~A/N Basically, I have too many stories, but this one had to be done. I promise it's super short and sweet and will be complete in a timely fashion. It was a last minute idea to do both prompts in the Tricky Raven weekly flash fic challenge. For those that don't know, those are usually 500 word drabbles. Once I started the second one, I knew I had to make it longer. I've always wanted to do my own road trip story, but was waiting for a unique idea. Thank goodness for new inspirations. I think you will enjoy where this little tale leads. Hope to get it accomplished in five parts. This first installment are the two drabbles put together.

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Prompt #1 was a pair of crisscrossed road signs which said one way/or another.

Summary: Bella ran when the going got tough. It was her usual coping mechanism. A last minute decision to visit her father opened her eyes to a whole other world she didn't know existed. Fate had failed her, destiny was a dream. One man and an unplanned journey was about to change all her plans and prove once and for all she'd found home. [AU short story, Jacob/Bella]

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Wandering Home

Part 1 Recalculating

Bella told Charlie for years, she'd visit. Although, she wasn't doing it for the right reasons, she was running from her life in California. It was supposed to be great, but a bad relationship ruined that pipe dream.

She really should've called, but Charlie was a worrier. He would have driven her crazy. She felt bad, she couldn't even remember how to get to his place. She rode into town with little gas and even fewer dollars to her name. He was the police chief, that's where she'd start. Bella noted the town resembled a ghost town, but Forks wasn't a booming metropolis. She knocked on the locked door. What kinda place locks up the police station? She looked around, beginning to question if Forks was the twilight zone. No one was around, not on the sidewalks or the streets. Finally, a strange man moved past her on a bicycle.

"Excuse me, sir. Do you know where I can find Charlie Swan?"

"You got an emergency?"

"No, I'm his daughter."

"Well, he's out at the reservation, for the big event."

"What event?"

He explained the chief's son was about to get married to the daughter of the Makah chief. "It's practically the royal wedding of these parts. Everyone's there."

He gave her directions to Charlie's, but added how to get to the reservation if she'd rather try that route.

She returned to her car and inspected the gas gauge. She came to an intersection: one way would lead to Charlie's, one to La Push. She should go to her father's but who knew how long she'd have to sit and wait? She was starving. Nothing in town was open and she was broke to boot. Hopefully, the little car would pull through. Weddings meant food and drink. She remembered, Billy. He wouldn't mind. If it was a grand event, one more wouldn't hurt so she took the road less traveled, the unfamiliar path.

She sputtered into an open spot in the packed sand. Bella looked at herself. She was in desperate need of a shower and a change of clothes. She hoped she got through the evening without embarrassing herself. Hopefully, they had wine, that would help her forget the awkwardness of it.

She planned on only showing for the reception but apparently the wedding hadn't started. An usher came over, "Friend of the bride or groom?"

Hesitantly, she said, "Groom."

He led her down an white rug spread across the sand. She spotted her father sitting next to a man with long black hair. The music started, she needed to take a seat. Bella looked back, a beautiful woman stood in the background in a long white dress. She turned and saw a tall, handsome man make his way front and center. She met his gaze, she felt dizzy, he fell to his knees. The music screeched to a halt and Charlie said, "Bells?"

The man standing next to the groom, vocalized, "Oh shit."

The bride cried, "No Jacob!"

Prompt: The Eagles "Hotel California"

Part 2 Trapped

Bella tossed and turned. It had been five days since that freak-show of a non-wedding. The bride screeched and cried, called her every name in the book and Bella was clueless until Billy locked her in a room with him for damned near two hours. A nice woman, Sue brought food and wine which was the most important part. Charlie tried to console her, but strangely he believed the fairytale. She thought they were all crazy. Wolves...some of the Quileutes turned into wolves to rid the world of bloodsucking demons. Jacob was their leader and he imprinted on her at his wedding. She had a knack for embarrassing situations.

Bella stood up and went to the window. There he was again, under a tree, protecting her.

"Go away," she pelted him with things from the room.

"Would you stop? If you're going to throw things, got anything to eat?" He said forget it he was coming up.

She protested. A well built, barely dressed man was suddenly in front of her. "Get out."

"Not until you listen." She screamed obscenities. She was leaving at first light. "I can't let you do that. Besides, your car won't make it."

Charlie had him take a look and Jacob confirmed the engine was shot.

Bella wanted him to leave, she wanted to forget everything that happened. Being in the room with him made her uncomfortable.

"Fine...if you plan to go, I'll drive you."

"No, I'm not going anywhere with you."




Against her will, she was riding down the highway the next afternoon, wind blowing her hair in every direction. "Can we put the top up, this is ridiculous."

"No, I need fresh air."

She covertly smelled herself, she was clean, why was he so weird? They drove for hours on end. She insisted he take her to Phoenix, an old friend was going to help her out.

At nightfall, he pulled into a motel parking lot. She protested, they should drive further, but he said he hadn't slept in days. She offered to drive.

"Not this car, don't think so."

"Two rooms, please."

He shook his head and went inside. They pretty much hated each other, imprinting screwed up.

He came back with one key and stated there were no more rooms. They went inside and she was horrified to see one bed. He didn't hesitate to use the bathroom first. He came out in a pair of shorts, still dripping wet from a shower.

She cleaned up next, taking extra time to condition her tangled hair. An aroma of male lingered behind the curtain and she felt a strange stirring in her belly. It must be those weird burritos they ate earlier. She thoroughly washed, concerned she smelled funky.

He was already in the bed.

"Get up."

He didn't move.

Reluctantly, she climbed in. "You're an ass. Stay on your side, you hear?"

He lazily slurred her name, a foot brushed against her leg. She panicked, how would she survive the night?

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