New story! Tell me what you think and if I should continue. Otherwise, I'll just scrap it. It will have Elejah/Kolena/and Delena. It will be a little darker of a story with less romance, but it'll still be good.

Chapter 1

Elena Gilbert sat in her hotel room just outside of New York City. She had just narrowly escaped Damon yet again. She had stopped at a drugstore and picked up a few things to help disguise herself.

She went in to the small hotel bathroom and brought the bag with her. She pulled out a box of blonde hair dye and slowly set to work. As her hair set, she retrieved a small box of blue contacts from the bag and popped them over her brown ones. She rinsed her hair and curled it slightly after it dried.

Elena stared in the mirror and admired her handiwork. Her hair was a soft honey blonde and her eyes were a shade of blue that would rival Damon's. She sprayed herself down with a bitter smelling perfume to help mask her scent, hoping to detour her sire as much as possible. She packed what little items she brought with her and checked out of the hotel. She hopped into the car she recently compelled from a local and sped off. Her next stop was Canada.

Her mind was programmed to survive. Losing Jeremy was the last straw. She couldn't allow herself to feel anymore. Every time she closed her eyes she saw his body lying on the floor of her childhood home. She had a grim flicker of relief knowing that the house was now gone. She would never have to walk through the door again thinking that her parents, Jenna, or Jeremy were waiting for her to get home from school. She lost every shred of humanity she had when Damon made her flip the switch. For once in her life, she was utterly alone and she hadn't been happier. Well, as happy as you could be without emotions.

Before Elena knew it, she was approaching the Quebec border. She compelled the guard to let her through and she was finally in Canada. She drove until the gas tank was almost empty, refueling as she hit the heart of Quebec. She rented a hotel room at the Hilton, wanting comfort and convenience.

She spent the better part of the week wandering the city and preying on innocents. She had a bloodlust that she couldn't seem to contain in close quarters. However, she was extremely careful not to leave any bodies in her wake. Snatch, eat, erase. She didn't want to draw unwanted attention to herself, ultimately alerting Damon to her whereabouts.

On day five, she was out at one of Quebec's many dance clubs. She found herself a small comfort in being around humans. Not for the food, but for the carefree attitude they all seemed to exhibit.

She had been dancing with a taller guy and she was enjoying his hands on her body. She pulled him down and looked him in the eyes, "You won't scream and you won't remember any of this," she said as she sunk her fangs into his neck. He lounged in her arms as she drank greedily. When he became limp in her arms, she retracted her fangs and allowed him to stumble out of the crowd.

After having her fill of humans and closing down the nightclub, she made her way back to her hotel with heels in hand. She had the oddest feeling that someone was watching her, but shook it off as she entered the elevator. She pressed the number for her floor and waited for the doors to shut. She tapped her foot impatiently as the minutes passed. She looked out from the elevator to see that no one was in the lobby. She ducked back in and pressed her floor again, frustrated once more when the doors didn't close.

Elena finally gave up and left the elevator, heading for the stairs. She opened the door and went inside, starting the long trek up to her room when it suddenly went dark. She stopped immediately and fell into a defensive crouch on the stairs. She heard a flurry of movement above her and growled, "Damon, if this is your idea of trying to scare my emotions back on, it's not working."

"A Salvatore? Do you honestly think a Salvatore would rig up such an exciting chase, darling?"

The voice shook away her earlier revelation. She looked to where the voice came from and smiled as the lights flickered back on, "Kol Mikaelson, how lovely to see you again."

He returned her smile and made his way down the stairs, stopping right in front of her, "Immortality suits you, darling. Now why would you thing Damon Salvatore is after you?"

"He's angry that I don't want to turn my humanity back on," she said, coming toe to toe with the original, "And he's even more angry that the sire bond is broken and he can't control me anymore."

"Elena Gilbert without her humanity," Kol appraised as he grabbed her by the waist, "And here I thought you were too good for me."

She weighed the situation, thinking of how this could benefit her. If she rejected him, he could rip her heart out before she had time to blink. But if she accepted his offer, maybe she could have the aid of an original to escape Damon.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, smirking as she pulled him tighter against her lithe body, "Nothing's too good for you, Kol. Let's have some fun."