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1. The Game Is On

"Damn it! HURRY!"

Zael could barely catch his breath as he and Dagran rushed up the stairs, towards Mayor Arganan's office. Why were they going to Mayor Arganan's office?

Well, they'd been asked to come over. It was urgent.

And Zael and Dagran were not going to turn down a client. They made their living being jacks-of-all trades. From walking dogs to house-sitting, to finding lost kittens or going into the sewers to find engagement rings that people dropped, they would do it. Seriously, they would.

So they were surprised to find not just Mayor Arganan himself, but several other people in the room. The Mayor merely gestured for Zael and Dagran to join hem, and the two slowly did so. He let out a breath, adjusting the eyepatch over where his left eye would have been, before speaking.

"I am glad that all of you have arrived." He started. "All of you are aware of the Arganan heirlooms being stolen only two days ago, yes?"

The group in front of him nodded, saying nothing as they each took a file from the Mayor's desk, files containing pictures of the crime scene. The Mayor frowned, before speaking again.

"They are precious to my family line, and I need them back. As soon as possible." He continued. "Not only are they important as they belong to my descendants, however, but the Arganan ring is especially precious. It's given to the next heir of the house of Arganan, the next mayor of Lazulis. At the very least, I will need you to get the ring back, but do try to get the rest of the heirlooms back. I will pay a handsome reward to whoever recovers it first and brings it back to me."

In that instant, the room burst into a frenzy. Zael looked to Dagran, who had grabbed their file.

"You think we should stick around here?"

Dagran shook his head. "I think we should go through the file first. If we can pick something significant from there, we can start our investigation from where that piece of evidence leads us."

"Sounds good."

As the two left, the silver-haired Mayor's niece, Calista, looked to Jirall, the Rambaldt mafia boss' son and her soon-to-be-husband (they were going to get married in a month and a week from now). She saw him smirk as he ran a hand through his slicked back, greasy hair (Jirall always insisted on the greasiness, saying it made the mafia look tough, a cool kind of tough. Eventually Calista didn't mind it too much).

"I think," Jirall declared, looking to his soon-to-be-wife standing beside him, "That we should investigate. If we solve the damn case at least we'll look better as a couple in front of your Uncle."

Calista sighed a bit, nodding. "Well, that's true I suppose." She responded. "And how do you think we'll start investigating this, Jirall?"

Jirall gave her one of those smirks, a smirk that was certainly implying anything but an investigation. "Well," he crooned, one of his hands trailing towards her rear, "I'm thinking we can go back to my place first and...discuss things there. In private."

Calista blushed, batting his hand away from her before he could grope her. "Jirall!" The two left the room, just as Therius pushed a lock of white hair out of his face, looking to Asthar, who removed his police cap and looked to him. Neither of them really said anything to each other, but something in their eyes seemed to spell out that they were definitely going to look into this investigation as they left the room shortly after looking to each other quietly.

Two slender-looking men, with long whitish-blond hair tied back in ponytails, looked to a more muscular, red-haired man, who shrugged.

"If you two wish to investigate, Zesha and Zepha, go ahead." He spoke. "It might be in our good interest in terms of appearance if we find those heirlooms first and return them."

"Yes, sir." Both Zesha and Zepha responded, before looking to each other, Zepha speaking.

"I say we question the mayor first."

Zesha nodded. "Agreed. You talk, I'll take notes."

"Got it."

The two immediately rushed to the Mayor, Zesha taking out a notepad as Zepha began speaking.

"Excuse us, sir, but can we ask you a...couple of questions?" Zepha started, pushing a lock of hair out of his face. "We need to ask you about the night you found out the heirlooms were stolen and it may be of use to us..."

Arganan yelped in surprise at the sudden question. "U-uh...uh...okay..."

Mirania frowned as she looked at the file, and then frowned even more as her stomach growled. "Oh, I can't focus on this on an empty stomach. Syrenne, should we go to a buffet restaurant first and eat a bit? We can talk about the case there."

Syrenne chuckled, holding Mirania close to her, a soft squeak of surprise escaping the black-haired lady as Syrenne laughed. "Sounds great! Oy, can I get smashed? I mean, it could help."

Mirania sighed as the two left the office. "We'll see..."

Yurick awkwardly looked to Lowell. "You know what?" He started, "I doubt we're going to be able to talk to the mayor right now, considering those two-" He pointed to Zesha and Zepha, "Are occupying him. And the mayor is probably distressed enough already. Maybe we should talk to him later."

Lowell chuckled. "Sounds like a great plan. Let's get back to the hotel and talk more about this case, hm?"

Eventually everyone left the for one red-haired mafia boss and the Mayor of Lazulis himself. Arganan raised an eyebrow as he looked to Zangurak.

"What are you still doing here?" he asked, not caring that suspicion got into his voice. "I thought you'd be investigating with Zesha and Zepha. Your lackeys. Why bother staying?"

Zangurak merely smirked. "I may have my 'lackeys' do a good amount of work, but that doesn't mean that I don't like to work solo, Mr. Mayor." He drawled, walking towards him. "Zesha and Zepha may be my best men, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're any good at solving cases involving theft. Usually we mafia are doing the stealing, not outsiders."

"Yes," Arganan huffed, "Of course. And what do you exactly want now? For the two of us to pair up so that we end up finding the heirlooms in case the others fail?"

"Actually," Zangurak responded, the smirk still framed on his face, "Yes. Think about it—not only would you get your precious heirlooms back, but the mafia will get a better image. We don't always go and fuck up society with what we do, after all. If we did, you wouldn't have Jirall and Calista marrying each other in approximately a month from now."

Arganan looked up at him, biting his lower lip. He was well aware that Zangurak was quite the dangerous mafia boss (but then again, weren't all mafia people dangerous?) but then again, this was a case regarding something as significant as the heirlooms. And help of all sorts would be appreciated right now.

"Fine. You have a deal, Zangurak. We'll work together on this."

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