Jill and Matron were now in the doorway, Ash was still at the car, getting the bags from the boot, that she had seen were in there earlier

"Gone shopping, won't be long" said Gordon, waving the note in the air

"Ohh, for heaven's sake" replied Jill

"We, don't even know what time they left" replied Gordon

"Where's Ash" he added when he realised she wasn't there, Jill looked towards the car

"Ash let me help" said Jill, realising what she was doing

"I'm fine" replied Ash, appearing at the door

"Thank you sweetheart I'll take it from here" said Gordon, taking the bags and placing them in the study

"So, what's going on, where are they" asked Ash

"They just had to pop out for something" replied Jill

"Would anyone like a drink" asked Ash

"Yes, that would be lovely" replied Matron

Ash went towards the kitchen

"Why, don't you go into the front room with Matron and tell her all about what you've done today" said Jill, so that she could see what the others had done or not done yet

"Okay" replied Ash

Ash and Matron went through to the front room, while Jill went into the kitchen, she was right the others hadn't done anything yet, just then Gordon came along

"What are we going to do" asked Jill

"I don't know, I really don't" replied Gordon

"Let's give it half an hour, and then we will have to do something" replied Jill

"I don't believe they could be so selfish" replied Gordon

"Well maybe something has happened" replied Jill

Gordon went to answer but before he could, there was a knock at the door

"I'll get it" said Gordon

"Hello, Gordon" said Bunty

"Hello, Bunty, come on in" replied Gordon

"Is Ash alright" asked Bunty

"Yes, she's fine thanks, mum" replied Jill, walking towards them with a tray

"She's just in there" added Gordon

Ash had told Matron all of what had happened today, well what she wanted to tell her anyway

"Drinks" said Jill

"Thanks" replied Matron and Ash

"I'll just go and grab another cup" said Jill

"I'll, go I just need to grab something anyway" replied Ash

Before anyone could reply she was already out the door, Ash walked into the kitchen, she could now see why Jill didn't want her to come in here, but it was too late, she grabbed a cup, and then grabbed herself some pain relief before going back to them

"Here, you are" said Ash handing the cup over to Jill

Jill could see she had something in her other hand and looked at her concerned, Ash opened it so Jill could see

"Thank you" replied Jill, she looked at Ash as if to say are you alright

Ash nodded

"Will you two stop doing that" asked Bunty

"What" asked Jill

"Having conversations, without saying a word, first Gordon and you the other day, and now you two" replied Bunty

"Sorry, I didn't realise we were" replied Jill

"So, how is Harold doing" asked Gordon, trying to change the subject

"He's doing well, he enjoyed seeing Ash today, that really made him smile" replied Bunty

Jill and Gordon looked at each other they weren't so convinced that what she was saying was true, they had spoken to the doctors this afternoon and it didn't sound too good

Ash, meanwhile, had taken some pain relief and was away with her own thoughts

They had been sat talking for nearly half an hour

"This is getting ridiculous" said Gordon, going to get up

Bunty hadn't realised anything was wrong until now, she looked at Jill hoping for an explanation

"Well, let's see what we can do" replied Jill, getting up and following Gordon out

"They can't have left that long before we got home" said Gordon

"Well, let's just try to get something together" replied Jill

"I have a good mind to take you all out, and leave them to it" replied Gordon looking in the fridge

Meanwhile in the front room Bunty had asked Ash what was going on and Matron was bringing her up to speed

"You know what, how many are there of us" asked Gordon

You, me, Ash, mum, matron mouthed Jill silently

"Five" she said

Gordon went to the phone and was making a quick call, Jill was still in the kitchen, there wasn't much that they could do, they had been counting on the others doing a shop

Ash had come to see if she could help

"I'm so disappointed in all of them" said Gordon as he walked back not knowing Ash was in there

"I'm so sorry" said Ash, believing she had done something wrong

"No, not you sweetheart" replied Gordon

"But, if I had stayed and done the shopping" started Ash

"No, none of this is your fault, besides we wouldn't of had a lovely afternoon" replied Jill

"So, what are we going to do" asked Ash

"Can you give your mum and me a minute" replied Gordon

Ash nodded

"And Ash, I really wasn't talking about you" said Gordon

"Okay" replied Ash, leaving them to it

"So, what are we going to do" asked Gordon

"Well, I could go out and get some shopping, but it will take longer as the local one is shut now" replied Jill

"Or we could" started Gordon

"Give them a little longer" interrupted Jill

Just then the others pulled up

"I told you we left it too late" said Jonathon

"Ohh, just shut up will you" replied Tom

Back inside the house Ash had heard the car pull up

"Mum, dad, they're here" said Ash

"See, what did I tell you" said Jill

"What can I do to help" asked Ash meeting them in the hallway

"Nothing, I think you've done too much already" replied Jill

"Can someone help us with the bags" asked Katie, making her way through the door

"I can" replied Ash

"What has mum just told you" replied Gordon

"I, tell you what Ash you can help me pack away, while dad helps with the bags" replied Jill, trying to keep the peace and an eye on Ash

Ash followed Jill into the kitchen and started to unpack the bags Katie had left on the table

"What do we need left out" asked Ash, as Jonathon and Tom dumped more bags down

Jill was busy telling her when Katie and Gordon walked in

"That's the last of it" said Gordon

"Thank you" replied Jill

"Right you three, we need a word" said Gordon

"Just let me deal with this, why don't you go and say hello to Nan and Matron first" replied Jill

"Okay" said Katie, Tom, and Jonathon

"Gordon, can you see if anyone would like a drink" asked Jill

Gordon nodded and left them to it

Five minutes later and Jill and Ash had finally finished putting everything away

"Thank you sweetheart" said Jill

"Can I do anything else to help" asked Ash

"No, thank you" replied Jill, just as Gordon came back through

"Can I get either of you a drink" he asked

"No thank you" replied Jill, Ash shook her head

"Is everything alright" asked Gordon

Ash nodded, but she wasn't convincing them

"Right let's get this over and done with, then we can make a start on dinner" said Gordon to Jill

"You, won't" started Ash

"Won't, what" asked Gordon

"No, that's for you to tell them when you're ready, this is about their behaviour, nothing to do with you" replied Jill

Ash breathed a sigh of relief, while Gordon looked at Jill confused

"Right, let's go into the study" said Jill

"Ash, can you send the others in, in a minute" added Jill

Ash nodded

Jill followed Gordon into the study and shut the door, she then explained what Ash had meant, it seemed so obvious

"Why, did I not see that" he asked

"Mum, dad, can we come in" asked Jonathon, who had been pushed to the front to knock on the door

"Yes" said Jill opening the door, she shut it again once they were all in

"What, did you not understand about what I said earlier" asked Gordon