As promised!


Eighteen years later

"Is there anything I can do to talk you out of this?" Elena asked, repeating Elijah's words the day before she died.

The olive skinned brunette in front of her sighed, "Mom, I need to meet him. Dad's been great, but I need to meet him."

"Kristin…" Elena sighed, not liking the idea of her daughter going out into the world on her own, "If this is really what you want, I can't stop you. I just want you to be safe."

Kristin pulled her mother into a tight hug, "You've been protecting me for forever, mom. I can do this."

"You have the Petrova fire just like your mother," Elijah smiled as he walked into the heartwarming scene, "I could never talk her out of anything."

Kristin released Elena and smiled at Elijah, "You'll take care of her while I'm gone, right, dad?"

He kissed the top of his daughter's head and sighed, "Of course I will. I'll keep her sane until you return." He took his wife's hand and rubbed the back of it reassuringly before looking back at Kristin, "Do you have everything you need? Money, passport, clothes?"

"Of course," the youngest rolled her eyes, "I'll be back in a month. I've got his address."

Elena rushed forward again and kissed both of her daughter's cheeks, "I love you. Be safe. Don't forget to call."

"Okay, okay!" Kristin said, hugging Elena back before picking her bag up off the floor, "I'll see you guys later."

"I don't think the house has ever been this empty," Elena mused as she sat in the parlor with a book.

Elijah smiled as he poured himself a drink, "Well, since Nikole and Emilee are somewhere in Europe with Niklaus and Rebekah and Kristin is well on her way to meet Kol, I'd say it's very nice to finally have the house to ourselves for once."

"I've missed it," Elena admitted softly as Elijah sat next to her on the couch.

"And I've missed you, my diere," he murmured as he cupped her face between his strong hands and kissed her intensely. Her lips molded perfectly to his as she suddenly moved to straddle his lap. He chuckled as he moved his mouth down her throat, "I think you're a little eager, princess."

She pulled back from him, an amused expression plastered on her face, "Oh, I'm eager am I? Well, I can't help that I have a perfectly handsome husband and I happen to be straddling his amazing body at the moment."

"You're such a tease," he groaned against her skin as he lifted her shirt over her head. He made quick work of her bra and latched onto one of her nipples, eliciting a keening sound from his mate.


He smiled and picked her up, her legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. He kissed her passionately as he walked to the stairs.

"I love you, 'Lijah," she sighed, kissing his throat.

"I love you, too. Always and-"

"Forever," she finished for him, smiling as he whisked them away to their bedroom.

I love you all!