I really meant to upload this like so many times this week but between being sick and then all this glorious comic con madness I kinda kept getting distracted..anywayy here's the epilogue and that now concludes this little story. I have to thank you guys SO SO much for reading and enjoying this fic, it's been a blast sharing it with you. You're all invited to my house for a big 80's movie marathon sleepover :D

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Oh and one last thing, this may not be the very last time we see this little universe. Not making any promises but I have a few small ideas for a kind of companion mini series of one shots. Probably won't get to them for awhile because my hands are itching to write something very very different from this fic, but, just saying, be on the lookout :)

Thanks again lovelies for reading xx

One year later…

The sun was low in the sky, the chill of the coming night prickling through him as Daryl waited on the stoop to Carol's house. He squinted into the sunset, hand help up to shield his eyes as the familiar screeching sound drew closer. Standing, he kept enough of his composure to meet Rick's car at the sidewalk. Carol, however, had no qualms about containing her excitement, almost tripping out of the passenger side as she threw the door of the old jalopy open. Jumping into his arms, throwing her own tight around his neck, she squeezed with all her might.

"I missed you," he breathed into her neck, his face nuzzling against the collar of her denim jacket. When they released each other, Daryl leaned into the passenger window to greet Rick, keeping one arm wound tight around Carol's waist.

"How was the trip?" he asked.

"You really should have come. If you were there, maybe I wouldn't have wanted to stab myself in the eyes when the girls decided to take four hours in each museum. Do you know how many museums there are in D.C.?"

Daryl chuckled, not needing to look back to know that Carol was rolling her eyes. "Car held up okay?"

"Yeah, it was good. Thanks for tuning it up before we left."

"Had to. You had precious cargo," he grinned, glancing to Carol, her lips pursed in that teasing smirk that he loved more than anything.

Rick laughed, "Alright. I'll let you two catch up. You still on to hang out with me and Shane tomorrow?"

Daryl nodded, and they watched as Rick drove off, his car wheezing out a shuddering cough as it turned the corner. He really needed a new one. Pulling his full attention to her, Daryl brought his other arm around Carol's waist, tugging her closer to him. Her fingers ran up the length of his leather vest, resting at the top.

"So, D.C. was good? Michonne likes school and all?"

"She does," Carol smiled, leaning up to kiss him softly.

"You think you're going to look at schools up there, or is Georgia State still the one for you?" he mumbled against her lips, not quite letting her move away before he could kiss her a few more times.

Carol tilted her head to the side, pretending to think before she shook her head, "I like it better down here where we have the sunniest days and the starriest nights."

"Sure do," he smiled, thumbing one of the tiny studs that hadn't left her ears since he had given them back to her, knowing that that's where their love lived.

"Got you something!" she said suddenly, twisting in his arms to dig something out of her bag. She handed him the familiar brown packaging.

"You know they still have M&M's here right?" he said, ripping it open with his teeth.

Carol nodded, bouncing up on her toes, "But those M&M's are from the Air and Space Museum!" She opened her mouth wide so he could plop in the candies that he had poured out for her, before swallowing up his own handful.

Between the chocolate, she mumbled, "That's not what I really got you." She pulled out a small brown paper bag from her knapsack, exchanging it for the M&M's that she continued to chew while he opened it. He pulled out a slender black telescope, big enough to fit in the palm of his hands.

"It even comes with a sun filter," she explained, "This way you can look at the sun and the stars and anything you want. It's not that powerful but when we go down to the quarry I bet we'll see some neat things!"

Daryl held it up to the sky, peering up towards the sunset, turning in a complete circle until he came to land on the shimmering blue of Carol's eyes.

"You're supposed to look up there!" she moved the telescope up but Daryl brought it right back down.

"Why? I'm already looking at the prettiest thing in the universe," he brought the telescope away from his eyes, his grin growing snarkier as she blushed and swatted at him. She grabbed a hold of his forearm, pulling him in to her just as the sun slipped beneath the horizon, leaving them to discover their own constellation full of long kisses and soft touches.