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A Fairy Tale Ending

Wrapping his arms around Harry Eggsy hugged the man with all the love he had for him, smiling genuinely when Harry wrapped his own around him just as lovingly. Fuck but they'd had a fucked up relationship so far. Beyond fucking ridiculous, really. Hell, the fact that they were standing here, in one piece and safe in each other's arms, well it was a fucking miracle when you considered how they'd started out. From punching Harry while the man was in a coma ta thinking his world would come ta a fucking end if he lost him. Though Eggsy imagined he'd be wantin to punch Harry plenty in the future. He snorted in amusement at the thought.

"What's funny? I could use a laugh."

"Just thinkin how we're gonna be driving each other barmy till death do us part."

There was a smile in Harry's voice as he agreed that that was a distinct possibility. And he was looking forward to it.

Pulling back, and shifting so that he was up on his tip toes, Eggsy looked into Harry's eyes searchingly. "Are you really this calm about all this shit, or are you just holding it all in cause I was freaking out? You can freak out too, if ya need ta. I won't think less of you or nothin. And that's what a mate's for, right? Ta be there when ya break."

Leaning forward Harry placed a kiss on Eggsy's forehead. "Unfortunately, I'm rather too used to violence at this point. In the quiet, or while asleep, I'm sure that the 'What Ifs' will hit me hard and in the most brutal of fashions, but for the time being I'm fine. So long as you're whole and safe with me."

Eggsy had to clear his throat to speak around the lump Harry's words had put there. "Oh you're gonna be stuck with me for ages, Harry. No getting around that, I'm afraid."

"I look forward to that too."



"They've got the air conditioning cranked way too fucking high in this room. Where'd they say there were clothes for me again? I'm fucking freezing."

Chest shaking with laughter, Harry kissed his forehead again and then reminded him that the Stateman's had said there'd be clothes in the dresser that Eggsy could help himself to.


Harry followed him over to the dresser, which was full of posh stuff Eggsy didn't really want to wear. He'd rather put off wearing a suit or fancy clothes until he absolutely had to.

"Eggsy." Harry's fingers carded through his damp hair. "Do you want me to find you something?"

Glancing over, Eggsy reined in his eye rolling. "I can pick out clothes, Harry. I ain't that young."

"I know." Another head stroke. "But it's been a long day."

It had been. And he might be stalling over the clothes a bit because they were all church clothes to his way of thinking, and church was not something Eggsy wanted to think about or be reminded of. Which was why he should pick some fucking clothes before Harry picked them for him. "I'll be all right, Harry. I won't bounce back as quick as you, and I never, ever want ta come back ta this fucking state so long as I live, but I'll be okay."

"Never coming back sounds like an excellent idea."

"Good. And if we do have kids and one them hooks up with a bird or lad that wants ta get married here…we'll offer to pay for them to get married somewhere else. I'll sell a bloody organ if need be."

Chuckling, Harry informed him that that wouldn't be necessary.

"Since I'm pretty fond of them stayin in me body where they're supposed ta be that's good news. Though we will have ta come back ta this sodding country sometime ta go to Disney World. That's non-negotiable. I always promised Daisy I'd take her someday like my dad promised me when I was a sprog. And yeah she's too little now ta remember, but it's the principle of the thing. Plus if we have kids, we'll have to take them too. Though you have to take them on the 'It's A Small World After All' ride while I wait outside. That ain't negotiable neither."

"Any particular reason for that?"

Resigned to the fact that he wasn't going to find trackies in any of the drawers Eggsy stepped into some trousers as he explained that he had it on good authority that that particular ride was evil.

Harry's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Admittedly I've never been on it, but it's my understanding that that ride is dedicated to introducing children to different countries and cultures, while suggesting that our world is small and we should live in harmony together. Exactly what's so evil about that?"

"I'd tell ya, but then ya wouldn't take the sprogs through it stead of me." Eggsy deliberately grinned a little maniacally at Harry as he worked a belt through the loops of his borrowed trousers.


Pleased that he'd successfully distracted Harry from worrying about him with talk of future children, worked every time, Eggsy turned his attention back to finding himself a shirt while Harry pulled out his phone to apparently look up information on the ride.



Two Weeks Later

The sun was unusual bright and warm today, and outside the café's window Eggsy observed many of his fellow Brits using their lunch breaks to sit outside and bask in the weather. To him the sun and heat reminded him a little too much of Kentucky, those wounds still far too fresh, so he'd surprised the hostess when he'd requested a table inside rather than the patio. Leave those seats to people who'd actually enjoy it properly, he figured, especially since he was required to wear suits these days anyway, and it was more comfortable inside for that.

Glancing down at the sound of a message received, Eggsy's thought turned immediately to Harry and how this better not be a text telling him that his mate was standing him up. Again.

Yeah it weren't Harry's fault he hadn't had much time for him recently, King's betrayal had thrown Kingsman into chaos and everyone had been calling for his mate to step into the bastard's shoes while the figured out-oh. Not Harry. Jamal.

Reading the quick message, as well as noting the file attached to said message, Eggsy's lips curved into a smile that was downright evil as he accessed the file and settled back into the booth to watch the video he'd put together and had asked his mate to add music to. He could have managed the music as well, but not as well or as soon given that he was being kept busy as well.

The vid was fucking perfect.

Chuckling with glee, and just restraining himself from rubbing his hands together as he attached a copy of the file to an email addressed to Roxy, Eggsy's mood seriously improved. Oh man, what she was going to say when she got a load of it. She was gonna ta freak out more than a tween at a 'One Direction' concert. Only not in a good way.

Eggsy giggled like a little girl as he sent it.

"Do I want to know what you're doing on that thing?"

Looking up with a much less evil but no less delighted smile, Eggsy's grinned at his mate as Harry slid into the booth across from him. "Just sending Rox a little video I put together for her."


"A slideshow of Princess Tide pictures set to the song 'I Kissed a Girl' by Katy Perry."

His best mate had been the one to unlock the door that had set the Swedish princess free from Valentine's evil lair, and to show her gratitude Tilde had apparently given Roxy one hell of a kiss before propositioning her. With some very kinky girl on girl stuff that Roxy was refusing to divulge. While blushing madly.

Harry's lips curved in amusement. "Ah. You do recall the fact that she's routinely armed, don't you?"

"Ah, she loves me. She'll just say I'm jealous that I ain't never snogged a princess and she has."

"And are you? Jealous?"

"Wouldn't mind the bragging rights none, but nah, I'm good with just snogging my mate."


Leaning forward to meet Harry halfway, Eggsy grinned against his mate's lips before concentrating his full attention on the kiss that was sadly on the short side since Harry wasn't the sort to make out with him in public. Not yet, anyway.

"So how'd the meet go?" Eggsy asked once they were both sitting properly and Harry had had a chance to order a drink from the waitress who had been politely waiting for them to finish snogging rather than interrupt them.

Judging from the wink she'd sent his way, she'd enjoyed the show.

"Well it seems, after a lot of arguing and elitist stupidity, that our pack is willing to bend the rules a little and give me the position of alpha. There was talk about setting a deadline for when my virility needed to be proven, but in the end the fact that I have a young, fertile mate, and therefore plenty of years to get you in the family way, swayed them from making demands for immediate offspring." Harry's tone was dry, but Eggsy's saw the barest hint of a smirk, too.

He'd gotten used to the idea of them likely having children in the future, it had been a major topic of conversation for weeks now, and while the idea of being pregnant was not pleasant, Eggsy had to admit that the idea of having little Harrys of his own did make him soft and a little gooey inside whenever he thought about it these days.

But still…"If it weren't for the fact that they'd traumatize the little one, I'd say those prats should have ta babysit."


"So do we gotta have my ceremony before yours?" Eggsy hadn't officially become one of the pack yet, since acknowledging his mating with Harry had taken a backseat first to his training, and then to them having to save the world and shit.

"It's not necessary, but we will likely have yours first just because of all the paperwork and such that will have to be dealt with before I can take over officially. Especially since there are still those who are going to do their best to throw any spanner they can find into the works."

"And then you'll show them ignorant bastards up when you're the best alpha Kingsman's ever had."

"I shall do my best." Harry reached over to take one of Eggsy's hands in his. "And I shall be very thankful that I'll have you around to rescue me should the need arise. Which, given the amount of useless traditions and mountains of paperwork headed my way, will be often."

Laughing, Eggsy thought to himself that he was looking forward to seeing just what their life would be like together. Just them for a while, he mused, and then sometime in the future they'd probably get around to proving Harry's 'virility' and adding a couple sprogs to their family. Just a couple though.

Lord only knows what sort of trouble an offspring of theirs would get into once they learned to walk.

Give him a life or death situation any day.


Eight Years Later

According to his phone there would be rain later in the afternoon, and Harry would be the first to admit that he was hoping it would do so. Sun was lovely, in moderation, but all this heat was a little much for him even in his very casual attire. Eggsy had been right to insist he wear the ballcap as well, no matter how much he'd have rather gone without. His mate, on the other hand, was currently wearing a hat with Mickey Mouse ears, and looked utterly adorable in it.

Reaching over with his free hand, his other currently in Eggsy's grip, Harry tipped the hat a little so that it was resting on his husband's head better.

"Thanks. How much longer do ya think they'll be, anyway?"

"I shouldn't think much longer."

They were killing time while they waited for Merlin, Roxanne, and Daisy to return with their children. As decided all those years ago neither he nor Eggsy had been willing to go on this particular Disney ride, and so the other adults had scoffed at them and agreed to take the children themselves. The poor, ignorant fools.

"I can't wait until tomorrow when we go to Disney's Hollywood Studios. I am so gonna try and be the one that gets ta act in the live action Indiana Jones show. And I'm gettin a fedora afterwards. A lot of blokes can't pull that look off, but I think I'd look pretty fucking fuckable in one. Don't cha think?" Eggsy fluttered his eyelashes teasingly as him, having moved in close to as not to shock the little ones running around or their parents.

Bringing their joined hands up and twisting them a little, Harry placed a kiss against the wrist that proclaimed Eggsy to be his, smiling at the flash of heat that elicited. "I'd say adorably fuckable."

"Can ya be both?" Eggsy pondered this for a minute. "Nevermind. Ya do it all the time. It's possible."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"Good. It was meant as one." And so saying Eggsy moved in to steal a kiss.

As if on cue Harry heard calls for 'Da' and 'Papa', both of them turning around in perfect synch to watch their five children come running at them full speed.

Yes. Five.

Even now, nearly six years later, Harry still could not believe that he and Eggsy had ended up fathering quintuplets. The odds…but of course the Fates just had that sort of twisted sense of humor. Or enjoyed seeing Eggsy throw punches at him, as his mate had not taken the news all that well at first.

Being not in a coma at the time, Harry had managed to duck the physical punch, though in truth he'd still felt as though he'd taken a hit. One did not expect to hear that they were going to have to parent five children all at once without any previous experience, after all.

Naturally Adrianna and HJ reached them first, the former's bow looking ready to slip off her head again. Adrianna hadn't wanted to dress as a princess, but as Olivia from 'The Great Mouse Detective', and Harry did approve of the show of national pride. HJ, who considered himself too old to dress up, was wearing a Pixar T-shirt.

Reaching out to adjust the bow while he listened to her excitedly chat about all the little dolls they'd seen from their boat, Harry kept an eye out as his other children arrived, Arthur and Lee both holding onto their Mickey Mouse hats least the fall off, while Emily still looked immaculate in her Belle costume. And heaven help them if so much as a speck of dirt got on her dress.

Daisy was cheerfully happy riding herd over her little nephews and nieces in her Queen Elsa ice costume, while Roxanne and Merlin…well they looked rather traumatized. As expected.

Though the two grinned very evilly when Emily announced that they should ride the ride again with their fathers so that they wouldn't miss out on how cute the ride was.

Freezing in horror, if the children turned their puppy dog eyes on him he'd be sunk, Harry was ridiculously grateful when Eggsy's saved the day with his next words.

"Don't worry, Luv, your papa and I watched a video of the ride so we wouldn't miss out. AND we can't go on the ride because right now we all have to head to Beast's castle so that we can get our lunch AND meet Belle and the Beast. Unless you want to miss that?"


Wincing a little, which helped him hide his smile of relief, Harry assured her that they wouldn't miss it. If they headed to the castle now.

Latching onto each of their hands Emily started dragging them towards the castle in question while demanding that everyone hurry up and follow them. Or else. Which wisely her siblings obeyed, both because they wanted to go to the castle and eat too, and because they knew better than to incite their sister's wrath.

"You owe us for getting on that ride, Hart." Merlin informed them as they headed off, Arthur's hand in his, the littlest of their brood holding Adrianna's hand while her other was in Roxy's.

"And you both owe me fifty pounds each for sayin we was exaggeratin how bad it would be." Eggsy shot right back, reaching out to grab the back of HJ's shirt when Harry's namesake tried to make a break for it.

"I'm going to hear that song in my nightmares for years." Roxy muttered. "And we should rebuild that ride back home and threaten our enemies with it. That would keep them in line more than threatening them with anything else in our arsenal."

"Lass has a point."

"What are ya even talkin bout?" Daisy wanted to know, her brows furrowed.

"Nothing ta worry about, Flower. Just silly grown up stuff."

"Oh." She rolled her eyes at them.

Reaching out with his free hand to stroke the girl's blonde head, Harry asked her if she was looking forward to getting Belle's autograph, which she definitely was. And just like that the conversation turned to all the Disney characters they'd seen so far and who they were most looking forward to meeting.

Everyone was unquestionably happy and excited to continue their Disney adventure together, Harry thought to himself, and couldn't imagine being happier than he was now, with their family all together.

They Would Definitely Live Happily Ever After