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"Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one."

Three figures entered a large circular room. Their faces can not be seen, but the middle one has several glowing jewels. The center one is also bound in heavy chains that looked like they were made of light.

"Accursed One! As atonement of your crimes, You shall be banished to another world were you will live out your days among it's people; striped of your powers!" Another figure in red and brown robes said, standing on an altar engraved with three triangles.

"Foolish Sage. You can not banish me forever! I will always come back as part of the curse Demise put on the hero! I will return! I will...!" He was cut off by a sword through his gut.

"Not this time." The sage said. A portal opened behind the "Accursed One" and began to pull him in.

"THEN I'LL BRING THE SEVEN SAGES WITH ME!" He yelled as he broke from the chains and grabbed two pillars near the portal. As he was sucked into the portal, the whole room was sucked in also.

"AHHHHHH!" Lan yelled as he shot upwards in his bed, covered in sweat. "That dream again. What could it mean?"

Lan awoke to the smell of smoke. Lots of smoke. He got out of bed and threw on his cloths and ran towards the door.

"Well good-morning, Lan." Someone said rather sarcastically behind him.

"Oh, Sorry Megaman." Lan said as he walked back over and picked up his P.E.T from it's charger.

"I smell smoke. It's coming from downstairs."

"Same here, lets go." Lan said, running down the stairs.

In the kitchen, Lan's mother was hiding behind the table as the oven was on fire and spewing fireballs all over.

"There must be one serious virus in there to be doing this!" Lan yelled over the crackle of the fire. "JACK-IN! Megaman Power-Up!"

"Hows it look in there, Megaman?"

"Well it's on fire, but I guess you already knew that!" Megaman replied.

"I'm sending you a Aqua Sword. Battle-Chip In, Download!" Megaman's arm turned into an energy sword with a water tank attached to it. He jumped forward and swung it in front of him, creating a huge wave. The water also deleted several viruses hiding in the fire.

"You worthless pile of scrap!" Came a voice somewhere behind Megaman. Megaman turned around to see another Netnavi in red armor beating up tons of viruses using a spear that resembled a dragon. His helmet looked like a dragon's head with a long red and orange ponytail.

The navi turned around and saw Megaman. His navi-mark was the head of a dragon with flames coming out the back of it.

"Oh no. He saw me!" Megaman said in fright.

"Took you long enough!" The mysterious Netnavi said with a slight growl.

"W-who are you?" Megaman asked.

"I am Volga, the dragon knight. And you are dead." He threatened as he raise his spear above his head and started building up fire in it.

"Fire Shield, Battle-Chip in, Download!" A red Barrier appeared around Megaman.

"Somehow this isn't going to work." Megaman thought.

"RAAAAA!" Volga yelled as he sent a huge fireball at Megaman. The fireball went right thrugh the Fire Shield and hit Megaman.

"Megaman!" Lan yelled.

Megaman Logging Out.

"My job here is done."

Volga Logging Out.

"That was a close one!" Lan sighed in relief. The fire in the oven went away. "Megaman? ...Megaman!?"

Hope you enjoyed. Twebster9000, Logging Out! '^;=;^'