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Started With A Kiss

To be frank Eggsy had been having a fucking horrible week, the kind that had only gotten worse as the days went by. First he'd lost his latest job on account of his boss's wife panting after him like a bitch in heat in front of everyone, then Dean had up and lost big at the races, which meant what money he'd been able to cobble together would likely have to go to paying the full rent again. And cause Dean was the bastard that he was, his step dad had been taking his loss out on all of them, especially him, and Eggsy had pretty much reached the breaking point when the bastard had insinuated he was gonna have a threesome with his mum and his stooge. He'd managed to rein himself in enough to get out though, no small feat there, and had gone out to meet up with his mates to cool down instead. Which should have earned him points with the man upstairs but oh no, far from it in fact. Because unfortunately he'd been stupid enough to pick the Black Prince for said hanging out, cause he'd been too busy seeing red to stop and consider the fact that the pub was Dean's men's main hangout. So then he'd had to deal with them, and still not thinking straight he's nixed Rottweiler's keys and then the gobshite's car because he'd just had a fucking nough. One joyride later and he was in fucking jail, looking at eighteen fucking months in prison.

Going to jail, knowin he'd be convicted and that that meant his mum and Daisy bein at Dean's mercy for a year and a half, with him havin no way of helpin or providin for them…

After the week he'd been having Eggsy hadn't seen the point in callin the number of the back of his dad's medal, cause if it didn't work that would have just finished him off after years of believin it meant something. But he'd called, because it was all he could think to do.

Now, less than twenty four hours later, here he was, sitting in a booth and watching some old army mate of his dad's beat the livin shit out of Dean's morons like they was all in some Yank action movie. He was being saved for the second time in less than an hour by the same posh bloke who'd apparently gotten his 'Oxfords, not Brogues' message, and had somehow convinced the police to let him go, no harm, no foul.

That all he could think about, as he watched an umbrella be used in some really creative, very scary ways, was how much he wanted to have his brains shagged out by his twice rescuer was just mortifying, not to mention solid proof that the stresses in his life had finally done him in. The bloke was older than his father, for fucks sake. And really he should be helpin him or something, not sittin on his arse imagining what it would be like to present said arse to the man as a reward for savin him.

Stupid werewolf fetish.

Cause that's what the bloke was, Eggsy had always had an eye for them. A lot of people didn't, the London packs were real good about blending in with regular people. But Eggsy was a quarter wolf himself, even if he couldn't change and hadn't been born with heightened senses or nothing like he'd always hoped he would. There was just somethin so predatory and graceful about the shape shifters, somethin that called to him even though he'd long ago accepted that that wasn't in the cards for him. But when an alpha male wolf came strolling his way, well he'd never been able to help but look him over if he thought he could get away with it. And this one…he'd never had one call to him so strongly before in his twenty one years of life. The way this Harry Hart bloke looked and moved and smelled so mouthwateringly edible, Eggsy couldn't ever recall being so turned on and he hadn't stopped being a horny teenager that long ago so that was sayin somethin.

Plus those sinfully cut trousers were givin him all sorts of ideas.

And then, just as Eggsy's conscience had beaten him up enough that he was about to get off his arse and help take the goons down, Harry finished takin out the bartender and then retook his seat across from him, apologizing like he'd just had to step out to take a call or something.

Not knowing what to do now, especially since he was back to squirming in his jeans now that he had the man's full attention again, Eggsy was almost relieved when Harry was suddenly turning his watchy thing towards him. Having seen what it did to the bartender, Eggsy knew that that wasn't a good thing, and he did know how to reassure someone that he wasn't a snitch and would keep his bloody mouth shut about everythin that had happened. It had been beat into him early.

Pleased when he was believed, especially since being rendered unconscious in this place would not end well for him once the rest started wakin up, Eggsy had just enough time to be grateful he wouldn't be darted when Harry got up to leave. Was saying good bye, and all he was getting from him was a quick touch to his shoulder that didn't last more than a moment, and then just like that Harry was leavin him like he was just a bit of business he'd needed to see to before movin on to more important things.

And that…that caused a shift in Eggsy's thinking, in a way that his brain had never done before, not even while he was pissed or furious or hurtin something awful. It was like the mostly intelligent part of his human brain stopped tellin him what he should and shouldn't do, and what did start talking was a pure, animalistic need that had Eggsy lurching out of his seat and stumbling in the direction of the front door Harry was about to reach for.

Saying the man's name Eggsy watched as the older man turned around to raise a questioning eyebrow, still looking as perfect and untouchable as he had since the moment Eggsy had laid eyes on him.

But the word that suddenly rose to take hold of him had nothing to do with how sexy or posh Eggsy thought Harry Hart was. It was a word that would have made no sense to his human side if he'd been thinking properly. But as he walked up to Harry that word was all he could think about.


So without any thought to the fact that he'd just seen ample proof that the man could probably kill him with his pinkie finger, Eggsy grabbed Harry by the lapels, jerked him up against him, and pressed his lips against Harry's to claim what was his.

It was a bruising kiss, one meant to convey both ownership and a need for sex that would not be easily sated. It was primal, unquestionably carnal, and loud as Eggsy moaned wantonly, not caring a whit about the fact that they were standing in a pub surrounded by unconscious drug dealers and hired muscle. That he wasn't being pushed away, that he was being allowed to kiss and press up against the hard, fit body of the sexiest man he'd ever encountered, was all Eggsy cared about.

Trying to lick his way into the other man's mouth, and not succeeding, Eggsy made an annoyed sound deep in his throat and kept on trying until strong fingers came up to dig into his upper arms as he was physically jerked back to put space between them.

Panting in between licking his lips to savor the taste he had most definitely not gotten enough of, Eggsy stared up into Harry's eyes, making a sound embarrassingly close to a whimper at the fact that the other man's irises were gone, pure black orbs now staring back at him, confirming what Harry was. A werewolf's eyes always went like that, when their animal side was aroused in some way.

"You. Should. Not. Have. Done. That." Each word was bitten off, like the formerly eloquent and sophisticated man was having problems with his speech, the man's fingers tightening enough that Eggsy knew his upper arms would bruise from them.

Opening his mouth with the intention of most likely stuttering over the question of why that was, Eggsy thankfully didn't get the chance as he was literally picked up, then spun around so that his back was pressed up against one of the pub's currently locked doors. And then Harry was snogging him back with a growl that had Eggsy shuddering in pleasure as he wrapped his legs around the man's waist, tightening them as much as possible to insure he wouldn't be pushed away again.

Desperate to claim what was his, and Harry was definitely his, Eggsy had to content himself with thoroughly mussing Harry's perfect hair with his fingers and rubbing against him as the man wouldn't let him have any control over the kissing, which had become so much more than before. Harry was in charge now and his mouth demanded absolute submission, which Eggsy gave willingly without a thought to question why he would. He was Harry's after all, just as Harry was his.

And hell, the man obviously knew a hell of a lot more about how to snog a man than he did.

Making a grumbly sound of disappointment when the kissing was broken off again, Eggsy quickly turned his head to offer more of his neck when Harry nuzzled his face there, obviously seeking the soft skin to taste. That his offering was met with a sharp nip and the man's hands cupping his arse to lift him up more had Eggsy's head spinning.

So strong. Smells so good. Mine. Mine. Mine.

The first couple groans didn't register, it was Harry's sudden stillness and body language that clued Eggsy into the fact that something was wrong. Then he heard it too, a sound that most definitely wasn't coming from them, but from someone else in the room. At least one of the room's other occupants was waking up.

Meeting Harry's still dark, impenetrable gaze, Eggsy just nodded when Harry inform him that they were leaving now.


In short order Harry had the doors unlocked and an unbreakable grip on Eggsy's arm, not that he had any intention of trying to get away. No, at the moment he was more concerned with biting back the whines and needy moans he could feel bubbling up inside of him, begging to burst free to let Harry know how much he wanted him. But even in his current state he had some pride, as well as the instincts to know that they were outside now and exposed in a way they hadn't been moments ago. They needed to go somewhere where they could be alone. He needed them to be alone together, with nothing between them. Including clothes.

"You know the area?"


"Where's the nearest decent hotel?"

Pointing in the right direction Eggsy matched his stride as best he could to Harry's, no easy task given the man's longer legs and much surer stride. Eggsy's legs were still feeling a little on the weak side. But they got to their destination quickly enough, thank God, as the place was less than a block aways. In no time at all Harry had gotten them a room and it was off to the elevator, Eggsy vibrating like a plucked guitar string as he waited for them to get to their floor.

Arching his back like a bow when Harry's hand unexpectedly let go of his to slip under his jacket and shirt to settle on the small of his back, Eggsy looked up at Harry, hoping his eyes conveyed all the things he wanted to say but couldn't with his brain all muddled.

It worked, he figured, judging by the heat of the man's stare in return.

Both jolting a little when the elevator chimed their arrival, having been so focused on eye fucking the other that they hadn't been paying attention, the two shared another look and then moved as soon as the doors opened to let them through. A quick glance to determine what direction they needed to go in, and then off they went, thankfully that it was only four doors down before they arrived at the correct one.

A quick swipe of the card and turn of the handle, the door opening as Harry motioned for him to go in first.

He did.

Aware of Harry's presence in every cell of his body Eggsy felt him come in after him, heard the door close and the chain being slid into place. And refusing to acknowledge the nerves or the hints of common sense that were threatening to remind him of all the reasons this could be a really bad idea, Eggsy took a deep breath and then taking off his cap threw it over on the chair beside the telly, shrugging off his jacket after that and tossing it onto the chair too. Reaching down to grasp the hem of his shirt Eggsy removed that next, turning around this time to face Harry as he set that aside too, not even noticing when the shirt slid off and tumbled to the ground when their gazes locked. Lifting first one leg up than the other Eggsy hooked a finger in so that he removed his socks as well as his shoes, giving them a light throw under the chair so they was out of Harry's way as the man came closer.

"You're beautiful."

Eggsy had been told he was good looking before, and he knew he was, but he'd never been called beautiful. Having someone who looked like Harry say that he was…Eggsy actually felt his cheeks heat up a little bit which was utterly mortifying.

Thankfully taking pity on him, or just wanting to get back to what they'd been doing earlier, Harry was suddenly pressed up against him, the man having moved with typical, supernatural speed. Then he was being kissed again and Eggsy quite happily forgot all about being called beautiful as he concentrated on kissing Harry back, murmuring his pleasure when he felt Harry's fingers come between them to start undoing his belt.

Moments later Eggsy had to grin when Harry suddenly stopped kissing him, havin discovered that Eggsy wasn't wearin nothin under his jeans, which were now sliding down to pool at his feet. The washing machine was on the fritz at the moment, and he hadn't gotten around to takin his clothes to the mat. And judgin by the way the man was touchin his bare arse and growlin low in his throat, Eggsy figured it was safe to say that Mr. Harry Hart was definitely pleased about that.

Punctuating that thought, Harry gave both cheeks a hard squeeze and then told Eggsy to get his pretty arse on the bed. Now.

"Luv ta." And that being the case Eggsy stepped out of him jeans and walked over to the bed to quite happily stretch out on the covers, reflexively catching the small vial of liquid Harry had gotten from somewhere on his person and thrown at him.

"Not it's intended purpose, but use that to loosen yourself up. I'm afraid I don't have the patience currently. Nor for foreplay."

Mouth drying at both the sight of Harry undoing his cufflinks, a prelude to the removal of all those other layers that were between him and the other man's bare body, Eggsy would have just watched if Harry hadn't sent him another heated look that told him he needed to do as ordered if this was going to be as fucking good as he knew it could be.

Though first he had to rearrange the pillows a little, since Eggsy had every intention of taking advantage of the fact that Harry had remained at the foot of the bed. Bringing his legs up and planting his feet wide apart when he was settled, Eggsy made sure the older man had quite the view as he used the oddly sweet smelling gel to coat his fingers and then slide them between his legs to start preparing himself.

That Harry just stood there and watched him for a several minutes minutes was an incredible turn on, especially since the man's eyes kept roaming over him like phantom hands, learning him visually so that Eggsy couldn't help but imagine how much better it was going to be when Harry actually put his hands on him. Of course his own fingers were doing an excellent job of arousing him too, they'd had a lot of experience twisting and thrusting in and out of his arse to get him ready or just for the added stimulation while he was wanking off for a while now.

And to make that clear Eggsy was vocal both about how much pleasure he was getting and how much he couldn't wait for Harry to come over and fuck him instead, because as much as he liked Harry watching Eggsy wanted the man in bed with him even more.

Finally giving in, or having reached his limit, Harry started removing his own clothing, making it rather hard for Eggsy to concentrate on what he was supposed to be doing because fuck a duck, who'd have thought watching some posh bloke casually get undress would be so fucking hot?

It was the layers, Eggsy decided, it drew the whole thing out so that by the time the man's upper half was bare Eggsy felt like he'd been waiting forever to see him shirtless. Totally worth the wait though, especially since the very fit chest he was looking at was also marked with scars and the upper arm tattoo that revealed his pack, though Eggsy didn't know enough to identify which one it was. There was also a tattoo on the underside of the man's left wrist, he noted, which looked like a bunch of Celtic knots interlaced with each other in an elegantly beautiful way.

He wanted to trace both those designs with his tongue, and would have said so if Harry hadn't chosen that moment to order him to focus on what he was supposed to be doing.

Seeing the look in the other man's eyes, the promise of what was to come, Eggsy swallowed his instinctively snarky response to that and went back to what he was doing, opting not to watch Harry remove the rest of his clothing because that would definitely distract him. Plus he'd already seen how much tighter Harry's trousers had gotten, making it clear that Harry was generously hung, and that being the case Eggsy knew he needed to up the finger count and really stretch himself out ASAP before his arse saw the kind of action he'd be feeling well into the next week.

Not that he'd complain if it did.