Hey everyone! So I'm writing this based off of this Tumblr prompt. "drama school rivals being cast as romantic opposites because the have 'crazy sexual tension' according to their director AU." I've taken some liberties with it, but that's basically the idea. This is a Captain Swan story with Scarlet Beauty and a lot of Killian/Belle friendship (because I think their friendship is really cute.) Enjoy!

Emma Swan sat nervously outside the auditorium, reviewing her sheet music. Her audition was in ten minutes. She took a sip from her water bottle. It was her last year in the drama club, and she really wanted to get a good part. Especially since it was one of her all-time favorite musicals: Sweeney Todd. She'd picked her best audition song and was pretty confident in her chances. Now she had to wait.

On the other side of the room, Belle French was twisting her hands, equally as nervous. It was her first audition. "Don't worry love, you'll do fine." Her best friend, Killian Jones, assured her.

"Why did I let you talk me into this? I have no idea what I'm doing." She sighed.

"Just relax. You've got a great voice. You're sure to get in." A woman came out and called Belle's name. "Go ahead. Break a leg, love." Belle sent him one last smile before going in. Killian grinned back, leaning his head on the wall. He didn't get nervous, or at least didn't show it. Glancing at his audition sheet, he looked around the room. There was the usual crowd, and a few newcomers. After four years in drama club he practically knew everyone. Then he saw her: Emma Swan.

To say Emma Swan and Killian Jones didn't get along would be the understatement of the century. They'd had a rivalry that went back to their freshman year. Nobody knew exactly why it had started, just that it got worse and worse every year. They had butted heads several times over the years.

Killian was shaken from his thoughts by the auditorium door opening. Belle shot him a thumbs-up. Killian grinned and stood up. It was his turn. He went in, exchanged pleasantries with the director, hopped up on stage and did his singing audition. When it was done, he thanked everyone for their time, and started for the door. As he was walking out, a familiar blonde was walking in.

"Swan," he acknowledged.

"Jones," she muttered.

"Break a leg,"

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" She glared. Killian winked in response. (He knew how much she hated when he did that.) Emma just rolled her eyes and continued.

After what seemed like ages, she left the audition room. It had gone well, but she didn't have time to think of that. Next was the dance audition. The choreographer was holding the dance auditions in a different room. People went in in groups. Emma got to the room where the short combination was being taught. She didn't really see why this show needed a dance audition, but whatever. She was in a small group, mainly of new kids. The choreographer showed them the dance and had them practice it. The director would come in and watch them later. Emma smiled at the kid next to her who seemed to be struggling. "Hi, I'm Emma."

"Henry." They tried to dance and talk at the same time.

"This your first show?" Emma asked. Henry nodded. "Here, don't look at your feet. And remember to smile. She's always watching. Trust me."

"Less talking more dancing, Miss Swan." The choreographer piped up.

"Yes Ms. Bell." Emma rolled her eyes. "She's harmless I swear. Just don't get on her bad side." The music stopped. Ms. Bell thanked them for their time and dismissed them.

"Thanks for your help." Henry said to Emma.

"Anytime. Maybe I'll see you around." Emma got her stuff. It was already dark outside; they were the last group. As Emma got to the car, a wave of nervousness came over her. What if she did a terrible job? What if she got cut? "Well, it doesn't matter now," Emma thought to herself, "what's done is done. Now we wait."

The cast list went up on the auditorium door the next Friday. Belle and Killian went together to look at it.

"I can't look." Killian covered his eyes and stood back.

"Don't be such a drama queen." Belle teased.

"I'm a drama king, thank you very much. Read it to me. What did you get?"

She read off the list. "I'm… Johanna. Is that good?"

"Belle, that's the second biggest female part! I told you it would go well." He hugged her. "Who's playing Anthony?"

She turned back to the list. "Will Scarlet. Why?" Killian gave her a sly smile. "What aren't you telling me?"

"Oh nothing. Am I on the list?"

"See for yourself." Belle took a step back. Killian looked at the list. His eyes lit up and he smiled in disbelief. Belle giggled as he picked her up and spun her around. "I take it you're happy then?"

"Of course! It's better than I expected!" Killian grinned. "Let's go celebrate!" They walked down the hallway together.

Emma approached the list a few minutes after they'd left. Ignoring everything else, she scanned the page for her name. There it was. Next to Mrs. Lovett. She breathed a sigh of relief, now looking at the list to see who else was in the thought the director had done a great job casting. Then her face fell. "Are you kidding me?" she groaned. She looked again to see if she misread, but there it was.

Killian Jones as Sweeney Todd.