One of my reviewers suggested a Christmas chapter(I forget who-sorry!) but it got me thinking. Haha! I was on a break but here we go. A bonus chapter of this fic. Christmas Day! I hope you guys enjoy!

Merry Christmas Day Surprise

The house was quiet and Haley gingerly moved some pans around the stove getting ready to prepare Christmas Day breakfast. She wanted her husband and kids to have a smorgasbord of offerings to munch on before they got to work opening presents and enjoying the holiday.

Christmas tended to turn her home into chaotic madness and Haley knew they were all in for a long day. Both sets of parents were coming. Brooke and Lucas were bringing their family over. Haley had even graciously invited Tim over to join them as the man still worked for Lydia. The boys loved him and Lyddie was adorably smitten with the older man.

She placed a pan of cinnamon roll dough in the oven before cracking about a dozen eggs for her omelet scramble. Haley diced a few onions and peppers. She shredded some cheddar cheese and dumped it all into the large bowl. Sitting it aside, she began to heat a skillet to fry up some turkey sausage and bacon. Remembering she had some ham steaks in the fridge that Brooke had clumsily bought thinking they were appropriate for Christmas dinner, Haley decided to cook those as well. May as well make use of them. She had a house full of males with large hearty appetites.

Pulling the potatoes out, she began peeling them and shredded them into hash browns. She knew Matty loved her homemade hash browns. He could survive off them for life if necessary. She made sure to make a bit extra knowing her baby would appreciate that.

Humming to herself quietly, Haley suddenly her little feet coming down the stairs. She smiled to herself pushing the first batch of bread down into the toaster. She knew that was Jamie coming. He was always a early riser and the first one down in the morning.

"Morning momma," he groggily said. "Merry Christmas!" His little voice was scratchy with sleep and he plopped down at the kitchen table tiredly.

"Morning baby. Merry Christmas," she kissed his head. "You hungry?"

"Yes. Did Santa come?," he immediately shifted gears. His face was lit up with an excited smile.

Haley laughed shaking her head. Of course that's what he wanted to know. "He came, buddy," she smiled. "Left you lots of presents too. I looked. Someone was a very good boy this year. He loved the cookies you left him. They were all gone," she wanted to snicker. Nathan had spent the evening snacking on the chocolate chip cookies as they laid the presents out under the tree last night.

"Really? Can I go see?"

"Sure," she agreed. "But don't open anything yet!," she yelled when he took off like lightening. "After breakfast. We gotta wait for dad and your brothers."

"Ok momma!," he yelled back going toward the family room where the tree was.

She went back to buttering the prepared toast when she heard Matty and Daniel excitedly coming into the kitchen. Nathan followed right behind them and he had Lyddie in his arms. The baby was gurgling happily.

"Well, well. The gang's all here," Haley smiled.

"Merry Christmas mom," Matty smiled.

"You too bud."

"I could sleep for another three hours," Daniel yawned. "Ugh, I'm not supposed to be awake this early on Christmas vacation." Nathan had woken him and he was dead tired.

"Pep up, babe," Haley said. "It's a wonderful day."

"Morning baby," Nathan said pecking her lips. "It's smells wonderful in here," he said seeing the elaborate spread Haley had prepared.

"Hmm," she moaned. "Morning," she replied kissing Lydia's cheek. "You guys should eat before we get to presents."

"Where is Jamie, baby?," Nathan asked. "I went into his room but he wasn't there."

"He's inspected his presents from Santa," she smirked knowingly.

Nathan laughed.

"You guys really need to tell him there's no Santa," Matty rolled his eyes.

"Bite your tongue," Haley gasped.

"I remember a time when you believed in Santa, Matty," Daniel grumbled.

"That was like seven years ago! I grew up. Besides, who believes in a fat bearded man bringing gifts? How ridiculous!"

"Hush boy," Nathan said. "Here comes Jamie."

"Merry Christmas everyone!," the little boy cheerfully greeted.

"Merry Christmas Jam," Daniel said.

"Whatever," Matty sighed.

"Someone is working on the naughty list for next year," Haley teased coming next to Matty. She pulled him into a little side hug, making a silly face. He cracked a smile seeing his mother act so goofy. She really was the best.

"How'd you make out, bud?"

"Oh so good daddy. Santa left lots of presents," he nodded. "We have a tree full," he clapped excitedly.

"Ok let's eat and then we're off to see all of the goodies Santa brought," Haley winked at her little one.

"Yay," Jamie bounced.

Breakfast was over and they all made their way into the family room. Jamie was through the rafters in excitement in anticipation for this.

The men were all adoring their holiday pjs that Haley bought and Lyddie was dressed in her footie snowflake pajamas.

Haley had wrapped herself in her wool robe to keep the warmth around her and feet were clad with giant reindeer slippers.

Nathan began passing the abundance of gifts around to each kid. They must've had a good thirty presents each about the time he was finished. That ironically was just the the beginning of it. Who knew what they would receive from their grandparents later today.

They began tearing off the wrapping paper at warp speed. Even Daniel excitedly ripped into his packages like a little kid. Christmas tended to have that effect on everyone.

Haley happily guided Lydia in opening presents. The little girl slapped the paper enjoying the packaging more than the actual gift. Colorful shiny paper was exciting to her.

"Look at this," Matty held up some Batman memorabilia that he had requested from his parents some months ago.

"Nice Matty," Daniel said. "Oh, heck yeah!," he yelled a moment later seeing his new laptop. "This is awesome." He fired it up and began looking at all of the features.

"SpongeBob!," Jamie yelled. "I love it." Haley and Nathan had gotten him some action figures of his favorite cartoon character.

"You like it, bud?," Nathan asked.

"It's awesome daddy."

"We're glad you like it, baby," Haley smiled. Lydia bounced up and down on Haley's leg shaking her new Elsa rattle. The baby loved Frozen and Haley was sure to get her lots of gifts from the animated movie.

"Open this baby," Nathan suggested handing Haley a small wrapped box. He was sure to hide that specific one away from all of the other presents.

"What's this?," she asked surprised.

"I guess you'll have to see," he smirked.

She giggled cutely before starting to eagerly pull the wrapping away. Haley opened the box in excitement and she started to scream loudly upon seeing what was inside.

"Nathan-oh my god! It's beautiful!," she started to cry.

"Not as beautiful as you," he wiped her tears.

It was a gorgeous diamond bracelet. The jewels were lined around and all of their children's initials were sitting separately beside each diamond and then her and Nathan's were together in a heart shaped setting.

"What is it momma?." Jamie asked.

"Only the best thing in the entire world," she weeped. She held out the trinket so that the boys could see it better.

"That's cool mom," Daniel complimented.

"You like it?", he asked. "I designed it myself. I wanted to surprise you."

"I love it," she kissed him. "I think it's the best present I've ever gotten. I love you."

"I love you, baby. I only want to make you happy."

"You do. You always make me happy."

He hugged her tightly soaking in the lovely feeling of those familiar arms.

Haley pulled away smiling and feeling so grateful for her entire family.

"Dan, we have one more gift for you," Nathan turned to his oldest.

"Really? What is it?"

"Well, go put on your shoes and coat and meet us back down here in five minutes."

"Okay," he reluctantly got up to do as his dad said.

When Daniel came back downstairs, his entire family was standing by the door waiting for him. They were acting completely weird but Daniel decided to just go with the flow.

"I'm ready," he got their attention.

Nathan turned around with a smile. "Put this on," he handed him a blindfold.

"You guys are being weird. What's going on?"

"Just put it on, baby," Haley smiled.

"Fine," he agreed tying the black spark around his eyes. "I can't see."

"That's the whole point," Matty snarked.

"Ok, I'm going to walk you out. Give me your arm," Nathan said.

Daniel did as he was told and reached out to his father. He could hear the excited laughter of his brothers as he felt the cold winter breeze hit his face.

"Almost there," Haley said as they walked down the few stairs on the front porch.

They stopped after a minute or so and Daniel waited patiently.

"You ready, Dan?," Nathan asked.

"Yeah. Can I take this off?"

"One second," Nathan said. The entire family was getting situated around.

"Now?," he anxiously asked.

"Almost," he said. "Ok. Take it off."

Daniel ripped the constricting material away and he nearly fell out seeing his family situated around this new beautiful car with a big bow around it.

"No way! You gotta be shitting me," Daniel said.

"Daniel!," Haley blushed. "Watch your mouth!," she nodded her head toward Matty and Jamie. That of course didn't stop Jamie from giggling at the bad word his older brother had said.

Nathan shook his head in laughter. He was sure he let a few unsavory words slip around his parents at that age.

"Sorry," he smiled embarrassed. "Is this for me?"

"Yeah. You like it Daniel?," Jamie asked.

"Guys I love it. Best parents ever. Oh my god!," he screamed running over to the vehicle. "I can't believe it. Thanks mom and dad," he ran over hugging Haley. And then he hugged Nathan too. "It's great dad."

"We expect you to be very careful, Daniel. This is a lot of responsibility. We're trusting you."

"I know mom. I'll be very careful. You guys can trust me."

"We do Dan," Nathan nodded. "You deserve this. Your mom and I are so proud of you."

"You gotta drive me to school, Daniel," Matty said. "I so got shot gun. Coolest car ever!"

"Yeah right. No dorks aloud," Daniel joked.

Nathan and Haley laughed at their boys bickering. This was just like them. It was always hilarious.

"I gotta take this for a spin. Do you guys mind?," he asked.

"Go ahead," Haley agreed. "But you be back here in a hour or so. Your grandparents will be here by then."

"Deal," he said.

Haley gathered the kids up and her and Nathan shuffled them back into house.

"Well, that was quite the morning," Nathan chuckled as the boys ran off leaving him, Haley, and Lyddie alone.

"Best morning ever," Haley sighed laying her head on his shoulder. "Someone looks like they're ready for a nap," she said seeing Lydia's eyes droop.

"She's had a long morning. I'll put her down," he scooped the baby up in his arms. Nathan gave Haley a small kiss and then made his way to Lydia's room.

Haley smiled down at the bracelet on her wrist once more before making her way into the kitchen to clean the morning's dishes. She needed to have the area completely cleaned up and ready for the big dinner she was preparing later on.

The house was madness. Kids were running everywhere. Parents were having a jolly old time sipping spiked egg nog and playing cards. Brooke was driving her crazy with outrageous tips on turkey. Tim just relaxed taking it all in. And Lucas and Nathan along with Daniel were busy watching sports, cheering so loudly that you would've thought they were at the actual game.

As expected, her parents and Nathan's parents had brought over a ton more gifts. It was more crap than Haley knew what to do with. It was ridiculous how spoiled all of these kids were. They had enough gifts for at least thirty children. Jimmy had even gifted all of the kids trips to Disney World on his private plane. He even made sure to include Suzanna, Ryan, and Brielle. Needless to say they were all super excited for this.

Lydia had to gift the most outrageous present though to her namesake. She had brought Lyddie a diamond encrusted rattle with a ruby studded Winnie The Pooh. It made her Frozen rattle look like a cheap dollar store toy. Like what baby needed that high class toy to slobber on? But that was just like her mother. Always wanting the very best for her grandbabies. Haley couldn't complain. There was nothing like a loving grandparent that spoiled their grandchildren.

"Brooke, if you don't stop," Haley swatted her wandering hands away.

"C'mon Hales. You could use some more honey glaze here," she pointed to a spot on the ham.

"It's enough. Geez. You're worst than the kids, woman," she laughed.

"I was just helping," she whined. "See the next time you need me."

"I always need you, Tigger. Besides, without your help I'd be stuck in here alone while our lazy husbands sit around watching big overzealous men pound each other," she rolled her eyes.

"I can watch that too. Some of those guys are hot," Brooke smiled wickedly.

"I seriously need a leash for you Brookie," Haley joked.

"Haha," Brooke laughed.

"At least you can go get tipsy with the rents. I think Karen and my mother spiked the egg nog even more. I saw them over there giggling as my mother poured more rum into the bowl from a flask she pulled out of her purse. I mean really."

"My kind of women. I really need to go steal a taste before my hubby rips it away from me. Apparently he can't handle a tipsy me."

"You blame him? You go from super Brooke to crazy Brooke. I'm so with Lucas on this. You remember what happened last New Years Eve?," Haley snickered.

"Oh my god," Brooke giggled. "Are you guys ever going to let that go?"

"How can we? It's not everyday you see a drunk woman singing I Will Survive on a stripper pole."

"You laugh but I made mad bank that evening," Brooke joked. "I had that club on fire. Lucas and I had the greatest sex that night," she sighed dreamily. It was hot.

"Oh my god, ewww. I so did not need to hear that. Complete over share."

"Lyd, come on. You totally cheated," Jimmy complained.

"I did not. Back me up here Kare," she giggled a bit drunkenly.

"She didn't cheat," she laughed. "Tell em' Danny," she flirted unabashedly with her husband of many years.

"What I think is that you both had enough of the egg nog," Dan chuckled pulling the glass from Karen's hand. "How about you hand that over, love."

Tim just laughed at them all.

"I don't wanna," she whined.

"Leave us be."

"Yeah," Lydia agreed. "You, Dan and Tim should go watch sports with the boys. Karen and I will relax and be comfy while we wait for that lovely dinner Haley is preparing. Shoo," she waved them off.

"Hey dad," Nathan greeted seeing Jimmy and Dan enter to watch the tv with them. "You've had enough of mom?," he snickered knowingly.

"Just about," Jimmy answered for Dan. "That's like double the trouble when they're together."

"As long as Brooke doesn't join, then I'm fine," Lucas jumped in. "She's a maniac when she's drinking. I'm so not in the mood for that today."

"Well, I like my wife tipsy," Nathan admitted freely.

The men all looked to him oddly and Daniel frowned his face in disgust seeing the thoughts showing on his father's face. Eww, so what he didn't want to hear or see about his parents.

"Ok, we have the the turkey ready, the yams, potatoes. All we need are the rolls and we can eat," Haley said looking around the kitchen. There was a plethora of dishes laying out ready to be served and once the dinner rolls came out of the oven, they were good to go.

"I'll have the hubbies come to help carry everything to the table," Brooke said. She made her way into the room to see the men cheering and the kids sitting contently enjoying some of the toys they had received earlier today.

"We need your help boys getting the food to the table. C'mon all of you," she said hearing the men grown. "It's time to eat."

"Lucas and Nathan got up along with Jimmy, Dan and Tim. They filed into the kitchen grabbing the multiple casserole dishes sitting on the counter.

"Can I do anything else to help?," Tim kindly asked Haley.

"You're our guest Tim. Only relaxation today. Don't stress so much," Haley smiled at her former butler. The older man had been shocked when Haley passed him a present earlier in the day. It was a sterling silver wrist watch. He sure wasn't expecting that.

"Fine, I'll just take the dish here," he smiled.

"Hey baby," Nathan wrapped his arms around Haley. "Everything looks wonderful."

"Hmm," she leaned back into his embrace. "You enjoy the game?"

"Yes. But Brooke came in breaking up the fun. Guess I'll just have to watch highlights later on Sportcenter."

"Of course you do," she laughed turning to face him. "Did I tell you how happy that I am today? Because I am. I love this time of the year. We get to spend it with all of our family. It's great."

"I love you, Hales," Nathan smiled.

"Right back at ya, babe. Let's eat," she pecked his lips.

Nathan nodded his agreement before moving from her arms and picking up a dish to take to the dining area.

The children were gathering around the table and Nathan saw his parents lovingly looking around at their large extending family. It's what they always dreamed of and they were beyond thrilled that their sons found two remarkable women to start families with.

"This looks amazing," Lydia complimented.

Haley came walking into the room with a tray of cranberry sauce in her hands. "Sweetie, you've outdone yourself. It's look glorious," she praised her daughter.

"Thanks mom. Let me just get the rolls and we can get started." She disappeared for a few minutes and then she returned to loud chatter and laughter as everyone seemed involved in some type of conversation.

Haley took a seat next to her husband and she discreetly grabbed his hand under the decorated table. "Dan or daddy, would one of you say grace, please?"

Jimmy nodded his head letting Dan take the honor. They had shared it over the years and he had taken the liberty of saying grace during Thanksgving.

Everyone grabbed the person's hands next to them. Nathan shifted Lyddie on his lap and held her tight.

"We ready?," Dan asked.

Haley smiled shaking her head.

"Lord, we'd like to thank you for the many blessings bestowed on the wonderful family. We thank you for bringing our two amazing boys these remarkable women. We also thank you for the blessings of amazing grandchildren. It's what you dream of as a parent and we've been given several blessings of a new generation that will carry this family on for years to come. We thank you for great new friends," he smiled at Tim. "We thank you for this wonderful meal that my beautiful daughter in law has prepared and we ask for your blessings to always remain as we walk through this life. Amen."

"Amen," the entire family repeated.

The dishes were being passed around and for the next hour all that could be heard was excited chatter and the clanking of forks in constant motion against the China. The food was incredible and the entire family ravished each entree greedily.

Haley laid back into his arms enjoying the roaring fire and sipping on a glass of red wine. The children were in bed sleeping soundly. Their parents were long gone and Brooke and Lucas had left with their family about a hour ago after her and Brooke finished the clean up.

"Ow, my feet hurt," Haley whined.

Nathan rubbed her back before moving to sit at the base of her body. He removed the high heeled shoes and began to massage her tiny feet.

"God, that feels amazing," she moaned.

"It was a wonderful day, baby. I think everyone enjoyed their self. You did good," he smiled.

"I'm glad. Thanks," she appreciated the compliment. "I'm just happy it's over," she laughed. "I love this time of year but it's quite tiring. We should totally have this thing catered next Christmas."

"Right. You say that every year," he chuckled. "But then you let Lydia and my mother talk you out of it. Not to mention Daniel's constant reminder that you must make sweet potato casserole."

"Well, he does love my sweet potato casserole," she quietly giggled.

"He was happy, right? With the car? Were they all happy with their gifts?," she naturally worried.

"Hales," he turned her so that she could see his face. "They were. It was a special day, hon. You make all of our holidays special. I know for a fact that the kids enjoyed every moment of it. Believe that."

"Thanks," she blushed.

"I think the most important thing was-were you happy, baby?"

"I'm always happy. You make me happy," she kissed him. Their tongues met and she groaned letting her hands clutch into his back.

"We're so perfect," he mumbled.

"Yeah? Because I've been wanting to tell you something for two days," she fidgeted.

"Really? What is it, babe?," he rubbed her cheek softly.

"I don't know. I worry sometimes because I feel like maybe we're spreading ourselves too thin. I mean do we have enough time for the children, for ourselves, our jobs. And then I find myself thinking, sure we do. It's not always easy but we manage to find the time. And our kids are happy and flourishing and we're as happy as ever..."


"We can do it, right?," she asked suddenly.

"Do what, baby? What are you talking about?," he wondered.

"I have a gift for you." She got up and pulled a small bag from behind the tree.

Nathan watched her curiously wondering how she managed to hide something away from everyone until that moment.

"Here," she sat back down.

Nathan looked at her for a few beats before looking down at the wintery decorated bag. He smiled softly at her and then he dug his hands into the package. Nathan pulled out a baby hat and pair of booties.

He looked up at her confused. Lyddie was past the point of wearing these things. Why would she give this to him?

"I think we should get another house," she tearfully laughed. "We're gonna need the room."

"Hales," he stuttered. "Are you saying what I think you're saying? You're pregnant?," he asked wide eye.

"We're having another baby," she giggled. "How's that sound daddy?"

"Oh my god," he laughed. He collapsed down on top of her body pining Haley underneath him. He laid the most passionate kips on her lips. This was the best Christmas gift he'd ever been given.

"God, I never thought we'd get here again," he mumbled. Their foreheads were touching and he was looking into her eyes with so much love and happiness.

"We're here," she laughed. "I can't believe that I let you knock me up again," she giggled. "We're trying to break a record here, baby."

"I don't care, Hales. This is what I've always wished for. You make all of my dreams come true, baby. I'm so thankful."

"Me too," she smiled warmly. "Nothing in this world make me happier than our family. I love you and I love our babies."

"I love you too, Hales. Merry Christmas," he kissed her.

"Merry Christmas."