Back on demand

Aisling was meeting her mum at the royal after evening surgery she didn't normally meet at the hospital but today was different they were going to the library in town. So as it was a nice sunny day she decided to do her revision on the beach. So deep was her concentration that the time had flown by a quick glance at her watch told her she was going to be late. Quickly putting on her shoes and running up the slope trying to stuff her books in the bag, she ran all the way to the royal.

Dr Weatherill had just finished with her last patient when Aisling walked through the door. Jill smiled at the flushed faced young girl and placed the back of her hand on her forehead asking if she was alright.

"Yeah I'm fine just got carried away and forgot the time so had to run all the way here" replied Aisling.

"Well I'll be ready in a minute I've just got some notes to write up" said Jill

They make their way to the office and Jill proceeds to scribble her notes down. They had only been in there a couple of minutes when there's a knock at the door Lizzie enters "sorry doctor there's an emergency and I can't find any of the others I've put their lights up I know your busy"

"No problem Lizzie" She said while getting up and moving swiftly to the door turning to speak to Aisling "sorry, I'll be as quick as possible"

Aisling replies "That's ok I've got some work to be getting on with"

With that Jill turns and walks to the emergency room where some lad had fallen off his bmx bike she orders x-rays and cleans up the cuts and grazes he lucky it's not worse as he wasn't wearing a crash helmet.

Meanwhile Aisling still sat in the office has got her books out and is underlining and writing notes in the boarders when she hears footsteps coming along the corridor which stops outside its sister Brigid.

"Why did no-one tell me you were here" questioned the sister

"Well we were supposed to be gone by now only mums dealing with an emergency" replied Aisling. Sister Brigid was one of the reasons she hardly came to the royal she had always treated her differently from the other Ormerod children. She had been tougher yet she had also wrapped her in cotton wall and Aisling despised her for that. She could tell she was thinking something now the way sister kept on glancing at the paperwork and then at her. Aisling just wanted to get out of there wishing her mum would materialise out of no-where and everything would be alright.

"So what are you doing here then" asked sister

"Well I'm trying to revise" snapped Aisling before adding "and when mums finished were supposed to be going to the library in town" she turned back to her books and was pretending to read hoping she would get the hint. Well anyone else would but sister Brigid walked in and sat down you can tell she didn't trust her. A couple of times Sister tried to make conversations only for Aisling to either grunt or not reply at all. Aisling was finding it harder and harder to concentrate for the past half an hour sister had been rambling on about her day and telling stories about Moira, she made to get up saying she needed a drink. With that she walked out the door went to reception and walked outside.

Jill had got the results of the x-ray the young lad had broken his arm as expected she informed the nurse who proceeded to plaster it and then he was allowed on his way with strict instructions to return if he felt dizzy or sick. Walking back down the corridor towards her office reaching the door she was shocked to find sister Brigid sat in her chair and no sign of Aisling. Sister Brigid just smiled and said "she's gone to get a drink she'll be back in a mo"

"Yes well thank you that will be all sister" said Jill "if I can get back to my paperwork then we will be off and see you tomorrow."

"Oh yes sorry doctor see you tomorrow then"

Five minutes later and Jill had just finished her notes but there was still no sign of Aisling. She was starting to get worried, packing up her bags and Aisling's things she decided to put them in the car and then look for her she was probably talking to one of the nurses.

Going out to her mini she noticed the familiar figure sitting on the wall she made her way over "are you ok sweetheart" she said softly but still making her jump.

"Yeah sorry she just keeps going on and doesn't know when to leave alone" replies Aisling

"Well are you ready" asks Jill

"Yeah but can we just go home" inquired Aisling

"Are you sure we can still get there in time" responds Jill

"Yeah I'm not in the mood I'd rather just go home I'll get the bus in tomorrow"

The journey home was a quite one a couple of times Jill had tried to ask her daughter what had gone on but she knew not to push her she'd speak when she was ready.

They got through the front door put their bags and shoes where they normally go Aisling went straight upstairs and Jill walked through to the kitchen where Gordon was preparing dinner.

"Hello love, your early wasn't expecting you for another hour" smiled Gordon

"We didn't even get there, long story tell you later" replied Jill

"Where's Ash" Gordon asked

"Upstairs she's not talking sister Brigid found her in my office while I was attending a emergency, I came back only sister was in my room, I found Ash outside upset and she wanted to come home so here we are" stated Jill.

Twenty minutes later and dinner was on the table Gordon shouted up to Aisling and Jill got the drinks ready. Aisling slowly made her way downstairs. Dinner always seemed quite these days now there was only the three of them.

"Did you have a good day" Gordon asked his daughter

"Yeah it was ok" replied Aisling

Gordon could tell she didn't want to say anything else about what had happened so didn't push the subject any more

"Have you got much homework to do" Inquired Jill

Aisling looked up she'd not made eye contact with them since Jill had found her outside

"No I've done it all. Why?" Said Aisling

Jill and Gordon looked at each other they could tell she'd been crying even though she had washed her face. "Well we thought we could play a game or watch a movie if you wanted to" Said Jill

"o.k., can we play trivial pursuit please" Aisling pleaded

"Of course you go and set it up while we wash these plates" smiled Gordon

Aisling made her way to the front room and proceeded to set up the board game while the adults talked about her while washing up.

Ten minutes later and they made their way into the front room with cups of tea in hand. Jill handed Aisling a cup and sat down next to her with Gordon the other side. They played the game for sometime every now and again laughter could be heard mostly Jill and Aisling laughing at Gordon's answers needless to say Gordon came last with Jill winning. As they were packing away Gordon was complaining that they were cheating giving him the harder questions. It was now ten o'clock Jill got up "right time for bed I think"

Aisling got up kissed her mum and dad goodnight "love you" she said

"Love you to sweetheart" both Gordon and Jill replied. They looked worryingly at each other what, had sister Brigid said.