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Speech "Perseus"

Thoughts 'Perseus'

Perseus or Percy Jackson was 7 years old and there where very few people he really cared about as he had trouble making friends, but above all of them was his older half-brother Jay he was the best brother every he was 13 years old and told Him all about the Olympian gods and heroes he wanted to grow up just like them fighting monsters and going on quests. Percy loved seeing him even though Jay had to spend all his summers at some camp Percy would spend all the time he could with him.

One day that all changed they were staying at Montauk it was Percy's absolute favorite place to visit he had been going there since he was a baby but his mum had been taking Jay there even longer. The beach at Montauk had been where his mum had met his dad but she didn't like talking about him much it made her sad but Percy knew his dad would come back to him one day and they could all be a family again.

Jay had taken Percy into the woods behind the cabin to go exploring like they always did they would get wood for the camp fire while mum cleaned up the cabin as it was always dusty and full of spiders.

Suddenly a twig snapped in the distance followed by a loud roar, Jay pushed Percy into the bushes. "stay here no matter what happens," he pleaded. Percy was about to argue but seeing the look on his brothers made him think twice he nodded his head. Percy peaked out of the bushes watching as his brother pulled out a knife that looked like it was made of bronze Percy was confused but decided to watch what his brother does next, out of nowhere a huge black dog jumped out snarling at his brother but Jay did a flip over its head and stabbed his knife into its ribs turning into some strange dust. Percy was about to run out to see what that thing was but suddenly a bunch of Girls holding bows and in silver clothing stepped into the clearing Percy decided now was not the time to make himself known, Especially after his brother began bowing to a girl who looked about 12 years old and had Silver eyes that held so much authority That Percy had to resist the urge to bow also.

"Son of Hermes you have interrupted our hunt" The Girl spoke looking at my brother like an insect she wanted to crush. 'Wait son of Hermes like the god does that mean oh no that means the girl in front of my brother is Artemis the mean man hating goddess.'

"I am sorry Lady Artemis I had not known that was your hunt I was merely defending myself," He spoke confidently but I could see that he was scared. "You know there's something we do to boys that get in our way." She replied mockingly "are you alone."

"Yes," he replied not giving away his brothers location hoping that she wouldn't find him. "Well boy it looks like you luck has ended," she said giving her hunters the command to fire. An arrow pierced his lung and the goddess commanded her hunters to leave him there as a boy doesn't deserve an honorable death. After she was gone Percy ran out towards his brother sobbing at seeing the arrow piercing his chest "Hey Perce are you alright" Jay said ignoring his own injuries.

(Percy P.O.V)

"Jay you're going to be alright right," Percy asked hopping that his brother would be alright. "Of course Bro it will take more than a goddess to kill your older brother," he replied weakly "But there is something I need to tell you we're not normal bro where demigods our fathers where both gods mine was Hermes and your father is Poseidon." He said shocking me before gasping in pain. "I'm sorry brother I lied live on for me" he said closing his eyes. I broke down sobbing grabbing his dagger and running back to the cabin.

When mum saw me covered in Blood she looked horrified but before she could ask me to explain I fell and then all I knew was darkness.