Jill was thinking of what she could say, she had to be careful as they had just told Ash off for saying I don't believe you, so she decided to change the subject and tell Ash why she had been upset earlier at the hospital

"So, you know earlier, when you asked if I was alright and I said I would tell you later" started Jill, handing Ash a plate to dry

"Yes" replied Ash

"Well, I was told a few home truths, and I'm sorry if your dad and I have been pushing you into telling us too much, or if we seem like we aren't convinced what you are saying is true" replied Jill

"It's okay" replied Ash, putting the pile of plates away

"No, it's not, I never want you to think that you are not good enough" replied Jill

"You don't, it's fine honestly, I know you have my best interests at heart" replied Ash

"While we are being honest with each other, your dad was telling me about the drive home" replied Jill

"I promise, I wasn't doing anything, I shouldn't be in the store room" replied Ash, getting the wrong end of the stick

"No, not that, but that is good to know" replied Jill

Jill could see Ash thinking about what else had been said

"Ash, what I'm trying to say is you are not a burden, you never have been, and you never will be, and as far as us being around we hope we are there for all of you when ever you would need us for as long as we are around" replied Jill, starting to get emotional

"I'm sorry, I never meant to upset you" replied Ash

Jill opened her arms for a cuddle, Ash put the tea towel down and went towards Jill

"Where would you even get an idea like that" said Jill, not wanting to let Ash go

"No-one has said it, I guess I just feel like I rely on you too much" replied Ash, wishing Jill would let her go now

Jill must have sensed this and let her get back to the drying up

Jill was thinking of what to say and busied herself by starting to make the drinks

"I mean, I have put on you a lot recently, what with running away, the accidents and the baggage that is sister" said Ash

"No, you haven't and a lot of that is not your fault, we knew what we were taking on with sister, we just didn't realise she would be this bad" replied Jill

"I'm sorry" replied Ash

"But, we would never change anything, because we have you and I know your dad would say the same" replied Jill

"That's right" said Gordon from the doorway, both he and Bunty had come along to make sure everything was alright as it was very quiet

"You are both so soppy" replied Ash, hanging the tea towel up having finished the drying up

"But, you wouldn't change us for anything" replied Gordon

"Well, I don't know" replied Ash jokingly

"You hold her down, I'll wear her down, until she gives in" said Gordon to Jill

Jill grabbed Ash and held her, Gordon went towards them and was getting ready to start tickling Ash

"Please let me go" pleaded Ash

"You've only got yourself to blame" whispered Jill

"Okay, okay, I give in" said Ash, trying to squirm out of Jill's grasp

"So, you wouldn't change us" replied Gordon

Jill lessened her grip slightly, Ash sensed her move, but so did Jill

"Well, I'm not saying that" said Ash trying to move but Jill was that little bit quicker

"No, please" pleaded Ash

"It's no use, pleading" said Gordon jokingly, starting to tickle Ash, but being careful of her side

"Okay, I give in" said Ash

"So, what have you got to say" said Jill

"I would not change you for the world" said Ash

"Do you think she is telling us the truth" asked Jill to Gordon

"I'm not sure" replied Gordon, looking at Ash who was nodding her head both he and Jill were starting to giggle,

"Who was she talking too" asked Jill

"Both of you" replied Ash

"That's right she said I would not change you for the world, but which one of us" said Gordon, pretending he hadn't heard Ash

"I don't know, who were you talking to" asked Jill

"I was talking to Nan" replied Ash cheekily

"That's it, we will have to bring out the big guns" said Gordon, motioning for him and Jill to swap positions

"Ready" said Jill

"Ready" said Gordon, grabbing Ash and spinning her around, to face Jill

Ash was not able to control her giggles, which was making Jill laugh and she could feel Gordon starting to chuckle, it was like when they use to muck around before everything happened

Jill went towards Ash

"Okay, I would not change you both for the world" chuckled Ash

Gordon let Ash go, Jill and Gordon went to high five each other on a job well done

"But, I might have second thoughts if you do that" added Ash

Jill and Gordon looked at each other and both had the same idea, they grabbed Ash into a big hug

"Let me go, please" mumbled Ash

"Did, you hear something" said Gordon

"No, nothing" replied Jill

"Please, I can't breathe" said Ash trying to wriggle free

Gordon let her go first, before Jill checked she was okay and let her go

"I could really do with a drink" said Jill

"I'll make them" said Ash, the others went out into the garden

They were talking out in the garden

"What just happened" asked Jill

"That was like old times, before all this happened" replied Gordon

"What, did you say to her" asked Bunty

"Nothing, I was telling her something I had promised to tell her earlier" replied Jill

"What, did she say" asked Gordon

"She opened up about what we were talking about in the kitchen and there's nothing to worry about there" replied Jill

"Well, that's one less thing to worry about" replied Gordon

"Well, I guess you treating her like normal, has made her feel more like her old self" replied Jill

"And probably the fact that you are open to talking to her, she can feel she can talk to you openly" added Bunty

Ash had finished making the drinks and was making her way out when there was a knock at the door

Ash went to turn around

"Ash, sweetheart" said Jill

"I'm fine, there's someone at the door" replied Ash

"That's alright, I'll get the door" replied Gordon getting up and passing Ash

Gordon opened the door

"Hello" he said

"Hello doctor, sorry to bother you, but I thought you might need this paperwork, before tomorrow" said Lizzie

"Thanks, Lizzie, would you like to come in for a drink" asked Gordon

"No, I had better be going, is Ash alright, after earlier" asked Lizzie

"Yes, she's fine, it was just a bit of a miss understanding" replied Gordon

"Ohh, that's good, well it's not good but" started Lizzie

"I know what you mean" replied Gordon

"Well, I had better be going, see you tomorrow doctor" said Lizzie

"Yes, thanks again for this Lizzie" said Gordon as he watched Lizzie go down the drive he then shut the door

He put the paperwork on the desk before making his way back outside

"That was Lizzie with some paperwork to look at before tomorrow" said Gordon, sitting down

"Well, I had better be making my way home after this" said Bunty

"No, you don't have to" said Ash

"Yes, it's getting late and they have important papers to go through" said Bunty

"Ash is right you don't have to leave" said Gordon

"Its getting late and Its been a long day" replied Bunty

"Please" started Ash, but she gave up after Jill flashed her a look

"Can I use your phone" asked Bunty

"No, need, I will give you a lift home, it's the least I can do" said Jill

"I don't want to put you out" replied Bunty

"It's no trouble, we can go whenever you are ready then" replied Jill

Five minutes later and Jill was taking Bunty home, Ash wanted to go as well but Gordon was keeping her busy, they knew it would take longer with Ash as she would find a reason to stay, it was almost as if she didn't want to be alone with them

It was true Ash didn't want to be alone with them she was terrified of what they might ask her, or what she might do wrong, or even what she would dream about, they had this big meeting tomorrow, what if she had that dream again and wakes them up or worse, stops them from getting what they need done for it because they are worried about her

Ash did what Gordon needed her to do and then went and found him in the office

"Dad, that's all done, I'm going to bed goodnight" said Ash

"Night, sweetheart, sweet dreams" replied Gordon

"Night, love you, can you tell mum as well" replied Ash

"Of, course, she'll probably be up to see you when she gets back anyway" replied Gordon