Prodigal Daughter

On the outside and in
I trudge down this dusty road
My head is dropped
And I stare at the ground

Even so
My heart races
It recognizes this path
My feet quicken
I lift my head
To gaze toward
What I left behind

Full of selfishness and pride
Impatience and arrogance
I abandoned my home
My Father
My life
For a dream

Now I return
Weary and poor
With newfound wisdom
Bought at too dear a price
My heart broken
My expectations small

A servant
Nothing more
More than I deserve
I know
But all I could want
All I can hope for

He sees me
Look, he's running
My knees grow weak
Tears brim my eyes
I nervously walk
To my Father

He embraces me tightly
A wave of warmth
I want to stay here
Forever in his arms
But I can't
I reluctantly pull away

Drop to my knees
Shame burning like a brand
Sorrow and regret overwhelm me
Held back tears overflow
I tell him

I cover my face
Tear streaked and smudged
Tortured with pain
A touch on my shoulder
I slowly look up
Afraid of what I will see

He is kneeling beside me
On the dirty road
I look in his eyes
I can't find disappointment
The anger I deserve
All I can see
Is overwhelming love

He gently lifts me up
Silences my protests
Calls for a robe
A ring, a feast
Forgiveness in his eyes
I look at him in awe
And know that I am home


I wrote this sometime ago, and just lately found it in one of my notebooks. It's rather
personal to me, for the same reason I called it Prodigal Daughter. It's my own story, from my
own life. Everyone of us that has come to Christ, this is our story.