"Sir. A transmission from "The Demon King's Throne" has just been broadcasted everywhere on the net, even secured arias."

"So he has shown himself."


"Contact me again when you have pinpointed his Cyber-castle."

Lan was heading back home from SciLabs on his skates. He had seen the transmission, and if this Demon King is serious, Lan only had three days to find him and defeat him because surrender was not an option.

"Lan! You've got an E-mail from Mr. Famous." Megaman said from Lan's P.E.T .

"Lan, I'm sorry if this got to you at an inconvenient time, but all video contact has been disabled due to this "Demon King" having almost complete control of it." Lan read aloud. "...But I have to tell you that I need you to head to an abandoned warehouse about a mile away from your location of this E-mail's sending. We have gotten word of a large group of unidentifiable NetNavis there."

Lan instantly changed course and headed to the warehouse's location.

"Well, this is it." Megaman said.

"It's covered by a Dimensional Aria!" Land exclaimed "They must not want anyone getting in here. But we know how to get in, right Megaman?" Megaman nodded. Lan climbed a nearby ramp, then skated down it towards the warehouse.

"Syncro Chip In!" Lan put his Syncro Chip into his P.E.T as he was going down the ramp.

"CROSSFUSION!" both yelled right before they hit the Dimensional Aria. Lan landed on the other side of it Crossfused.

Instantly, a huge swarm of Viruses came at Lan.

"Cyber-Sword!" Lan forearm was encased in the sword, and he slashed forward, deleting most of the Viruses.

"YOU PIECE OF CYBER SCRAP!" A familiar voice came from deeper into the warehouse.

Lan ran into the room as Volga kicked a Mettar Virus through the wall. Behind him was a table with tons of NetNavis sitting at it, and an empty chair were Volga would be sitting.

"Volga!" Lan shouted.


"Volga. I thought you said you deleted this Navi." The NetNavi at the far end of the table said.

"But sire! I did!" Volga pleaded.

"I take it you're the "Demon King"." Lan said.

"Yes, I am. Volga! Finish the job this time!" The Demon King and the rest(Except Volga) disappear.

"Grrrr! You wont live to anger the king again!" Volga yelled as he ran forword to attack Lan/MegaMan. His spear glowed red and ignited, but lan was ready.

Suddenly, another Navi jumped between them and took the blow for Lan. Lan couldn't see who it was, but it was completely unharmed!

"Get up, Link."

"What? My name's not Link! It's Lan. Why did you call me that?!"

"Not important right now." Lan could see the Navi clearly now, but it wasn't a NetNavi! She was crossfused. She was allmost completely black except for her arms, which were covered by white wrappings. The bottom half of her face was covered, and a section of hair hung in front of the left side of her face. Her Navimark was a white eye with three triangles on top of it, with a single teardrop. Her weapon was a huge curved blade straped to her back, with elaborate markings on the sheath.

"It's time we make use of one of your new powers." Her Navimark started glowing. Then, she turned into a small orb of light and was beamed into Lan's Navimark.

"Double Soul!? In Crossfusion!?" Lan's armor turned black and his boots and gloves turning dark purple with red gems on them. His "backpack" became triangular with bolts running up the sides of it. His hair turned white, and a section of it hung down out of the helmet. Her Blade also appeared on Lan's back.

"Alright Volga!"

"What! NO! How could Impa and you use Double Soul!? No mater, I'll still burn you to ashes!"

Lan ran forward to block the attack with his Blade. As he was running, Lan began spinning at an angle with the Blade, now glowing blue, until he jumped into the air and brought it down on Volga.

"Aaaaahgh!" Volga shouted.

Volga, Logging Out.

The Dimensional aria was dispelled and Lan exited Crossfusion.

"You did good, kid." A voice came from behind him. Lan turned around to see a tall woman with tan-ish skin, white hair, and dark green eyes. She was wearing a tan shirt and jeans, with a sash across it with the same symbol as her NetNavi.


"The name's Shara. And this is my NetNavi, Impa." She held up a sand yellow P.E.T .

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, great hero." Impa said from the P.E.T .

"You called me 'Link' earlier, what is this about?" Lan asked.

"First of all..." Shara held up two Battle chips. "...you dropped these when you came out of CrossFusion." one of them was a Double-Soul chip with Impa's Navimark on it, and the other was the Fairy-Chip that Acka gave him to heal MegaMan, except it was different. It was now mostly green with 7 circles on it; one of which had Impa's Navimark on it.

"By using Double-Soul with me, you have added my power to the Fairy-Chip, making it the Hero-Chip. This chip is very important and very powerful. It may just be our last hope in this dimension." Impa said. "however..."

"However what?"

"You will need the power of all seven of the sages to truly awaken the soul of the hero."

"The Seven Sages... Why is that so familiar?" MegaMan asked.

"You should know them very well, you both have part of the great hero's Soul."

"Dose this have to do with you calling me 'Link'?" Impa just nodded.

"Oh, you should look on the back of your left hand." Shara told him. Lan looked down at his hand and saw the outline of three triangles, making up one big one, on the back of his hand. The bottom right one was filled-in yellow, but was glowing green slightly.

"Welcome aboard, Great Hero." Shara tossed him a badge. It had the same three triangles on it, but it also had two bird-like wings and talons around it, all of this in gold. Lan just looked at it in awe.