The Cave, Happy Harbor
9:49 a.m.

Robin smirked as Black Canary flipped Kid Flash over her shoulder for the third time. The Justice League went to go check out some mission in Texas and weren't due back for another ten minutes. So the Team had spent the last half hour running through training drills with their designated teacher.

He watched as Canary helped the speedster up. "So shouldn't the league be back by now?" As much as he loved watching his friend get pummeled for hitting on teacher, busywork was not his style. Or any of theirs. He turned to Miss Martian who was standing not far over who seemed to have the same thought. The blonde mentor checked the time before nodding.

"I suppose they should have. You guys take five. I'll go contact the league. They probably just took a detour," She reassured walking out the room to the nearest phone.

"Yeah," Kid Flash chuckled sprinting over to his best friend. "Detour to the closest fast food joint."

It was once Black Canary was out of earshot that a multicolored way of light shot through the room. Despite their best efforts, they couldn't escape the winds coming from the portal, sucking them in. Even Wolf was dragged by the raging winds. The last thing Robing heard was the computer announcing the arrival of the league.

"Great timing. Note the sarcasm." The boy wonder managed to get out before disappearing as well. And that was all the Boy Wonder could remember.

Artemis, Wolf and Robin hit the tile with a thud. It felt as if they had been knocked out for some while but at the same time, like no time had passed at all. They warily rose their aching heads to see three pairs of feet looming over them. The two teens stood up recognizing them as Wonder Woman, Black Canary and Green Arrow staring at them wide eyed. A fact that both seemed to miss.

"Who are you and how in the world did you get here?" Green Arrow nearly shouted. Only then did they notice sharp green arrows pointed at them.

Artemis, to say the least, was pissed, and without her quiver. "What do you mean who are we? More like what was that?" She answered bluntly.

Robin narrowed his gaze into slits slowly moving his hand towards his belt. Before he could even get there, Wonder Woman grabbed his arm. Artemis had a arrow pointed at her chest at no-miss distance. Wolf growled softly backing into the wall.

"Hey! Calm down why dont'c-"

"Hush. You're answering our questions now."

In the cafeteria Kid Flash, Zatanna and Aqualad were being stared down by John Stewart, Zataro and Flash. The three had a somewhat softer landing than their cohorts but it was still rough.

Kid Flash didn't notice anything wrong except his surroundings and how they got there. His uncle, after all, was someone he trusted. So instead of the wariness Aqualad felt, he immediately slipped into curiosity. "Oh hey guys. Did you see that portal! Where are we? You guys look angry. Ooh!" He blurred out all at once before speeding to a nearby snack stand. He was stopped dead in his tracks by a green wall he almost slammed into.

"Where do you think you're going?" Green Lantern asked.

Zatara chanted something that KF couldn't understand until he glanced down. He'd been bound by ropes. Zatanna quickly started the spell to undo her fathers work but she found herself encase in a floating green box.

She frantically pounded at the slightly soundproofed box. "Dad!" Zatara glanced over to her but otherwise made no mention.

"We will find your father once we know you are no threat." He stated simply.

Green Lantern made quick work of the beast by the wall as well while Flash merely marveled at the size of the white hound. Being the last in his group, Aqualad held his hands up in surrender.

Superboy, Miss Martian, and Red Arrow ended up in a room with Batman, Red Tornado, Hawkgirl, Superman and Martian Manhunter. The small group quickly realized they had interrupted a meeting.

The scarlet archer instantly became on guard. He started slowly backing towards the door. "Sorry to interrupt. We will just be going now."

"Hold it right there young man. You're not going anywhere." Superman stood.

Miss Martian started to fly over to her uncle but was stopped by a hand. "Uncle J'onn? What is going on?"

"You know this kid?" Hawkgirl asked.

"Why wouldn't you?" Red Arrow jumped in annoyed.

Martian Manhunter turned and spoke to the girl directly. "To answer you're question young lady, I am the last Martian alive of my kind."

M'gann widened her eyes and dropped out of her flight. Superboy rushed over and placed a hand on her shoulder pulling her away from the so called league.

"What do you mean last Martian alive?" Superboy growled struggling to keep type of language at the moment to a minimum. "You know dang well you're not."

Superman corralled the three, mostly a begrudging Roy, to the other side of the room so they wouldn't be a handful. "Don't worry. We'll get this all sorted out once the rest of your team get here."

"There's more?" Superboy glanced over to the red head glaring at them. He'd never seen her without her mask, or her wings not tucked in behind her.

Red Tornado didn't seem all that different, but there was something about how he was built. The other two hero's had different costumes on as well. They weren't their league.