Gensokyo 1.5

Shortly after the conversation with the Yama

''Wow... This was the first time I've seen her that angry.", my witch friend remarked.

Marisa was right, the Yama looked furious.

''Well... I suppose I would be furious, too, if I was basically an embodiment of justice and found out about a lawyer, somebody who should fight for justice, doing something like Alan Barnes did. It's not something a lawyer should do... But I guess many would do it for their daughter. So the problem may actually be that evil bitch called Emma.", I informed her of my opinion.

Oh well, no reason to dwell too much on it. What to do now...

My witch-friend answered that for me: ''Hey, it's barely noon! How about we have a look at some books? I'm sure Patchy'll let us borrow some, ze!"

Yeah... 'borrow'.

And with that we took flight with our brooms.


Some time later we we're flying over the treetops, the sun shining above us in it's full winter-y glory. Then something pink-ish flew me in the face.

''Oh... What the-", a cherry petal? What is that doing here. I thought it's winter... and why is it flying around like that?, ''Marisa... is it normal for cherry petals to be this high up during the winter?"

''What do you mean, ze? What cherry peta- pffft", she blew away the petal that flew into her grinning mouth,''Uh... That cherry petal?"

We looked around.

And then we noticed.

The air was filled with flying cherry petals, all heading upwards.

''I... I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure physics don't behave like that. Does that mean..."

''Yep! It definitely does! Are you ready? This will be it, you know...", I knew her next words would have to come sooner or later, ''This will be your first incident, da ze! Come on, let's see if Reimu's already noticed."

And with that she took off. All I could do was follow.

[Hakurei Shrine] ←

Apparently... Reimu didn't care at all.

''I'm telling you, this will be fun, ze!", Marisa insisted, ''This is a incident. That means free tea afterwards. And a party! Everybody likes a´parties, da ze!"

''I totally agree. Parties provide a reason to drink sake, and sake makes parties even better!", the resident Oni gave her opinion.

''Do what you want. I'm going to stay inside in the comforting warmth of the shrine.", Reimu was stubborn.

Man... She's really lazy. I understand her reasoning but if this really is an incident, it certainly will be something big, something you just shouldn't ignore.

Since it didn't look like the conversation would end with Reimu going out to investigate, I decided to simply empty my cup of tea and leave afterwards.

''Fine. If you'd rather laze around all day then do that. We'll be going investigate and have fun. We'll save the Spring, da ze!", Marisa stormed off, taking her broom.

I said my goodbyes and followed her out into the old.

Yes. This is going to be interesting...

A/N: It's time for the author's note, hooray. Terribly sorry for not updating this one for so long. After I started Portus I just kinda stuck with it because I like it so much. And I had so much to do with all the exams, events, my birthday and other things. So... this is the last chapter of the Gensokyo Arc. Touhou fans will surely recognize what's going to be up next, although I didn't follow the order of the games, as one can see when looking at the Shikieiki interlude or the fat that Suika is already present.

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