Enelya was very ready for the coronation to be over so that she could take her husband upstairs and spend some quality time with him and their children. Preparing for the coronation had been such a whirlwind. Thorin and Enelya had chosen to wait until after the coronation and her announcement as the Queen under the Mountain to have her move into the royal quarters with him. They hadn't had a chance to be together at all.

"Are you certain you do not want me to watch Thráin and Díserin?" Dís questioned her marriage-sister as she sat beside her. "To allow you and Thorin time alone?"

"As much as I would love that, I do not think Thorin would," Enelya admitted with a soft smile. The two glanced over to where Thorin was standing, his daughter cradled to his chest as he spoke with Dáin and one of the dwarves from Ered Mithrin. Fíli and Kíli were swinging Thráin about amongst those dancing. The young dwarfling's squeals of delight were music to both Enelya's and Dís' ears.

"Hm," Dís hummed. "I think you are right." She laughed softly as she picked up her wine goblet. "Perhaps tomorrow night then. You two deserve a chance to rekindle the fires of your marriage without worry of a wee one clamboring into your chamber."

Enelya blushed lightly, sipping her own wine. "You are too kind," she said. "Though I also suspect that it is because you wish for time with your niece and nephew."

"Guilty," Dís said, laughing. She reached over and grasped Enelya's hand. "I never properly apologized for my initial reaction to your presence in the mountain. I should have waited to learn more before I made such harsh comments."

Enelya set her goblet down and patted Dís hand gently. "I appreciate the apology, but it was unnecessary," she said. "I understand why you reacted as you did. I brought sad news to Dwalin and my lineage would be questioned after how much Thorin lambasted elves as a whole. You were not nearly as bad as he was when we met."

Dís' eyebrow arched towards her hairline, her lips curling at the corners. "Oh? And how did my cantankerous older brother behave?" she asked. Enelya tilted her head getting a slightly far off look as she remembered.

ලොවපුරා සිනමාහල්

A soft groan escaped Enelya as she slowly opened her eyes. A frown creased her forehead when she heard the rather loud, and very male, voices arguing with her aunt. Or rather one was arguing with her aunt, the other was trying to calm him down.

"She's a bloody elf! Those damned spritelings couldn't be bothered to show favor to the dwarves of Erebor when we were fleeing from Smaug, nor did they give us shelter afterwards," one with a deep, rich timbre said angrily. Considering his words, it should not have sent a sensual shiver up Enelya's spine as it had.

"She is half-elf," Marya was saying. "And she cannot be punished for the actions of others who chose to be cowards! Had they been her kin, they would have helped the dwarves of Erebor!"

"Likely story," the dwarf retorted. "All elves are the same!"

"Thorin, calm down," the other male voice said. "Regardless of what our personal feelings on elves are, we wouldn't allow those orcs to hurt an innocent female. And keep your voice down before you wake her."

"Too late," Enelya said, pushing herself until she could sit up. She felt warm hands assisting her and lifted ice-colored eyes to the hazel-green of her aunt's.

"How do you feel, lass?" Marya asked, brushing Enelya's dark hair back to look at the harsh bruise forming along the side of her face. It was one of the lesser of her injuries.

"Like I was attacked by orcs," Enelya tried to say lightly. Unfortunately, the way her body began to tremble gave away the fear she was feeling, especially as memories swamped her of how her mother had died. Tears began to fall down her cheeks before she ducked her head, unwilling to allow the dwarrow men she had caught a glimpse of to see her cry. Marya immediately moved closer and wrapped her arms around her niece, stroking her hair.

Thorin watched the two women, noting how tiny the elf-maid looked beside the flame-haired dwarrowdam. When she had briefly looked towards them and he watched her face start to crumble and her body shake, he had felt an unusual twist inside of him. One he wanted to hate. This was a damned elf! Half or not, she was from a race he despised for all that happened to his people.

"They didn't… they…," Dwalin was trying to be delicate, but he didn't know how to phrase asking if the woman had been violated or not. He felt relief when he saw the dark head shake a negative against Marya's shoulder.

"Enelya's mother was killed by orcs when she was twelve," Marya explained. "I wasn't able to get her away from the scene in time and she saw her mother's death."

"I'm sorry, lass," Dwalin said. "If it's not too painful to ask, why was your father not-." He stopped when he saw Enelya stiffen.

"I…" She quickly rose, or as quickly as someone as injured as she was could. She waved off Marya and hurried to the steps, gingerly walking up them. Silence filled the two-story cottage until the sound of a door clicking shut was heard. Marya's eyes slipped closed when she heard soft sobbing start.

"I didn't mean…" Dwalin started.

"My sister-daughter has faced much in her life," Marya said, sadly. "She never had a chance to know her father."

"Sister-daughter?" Thorin questioned, a frown creasing his forehead.

Opening her eyes, Marya looked at him coldly. "Aye," she said. "Enelya is my niece. A tree-shagger, as you so eloquently said at some point in your loud tirade since bringing her here, where you are supposed to be a guest I might add, is Enelya's father. Her mother was a dwarf of the Grey Mountains."

"She's half-dwarf?!" Thorin demanded, almost incredulous.

"She is Enelya!" Marya snapped. "Her parents loved one another and her father was torn apart by my kin for that supposed sin in front of my sister. When Alvilda found out she was with child, our family demanded she take something to kill the child. The abomination as they called her. We left immediately, refusing to think anything conceived in love was an abomination. We settled here, where others of half-blood had also settled. Alvilda died as any true dwarrowdam would. As a warrior defending her child."

"Our apologies, milady," Dwalin said, clasping a firm hand around Thorin's arm. "We thank you for your hospitality and will take our leave for the night." Yanking on his king's arm, Dwalin dragged the dwarrow out to the barn where they had been given beds and a place to stay.

ලොවපුරා සිනමාහල්

Dís sighed as she shook her head. "I wish I could say I was surprised," she admitted. "But obviously he put his opinions aside…"

"In time, he did," Enelya admitted. "And I am thankful for that. Though our first… encounter on a deeper level did involve fighting."

Dís arched a brow and laughed lightly. "A story for another day, I think," she said. She glanced over at Thorin, who was walking towards them. Díserin was fast asleep against him. Dís looked to where Fíli stood with the Lady Sigrid, Thráin's eyes were starting to droop. "I think wee ones are ready for bed."

Enelya smiled when she saw and nodded, rising. "I agree," she said. She brushed her fingers along Thorin's cheek as he stepped up to her. He turned and pressed a kiss to her fingertips, nodding when her eyes shifted to where their son was being held by their nephew. She left Thorin to bid his good nights to Dís while she did the same with Fíli and Sigrid, gathering her son close to her chest.

The King and Queen under the mountain were quiet as they walked together with their children until they entered their quarters. It had been some time since Thorin had put young dwarflings to bed, but he hadn't forgotten. He only fumbled twice on getting some of the more intricate buttons of Thráin's tunic off before he was able to expertly remove his son's clothing and change him into his pajamas. Enelya smiled as she carried Díserin over to the ornate cribs. The two settled their children into bed, before stepping out of the nursery into their room.

Thorin put his arms around his wife's waist, nuzzling her neck gently. "Alone at last," he murmured against her skin. He smiled gently when he felt her shiver and her fingers curled around his marriage braid.

"It has been too long," she said quietly. Her head fell back to Thorin's shoulder when he pressed a kiss to her skin.

"It has," Thorin admitted. "But does it mean I am getting old if I admit that I only wish to hold my One in my arms and that is all tonight?"

Enelya laughed lightly, turning to press her lips to Thorin's temple. "No, amrâlimê, it means you are a King who was just coronated and a newly discovered father who has two very energetic wee ones," she said. "It has been quite a long day for our family."

"It has," Thorin murmured against her skin. He lifted his head when he heard their door open and saw one of Enelya's new ladies pause in the doorway.

"Mine apologies, your Majesties," the dwarrowdam said. "I was simply…"

"No need, Ulna," Enelya said with a gentle smile. "Please take the rest of the evening off. My lord husband and I will be fine on our own. Enjoy your evening."

Ulna bobbed a curtsey. "Thank you, your Majesty," she said. "May Mahal bless you with a wonderful evening." Earning a nod from Thorin for her blessing, the young dwarrowdam turned and left with a click of the door.

"That seemed almost too easy," Thorin admitted, nuzzling his wife.

Enelya laughed lightly, her fingers brushing through Thorin's hair before she stepped away from his embrace and took his hand. Leading him towards their bed, she reached up to start taking the jewels from her hair.

"Ulna has her eye on young Ori and I believe a night off would allow her to enjoy the festivities and perhaps convince him to dance," Enelya admitted. She paused when Thorin's hands covered hers when she started to uncoil her hair. A soft smile formed as she let him take care of the task, memories of how he loved to take care of her hair sweeping over her.

"Ori is a very shy dwarrow, quite sheltered by Dori. Might be good for the lad to have a lass to be interested to show him that there is more to life than his parchments," Thorin said, his fingers untangling Enelya's hair. Curling the dark locks over her shoulder, he began unlacing the back of her gown.

"Having a home in Erebor will help," Enelya said, shivering when Thorin's fingers brushed her skin as he helped her with her gown and corset, leaving her in just her shift. "You're building a new life for your people and the celebration tonight showed them what you had been hoping for for so long."

"Aye," Thorin said, his arms dropping to his side as Enelya moved to her side of the bed where her nightgown had been laid out. He turned and walked over to where his sleep pants had been laid out and began to pull off his formal attire. He heard the shift of fabric as Enelya changed then the bed as she sat.

"I do not like, however, some of the disdainful looks you were given, particularly by returning 'dams," Thorin pointed out, slipping his leather breeches down his legs. He heard an intake of a breath, his gaze shifting to Enelya. She practically licked her lips as she let her eyes wander over his taut backside and muscular legs.

"Tomorrow, amrâlimê," Thorin said, his tone amused.

"You make a hard argument, husband," Enelya said. "But worry not for me. You were once the most eligible dwarrow and now here you are, married to a half-elf with two children. They see me as the one who thwarted their courtship plans and hopes to elevate their status and that of their families. They will look to Fíli and Kíli now."

"One of whom has his eye turned by a full-blooded elf maid," Thorin said. He had come to be more amused by his sister-son's affections than angry over it. His reunion with Enelya and their children certainly helped with that. "And if I am not mistaken by his looks, I suspect that the other may have his own eye on another not of our race."

"Oh?" Enelya asked, shifting the blankets out of the way as Thorin finished changing and turned to walk over to their bed.

"Aye," Thorin said. "Fíli seems to be showing interest in the Princess Sigrid."

"She is a lovely young woman and she seems to be quite… Thorin…" Enelya had finally lifted her head to speak, her gaze falling on her husband. With his torso bare, she was able to see the large, still healing scar emblazoned across his chest. When Thorin kneeled on the bed, Enelya moved closer and her shaky fingers reached up to barely touch the still pink skin.

"I forgot that you had yet to see it," Thorin said quietly. His fingers covered hers.

"I… I had heard you had been hurt during the battle," Enelya whispered. "I had not realized how bad…"

Thorin swallowed, his fingers tightening around hers. "An inch or less to the left and I would have gone to the Halls of Waiting," he admitted. "Azog truly meant to extinguish the line of Durin. His orcs would have succeeded completely had it not been for Sigrid and Tauriel."

"That is why Sigrid's arm is still bound," Enelya said. "Azog?"

"Truly dead this time," Thorin admitted. "The last thing I saw before falling unconscious was Fíli cutting his head off to ensure it. I had plunged my own blade into Azog's heart, sustaining this wound to free my blade to do so. Fíli and Kíli almost lost their lives defending me afterwards."

"Sigrid and Tauriel?" Enelya asked.

"Fíli and Kíli had sustained their own injuries when more orcs were pressing around them," Thorin explained. "Most of the battle had ceased, which is why Tauriel and Sigrid began searching through the bodies for survivors and wounded. When they came upon us, both took up arms to defend us. Tauriel was no surprise, she is a trained warrior. Sigrid, however, managed to pick up a fallen dwarf's axe to also defend. She took an orc's mace to her arm during her defense, but she never conceded until they had been defeated and assistance came to them through Thranduil and Bard."

"I am sure Bard was incensed," Enelya said. As a mother, she understood the protective nature of a parent. She couldn't imagine seeing either of her children in danger. For a man like Bard to see his eldest child, his eldest daughter injured and wielding a dwarven axe in defense of three fallen dwarves, he had to be beside himself.

"He gave me quite the earful when I woke," Thorin admitted. "But it was more to release the worry he felt for his daughter. I woke before she did, but Óin had admitted that he had given her a very strong draught to ensure she slept more than she was awake to help with the pain. The lass is very lucky she will not lose her arm or the use of it. The mace all but shattered the bone, but Thranduil's healers also assisted. She will be bound to keep it immobile for another month or so, but she will regain full use of it once she is healed."

Enelya hissed lightly, shaking her head. She placed her hand over the scar on Thorin's chest. Scars had been no surprise on his body when she had first seen him without a shirt. He was a warrior and she knew of the Battle of Azanulbizar, where he had lost his grandfather, brother, father, and marriage-brother in some capacity; be it death or madness as she discovered. But this scar, it could have meant his death and her sorrow. It could have meant that his children would never know their father. An inch or less, he had said. That was all that had stood between life and Waiting.

Leaning forward, she pressed a kiss to the puckered flesh, hearing a slight intake of breath from Thorin. It made her wonder if it still caused him pain. She felt his fingers in the long tresses of her hair, fingers moving to cup the back of her head.

"Amrâlimê," Thorin said, his voice a rumble against her lips against his skin.

"When you left me, I knew I could lose you," she whispered, lifting her head. Thorin moved closer as he knelt on the bed with her, his hands moving to cup her upper arms once she had moved. Looking into Thorin's eyes, a single tear slipped down Enelya's cheek.

"But to have the knowledge that I came so close to it," she said. "To know that this almost took you from me, from our children…"

"Hush," Thorin whispered. He shifted until he laid down in bed, drawing her down to him, pillowing her head on his chest. "Listen. Hear my heart beating soundly within my breast, feel its strength. I am here, I am alive. Scarred more than before, but I am not Waiting. We are together and our children will grow strong with us guiding them. Perhaps we can soon add to them, if you so wish it."

Enelya smiled softly. "I wish it," she whispered. "But for tonight, I wish to simply have my husband and king hold me. I wish to wake up within his arms for the first time in years and know that this is not all some fanciful dream of mine. These days in Erebor have felt very surreal to me."

Pressing a kiss to Enelya's hair, Thorin wrapped his arms around her. "If this is a fanciful dream, it is one I share and wish to never wake from," he said. "For I wish to never let you go and I do not intend to."