but Harry had already raised his shield the moment he saw the Governor pull up his gun. The bullets hit the shield and fell to the ground, while Harry slowly walked towards him.

"WHO IS THERE?" the Governor shouted and looked frantically around.

Harry could almost see the fear in his one remaining eye, but that didn't stop Harry. On the contrary, it fueled him on.

The Governor shot in various directions, not aware that Harry was walking slowly past the two lying bodies of his henchmen. Harry barely spared them a glance, as they bled to death. An odd sense of satisfaction began to spread in his chest seeing them this way. They had deserved more, but Harry's main target stood before him and he wouldn't waste his time with the others.

Harry cancelled the Disillusionment Charm on himself and the Governor's remaining eye widened in disbelief and shock, but he quickly raised his weapon back at Harry. The wizard barely moved his wand and disarmed the Governor silently, letting the gun fly a few feet away.

The Governor paled dramatically and Harry could see the raw terror display on his face, which encouraged him to continue and move closer to his target. He was the hunter cornering his prey for the final kill.

The man spoke up suddenly, while he took several steps back, trying foolishly to get some distance between them, "I though I must have been seen things… thought those strange lights were some weapons your group possessed, but it was you, wasn't it? You did that, back at the prison."

Harry didn't say anything and took another step closer.

"I'm- I'm sure we can work something out. I can help you, have resources, a town."

Harry sneered at the man, baring his teeth in disgust, which must have been a frightening sight, as the Governor suddenly asked, "What are you?"

"Your walking nightmare," Harry growled hatefully.

"Wait, wait! You are British too? Are you- I just wanted to help! Give her some place to work and create the-"

"THAT'S WHY YOU TORTURED HER, YOU BASTARD!? TO HELP?" Harry shouted and cast a nonverbal spell at him that threw him hard to the ground.

"I- I wasn't thinking-" the man moaned in pain.

"SHUT UP!" Harry shouted as he rushed forward, while the Governor tried to stand up and as soon as Harry reached him he pointed his wand under his throat.

"You don't know with whom you have messed with, you pathetic creature," Harry hissed furiously. His whole body began to shake in rage and he could feel his magic crack around him. Never in his whole life did he feel so much hatred towards someone. Maybe it was to blame on the constant chaos, danger, the constant death he was surrounded with, the fear and helplessness he had felt when Hermione was kidnapped, almost lost her and his sons. Almost lost his whole family and every feeling, all his anger, fear and fury were to blame on this one man.

Harry sat on the man's chest with his legs on his side of him, holding him on the ground, but the Governor began to struggle tried to hit him and push him away. He was strong, Harry had to admit, but he was stronger. Harry quickly dropped his wand and punched the man twice in the face, before he ducked the hit he tried to land on him. Blood burst from the Governor's nose and lip and Harry wanted to see more of it. Wanted to make him bleed to death. He wanted to taste his fear, when he realized that this would be his end.

"You will pay for what you have done," Harry spoke calmly, as he landed another punch on his face. He stumbled a few steps back and fell to the ground. Harry slowly walked towards him, as he regained his footing and tried to hit Harry, who swiftly dodged his attempted assault. Harry quickly punched him in the face twice, which sent him sprawling on the ground a little bit away. Harry looked down on the bruised and bleeding man, watching him try to stand up.

"I will make you suffer, feel pain beyond your imagination and I won't stop then," Harry vowed, feeling the rage growing inside him, before he closed the distance in two strides and immobilized the Governor again with his body. Harry quickly punched and kicked the man harder, blocking any of the Governor's attempt to fight back. He was no match for Harry, who had one of the most extensive and hardest Auror training that had been out there, as military combat, which he got, while staying at Fort Polk. The Governor didn't stand a chance against him and this knowledge only pleasured him further. Knowing that this man was completely at his mercy, which he wouldn't get.

Instead, he would begin to pay.

Harry laid three hard blows on his rib-cage. Hearing the telltale sign of a broken bone, made Harry almost smile, especially, when the man beneath him cried in pain and still, the bastard deserved more. Harry broke another rib on the other side, and watched with glee the pain across the face of the Governor. By now, he had broken several ribs, just like the Governor had done to Hermione. But it wasn't enough.

"I won't even use my magic. Not yet anyway," Harry continued and stood up, looking down on him. Harry watched the Governor getting back on his feet, trying to walk away, while holding with one arm his chest.

He had to give it to the Governor, who didn't appear to want to give up, which only enticed and excited Harry further.

Harry apparated the short distance between them, which startled the Governor and before the man could react or protect himself, Harry quickly punched hard, sending him back on the ground. The man grunted and gasped for air. It should have made Harry feel guilty, but he just couldn't. He recalled the way Hermione couldn't breath, due to the broken ribs and her injuries. She had almost died that day. If he had arrived just a few minutes later, he didn't believe that Hermione would have survived an experiment that would have weakened her body more. He would have lost his only remaining best friend, his sister, the only one he always could count on.

The thought of loosing Hermione only enraged Harry pushed further, as he put his knee on the Governor's chest, right where the broken ribs were. The man's scream, sent Harry's heart racing in malicious glee. He needed more. Wanted more.

"I will make you beg… scream… cry for mercy," Harry taunted with a twisted pleasure and smile on his face, as he grabbed his hand while he immobilized his other hand with wandless and nonverbal magic, and began to break the fingers one by one. Not letting any of them intact. He pushed a little magic in his hand as he did so and watched with a growing dark pleasure as the man's face turn into agony, while his screams ringed in Harry's ear.

After breaking all the finger in the left hand and was about to move to the other, the Governor turned towards Harry and glared at him with the same hate, Harry felt. The bastard sneered at the Harry and said, "I won't beg you for mercy!" He stopped and then chuckled. Actually, chuckled at Harry and continued, "Your… Your little girlfriend, oh she was fierce."

Harry stopped what he was doing and listened to him. He didn't know why the Governor thought taunting him was a smart idea, but he wasn't known to be rational.

"Never begged me to stop. I think she enjoyed my attention… oh, she was my favorite… The things I've wanted to do to her-"

Harry saw red and roared in rage as he jumped on the man on the ground and punched him rapidly. A dark murderous rage came over him. He let it consume him, control him. Harry wanted him to scream, beg, cry, suffer and put him in unimaginable pain. Worse than he did to Hermione, to all the innocent people he had murdered.

Harry put his hand on his chest and hissed a dark curse, which he had heard from his days back as a field Auror from a dark wizard. It boiled the blood in the body, or more accurately, it gave the impression of it. A phantom pain of boiling blood. Not a fatal curse, but just as painful as the Cruciato Curse.

The Governor screamed as soon as the spell left his lips and Harry relished in the sound that spread around the field. He wanted everyone to hear it the Governor's pain and agony.

Harry stopped the spell and continued with something easier, by breaking his legs and all the fingers on the other healthy hand with a few more spells pushed through his own hands. The Governor whimpered and cried, but it wasn't enough. Harry needed more. Wanted more. A growing hunger that doesn't feel sated.

"Please stop!" he finally begged, but it wasn't enough and he quickly Accio-ed his wand back into his hand.

"Why? I just started, Governor," Harry responded in mock confusion. He wouldn't let the Governor get his death anytime soon.

Without thinking and consumed by his dark thirst to cause more pain, he lifted his wand and grabbed the Governor's left forearm and just below the elbow, Harry cast a strong cutting hex, and the limp fell away. By now, the Governor howled in agony and Harry relished the sound. It was the sweetest thing he ever heard, sending a warm shiver through his body. Harry quickly stopped the blood flow by burning the stump, not wanting him to die that easily.

The Governor tried to grab his shirt with his broken still intact arm. Harry barely paid any attention to it, not until a silvery amulet dangled in-front of him. The faint light of the sunset glimpsed the engraved names of his family as it moved and then reality came crashing back.

The red haze of blood lust was gone, only left with the growing darkness within him. Harry couldn't breath as he stood up and stumbled away from the body on the ground. Mutilated, broken and bloodied, barely recognizable.

Harry took several deep breaths, trying to force himself to calm down and stop the need inside of him. He lifted his hands to touch his hair, a nervous tick, when he noticed all the blood on him. He quickly cast a Scourgify spell on himself and removed all trace of blood. His body still shook in anticipation and the need to continue, with what he had begun, but a part of him, knew he needed to stop, before it would change him. He could already feel the darkness, the taint slowly growing inside him, changing his magic. Making it sharper, unforgiving and more dangerous than ever before. It was tempting to just give in, but he couldn't do it. He couldn't let it change him and turn him into another Governor, Bellatrix or even Voldemort, because he knew, if he didn't stop right now, there wouldn't be a way to turn back.

A sudden familiar moan on the other side caught his attention and he could see the Latin man he had killed previously began to return back to life. He would let the undead finish off what he had begun. It wasn't something he had envisioned to end and kill the Governor, but in a way, it was more fitting. He would get what he deserved, in the end.

With one last disgusted glance at the man on the ground, Harry turned around and walked away.

"N-NO!" the Governor shouted in desperation. "KILL ME! PLEASE!"

Harry forced himself to go and not turn back to watch the undead eat the Governor. The little silver lining he had grasped on, was already slipping away and he needed to go, as soon as possible, before he decided to watch and let the little control he had over himself slip away.

The Governor screamed and called for him to end him, but Harry refused to acknowledge him. He magically pushed the Latin man, now undead, away from him, and his attention was quickly on the man on the ground. The undead snarled and snapped his teeth at the broken man.

Harry quickly grabbed his broom on the ground with shaking hands and mounted it, forcing himself not to look back, when the screams became louder. It was almost dark, when he took off. He cast a quick Disillusionment Charm on himself and flew towards Woodbury, while he constantly reminded himself that it was over. That the Governor was finally gone.

It was over.

31st May 2012, West Georgia Correctional Facility, Newnan, Georgia, USA


Hermione sat on the upper level, at the prison bridge. It gave her a clear view of the main gate. She had been there shortly after the Teddy went to bed.

After today's event, Hermione had given him and even Carl a Calming Draught and a Dreamless Sleep Potion. Hermione sighed when she recalled that both boys took their distance from each other. Each of them for a different reason. After almost two hours of this, while cleaning and removing the spells Harry didn't cancel or had missed, Hermione had taken both boys to the side and talked to them.

Carl apologized to Hermione, explained again why he thought he needed to do it, and Hermione soothed the boys mind by telling him that she understood. What she didn't tell him was that she believed that his rash behavior was also due to the fact that he didn't participate in the fight at the prison. Hermione believed that it was his way to prove to his father that he was ready, brave and able to protect those he cared for. She would voice this out to Rick and hopefully they could find a solution before irrevocable mistakes could be made.

Teddy had been more hesitant to forgive Carl, but after listening to Carl's reasonings and expressed how sorry he felt about the whole thing, Teddy simply stated that next time he held a gun at his aunt, he would bite him and curse his ass. Hermione had been tempted to scold him for his use of words, but bit her lip when he saw that both boys came to an understanding. They would still need time to build back the trust, but it wasn't a hopeless cause.

"Can't sleep?" a voice suddenly said, which made Hermione quickly turn around. Maggie stood at the door and smiled at Hermione, which she gently returned.

Hermione simply shrugged in the end and said, "I'm worried. Won't be able to rest, not until Harry and the others are safely back."

It was something she couldn't do. Even when they were still at Fort Polk Military Base, Hermione couldn't rest when Harry was still out there. Not knowing if he was all right or injured had kept her up all night. Soon enough, she had forfeited even attempting to rest, not until Harry was back. Sometimes, it drove her crazy if it took longer than usual, and they had been in contact with the group. Now, it felt worse. She couldn't call on Harry or send a Patronus without risking of endangering him in the process. She hoped that he would be able to send her a Patronus and tell her that things were alright. Hermione scolded herself for not thinking of another way to communicate with him. She should have thought of giving him something like the DA coins to keep in touch, but things had gone so fast in the last 24 hours that it never crossed her mind.

"I know what you mean," Maggie said and sat next to her, on the large conjured pillow. "But they will be ok. They are strong together."

Hermione could only nod in return and she silently prayed to any deity that was still there that she was right about it. She didn't want to voice out her fears for the group, knowing that it would make the situation even more worse. Instead, Hermione focused on the welcoming distraction and after a moment of silence, she held a Thermos bottle, that was charmed to stay warm and asked Maggie, "Would you like some coffee?"

Maggie's eyes lit up with delight and she quickly accepted the offer. Hermione laughed lightly at the expression on the other woman's face, when she drank from the dark brew she'd made earlier.

Both had remained quiet afterwards, watched the gates and rare peacefulness the night bestowed. Well, despite the handful of undead that had come from the woods, surrounding the outside prison fence. Several of them had already began to leave, when they saw no movements inside or prey to hunt.

"Do you think, everything will go back to normal, once your serum is produced?" Maggie asked thoughtfully.

"I've been asking myself the same thing," Hermione admitted after a moment. "Will the everything be the same again, as it once had been? I don't think so. The world had been build for a large population and there isn't a fraction of that there anymore.

"People will be afraid and worried to repopulate even after having been cured. The psychological damage and trauma will take years to find a way to handle. I don't think that anyone will be the same again. Paranoia, distrust, fear will be a constant part of many people for a long time and who could blame them? It's chaos out there. There is no part of the world that hasn't been affected by this disease.

"But people are still fighting and surviving all over the world. It's not just here. There is still hope for all of us. There are still good people out there, who still believe in a chance to survive and live through all this… I think, despite all the damage, death and destruction, there is still a chance to have a new beginning…We can build something new again. Maybe even something stronger."

Maggie nodded, but didn't say anything. Instead, both watched the clear dark sky that was lightened up with stars. Hermione believed in what she said. There was still a way to save the world and build a new one.

"I know you said that the military base from where you came from would send some people to get you to Washington," Maggie began, which made Hermione look at the taller woman. "And well, I wanted to just say that, if something should go wrong, Glenn and I would help you get to Washington. I'm sure he would help and probably a few others too," Maggie paused and smile fondly, as she continued. "Glenn is really smart with finding safe ways to travel. Never met anyone like him."

Hermione was surprised and touched by the woman, she had come to befriend. "Thank you, Maggie," Hermione finally replied after finding her voice. She had really not expected that offer. "But I'm sure that won't be necessary, but thank you anyway."

Maggie simply nodded and said, "Nowadays, you can't be sure of anything. The offer still stands though."

Hermione smiled at Maggie and thanked her again, before both talked soon about random things, from the people in the group, the magical world and their own lives before the dean began to walk. Sitting here and having a normal conversation gave a glimpse of their long forgotten lives.

At some point, Glenn had shown, when he was finished with his rounds and asked, "Mind if I joined you ladies?"

Hermione smiled and gestured for him come and join them. She could see that he was still shy around her and Hermione couldn't help but tease the young Asian man about his cute behavior, which caused Maggie laugh on her fiancé's behalf. It broke the ice, in the end. Especially, when Hermione asked how they had met and became a couple. It had a sad beginning, about Carol's daughter going missing and her death, but Glenn took over and described and confessed quite adorably the first time he had met Maggie and how much a bumbling mess he was.

Hermione could see the love between these two people and she was truly happy for them both. Finding love and happiness in these days was rare and the way both spoke of each other, their feelings were equally met. Hermione quietly watched the pair as they bantered and teased each other, while she thought of a way to give them a wedding gift that would be both useful and unique for Maggie and Glenn.

Later, the conversation shifted back to Hermione. Glenn began to be at ease in the witch's presence and Hermione told them how she had found out about the magical world, the Hogwarts Letter, her experience and life at Hogwarts, until the end of the war, which sobered the mood a bit. It took her hours to tell the tale and explain certain magical facts, but she was grateful for being distracted and not giving the opportunity to keep worrying about the others. Hermione could see that Maggie and Glenn had been captivated in the story of Harry, Ron and herself.

When dawn broke, Glenn told them that he would make another round on the perimeters, before everyone else woke up. Hermione and Maggie stayed where they were and watched the sunrise, while trying not get anxious for the absence of Harry, Rick and the others.

She knew she should go back in. Jon would be up soon, and even with Teddy, who decided to stay with him for the night, Jon would be upset if she wasn't there. Hermione slowly stood up and looked worriedly at the front gate.

"I'll let you know, as soon as I see them," Maggie assured her. Hermione smiled at her gratefully and thanked the young woman, before she walked inside.

Several people were still asleep, but Carol had been up with Judith, feeding the little baby. Hermione greeted her quietly as she walked inside her own cell room, where she found Jon sprawled all over Teddy. It was such an adorable sight that Hermione bit her lip and stopped herself from laughing. Carol, who passed their cell room, simply smiled at the two of them.

After a moment of simply watching and enjoying the peaceful moment, Jon began to stir and his movement began to wake up Teddy as well. Jon was the first one who slowly opened his eyes and yawned widely.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Hermione greeted Jon quietly, which earned her a toothy smile from her son. Hermione quickly, but gently picked Jon up, before he could wake up Teddy. She walked with him out and went next to Carol, as she went through Jon's morning ritual, and gave him his breakfast. It consisted of a slice of bread spread with jam, a sliced apple and a light flavored water that tasted like apple juice. She talked with Carol quietly, when the others in their cell-block began to slowly wake up.

Teddy came out of the prison cell, when Jon finished his breakfast. The teenager looked instantly alert and worried when he spotted Hermione, but not Harry or the others.

"Dad is still not back?" Teddy asked anxiously, just as Carl walked out of his own cell room.

Hermione shook her and spoke in a calm voice, "No one returned yet. I'm sure everything is alright. They should be back soon. You should get ready for the day, Teddy. Carl you too."

Both teenagers nodded at her words, and went on autopilot as they began to get ready for the day. She could tell that both boys were quite worried about the information. Hermione and Carol had tried to offer the two boys a breakfast, but both refused, stating that they weren't hungry yet. Hermione didn't push it and let it go for now.

Suddenly, Maggie jogged in and called out, "They're back!"

Everyone quickly rushed out, Hermione gently put Jon on her hip and carried him out, as she followed them. Just as they walked out of the building, Hermione saw Glenn jogging to the main gate with Axel in tow. A familiar light hit the gate, which let the two men open the gate, as it disabled the wards and let them in. Teddy and Carl stood close by, looking visibly more relieved than moments ago.

Hermione instantly noticed that beside the two cars, a large school bus drove right behind them and she quickly figured out what it could mean.

Harry walked out of the car, as soon as it stopped, followed by Daryl and Merle Hermione sighed in relief and watched with a smile as Teddy rushed towards his father and hugged him tightly, which Harry returned with a moment of hesitation. Hermione frowned at the uncharacteristic behavior but brushed it off, she reasoned that he was probably tired and was probably startled by the sudden hug.

Hermione quickly joined them and pulled him into a tight embrace, with Jon in her arms. "I'm so glad that you all are all right, Harry," Hermione said and looked him in the face. She had expected a little smile and that he would tell her that she worried too much, but he kept quiet and only nodded in return. Hermione frowned in confusion and worry. She knew Harry for decades now and knew when something wasn't right with her best friend. She had never seen him act this way.

Harry must have noted the worried expression on her face, when he explained, "When we followed them, the… he massacred his people, those who went to attack us, because they refused to fight for him any longer."

Hermione gasped in horror and Teddy looked deadly pale, but Harry continued, "Only one had survived… At Woodbury we got easily in and the Governor had tied Andrea, the one who came here after the first attack on the prison, this Milton guy," at Hermione's nod he went on, "He tied her on a chair, before he left to attack us and killed Milton… and left him in the room with her… and well… it was too late for us to save her… We decided to tell everyone what their leader truly did. Afterwards, Rick offered them refuge here with us."

Hermione nodded unable to find the words of what to say, but Teddy took over and began to ask, "Is- Is the Governor-"

"It's over. It's… over," Teddy nodded next to him and didn't hide the relief he felt, which Hermione shared. She wanted to exclaimed her relief when she noted the haunted look in Harry's eyes. She didn't want to imagine the horror he must have seen and witnessed, therefore, she didn't ask how or who killed the Governor, in the end. Hermione was sure that it was Harry who did it, or maybe Rick. She didn't need to know the details. All that mattered was that they were here and safe.

Hermione hugged Harry one more time and said, "I'm just glad that you all are safe, Harry."

He just nodded silently in return and with a small smile he went to help Daryl set everything up. Teddy followed him, saying he wanted to help. She watched them go and still felt a sense of worry, a nagging feeling that something wasn't right with her best friend. Carl suddenly joined them as well, after talking to Rick, and walked beside Teddy. She saw Harry glance at the boy with the hat, but otherwise stayed silent, as the two boys talked to each other.

"Mama, ouuk!" Jon spoke and pointed at the people coming from the bus. She gently rubbed his back and talked softly with her son, as she walked to Rick, who stood alone and watched everything, probably to keep an eye on things.

She placed her hand on his arm, when he didn't notice her standing next to him. Hermione smiled at him, as he looked at her, "You did the right thing, Rick."

Rick nodded silently and smiled in return. For a moment, both just looked at each other, smiling and relishing the peacefulness of the morning. Because, right now, in this very moment, everything was looking up again.

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