Hey! So let me just say something real quick. I made this at first years ago. Like as a kid. I LOVED Justice League at that age. Now? I hardly have any interest. I am forcing myself to edit and make new ideas for this stupid bland horrible story. Honestly I hate it, I don't know why so many like it. But I update SO little, like once every two months, because I don't know what to do.

I know how it ends, all the details and every little bit of action inbetween. I just cant place it into typing. It truly is a struggle for me.

I have been getting so many comments about how a lot of people really dislike Melody. And I know what you mean. She isn't an original character. And trust me I will be making edits and all in all, deleting her. But like I said, I truly do not have the patience to rewrite every chapter without her.

OK so here is why I added her.

Unlike how this story and my other fanfics may show, my writing has improved. I write young adult stories about mystery, actions, suspense and paranormal. Not fanfictions anymore really. The one topic I do like to write fanfictions on is a game called My Candy Love, not like any of you would really care I bet about that kind of story. I am out of touch with the characters of DC.

As a kid Melody's backstory was she wasn't Black Canary and Green Arrows kid. She was a mistake by the Justice Lords to spy on the Justice League. But she is an experiment, just as Zoey, who I am pretty sure has been deleted in the old chapters. In the story, the reason the team is in another dimension is because the justice lords took them with her help to kill them and or make them evil.

Melody was supposed to have run away and in the end, will be killed by the team when she almost has perfect grip for the Justice Lords.

So for all of you commenters, consider Melody gone. Don't bother rubbing it in my face that she ruined the story. Welp, this is basically what I had planned for this story as a child. If people think this might be better without her, then yeah, I will remake this without her and maybe that will make this better.

Constructive Critism is always advised. But please, go out of your way to make sure a dozen other people haven't already uploaded the same error. I read every comment and always check how many followers or favorites there are. Cuz if there aren't many, I wont bother.

This is stressful to me to write what I have absolutely no background in anymore. So...

RIP Melody.
You have failed me.