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By: Chuquita
Quote of the Week: -from dbgt ep 55 "Bulma works on Vegeta's Makeover Plan"
Veggie: From that point on I have given up. I decided not to chase him from behind. I train only to surpass my own limit...to
get stronger.

Chuey's Corner:
Vegeta: (face blue from lack of oxygen) *ACK!*
Chuquita: Umm, Son?
Goku: (terrified) VEGGIE DOESN'T LOVE ME ANYMORE!!! [bawls; holding his death-grip on Veggie] WHERE DID I GO WRONG!!!
Vegeta: (squeezes himself up just enough to breathe again) *WHEW*! FIRST of all that was my GT counterpart saying that and
second if you want to know what you did wrong YOU LEFT ME ALL ALONE FOR FOUR YEARS!!!
Goku: (squeaks out, still frightened) O. [starts patting Veggie on the back] Well don't you worry little Veggie 'o mine! I
won't ever let that happen! I promise I promise I promise! (turns to Chu) If I don't leave for four years Veggie won't cut
his hair and grow a mustache and start taking growth pills and lose all his veggie-love for me and start wearing leather
clothes and leather panties, right?
Chuquita: Umm, I guess.
Goku: (perks up) GREAT! (announcer-like) I SHALL NEVER LEAVE MY HOUSE ON A FOUR-YEAR TRIP _EVER_ _AGAIN_!!!
Chuquita: What about a five-year trip?
Goku: (cheers) YEAH!!
Vegeta: (angry) NO!
Chuquita: He's right Son-kun, if 4 years without you puts Veggie on growth-pills and leather underpants imagine what _5_
years would do! (gulps)
Goku: (pales) (shudders at the thoughts invading his head) Ohhhhhh.... (looks down at Veggie and hugs tighter) Ohhhhhh.....
(turns even paler) Without my guidance and assistance Veggie turns into some kind of gang leader or a hooker!
Vegeta: (falls over) "HOOKER"!? [fingers twitch in the air]
Chuquita: (sweatdrops) Uh, Son, I really don't think--
Goku: Come on! Look at THIS Veggie and then look at the GT Veggie! THERE'S A BIG FAT DIFFERENCE IN CLOTHING!!
Chuquita: (thinks) Well Vedge DID start wearing a leather jacket near the end of dbz, and that's when you barely visited him
at all!
Goku: (eyes widen) Maybe I should move in with Veggie.
Vegeta: WHAT?!
Chuquita: I kinda blame the creator himself, he WAS the one who designed the GT counterparts...thank God the Toei staff
decided to find a way to get rid of Veggie's mustache!
Goku: (shivers) Veggie's just not Veggie with facial hair. (grins) It hides part of his little mouth and upper lip!
Vegeta: (sweatdrops) There's nothing wrong with my upper lip; and my mouth isn't little....AND I HAVE MORE PRIDE THAN TO
Goku: (frowns) I dunno, without his big buddy little Veggie's self-eeesteam gets pret-ty LOW.
Chuquita: (whispers to Son) Personally I find GT Veggie's pants kinda disturbing. I like the blue-whatever-they're-made-of
Z pants better on him.
Goku: Heehee, spandex.
Vegeta: IT'S _NOT_ SPANDEX! (Mr. Explaino) My pants and are made of a highly undestroyable rubbery substance found in deep
Goku: They make spandex in deep space?
Chuquita: (snickers)
Goku: (giggles) It is Veggie.
Chuquita: Umm, the quote of the week?
Vegeta: (grumbles to himself) Just for that I SHOULD chop my hair off!
Goku: (taking him seriously) Oh Veggie NO! [rubs Veggie's hair] It's so pretty like this and that would be like me shaving
half the hair on my head off! I'd look just like Gohan! (grimaces) And with your hair chopped off you'd...probably look like
him too.
Vegeta: (sweatdrops)
Goku: (thinks) Or Yamcha. He had his hair like that for a while I think, but that's not the point! Veggie without his special
Veggie-do would look so frightening--it's like losing your identity!
Chuquita: Yeah, plus your whole veggie-poof thing makes you look taller.
Vegeta: Really?
Chuquita: Yeah, without it you'd look, well, much shorter than you are right now!
Vegeta: Oh.
Goku: (smiles) (cocks his head) Hey, maybe _I_ should give little Veggie a makeover!
Vegeta: (eyes widen) OH no! I objected to that in the last chapter there's no way I'm going to let you--
Goku: (grabs Veggie's hands) Please Veggie it will be fun! (w/big sparkily eyes)
Vegeta: (glowling mildly) Uhh, well, that is... *sighs* You wouldn't do anything that could permanently scare me for life,
would you?
Goku: (laughs) Oh NO little Veggie! I know JUST what to do! [squeezes Veggie tightly and runs off-set] Heeheehee! Fun with
Veggie! Be back later Chu-sama!
Vegeta: (gulps) Me and my big mouth.
Chuquita: (watches Son leave) I hope he knows what he's doing... (turns to audiance) Here's the final chapter of "Jingle
Bells"; part 5!

Summary: It's Christmas time and Vejitto's coming home for the holidays, but this time he's bringing
a friend with him. After a Gogeta from an alternate timeline somehow ends up in h.f.i.l, Vejitto instantly brands him his
little brother and decides to take him home to meet their parents. Meanwhile Veggie's experimenting with mistletoe, Goku's
looking for the perfect gift for his little buddy, and Mirai gets to play Santa Claus! All this and more!

" Here, fusions fusions fusions. " Chi-Chi said in a sing-song voice as she crept around the kitchen wearing various
pieces of ovenware as armor along with a pot on her head and a frying pan in her hand, " I know you're in here. I know its
you. Those hits were too hard and too precise to be from something that Ouji built on his own. " she said in a dark,
dangerous tone, " They really hurt too, but nothing I can't bounce back from. That's not all that's going to be bouncing
after the day is through either. I'm going to lop off both your ouji-germed heads and play TENNIS with them. Your heads, of
course, will be the balls. "
Vejitto and Gogeta were hidden beneath the floorboards. Vejitto shaking his head as if listening to a crazy-person
and Gogeta now shuddering wildly and trying to keep from having flashbacks.
" Or MAYBE I'll ROAST you instead. I'm sure you'll be wonderful food for the stray animals that wander around West
City once I put your cooked carcasses meat chunks out in the trash! " Chi-Chi growled.
" Get ready. " Vejitto whispered to his fusion brother.
" ... "
" Gogeta? "
" Ehh.... " the younger fusion whimpered, a look of fear plastered on his face, " She's gonna hurt me Ji-kun! "
" What? Of course not, Goggie! We can take her on, easy! " Vejitto grinned, then yelped as Gogeta latched onto him.
" We gotta get out of here! I can't let her kill me, Vejitto! I don't want to die! " Gogeta's fears began rising to
the surface, " Where's Mommy and Daddy? Why aren't they here to save us? That insane-Onna's going to come kill us! *GASP*
What if she got to them ALREADY!! "
Vejitto looked temporarily worried, then quickly sensed out Goku and Vegeta's ki. He narrowed his eyes at Gogeta,
" They're both alive and well in the living room, Gee. Stop worrying about this! "
ABOUT YOU! _I_ ON THE OTHERHAND AM SHARING MY BODY WITH MY TOUSSAN AND KAASAN!!!! " he shouted, then frowed, " I only wish
there was someway to give them they're bodies back without destroying mine! " Gogeta smiled weakly, " Yeah, we could all go
back home and live at my timeline's Capsule Corp together and never have that mean old witch-lady bother us again! A REAL
family!! "
" ...boy, that split personalities/body-sharing thing really messes with the head, doesn't it Goggie? " Vejitto
cocked an eyebrow.
" You have no idea. " Gogeta said flatly.
" We'll let's find out! " Vejitto chirped, " On 3 we come out swinging the mallets and slam Chi-Chi in a mallet
sandwich! "
" Heh-heh, you mean a mallet sandwitch! " Gogeta added.
" Haha! Yeah! " Vejitto nodded happily, then followed Chi-Chi's ki through the room, " Oh-kay, she's getting closer..
..almost here...1, "
" 1. " Gogeta repeated, setting up his mallet.
" 2, "
" 2. " both of them raised the mallets above their heads.
" 3. "
" 3!! " Gogeta shouted in an almost war-cry-like sound as both mallets flew through the holes in the floor and
slammed forward, once again flattening Chi-Chi like a pancake. They both poked their heads out of the holes for a moment to
watch her smushed form wobble back and forth. They grinned, gave each other thumbs-up signs, and ducked back under the
floor just as Chi-Chi became re-oriented with the world around her.
" Ohhhhh.....cupcakes and beef? " she said dizzily, then shook her head, " I'LL KILL THE BOTH OF YOU!!! " Chi-Chi
screamed at the top of her lungs, then ran into the living room, " WHERE ARE THEY!! "
" Where are who Chi-chan? " Goku's voice came from across the room.
" Say Onna, did you defeat the 'invisible mallets'? Or were they just too tough for you? " Vegeta snickered. Chi-Chi
looked up to see the gang around the Christmas tree. Vegeta was back in his normal, slightly smelly from being overworn--
training clothes. He was sitting on the larger saiyajin's lap and inspecting every present that was passed by him, above him,
and to him.
" Aww, *hic* come on Chi-chan, there is plenty 'o room! " Goku said cheerfully, letting out a little hiccup.
Chi-Chi's eyes widened, " You let him have some of that rum, didn't you Ouji! " she exclaimed at Vegeta.
" It's EGG-NOG, and yes, I did offer Kakarrotto some and he gladly accepted. Just like he offered me this spot and I
accepted in return. " Vegeta smirked.
" How much egg-nog did you feed him? "
" ...I don't know, I gave him the carton and poured a cup. " Vegeta shrugged.
" What cup? " Chi-Chi blinked.
Goku grinned and pointed to a gallon-sized cup.
" Not much, strange how you can spread it out when you want to. " the ouji explained.
" I'm feeling really *hic* good right now Chi-chan. Really good! " Goku smiled, only slightly off.
" Ouji, if you were smart you'd get off him before the effects of what was in that egg-nog start to really kick in. "
Chi-Chi warned him.
" What's the matter Chi-Chi, it's just egg-nog. " Kuririn asked while opening a card.
" *sigh* Vegeta gave Goku a copy of his Christmas list and one of the items on it was alcoholic egg-nog. It was one
of the more practical gifts he wanted so Goku bought it for him. " Bulma explained.
" Ohh..and Vegeta let Goku drink some of it... " Kuririn paled, " Uh, Vegeta, you better listen to Chi-Chi and get
off his lap, you, uhh, you really don't wanna be there when Goku starts to get hit with the side-effects. "
" HA! Kakarrotto is experiancing NO side-effects! Bakas! He's a saiyajin! We saiyajin hold our liquor MUCH better
than mere humans. " Vegeta boasted, then felt something lazily slump ontop of his head. Everyone else instantly scooted back
a couple inches. The ouji sweatdropped and looked up to see Goku leaning his head ontop of his own with a dazed look on his
face, " Oh look, Kakarrotto's going to fall asleep on me. So VERY scary! "
" You know what's gonna be scary in a minute? Those evil "fusion-babies" once I get through with them. " Chi-Chi
growled, searching the floor and ceiling, still unaware of Goku's present position.
" Chi-Chi, they're right over here! " Bulma pointed behind her to Vejitto and Gogeta, who were opening their own
" AH-HA! I'VE GOT YOU NOW!! " Chi-Chi held up her frying pan. Both fusions eyes widened in surprise.
" KAASAN! What do you think you're doing?! " Gohan yelped.
" I'm killing the evil half-ouji spawn, Gohan-chan. Now avert your eyes before Mommy accidentally scars you for
life. " she brushed him away.
" But they didn't DO anything!! "
" HA! "
" He's right Chi, they were in here opening presents with us the whole time you were gone. " Bulma added. Chi-Chi
" What? "
" I said-- "
GIANT INVISIBLE _MALLETS_!!!! " Chi-Chi screamed almost-psychotically.
" Geez, Aunt Chi-Chi, you sure you don't need to go to a head doctor or something? " Vejitto cocked an eyebrow.
" I AM PERFECTLY SANE AND I AM _NOT_ YOUR AUNT!!! " Chi-Chi poked him in the stomach.
" Thank Kami. " Gogeta muttered.
" Heh-heh, yeah, more like the ugly evil step-sister. " Vejitto added back in the same quiet tone.
" WHAT WAS THAT!!! " Chi-Chi roared angrily in their faces.
" Nothing ma'am! " they both gulped at once. Chi-Chi glared at them suspicously as she backed up.
" I'll be watching you, ouji-spawned little fusion-demons. " she sat on a nearby couch.
Meanwhile Vegeta was contemplating how to get the supposedly sleeping Goku off his head, " Hmm, I wonder if I should
try to slip out of here quickly or slowly make my way out from between Kakarrotto's head and lap to avoid waking him up and
being wildly attacked by accident. " he folded his arms.
" Whatever Veggie wants Veggie *hic* gets *hic*! " a voice giggled above him, sounding even more sloppily phrased
than before.
Vegeta glanced upward to see Goku smiling widely at him with a large trail of drool dribbling out the edge of his
mouth, the larger saiyajin's head still tilted and leaning against the top of Vegeta's head, leaving the drool driblet plenty
of aiming room for the ouji's nose, which in the direct path below it. He gulped, reached over for a piece of spare ripped
apart wrapping paper, and quickly wiped off Goku's droolblit before it could attack Vegeta's nose. He sighed with relief.
" Umm, heh-heh, Kakarrotto maybe it would be best if you go take a nap and THEN come back down here to open your
presents. " Vegeta said nervously.
" Veggie gonna come *hic* take a nap with me? " the larger saiyajin hugged him tighter into a near-death-grip.
" NO! I mean--Kakarrotto just go to sleep BY YOURSELF and when you wake up you can open your presents with ALL OF US;
is that oh-kay? "
Goku pouted, " But I got a little something I wanna open right here-- "
" --BULMAAA!! " Vegeta shrieked, glowing bright red and shuddering wildly.
" Yes? "
" Oh, but I thought you wanted to be there. " she chuckled.
felt something begin to massage his sides while hiccuping every 10 seconds.
" Alright, you big baby. " Bulma laughed, walking over to him.
" I am NOT a baby. " Vegeta snorted.
" You're not BIG either but I said that too. " Bulma folded her arms, then snapped her fingers infront of Goku
repeatedly, " Son-kun. Yoo-hoo. Son Go-ku? "
" *rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*.... " a content noise came from the drooling saiyajin.
" *sigh*. " Bulma thought for a moment, " Oh look Goku! I giant floating steak! "
" Where? " Goku looked up, " I don't *hic* see it.... " he let his mind wander, then magically his eyes transformed
Piccolo into a large green steak, " Ohhhh, now I see it *hic* a big greeen steak *hic*. " the steak froze, " Heeheehee, this
is just like that *hic* green eggs and steak.. "
" Ham, Kakarrot. " Vegeta corrected him.
" Where? " Goku looked around, still dazed.
" I MEANT it was a HAM in the story, Kakarrotto. Not a steak. "
" Ahh, yesh, *hic*. Green eggs and ham-steak. Heh-heh, ham-ham-steak. *hic* I try to avoid eating rodents when I can,
*hic*. " he whispered to Vegeta, who rolled his eyes, " Wow Veggie, *hic* I nefer notissed how beautiful your tail was. *hic*
" he hiccuped again. The ouji froze in place as every hair on his monkey-like tail stood on end and burst into a bright red
glow, " Aww, *hic* look Veggie, ish fireworks, *hic*. " Goku grinned, pointing to Vegeta's glowing tail, " I ever tell lilil
Veggie how pretty you are... "
" BUL-MAAA!!!! " Vegeta cried out in fright, his entire head glowing bright red.
Everyone else with Bulma's exception was backed up far enough away from Goku so that they were nothing but blobs to
the partially-drunk saiyajin that were merely plastered into the backround. Bulma was chuckling in amusement with Vegeta's
" Oh, hahaha, my poor V-kun. " she snickered.
" That's right Bulma, laugh it up. " Vegeta remarked sarcastically, then swatted the larger saiyajin's head away
before he could nuzzle the ouji's cheek, " DON'T tell me about Kakarrotto's increased 'emotional bonds' that occur when he's
been drinking, let me completely set the stage to be embarassed by Kakarrot, who, if his assumptions are correct, will not
remember anything he's doing right now when he wakes up from whatever time finally goes to sleep at. "
" So soft....*hic*... " Goku cooed while he petted the ouji's tail.
" LEAVE MY TAIL ALONE!! " Vegeta yanked his tail out of Goku's grasp, " Bulma, a SOLUTION, please? " he looked up at
her half-beggingly.
" Oh alright. " Bulma smiled, then slightly tapped Goku forward on the shoulder, causing his whole body to fall
across the couch sideways and go limp, allowing Vegeta to escape.
" Wow...that was....that was easy--er than I thought it would be. " Vegeta said, confused.
" Don't worry Vegeta, he'll sleep for a good long while and wake up this afternoon wondering why he got such a bad
headache all of a sudden. " Bulma said reassuringly.
" I have the feeling this has happened before. " Vegeta stated.
" Yeah, it has....quite a few times before...but that was back before you absolutely had to know WHAT your 'peasant'
was doing every single second of the day. " she patted him on the back, then walked back to the others.
Vegeta paused for a moment, then glanced over at the unconsious Goku. He looked back at Bulma, " Say, you, you
wouldn't happen to have any back-cream would you? Kakarrotto nearly broke my spine when he was rubbing me back there! "

" *gasp*! Look Ji-kun! It's one of those big popcorn tins! " Gogeta said excitedly as he showed the 6 pound tin to
his brother, " This is the kind with the cheese, caramel, and butter popcorns inside it! 3 completely different flavors of
the exact same food happily plunked inside a large shiny container! "
Vejitto chuckled, " Kind of like you. "
" ... " Gogeta blinked for a moment, then grinned, " HEY! You're right!....I wonder which one I am, cheese, caramel,
or butter? "
" Cheese, trust me on this one, you're definately the cheese. " Vejitto rolled his eyes. The two saiyajin were
sitting with the other Son and Briefs children.
" OOH! You got popcorn! Can I have some! " Goten said eagerly, peering inside the open tin and taking a whiff.
" Goten, it's not right to just stick your face in the guy's popcorn. " chibi Trunks said, then grinned to mirror
Goten, " Can I borrow some of that? " he pointed at the caramel.
" Oh, you can't borrow it. " Gogeta shook his head.
" WHY NOT! " Trunks snapped.
" Because, umm, well once you eat it you really can't give it back, can you? "
" He's got a point there, Trunks. " Goten laughed. Trunks sent him a death-glare and Goten stifled himself to a
" Haha. " Trunks said sarcastically, " Come on Goten, we'll go get some food in the kitchen.
" I wouldn't go in there if I were you. " Vejitto said in a sing-song voice.
" Why not? " Trunks exclaimed.
" The ONNA's setting up traps and stuff for us all over the house, what a nut-case. " Gogeta grumbled, " Why didn't
I notice it before.. " he shook his head.
" Aw, Chi-Chi's not SO bad. She's a little crazy-in-the-head, but so is everybody else around here! " Vejitto said
cheerfully, then watched as Trunks and Goten wandered into the kitchen and out of sight. The two fusions plugged their ears
with their fingers and waited until the screams of pain erupted from the kitchen. Trunks twitched as he and his best friend
returned from the kitchen, now covered with mousetraps.
" Ouch. " Gogeta cringed, " That looks like itd hurt. "
" It does. " Trunks said lamely, " NOW GET 'UM OFF!!! " he screamed. Goten was wildly trying to get his own
mousetraps off his body and clothes, sniffling as he did so.
Bulma looked over at her son and gasped in terror, " TORUNKUSU!! " she ran over to him, " Oh Trunks what happened to
you! " she gasped as she took a mousetrap out of his hair.
" Goten's Mom put mousetraps all over the kitchen counter-- "
" --and the floor! " Goten added.
" --and the floor and we went in there to get some popcorn-- "
" --cuz Gogeta said we can't borrow it cuz you can't give food back once you've eaten it-- "
" --UNLESS you throw it up. " Trunks smirked.
" Haha, yeah! But then it'd be all gooey and sticky and who would wanna eat that anyways! "
" Videl's dog eats his own barf. "
" Eeew! That's disgusting! " Goten said while grinning, " ...did she bring him? "
" BOYS! " Bulma said, interupting them. The 7 and 8 year old looked up at her. Bulma pointed to the mousetraps.
" Oh yeah. " Goten said, then started crying in pain again, " OWWW! OWW OWW OWW! IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS!!! "
Trunks and Bulma sweatdropped.
" Mirai, come help me take these things off your brother. " Bulma said to him.
Mirai walked over and gawked at the boys, " Whoa! What happened to yo-- "
" --don't. " Bulma stopped him before the two boys went off talking about another unrelated story, " Just help me
here. " she said. They quickly finished freeing Trunks and Goten. Bulma stood up, ticked off, " Where's Chi-Chi? " she said,
trying to remain calm.
" Why do we care. " Vegeta chuckled, observing the large peasant sleeping on the couch. He smiled and placed a small
wrapped box on Goku's stomach. The larger saiyajin's breathing caused the box to float up and down with the rhythm's of his
tummy, " Heh-heh, Kaka-coaster. "
" TOUSSAN LOOKIT ME!! " an excited voice came from behind him. Vegeta cocked his head over his shoulder to see Gogeta
now dressed in a training outfit identical to Vegeta's; only in the same orange as Goku's gi. He was wearing a pair of boots
that mirrored Goku's and had on blue ouji-gloves, " Vejitto-kun gave it to me. "
Vegeta sweatdropped.
" I figure this way he won't freeze to death when we're outside in the snow AND I can finally get my jacket back! "
Vejitto chirped, holding up the security guard jacket he had given Gogeta when they first left h.f.i.l.
" Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! " Gogeta threw a few fake-punches and smiled at the result, " Wow, Vejitto is right, gloves ARE
nice to have! "
" Yes, interesting outfit. " Vegeta cocked an eyebrow. He smirked, " Like the style, but it's all in Kaka-colors. "
he frowned near the end of his sentence.
" So? I'M half-kaka. And so is Vejitto. " Gogeta pointed out.
" WHEE! " Vejitto said, playing with Goten's remote-control firetruck. He made the truck do a spin, then sent it in
reverse, accidentally crashing it into the wall, " ..oops. "
Vegeta groaned, " Hai. You both ARE definately related to Kakarrotto. No doubt about that. "
" Aww, thanks! " Gogeta smiled warmly. An even larger sweatdrop appeared on the side of Vegeta's head.
" Why do I even try. "
" Ohhhhhhhhh..... " a groan was heard from behind him. Vegeta looked back at Goku and grinned.
" Why it looks like 'sleeping beauty' has finally awoken from slumber. " he said half-mockingly, " Oh "Kakarroujo",
your prince has arrived. " Vegeta smirked.
" YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! " a war cry echoed from the hallway as a figure flew out from inside,
kicking her leg out. Vegeta easily ducked Chi-Chi's blow while Vejitto caught Chi-Chi by the collar as soon as she flew past
her desired target of the couch.
" Shh, Toussan is just waking up! Do not disturb him. " Vejitto whispered.
Chi-Chi snarled, " Pal there are a LOT more disturbing things going on here than you realize. "
" Yeah, like you. " Gogeta glared at Chi-Chi. Vejitto hushed him down too. The younger saiyajin pouted and folded his
arms Veggie-style.
" Kakarrotto, time to wake up... " Vegeta chuckled, making Chi-Chi rage all the more.
" Ohhhhhhhhh, my head hurrrrrrrrrrts... " Goku groaned as he slowly sat up, " Everything is pounding, Veggie. "
" It's alright, Kakarrotto, I'll get you some ibuprofin to make that headache go away _I_, your rightful king and
ruler, CARE. "
" YOU CARED ENOUGH TO GET HIM DRUNK IN THE FIRST PLACE!! " Chi-Chi snapped at him. A vein bulged on Vegeta's forehead
as he hissed to himself.
" Chi-chan? " Goku looked over at her, " HI Chi-chan! " he waved to her. Chi-Chi sweatdropped.
" Hi Goku. "
" Mmm---OOH LOOK PRESENTS! " Goku re-spotted the large packages by the tree with his name on them and started to get
up despite his headache. He paused and noticed a little one on his lap, " Awwwwwww, it's so little! " he held up the present,
touched, " I know who would give something as cute-n-little as this! " Goku turned to the ouji and smiled warmly, " My little
Veggie! "
" Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh. " Vegeta laughed nervously, his face starting to glow again. He slapped himself to reduce the
" Now what will I open first! " he hopped off the couch, still holding the tiny package.
Chi-Chi snorted, then glanced at the smallest package, then at Vegeta's new portara ring, then back at the box again,
" AHHH! " she shrieked.
" ... " everyone suddenly turned towards her.
" Goku....put the little box down... " Chi-Chi said weakly.
" Yeah, you're probably right. " Goku nodded, setting it ontop of one of the other boxes with his name on it, " I
won't be able to open all my other presents properly if I have to worry about holding another one in my hand the whole time!"
he grinned. Chi-Chi almost fell over if it wasn't for the fact that Vejitto was still holding his grip on the back of her
" Put me down you big oaf! " she snapped at him. Vejitto hmmphed and dropped her. Chi-Chi yelped as she hit the
ground, " Stupid demon seed of the ouji. " she grumbled.
" WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! " Goku hooted happily as he ripped through a medium-sized present and opened it to expose a pair
of veggie-gloves and boots his own size along with a big blue puffy winter coat and another odd white object, " AWWW!! LOOK
everybody! Little Veggie bought me snow-gear!! " Goku held up the objects, then put them on, " AHH! Cyuuuute! " he hugged his
coat while still wearing it. The coat had a black insignia on the left-hand side representing the offical seal of Bejito-sei,
" Huh, little Veggie what is this for? " Goku held up the odd-looking object.
" Tail-mitten. " Vegeta nodded.
Goku looked at the object, then at his tail and squealed, " WOW!! That's ingenius little buddy! " Goku placed the
tail-mitten over the appendage. His tail wagged in the air, " Now that too can stay warm when it is cold. " Goku said
thoughtfully. He hugged the ouji, " THANK YOU LITTLE VEGGIE!!! "
" Heh-heh-hehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... " Vegeta chuckled to himself, glowing lightly, Goku dropped him to the floor.
" NEXT PRESENT!! " he chirped, bouncing off back towards the gifts. He opened another one and once again hooted with
joy, " IT'S A BIG BLACK PLASTIC BOX! OH _THANK YOU_ LITTLE VEGGIE! " Goku said excitedly. Vegeta sweatdropped.
" Kakarrotto it's not a big black plastic bo---oh-kay, maybe in one sense it is--but, *sigh*. It's a virtual sparring
system. " he said professionally.
" It's a playstation 2, Vegeta. " Bulma sweatdropped.
" --the great and powerful saiyajin no ouji. Yes, we know. " Bulma finished the sentence for him.
Vegeta frowned, " I hate it when you do that, you ruined my whole little monologue just now. "
" It's alright V-kun. " Bulma smiled patting his shoulder.
" Hmmph. " the ouji snorted, then walked over to the larger saiyajin and smiled widely, " I also got you a little
game to go with that pretty 'big black plastic box' of yours. " he held a small box out, then sweatdropped to see Goku
playing with the box itself, opening and closing its disk-holder while mouthing a voice for it like a puppet, " ..yah. "
" Did little Veggie say something? " Goku perked up.
" I think he said he has another toy for you to play with, " the playstation 2 'said'.
Vegeta sweatdropped, " ...it'll be a wonder if he learns how to turn the stupid thing on. " he said to himself,
" Err, Kakarrotto, this is a game. You put it in this box and this way when I am unable to be reached or there is really
crappy weather out you can spar against a, umm, 'virtual veggie'. "
Vegeta yelped suddenly as Goku grabbed the box out of Vegeta's hands, theroughly examining it, " OOOOOOHH!!! " his
eyes grew wide with wonder, " LITTLE VEGGIE AND ME AND OTHER PEOPLE ARE ON THE COVER!!! " he squealed, then flipped it over.
Vegeta shook his head, groaning, " Aw, look how cute the little virtual veggies are! "
Bulma looked over Goku's shoulder and stifled a giggle, " Which one's supposed to be you Vegeta? Hahaha. "
" Hahaha, well at least I'M in there. " he nodded, " You're in there too, ONNA, however, is nonexistant in this game
because she has no REAL usefullness to our little 'team'. YOU, Bul-chan, are the brains; Kakay, myself, and the rest of those
other guys have the brawn; with the exception of myself because I happen to have BOTH; and then there are the dum, stupid
idiots who, thankfully, do not grace this game with their EVIL WITCHLYNESS! " he directed a death-glare at Chi-Chi, then
turned back to Goku, " Why don't I go help you hook it up later. "
" YAY!! VIRTUAL VEGGIES LOOKOUT! HERE I COME!!! " Goku grinned widely.
" Here, open this one next. " he held out a smaller box. Goku ripped it apart, then took out a fairly large silver
crown, " IT'S MY OUJO CROWN! "
Vegeta fell over, " NO!! Baka, read the front first! "
" Oh? " Goku blinked, then looked at the golden inscription on the outer front of the crown, which was more
ouji-looking than the former one, " "Number #1 Peasant"....I can deal with that! " Goku said happily, then put it on his
" You're also the ONLY "peasant", Goku. " Chi-Chi said flatly.
" ...oh yeah. " Goku said, " That's oh-kay! Look how shiiiiiiiiiiney it is! " he adjusted the crown, " Heehee! "
" Now, " Vegeta picked up the littlest present, " Before we continue with the rest of your presents, Kakarrotto, I'd
like you to open this one up on the stairs with me, if you don't mind. " he smirked.
" K!! " Goku chirped, nearly rupturing Vegeta's ear-drums.
" ...oww. " Vegeta rubbed his ears, which were still ringing. He lead the other saiyajin halfway up the stairs,
" Alright, I want this one to be a little surprise so you face the wall when you're opening it oh-kay Kaka-chan? "
" ACK! NO GOKU NO! " Chi-Chi screamed in terror, then held up a chainsaw, " YOU'LL DIE FIRST BEFORE YOU LET HIM OPEN
THAT, OUJI!! " she started up her chainsaw, only to have a huge mallet appear out of the wall and smack her through several
more. Chi-Chi ultimately landed in a pile of snow in the backyard.
" YIPPEE!! " Gogeta cheered, swinging his mallet, then zipping back inside the wall, " THAT'LL TEACH HER before
killing MY Toussan! "
" And MY Mommy! " Vejitto agreed, " ...think you went a little too hard though. " he sweatdropped slightly.
" She deserved it. " Gogeta stuck his tongue out, then teleported next to his brother and went back to eating
popcorn, " Heh-heh, you know what's funny? "
" What? "
" Popcorn people. *snort*. " he snickered.
Vejitto blinked, " ...I don't get it. "
Gogeta sweatdropped in return.
" Alright Kakarrotto, now I want you to unwrap this one very gently. " the ouji instructed. Goku ripped the paper off
anyway, then grinned proudly at Vegeta, who slapped himself on the forehead, " Ohhhhhhhh... " he regained his temper, " Now
carefully lift the top to the box off. "
" Oh-kay little Veggie. " Goku smiled, doing so, " I wonder what it could possible b--- " he froze at the sight of
the little object nestled inside the box. Little yellow sparks going off inside the bright yellow orb stationed on a golden
ring. He silently and confusedly looked up at Vegeta, who, smiling, held his right hand up which held a counterpart to the
ring now in Goku's box.
" It's our portaras! " Vegeta said quietly, grinning ear-to-ear, truthfully pleased, " I, I had them put inside rings
for us. This way we can wear them without any fusion occuring again AND I think they look pretty good like this. "
" ... " Goku stared down at the little ouji, who soon got a confused look on his face. He smiled warmly, " Aww,
Veggie.... " he gave Vegeta a tight hug, " ..I can't do that. "
" Eh? " Vegeta cocked an eyebrow, " What? "
" That's really amazing of you Veggie; that you love me so much; but I can't do that for you. That's what I have
Chi-chan for, silly Veggie. " he let go of an even more baffled ouji.
" Huh? " Vegeta cocked his head, " What are you TALKING about, Kakarrotto! " he exclaimed.
" Little Veggie, I love Chi-chan so very very much, even though she's been feeling a little mentally unstable lately.
I'm sorry, I can't be your koibito. "
Vegeta fell over so hard he fell straight through the stairs and slammed into the floor of Bulma's laboratory. Goku
looked down into the hole, surprised. He glanced over at the others who were currently staring up at him, gape-mouthed.
" Was it something I said? "

" BAKAYARO!! KUSO! RADEMNA LO PUE HASTE KA NA DAH!! " Vegeta furiously cursed in japanese until he got even more
enraged and began cursing in his native tongue instead. He was sitting on the couch while Bulma bandaged his bruised noggin.
" Ehh, you know Dad's mad when he starts yelling in Saiyago. " Trunks gulped, watching the scene take place.
" It's his own fault. " Bulma nodded, then turned to Vegeta, " You know you shouldn'tve given Son a ring in the first
place. Especially when you had an identical one on yourself. "
" Pawana dehna cosuumeh. " Vegeta grumbled to himself.
" Yes yes, I know, you're embarassed because you completely humilated yourself infront of "Kakay", but you really
needed to have thought this one out first. I mean, someone still mostly foreign to human customs receiving a gift from
someone even MORE foreign to them...of COURSE something dum and embarassing is going to happen! " Bulma shrugged, finishing
up wrapping Vegeta's head-wound, " Lucky thing you only landed on some of my empty beackers, can you imagine if it had been
the corner of that stainless steal table?! You'd be in the HOSPTIAL right now! " she patted he bandages, " There, all done."
Bulma gave Vegeta a kiss where she had sealed up the last bandage, " Better now. "
" Nane wa tuumo. " the ouji muttered.
" English. " Bulma said flatly.
" Thank you. " Vegeta muttered even quieter than before.
" And don't worry about Goku, I already explained to him the big misunderstanding so he's not shocked and disgusted,
yet slightly flattered with you anymore. "
" Uh-huh. " Vegeta folded his arms, ready to go into a rut if he hadn't heard an high-pitched, giggling laughter from
across the room.
" HEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHAHA!!! " Goku laughed as he, Vejitto, and Gogeta flipped through the pages of Vejitto's scrapbook.
" What's so funny? " Vegeta said curiously.
Goku looked up, smiling impishly at him, " Oh hi, "honey". " he snickered, holding up his left hand which now had the
ring from the box on it, " We're lookin at Ji-chan's picture-book! "
" YOU TAKE THAT OFF YOUR HAND RIGHT NOW, BAKA! " Vegeta snapped angrily at him.
" I have ev-er-ry right to wear my little portara ring and besides you gave it to me and there's no taker-backers. "
Goku stuck his tongue out, then resumed looking at the photo album.
" "Taker-backers"?? THAT ISN'T EVEN A WORD!! " Vegeta shouted, " ...YOU BETTER TAKE OFF THAT RING RIGHT NOW OR I WILL
" MommyMommy look! " Vejitto excitedly flipped the scrapbook in Vegeta's direction. The ouji blinked to see the
fusion in the picture with one foot ontop of the back of a very-severly-beaten Freeza wearing an elf-hat.
Vegeta at first let out a little snicker, then burst into laughter, " HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA~~!!!
" Vejitto-kun as a very creative way of a-venging our species and planet. " Gogeta laughed.
" Heeheehee, I like the one with Captain Ginyu and the reindeer antlers. " Goku giggled.
" And, and the nose! " Vejitto pointed to the big red foam nose. The entire group of saiyajins continued laughing as
they went through Vejitto's scrapbook.
" One of MY personal favorites is this one over here where you're running off with both of Cell's arms while he's
hopping after you one one leg. " Vegeta pointed out.
" Heeheehee, hop-a-long little doggies! " Goku grinned stupidly, then started laughing again.
Gogeta smiled, " Yup! One big happy saiyajin family! "
" RRRRRRrrrrrr... " an enraged growl came from several feet away. The four saiyajins stopped their picture-looking to
see Chi-Chi standing across from them looking like she had truely just thrown herself off the deep-end. Gogeta nervously
scooted closer between Goku and Vejitto. Chi-Chi's hair was all frazzled, she was still slightly damp from the snow, her
eyelids were twitching, and the chainsaw in her hands hummed wildly while she stared at them with a psychotic look in her
eye. Vegeta was about to make some smart remark when Goku did something even smarter and pulled Vegeta up onto the couch
with the other 3 saiyajin.
" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU-JIIIIIIIIIII.... " Chi-Chi snarled at him. Vegeta merely smirked in victory. She
turned towards the largest saiyajin in the group, " Goku, get off the couch. " she said calmly.
" But Chi-chan we're looking at the snap-shot book Ji-chan brought me-n-Veggie for Christmas. " Goku pouted, then
perked up, " Wanna see the picture with Ji-chan punching his fist through Cell's face? " he said eagerly.
" Get off the couch, Goku. " Chi-Chi said with a twinge of anger.
" *sigh* Oh-kay Chi-Chan. " he pouted, hopping off.
" NO, DON'T SH-SH-SHE'LL SHOOT AS SOON AS YOU'RE OUT OF THE WAY!!! " Gogeta yelped, frightened.
" Calm down Goggie, she's not gonna shoot us! " Vejitto grinned, " We'll probably get sliced instead. You can't shoot
people with a chainsaw. "
" Chi-chan tryin to kill Veggie?! " Goku's eyes widened in terror. He ran infront of her.
" Here Goku, have a candy cane. " Chi-Chi held out one of the peppermint treats.
" OOH! " the large saiyajin squealed, grabbing the candy and sticking it in his mouth, " Pepperminty! "
" KAKARROTTO!!! " Vegeta screamed.
" Hmm? " Goku blinked, then smiled, " Veggie want some candy? "
" I'll have some! " Vejitto eagerly raised his hand.
" Oh-kay Ji-chan! " Goku said, then reached to break a piece off the candy cane only to have Chi-Chi's chainsaw
swing by and cut it in half, sending the top half to the carpet floor, " CHI-CHAN!! " he whined.
" I don't think I want it now. " Vejitto stuck out his tongue in disgust.
" WHY are you having so much fun with your little "fusion" family while you ALREADY HAVE A REAL ONE!!! " Chi-Chi
snapped at Goku, who was busy taking pity over his broken candy-cane.
" I'm sorry did you say something? " Goku blinked, just now looking up from the fallen chunk of candy-cane at her.
" There has been a food casualty, Kakarrotto's stopped paying attention to all of us. " Vegeta groaned.
Chi-Chi sighed, then grabbed something off the table, " Here, have the whole box and go stuff your face away from
the crime scene. " she said, tired.
" JOY!!! " Goku happily hugged the candy-cane box and dashed off into the other room.
" Toussan....come back Toussan... " Gogeta gulped. Vegeta walked infront of both fusions and stood as a barrier
between the couch and the chain-saw wielding Chi-Chi.
" Wow Onna, I'm impressed. " he smirked boldly.
" About what. " Chi-Chi said coldly.
" I just never dreamed you could be driven mentally deranged in such a short amount of time. VERY impressive. But
then again I guess it's not like we all didn't see THAT coming. Between Kakarrotto, the various villains attacking Earth,
"Gohan's studies", having to raise that little kaka-clone on your own, these 'fusion-babies', and the normal difficulties of
the natural earthling deterioration--by that I mean you growing OOOOOOLD-der; dealing with me must be a real hassle for you."
he nodded as if sympathetic (but obviously not), " However, there IS a way out. " the ouji smirked.
" And that would be-- "
" --let Kakarrotto stay here overnight, and DON'T come back to pick him up the next morning. "
" In other words, leaving him with you. "
Vegeta grinned, " Exactly. "
" ... " Chi-Chi nodded silently to herself for a moment, then suddenly looked up at him, revved up her chainsaw, and
ran screaming towards the ouji. Vegeta yelped only to find he was not the true target of the giant chainsaw due to the fact
that Chi-Chi ran right past him, missing him by a couple feet. The ouji stood there puzzled for a moment, wondering if she
had lost her aiming skills along with her sanity. He froze when he realized what she was attacking and whipped around just in
time for Chi-Chi to slice the couch in two, Vejitto and Gogeta leaping off either side of the chopped furniture. Gogeta sent
a blast of ki at her chainsaw, frying it into oblivion while Vejitto teleported from behind Chi-Chi and got her in a headlock
" ... " Vegeta stared at the scene, shocked, " ...whoa, that was fast. "
" You should know better than to attack children! " Vejitto repremanded her.
Chi-Chi wailed.
Gogeta grinned at his father, " She would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for us meddling kids. "
" Heeheeheehee. " Vejitto giggled.
" GO-KUUUUUUUU!!! " Chi-Chi wailed. The large saiyajin poked his head around the corner, " GOKU DO SOMETHING!! "
" What happened to Chi-Chan? " Goku cocked an eyebrow.
" Onna tried to kill our children. " Vegeta nodded, aggitated slightly at her. He smirked, " However being that they
both ARE full-blooded saiyajins it was easy for them to stop Onna in her tracks. "
" Chi-chan tried to KILL me-n-Veggie's fusion-babies!? " Goku stared at her in horror.
" Go-chan, really, it's not what you think! I, he, IT'S ALL THE OUJI'S FAULT!! " Chi-Chi cried, nearly at a loss for
" But Veggie never tried to kill our babies. " Goku said to her, then paused, " Well, he DID try to kill Gohan a
couple times-- "
Vegeta sweatdropped.
" --but that was way back when little Veggie was EVIL! He had a reason!...that and we would've stopped him anyway;
but that's the point! "
The sweatdrop on Vegeta's head became larger.
" And after that kill Veggie. " Vegeta whispered into Goku's ear.
" AND AFTER THAT KILL VEGGIE! " Goku yelled at her, offended.
" Ah, the power of suggestion. " Vegeta grinned.
" Chi-chan I am dis-a-pointed in you. " Goku folded his arms, " Vejitto put Chi-chan down. She's going to go sit in
the corner of the room and think about what she did and when she is ready she can come apologize to us. "
Vegeta fell over, " SIT IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM!? THAT'S the best you can come up with!? "
" With your back facing towards us. " Goku added.
Chi-Chi froze in place.
Vegeta grinned, " I like it. I like it a lot. " he menacingly rubbed his hands together. Goku led Chi-Chi over to one
end of the room and sat her down in a chair.
" Now Chi-chan is allowed to get out of the chair when and only when she admits she did wrong and apologizes to me,
Veggie, and our fusion-babies. " Goku nodded, walking off.
" Tsk tsk, Veggie knows how to apologize better than THAT kind of talk Chi-chan. " Goku nodded to the ouji.
Vegeta was mockingly clutching onto the larger saiyajin's arm, " I'm sorry you aren't here to see this, Onna. " he
" Aww, nothing. " the little ouji snickered, holding even tighter, " I'm just going to take Kakarrotto-- "
" --WHAT!!! " Chi-Chi yelped.
" --into the kitchen and fix him a snack and make him comfortable. " Vegeta finished.
" Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. " Goku said in awe as a trail of drool flowed out his mouth, across his shoulder, and down
the arm Vegeta was latched onto. The prince screamed in terror and pushed the larger saiyajin away before the driblets could
reach him.
" Kaka-germs.... " Vegeta shuddered, " De-intelligizing kaka-germs, yick! " he stuck out his tongue.
" Little Vedge'ums gonna get his "Princess Kakay" some yummy snacks now? " Goku appeared infront of the ouji,
staring down at him w/big sparkily eyes.
" Uh.... " Vegeta's face glowed bright red, temporarily destorying all throughts within his little brain. He shook
his head, " ONE, do NOT call me your "vedge'ums"! That is a little TOO cutsy for my tastes. TWO, you are NOT my PRINCESS! YOU
ARE MY PEASANT AND FUTURE SERVANT-MAID TO THE THRONE OF BEJITO-SEI!! And THREE,.....yes I'll go make you some "yummy snacks"
now. "
" YAY! " Goku cheered, " Yummy snacks, for Veggie and me! " he sang and did a little victory dance.
" Oh, one more thing Kakarrotto. "
" Yeeeees little Veggie 'o mine who is so little I need to get him the "extra extra small" fuzzy mittens cuz he's so
sweet-n-little like those tiny pre-packaged marshmellows in the seperate hot cocoa packets! " the larger saiyajin said warmly
" ....oh. I, uhh, I, heh-heh, forgot what I was--going to say. " Vegeta laughed nervously, his face bright red, " And
PLEASE stop comparing me to a little marshmellow. I'm more like, umm, caramel. "
" You mean soft-n-gooey? " Goku smiled impishly.
Vegeta sweatdropped, " NO! Not that kind the other kind! The tough caramel!! "
" Ah, the hard-n-chewy! "
Vegeta fell over, " WAHH! " he stood up, " Alright, now this is just sounding WRONG. Kakarrotto--NO MORE FOOD
ANALOGIES FOR YOU!! You are hereby forbidden by the crown to compare your ruler to ANY food substance. "
" How about a sour-flavored tic-tac! Small, sweet AND sour, and it makes your mouth pucker-- "
Vegeta sent him a death glare and literally formed a ball of ki in his hand.
" --up. " Goku finished, " Oh-kay, no more Veggie-food analogies... "
" ... "
" But you know, marshmellows really DON'T COUNT as food-- "
" KAKARROTTO!! " Vegeta yelled angrily; embarassed. He paused, " I just remembered the last thing I wanted to say,
take the ring off. " he folded his arms.
" But Veggie! " Goku held the hand he wore the portara ring on protectively.
" Take it off, Kakarrotto. "
" No it's mine! You gave me this ring and I wanna keep it cuz it's pretty and it reminds me of Ji-chan and Goggie and
little Veggie too! " Goku said defensively.
" --*BANG*!!! "
Vegeta froze and looked upward, nerve-shaken, " Was that a bullet that just went through my hair? "
Goku held out the rather large bullet to Vegeta, then looked up at the hole in the ouji's hair and quickly fixed it
with his hand, " Yeah Veggie, it was. " he looked past the ouji to see Chi-Chi shakily holding up a gun, " CHI-CHAN!!! "
" HE WAS TRYING TO GET YOU TO UNDRESS YOURSELF FOR HIM!!! " Chi-Chi screamed, her voice cracking; all the blood
rushed out of her face.
" Veggie was TRYING to get me to take the ring off my hand cuz he's embarassed that I misunderstood the reason he
gave it to me! " Goku exclaimed, " Which is due to our long buddyship and a symbol of all the wacky stuff we've went through
together....and you don't look so hot. " a worried expression covered his face as he walked over to her, " Chi-chan, maybe
we oughta get you a guest room to lay down in. You really look sickly. "
" I am FINE! " Chi-Chi snapped, then held up her gun, " And once that stinkin Ouji's out of the picture I'll feel
even better!! "
" CHI-CHAN! " Goku exclaimed, grabbing the gun and vaporizing it with his ki, " Chi-chan you NEED to rest. THAT is
the only thing that's gonna make you feel any better. "
" NO! " she cried out as Goku picked her up, " I can't rest! Got to--got to beat the Ouji! If I fall asleep he'll
take advantage of you! I'll lose you and I can't have that happen! " tears ran down her cheeks.
" Calm down Chi-chan. I'm sure you can take a nap and I will still be here when you wake up. Besides if you are
sleeping, Gohan and Goten are still here to look after me. " he smiled, carrying her up the stairs.
" Yes, that's right. Our boys are still here, our NATURALLY-BORN boys. Gohan-chan always listens to me, he'll save
you from that Ouji. He may be even STRONGER than the Ouji. Of course. Heh-heh, that's right... " Chi-Chi trailed off,
muttering to herself.
" Bulma can I take Chi-chan to one of the guest rooms? She needs to lie down. " Goku called down the stairs.
" Sure Goku. Two doors to your right. "
He nodded, " Thank you. "
" I wish _I_ could get my body back just by taking off these earrings. " Vegeta's voice said longingly from inside
" Me too. " Goku's added sadly, " I miss being able to hug Veggie. "
" I miss having my own private thoughts and driving Onna mad like the me in this timeline is doing so well right
now. " Vegeta's voice sniffled.
" I wish you had your own bodies back so I wouldn't lose my mind! " Gogeta moaned.
" Umm, I think I could help. " a small voice said from beside him. Gogeta looked down to see the familiar small
" DENDE! " all three voices cried at once.
" You can get us out! " Goku squealed.
" You can give me and Kakarrotto our bodies back!! " Vegeta's exclaimed with joy.
" You can give me back my sanity! " Gogeta grinned.
" Umm, yes. I think so. " Dende put his hand behind his head.
" WOO-HOO!! " the fusion cheered, " THIS IS SO GREAT!! "
" Yes, you see I've been working on learning various Namekian spells lately, being that I'm the new Kami of Earth. "
Dende explained, " And I think I might know a spell that could seperate Goku and Vegeta's original bodies while still keeping
Gogeta's intact. But it will only work if the situation is the same as with Vejitto's. "
" Huh? "
" If you're a portara fusion, I could probably do it. " Dende smiled.
" HAHA! " Gogeta grabbed the earrings on either ear, " Why it just so happens I AM a portara fusion..that was kind of
created by also using the fusion dance...will that work? " he said eagerly.
" I don't see why not. " Dende nodded.
" HURRAY!! " Gogeta spun around.
" I'm going to have to take you to a large open room though. Mr. Popo will help me supervise. It needs to be a very
big room with no furniture or any other objects in it. I, wouldn't want you fusing with anything else on your way out of
Gogeta's body you know. " he laughed nervously.
Goku and Vegeta sweatdropped, " Somehow I suddenly feel a lot more worried about this. " they both said at once.
" Trust me, I know EXACTLY what I'm doing! "

" Now let's see, which page was that on again? " Dende said as he flipped through a gigantic book on the floor. He,
Gogeta, and Mr. Popo were standing in a gigantic, empty ballroom on the 2nd floor of Capsule Corp.
" He, he said he knows what he's doing. He DOES know what he's doing, right? " Gogeta asked Mr. Popo nervously.
" Yes and no. "
" It means this is the first time Dende has actually performed this technique, althrough Mr. Popo has very much faith
in Dende's ability to use it, Mr. Popo is unsure as to whether Dende's technique will literally tear Gogeta in half. " Mr.
Popo said.
" ...oh. " Gogeta squeaked out, his eyes wide.
" Gogeta I need you to go stand over there, right in the middle of the room. " Dende instructed, having found the
correct page.
" Umm, oh-kay. " Gogeta did so, " Now what? "
" Now I need Goku and Vegeta, well, the ones in your body, to fluxuate their own half of their ki so I can determine
where each ki ends and the next begins. Once I recite this ancient Namekian phrase my hands should glow green and both of
them should seperate out of your left and right sides, you have to stay still, they'll both go flying off in either direction
and within 5 seconds their bodies should completely solidify, which should happen before they hit the walls. After the 5
seconds have passed they should be solid, have their bodies back, and you'll be in the same state as Vejitto; keeping a copy
of both saiyajins memories yet without those little voices in your head. " Dende explained.
" Really? " Gogeta grinned, " And--and we'll all be oh-kay? "
" If all goes well, yes. " Dende nodded, " Now I want you to remain calm and stand with your hands at your sides.
Goku, Vegeta, I want you to both power up. "
Gogeta swallowed as he felt the other two ki's explode from either side of him. He nervously looked up and saw his
hair was only 2/3'rds super saiyajin. The left and right anyway; the middle of his hair was still it's natural black color.
" This--is good, right? " he said nervously.
" It's fine. Perfect. " Dende said, " Just keep your own ki level. " he then held out his hands, " Perrakkou
porpanaara tenannite! " he cried out in namekian. Gogeta let out a scream as he felt a wild tugging on either side of his
" STAY CALM GOGETA!! " Dende shouted, his hands glowing bright green.
" IT HURTS REAL BAAAAD!!! " Gogeta screamed in a third voice that sounded slightly higher than Vejitto's. He yelped
suddenly as he felt something pulling right out of his sides. A bright light exploded from around him and he fell to his
knees, " ...oww. "
Two fireballs flew back away from him, formed within seconds, and slammed into the wall. They slid to the floor, both
" MR. POPO IS MOST AMAZED AT DENDE'S ABILITIES! " the genie clasped his hands together.
Dende blinked in surpised, " Wow, I didn't think that would work. "
" Ohhh, my head. " Vegeta groaned, then froze, " My head?.... " he looked across the room to see Gogeta on his knees
and Goku sitting against the far wall, looking near-unconsious, " Hey...he's over there...and Kakarrotto's over there... " a
grin appeared on the ouji's face, " AND I'M OVER HERE! HAHA! " he cheered, " I'M FREE I'M FREE!! Heh-heh! " he dashed over to
Dende, " Dende I'd treat you to a meal but Nameks don't eat! HAHA!! KAKARROTTO! KAKARROTTO WAKE UP! " he shouted at Goku.
" Toussan? "
Vegeta froze to see Gogeta smiling at him, " Hello, 'son'. Come help me wake your 'mother'. " he chuckled
" Haha. " Gogeta laughed, still weak from the attack. He stood up, " Sure Toussan. " he said, then paused, " HEY! I
have my own voice now! " he said excitedly, " It's not as deep as Vejitto's but IT'S MY OWN VOICE! This is so INCREDIBLE!! "
he exclaimed.
" GOGETA! " Vegeta yelled from across the room.
" Coming 'Toussan! " Gogeta happily jogged over.
" Kakarrotto? You can wake up now, you've got your body back. " Vegeta poked him.
" Ohhhhh... " Goku groaned, rubbing his head, " My head hurts. "
" Heh-heh, headaches--side effect. " Dende laughed nervously, " Take some asprin and you'll both be back to normal. "
" Veggie? " Goku opened his eyes, " VEGGIE?! " he lept to his feet, then noticed Gogeta, who waved to him.
" Hi Mommy! "
" ...uhh... " Goku blinked, " My hands are back, and Veggie's back! " he said, confused, " I'VE GOT MY BUDDY AND MY
BODY BACK!!! " the large saiyajin cheered, " HOORAY!! " he hugged the little ouji, " Aw, Veggie!.... "
" Mmm.... " the smaller saiyajin glowed bright red. Gogeta sweatdropped.
" Hey little Veggie, guess what? "
" Whaaat? " the dazed ouji said as Goku pulled out of the hug. He bent down to Vegeta's height and grinned.
" Veggie wins. "
" ... " Vegeta's eyes widened. The little ouji fell to his knees and screamed victoriously, " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Goku meanwhile zipped behind Gogeta to hide during the middle of the prince's first scream, " What was THAT?! "
" Saiyajin victory screech. " Gogeta replied.
" HAHA HAHA HAHA!! " Vegeta was now doing summersalts around the room, " KAKARROTTO!! " he stopped and turned towards
the larger saiyajin, grinning ear-to-ear.
" Yes little Veggie? "
RUB IT IN AN LAUGH IN THAT ONNA'S FACE!! " he said, practically skipping out of the room, " You come too Gogeta! "
The fusion perked up, " YAY! " both he and Goku ran out of the room after Vegeta.
" Thank you Dende! " Goku called out to the short namekian as he left the room.
" Uhh, yeah. " Dende sweatdropped, " Don't, mention it. "

" Chi-chan are you feeling any better? " the Goku from Vejitto's timeline said as patted Chi-Chi on the forehead,
having just fed her a senzu bean.
" Yes, " Chi-Chi nodded. She turned towards him, " Go-chan I'm sorry I went ballistic back there. I shouldn't have
sliced Bulma's couch in two just to let loose that extra RAGE I had building up inside of me. "
" It's oh-kay, " Goku said, worried about her, " As long as Chi-chan's feeling better that's all that matters. " he
smiled warmly, then perked up, " Besides, Bulma's rich! She can buy a whole store of couches! "
Chi-Chi sweatdropped, " Hoo-boy.... " she sat up, the color back in her face, " Where's the Ouji? "
" I left Veggie downstairs, remember. " Goku stretched his arms, " He was gonna make us some snacks. "
" Oh. " Chi-Chi said flatly, " You better let me inspect it first before you eat any that's all I can say. "
" Heehee, " Goku grinned at her, " Chi-chan loves me. "
" Of course I do. " she smiled, then paused, " Goku? "
" Uh-huh? " he said, leaning forward in the chair stationed next to the guest bed.
" You wouldn't leave me to run off with the Ouji, would you? " she asked.
" Hmm? Naw! Course not Chi-chan! Besides, I still have a whole nother 200 years at least to play with little Veggie,
you have a lower warrent-y though. " Goku nodded.
Chi-Chi sweatdropped again, " A lower warrenty....that's a new way to say it. "
" That and if I moved in with Veggie how could I enjoy all the yummy foods Chi-chan makes for me? And the fish! The
river is right nearby our house. If I lived here I'd be HOURS away from those giant fish! They might go extinct without me
there to control the population *BURP*. "
Chi-Chi imagined the entire river crowded with a surplus of fish, " There'd go our water facilities... "
" I know, then Chi-chan & Gohan and Goten'd have to start poopin in bushes cuz all the extra fishes would clog up the
river which'd clog up the pipes which'd clog up the toilets all because I decided not to stay! " Goku exclaimed.
" ... " Chi-Chi blinked, " Umm, yeah... "
" Besides, Veggie and Chi-chan are built for 2 completely different things! "
" Goku don't start-- "
" Little Veggies are built for sparring a-gainst and Chi-chans are for making food and eating food with and,
heeheehee, you know... " he blushed lightly at the end.
" Yes Goku, I know. " Chi-Chi said flatly, embarassed.
" *SLAM*! " the door was suddenly kicked open and a small figure proudly marched into the room, a grin of pure joy on
his face.
" Oh no, not again. " Chi-Chi rolled her eyes.
" Heee~~~ " Vegeta stood on his toes, grinning almost-stupidly at her, " I WIN!!! "
" ... " both Chi-Chi and Goku stared at him.
" WHAT!! " she snapped.
" Umm, Veggie I didn't say-- "
" --wait Kakarrotto. I am not "your" Veggie, who, if I'm sensing "present" me's ki correctly, is downstairs in the
kitchen fixing up a very large hoagie sandwich. " he said cheerfully.
" Mmmmm, hoagie... " Gogeta's Goku poked his head in the doorway, drooling at the thought.
" AHH! " Chi-Chi shrieked, then turned back to her own Goku, " AHH! " she pointed at him.
" HELLO! " Gogeta happily skipped inside, " I GOT MY BRAIN BACK! " he said in a sing-song voice.
" Huh? " Goku cocked his head.
" Dende used his magical namekian powers to free me-n-Veggie from inside Goggie! " his 7 months into the past
counterpart chirped.
" WOW! You mean now there's TWO little Veggies and TWO me's! " Goku gasped in awe.
" Well, only for the next couple hours. We're going to use our timeline's time machine to send MY Kakay and I back to
the timeline from which we came. " Vegeta boasted, " Gogeta just teleported it into Bulma's lab; she's fixing it as we
speak. "
" Aww, happy endings for past Veggie and past me. " Goku said warmly.
" And you know what the VERY BEST part of this all is? " past Vegeta said excitedly.
" NooooOOOoooOOoooOOOoooOOOOoooOOOOOoooOOOooo--- " Goku responded, grinnning.
The ouji sweatdropped.
" --*gasp for air*--ooOOOooOOOOOOoooooOOoooooOOoo? " Goku finished, then let out a little giggle.
" ... " Vegeta slapped his hand over his face, then took a deep breath and went back into his unusually merry state,
" The VERY BEST part of all this is _I_ _WIN_!!! " he gave the larger saiyajin a hug, then let go and bounced around the
room, " I WIN I WIN I WIN I FINALLY _WIN_!!! " past Vegeta turned to Chi-Chi, " HA! IN YOUR FACE ONNA!! " he blew a rapsberry
" I think past Veggie's little mind has snapped. " Goku nodded, slightly worried at the ouji; who had somehow pulled
a pair of cheering pom-poms out of thin air and was doing various victory cheers with them.
" I didn't think they HAD cheerleaders on Bejito-sei. " Chi-Chi cocked an eyebrow.
" They don't. " Gogeta sweatdropped.
" Goku, go talk to your alternate-self; who's obviously been sharing a body with that Ouji for WAY too long; and
knock some sense into him. " Chi-Chi sighed.
" What'll I say? " Goku cocked his head.
" What you just told me! " Chi-Chi exclaimed, You just spent the last page telling me how much you wanna keep living
with me, Gohan, and Goten! "
" K! " Goku chirped, then walked over to his 7 months younger counterpart, " Hiiiiii! "
" Hiiiiii! " past Goku chirped back.
" Goggie's me, why don't you love Chi-chan anymore??? " Goku grinned, cocking his head to one side.
" SHE TRIED TO KILL ME!!! " past Goku shrieked, pointing accusingly in Chi-Chi's direction.
" I plead temporary insanity. " Chi-Chi raised her hand, " I was mad at the fusions AND the Ouji. I'm better now.....
...but STILL mad at the Ouji!!! "
" ... " present Goku blinked, then turned back to Chi-Chi, " Any thoughts? "
" Umm..... " Chi-Chi scratched her head, " That's past me's problem! And you KNOW I would never kill you Goku. "
Present Goku smiled at her and nodded while the past one folded his arms skeptically.
ON TO GO WITH KURIRIN AND BULMA ON THE SPACESHIP AND YOU SLAPPED ME!!! " past Goku snarled while past Vegeta did yet another
little victory dance in the backround that Gogeta was sweatdropping about; embarassed.
" I _do_ remember that, Chi-chan. " present Goku nodded.
" WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON ANYWAY!! " Chi-Chi shouted, " You're SUPPOSED to be helping ME! "
" Sorry Chi-chan.... " he said, then walked over to past Goku, " Past me? You don't REALLY wanna be past Veggie's
*shudder* servant-maid, do you? "
" You know how you had about an hour to look into Veggie's mind when you were fused into Vejitto? " Past Goku said.
" Yeah? "
" I had 4 whole DAYS to look.... "
" ... "
" ... "
" Yeah? "
" *sweatdrop*. " Past Goku thought for a moment, " I found out a WHOLE LOT MORE than you did. "
" ...yeah? "
" I can now fluently speak veggie-ese. "
" WOW!!! " Present Goku gasped, impressed, " THAT'S SO COOL!!! "
" It's CALLED "Saiyago". " a vein bulged on Past Vegeta's forehead.
" I like saying veggie-ese better. " Past Goku responded.
" ME TOO!! " Present Goku cheered, " Quick! How do you say FISH in veggie-ese? "
" Panana. " Past Goku responded.
" ...THAT IS SO COMPLETELY AMAZING!!! Heehee, paaanaaanaaaa! I-wanna-learn-veggie-ese-too!! " Present Goku said
" Too bad, we're leaving in an hour. " Past Vegeta smirked.
" Aww... " Present Goku pouted.
" Let them leave, Go-chan. " Chi-Chi patted him on the shoulder, " They're Past Me's problem anyway. "
" Alright Chi-chan, whatever you say. " Goku nodded, still worried for his counterpart, " FINE! MOVE IN WITH PAST
BUSHES AND WASHING YOUR HANDS WITH BOTTLED WATER!!! " he shouted towards Past Goku as the other 3 saiyajin made their way
Chi-Chi sweatdropped, " That's...telling them Goku. " she said sarcastically.
" Hmm! " he nodded happily.
" Come Kakay, I can see we're not welcome here. " Past Vegeta smirked as he grabbed the larger saiyajin's hand and
left the room.
" Yeah, it's a Veggie-free zone. " Past Goku stuck his tongue out, " Heeheeheeheehee! I feel so mean; heeheehee!! "
he giggled, embarassed.
" That's not "mean-ness", Kakarrotto, that's called "FREEDOM"!!! " Vegeta waved his arm in the air as he pulled Past
Goku out of the room.
" OooooOOooh, fer-eeee-dom. I LIKE IT!!! " Past Goku cheered, disappearing from view.
Past Vegeta stuck his head inside the room and grinned at Chi-Chi, " Heh-heh, servant-maid. " he pointed outside in
Past Goku's direction and disappeared from view himself.
" ... " Gogeta stood there, staring blankly at them. He grinned and waved, " BYE-BYE!! "
" Isn't Chi-chan gonna chase after Past Veggie? " Present Goku blinked at her.
" Goku do YOU want to leave me for the Ouji? "
" No. "
" Let them leave then. " Chi-Chi shrugged, " I just hope my alternate timeline self has more sanity than I do; she's
gonna need it to stop THIS little fiasco from happening.
" Heehee, fiasssscO. "

" Ahh, the hoagie. A very large sandwich filled with meat, greens, and various preservatives. " Present Vegeta
smirked as he looked on at his finished creation. The hoagie the little ouji had completed was even taller than himself and
almost as tall as Goku, " Heh-heh-heh; this way I can at least get in a few bites before Kakarrotto devours the thing WHOLE!"
he held up the hoagie and took a big bite, " Mmm! " Vegeta smiled and carried the hoagie out of the kitchen just intime to
see a familiar face poke his head around the corner.
" Hiiiiii, *Veggie*! " Past Goku said, even warmer than usual.
Vegeta blinked, his right cheek still full of hoagie. He chewed some more and then inspected the meat-filled sandwich
" Yes, hello 'Veggie'. " an even more familiar voice said.
The ouji looked around the corner and spit out the contents of his mouth so fast he nearly choked. There infront of
him stood what looked like a complete copy of himself; only this one in addition to his normal training clothes had a little
sign hanging around his neck with the word 'winner' written on it in Goku's handwriting.
This time Vegeta seriously considered throwing the sandwich away.
" Greetings Toussan for I am FREEE! " Gogeta slid past them.
" ....what happened to your voice? " Present Vegeta said, surprised.
" Oh, I had Dende exorcise my timeline's Toussan and Kaasan out of my body so they'd be happy and I wouldn't go
insane. " Gogeta grinned, " My brain feels so much less cramped now! " he pointed at his head.
" Oh.... " Vegeta blinked, then turned towards his and Goku's counterparts, " So they're ALSO Kakarrotto and I, just
from 7 months ago? "
" Yup! "
" And the same ones held up together in the same body for 4 days? "
" Yup! "
" Huh... " the ouji thought on this, then took another bite of his sandwich, " Least I know it's not my stomach
playing tricks on me. " he nodded, " So? What's it like sharing a body that long with Kakarrotto? " he asked his Past self,
" Privacy doesn't exist. " the other ouji answered flatly.
" Nuh-uh! I had fun sharing with little Veggie! " Past Goku said, still staring at them both unusually warmly, " It
was maaaaaaaaaAAAagical! " he clasped his hands together. Both oujis turned bright red. Present Vegeta took 5 steps back from
where he was standing. Past Vegeta took only 2 being that he'd walk backwards through the wall if he took another. Gogeta
just shook his head.
" I'm gonna go find Vejitto and tell him the great news! " the fusion happily bounced off, " I'm free I'm free I'm
free! No more brain-sharing for me! " he said in a sing-song voice.
" Uh..? " Present Vegeta glanced over as Gogeta left out of the corner of his eye, then turned his eyes back forward
again and shrieked to see Past Goku nearly looming over him, " AHH!! "
" Hey future Veggie? Did my Veggie tell you yet? " Past Goku giggled eagerly.
" Tell me what? " Vegeta looked past Goku to his counterpart, who was just now slowly fading the bright red color in
his face back to normal and gasping for breath.
" That I dubbed Veggie the winner. " the larger saiyajin grinned.
" ...? "
" I have decided after the 4 days of body-sharing with my Veggie, Past Veggie to you, that he is O-ffically the
winner! See the little sign I made for him? " Past Goku pointed to Past Vegeta, who cheerfully and light-headedly held up the
sign around his neck with the childishly scribbled word 'winner' on it.
" You mean--I win? " Vegeta's eyes went super-wide and he squeaked out the last word; still glowing bright red.
" Well, Past Veggie wins, I'm not sure about you. " Past Goku shook his head.
" Heh-heh, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heeeeee~~~~ " the little ouji melted into a puddle of red goo on the floor.
" Awww, Veggie so cute! " Past Goku clasped his hands, then frowned slightly, " Shame he didn't win too. "
" WHAT!! " Vegeta re-formed himself and exclaimed angrily, " WHADDA YOU MEAN I DIDN'T WIN! YOU JUST SAID-- "
" --he said _I_ win. " Past Vegeta smirked, pointing to himself, " AMAZING what sharing a body, mind, and soul for 4
days can do to a peasant. Makes them VERY protective. " he looked over at Past Goku, who laughed lightly while his cheeks
turned pinkish, " However, YOUR timeline's Kakarrotto is still unwittingly smitten with the DEMON ONNA-- "
" --WHO TRIED TO KILL ME!! " Past Goku interupted. Past Vegeta sweatdropped.
" --*sigh*, yes Kakarrotto, "who tried to kill you". " he turned back to his future counterpart, " I'm going to have
my own Kaka-servant-maid within the next month. Aren't I lucky? " he whispered, snickering.
" So, you win, but I'm still stuck back where I was at the beginning of this story. " Present Vegeta said flatly,
folding his arms.
" Yes, pretty much. " Past Vegeta nodded.
Present Vegeta left the room, walked into the nearest bathroom, locked the door, and screamed angrily at the top of
his lungs using every curse word in the saiyajin language along with some english ones too. He emerged from the bathroom
covered in splotches of toothpaste. Past Vegeta cocked an eyebrow at the other ouji, who walked by him and back to where he
had left the hoagie on the table, " I stepped on the toothpaste squeeze tube in a fit of rage. " he said, slightly urked.
" Umm, hankie? " Past Goku held something up out of his pocket.
" IT ISN'T FAIR!!!! " Present Vegeta fell to his knees and started pounding the floor, " WHY..*SMACK*..MUST..*SMACK..
..THIS..*SMACK*.BE!!! "
" I dunno. " Past Goku grinned cluelessly.
FINISH THE REST OF THAT PIE"!! IT'S _NOT_ _FAIR_!! IT'S JUST _NOT_ _FAIR!!! " he screamed, then began to break into sobs.
Past Goku picked up the little ouji and hugged him.
" It's gonna be alright little future Veggie. " Past Goku said comfortingly, " _I_ understand you and your little
Veggie *NEEDS*. "
" Yeah, BUT YOU'RE LEAVING!!! " Present Vegeta shouted, then started sobbing again.
" Oof oof oof oof, " a little voice squeaked in pain in the hallway above them. Chi-Chi was dragging Present Goku by
the wrist down towards the stairs, " Chi-chan you're walking too fast! " he complained. Chi-Chi was virtually back to her
former health thanks to the senzu bean, " Slow down! " Goku yelped.
" No I will NOT slow down. We're going to find Gohan and Goten and get out of this Ouji hole! " Chi-Chi grumbled as
she stomped down the steps, Goku bumping along behind her, trying to keep up the walking pace. She got to the bottom of the
steps only to see 3 saiyajin glare at her. She sweatdropped, " Oh brother. "
" Hey! Look Chi-chan! It's a hoagie! " Goku said excitedly, pointing to the sandwich on the counter, " That must be
the one little Veggie made for me! " he grinned, " I'd thank him but I'm not sure which Veggie to thank. " he confusedly
looked back and forth between the one being hugged protectively and the one with the 'winner' sign around his neck.
" I'm pretty sure he's the one crying and bawling deliriously. " Chi-Chi said sarcastically, " Now let's go. " she
dragged him down the remainder of the steps.
" I don't want little Veggie to CRY, Chi-chan. " Goku frowned.
" Ugh, forget about it Goku. Besides, your brainwashed, oujified counterpart's already, err, caressing him. "
Chi-Chi said uneasily, feeling slightly nauseous, " Urm, let's go downstairs Goku before you get any new ideas for different
ways to hug that nasty thing. "
" Alright Chi-chan! " the larger saiyajin said happily, " Good luck helping Veggie feel better, other me!! " he
called out as they headed downstairs where Gohan's ki was coming from.
" *sigh*. " Present Vegeta sighed sadly, completely calmed down.
" I think we better go down to Bulma's lab too, as much as the thought of a 5 saiyajin VS Onna battle seems very
entertaining I'd like to get us both back home as soon as possible. " Past Vegeta explained, then slipped a piece of ham out
from inside the hoagie and ate it, " Ahh, future me, my stomach thanks you. " he smirked, patting his own stomach.
" *sniffle*. "
Past Goku picked up Present Vegeta under one arm and Past Vegeta under the other arm. He grabbed the hoagie with his
mouth and grinned, " Heeheehee, hoagie. "
Both oujis sweatdropped.
" Kakarrotto! To the lab! " Past Vegeta ordered. The large saiyajin nodded and jogged over to the door leading
downstairs to Bulma's lab.
Present Vegeta sweatdropped, " I feel like a tote bag. "

" Wow! So your mind's really free now? " Vejitto gasped. Gogeta had just finished telling him the story, " That's
GREAT! " he grinned, " After Christmas is over you can come back with me and be my deputy guard in h.f.i.l!! "
" I don't think so. " Gogeta said. Vejitto's face fell.
" Whadda you mean? "
" I mean now that my Toussan and Kaasan have their bodies back I think I'd like to go home and live with them. "
Gogeta smiled.
" GOGGIE DON'T GO!! " a voice cried out from below him. Gogeta looked down to see Bura holding onto his leg for dear
life, " Goggie-chan don't go I love you and you're so much fun to play with and "you're the baby", right? " she held up a
cookie hopefully.
" OOH! COOKIE! " Gogeta squealed, grabbing and devouring the treat, " Mmm, yummy! "
" So you'll stay? "
" Bura I really think that's up to Gogeta to decide. " Bulma said, looking over her work repairing the time machine,
" Gohan will you pick up the shield one more time, I need to check for anymore cracks. "
" Sure. " Gohan said, doing so.
Bulma picked up a brush covered in glass protecter and searched for more cracks, " Ah-hah! " she found a small one
and painted over it, " There. I think it's all ready to go! "
" WAHHH!! " Gohan nearly fell over in surprise. Bulma sighed with relief that he didn't break the glass protecter.
" GOHAN!! " Chi-Chi said happily, still dragging Goku behind her, " My baby! How nice of you helping Bulma prepare to
send that evil ouji-spawn and the Ouji and Goku's counterparts back where they came from and restoring peace for us all! "
she smiled proudly, " Isn't he wonderful, Goku? "
" I can't...feel...my wrist. " Goku's hand twitched in pain. Chi-Chi let go of it.
" We only need to screw the top back on the time machine and they're ready to go. " Bulma explained while Gohan
fastened the top in place. Bulma picked up a screwdriver and several bolts.
" GREAT! " Chi-Chi clasped her hands together, " Now all we need is that other schemeing Ouji and the other Goku! "
" HELLO!!! " Past Goku teleported infront of her. Chi-Chi shrieked and fell backwards. Past Goku had a hoagie in his
mouth and a Vegeta under each arm.
" Past me looks like he just won a sweepstakes! " Present Goku grinned.
" Goku, what kind of sweepstakes gives away hoagies and Vegetas as prizes. " Bulma sweatdropped.
" I dunno... " Goku thought outloud, " Do you? Can I enter? "
She sweatdropped, " I..doubt it. " she laughed nervously.
" SO! You're taking BOTH Oujis back with you? " Chi-Chi got up and smiled, " Well that's very nice of you taking both
of them off our hands! Haha! Here that everyone! No more Oujis! " she clasped her hands together. The others looked at her
skeptically, " ..what? "
" Actually I'm only taking MY Veggie back with me. " Past Goku said, setting down the non-signed, tailed Vegeta down,
" It wouldn't be fair to take somebody else's Veggie too, right? "
" Eeee~~ " Present Vegeta let out a dazed noise and flopped onto the floor, giggling lightly to himself.
" Aww, he looks better already! " Present Goku bent down and patted the giggling ouji on the head, " Come 'ere Veggie
I'll pick you up so you can get a better view. " he reached out only to have his hand slapped away.
" GOKU DON'T TOUCH IT! " Chi-Chi snapped, " It's giggling and drooling--who KNOWS what kind of Ouji-diseases he's
carrying in his system! "
" That's a LIE. Little Veggies don't have any diseases. " Past Goku glared at Chi-Chi, " I should KNOW! Go ahead, you
can pick your Veggie up, he won't hurt you while his brain's off in veggie-dreamland. "
" Heehee, little Veggie up we go! " Present Goku picked up the ouji, who merely sighed contently, " Wow, you really
calmed little Veggie down good! He's not getting mad or panicky or anything like that! "
" Give it another 10 minutes. " his counterpart nodded, then hopped into the time machine, followed by Past Vegeta.
Past Goku hooked up his seat-belt and glanced up to see the present ouji sniffling slightly and staring at him with a
heartbroken look on his face. He frowned, then perked up, " GOODBYE FUTURE VEGGIE I LOVE YOU TOO!! "
" Isn't that nice of past me, Veggie? " Present Goku looked down at the ouji he was holding up, " Wave goodbye little
Veggie! " he took one of Present Vegeta's arms and waved it, " Bye-bye! " he mouthed for the ouji, " See! Veggie says
bye-bye too! "
" GOGGIE! ARE YOU COMING! " Past Goku called out while the his own timeline's ouji sighed and plopped against him
with a big happy smile on his face.
" Umm... " Gogeta paused, looking over at the saddened expression on his brother's face, then down at Bura who was
still holding onto his leg as tight as possible.
" If you go I'm going with you! " she shouted, " And so is Ji-chan, right Ji-chan? " Bura turned to Vejitto, who
nodded in agreement.
" Ohhh. " Gogeta groaned, " Umm, I, umm... " he bit his lip, " Bulma is there a way I can travel back and forth
between the timelines so I can see Kaasan and Toussan and still work as Vejitto's security guard sidekick and play with
Bura and everyone else? "
" You could do that using my spare time-machine I guess. " Bulma put her hands on her hips.
" YAY! " Gogeta cheered, " Then I choose to stay here til New Years and then go to meet with Kaasan and Toussan! I
can rotate which timeline I live in every month! That way I get a month here and a month at home! "
" HOORAY! " Bura let go of him.
" So this means you'll want the job anyway? " Vejitto smiled.
" Heh-heh, only part time! " Gogeta shook his hand, " Beating up Freeza's got to be a lot easier than dealing with
Onna everyday! "
" HEY!! " Chi-Chi snapped.
" Uh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh! " Gogeta laughed nervously.
" Alright then, we'll see you in about a week Goggie! " Past Goku waved.
" Goodbye son, wish us luck in driving Onna insane! " Past Vegeta grinned.
" BYE KAASAN BYE TOUSSAN SEE YOU SOON!! " Gogeta waved as the door to the time-machine closed. Past Goku pulled
something out of his pocket and held it up.
" Hey little Veggie, " he pointed above his head at the object, " Mistletoe. "
" *FWOOOF*! " and with that the time-machine disappeared. Everyone fell over at the timing.
" Chi-chan that's HORRIBLE to say! " Goku gasped, holding his own 'veggie' tighter, " Haven't you learned ANYTHING
about being mean to people! "
" I've learned never to let you fuse with the Ouji again, THAT'S for sure! " she grumbled, leaving the room.
" Bye Past me and Past Veggie, good luck in the future--or is it the past--good luck wherever you are!! " Goku waved
a delayed goodbye to their counterparts, then left in Chi-Chi's direction also, soon followed by Gohan.
" So! Goggie and Ji-chan wanna come to my room and play pretend? " Bura asked.
" We won't have to worry about any more cookies, will we Bura? " Gogeta said.
" Nope! "
" I'll do it! " Gogeta said happily, then grinned over at his brother.
" Ohhh, I really, umm, I don't wanna dress up in any more embarassing outfits!! " Vejitto exclaimed.
" It won't be embarassing Vejitto-kun! " Gogeta said, " Besides, we're just playing pretend! " he said, then
whispered, " Besides we're loads stonger than Bura is! If things get humiliating we can just blast a hole in the wall or
teleport out of there. "
" Oh-kay then. " Vejitto said uneasily.
" GREAT! " his brother grabbed him by the arm as they ran off, " Let's go!! "

" Do we have to go home already? " Goten frowned as Chi-Chi helped him get his coat on.
" Sorry Goten but it's getting late and you don't want to have to fall asleep before you open the rest of your
presents do you? " Chi-Chi smiled.
" It's only 7:30pm!! " Goten exclaimed. He pouted, " You just wanna leave cuz you're afraid of Uncle Veggie bein a
bad influence on Toussan, huh Mommy? "
" ... " Chi-Chi paused, then blinked, " Mommy's just sticking to her original story, Goten. It's getting late and
we're leaving. "
Goten sighed, " Aww.... "
" Thank you for the snowcoat and the gloves and the boots and the tail-mitten, little Veggie! " Goku said cheerfully,
wearing the prementioned items, " I feel much warmer now! "
" Don't mention it, Kakarrot. " the ouji glowed a light red.
" Hey Veggie? One more mistletoe bee-fore I go? " the larger saiyajin pointed to the wreath that was still around
his head.
" ACK! " Vegeta backed up, " NO! NO NO NO NO NO!! " he face burst into a bright red glow.
" Come on little Veggie, where is your spirit of giving? " the larger saiyajin laughed.
" I ALREADY GAVE YOU PRESENTS! " Vegeta shouted.
" Veh-GEE, just one little smooch?? "
" How 'bout a hug? "
" Oh-kay. " the ouji walked over and let the larger saiyajin squeeze him tightly, " You feel better now? "
" Little Veggie look up there! " Goku gasped, pointing upward.
" Where? " Vegeta instinctively turned his head up.
" *SMOOCH*! " he swak-ed the ouji on the forehead. Vegeta shrieked and instantly pushed Goku away, rubbing his
smooched widow's peak with his hands, " Kaka-germs, kaka-germs, kaka-germs, BLEHHH!! " Vegeta shivered in disgust, then
pointed at Goku, " YOU TRICKED ME!!! "
" Heeheehee~~ " Goku grinned widely, " Silly little Veggie! " he awwed while the ouji continued to try to wipe to
kaka-germs off his forehead, " OH! " he perked up, " I have a gift for Chi-chan before we go! "
" Really? " Chi-Chi smirked, then snickered at the ouji, " Well aren't I special! " she clasped her hands together
and smiled at Goku, who handed her a box. She ripped it open to reveal an orange gi her size.
" I figured maybe teaching Chi-chan some new techniques and sparring with her a little bit will help relieve her
pent-up anger against little Veggie and keep her from wildly attacking him! " Goku said happily.
" That's so nice of you Go-chan! You could teach me some powerful attack so I can FINALLY anhilate the evil little
Ou-- " Chi-Chi stopped cheerfully to sweatdrop at the glare she was reciving from Goku, " --gee is it getting hot in here or
is it just me. " she laughed nervously.
" I am warm and toasty Chi-chan! " Goku said happily as Gohan and Goten left through the door. Chi-Chi scooted him
out the door.
" Say goodbye to Bulma and the others, Goku! " she said, dragging him out the door.
" BYE BULMA BYE OTHERS BYE-BYE LIL-LIL VEH-GEEE~~~!! " the large saiyajin giggled at the end.
" Yes, goodbye Kakarrotto. " Vegeta chuckled. He sighed, " I feel very envious of that other me right now. " the
ouji sweatdropped.
" Don't worry about it, I'm sure that whole "servant-maid" thing didn't last over 10 minutes; Past Goku IS still
Goku after all. " Bulma nodded.

" More cocoa Veggie-sama? " Past Goku said cheerfully as he stood next to the ouji's bed. Past Vegeta grinned and
handed over the cup. The larger saiyajin was indeed in his 'servant-maid' costume.
" Why thank you Kakay! " Past Vegeta chirped, patting the peasant on the hand before Past Goku left the room.

Present Vegeta stood in the doorway, staring out at the snow. He grumbled, " Bakayaro fusion dance... "

" Ahh, home at last. " Chi-Chi said happily as she turned the knob on the front door.
" I can't wait to open my other presents! " Goten said happily, running inside only to gasp in shock.
" AHHHHH!! " Gohan yelped. There was Hiyah dragon in the living room, covered in scraps of wrapping paper. He had
torn apart every present, eaten half the tree, and destroyed both sofas and the armchair in the room; and he did it with a
big grin on his face.
" Gohan? What is it? " Chi-Chi said as she ran in after him. Goku followed, sniffing the air.
" Hey Chi-chan do you smell something funny? " he scratched his head.
" AHHHHH!! "
The large saiyajin sweatdropped, " Chi-chan? " he peeked around the corner to see Hiyah sitting there, the others
onlooking in surprise, " Hey, it's Hiyah....how'd he get in here? I haven't seen him in months? "
" My presents... " Goten sniffled.
" Well, at, at least they're unwrapped for us now, right? " Gohan laughed, trying to lighten the situation.
" GOHAN!! GET IT OUT OF HERE! NOW!! " Chi-Chi screamed.
" Yes Kaasan! " Gohan grabbed Hiyah and began to drag him out through the backdoor, " Come on Hiyah, let's go now
before Kaasan turns you into a briefcase or a handbag or something like that. "
" RRRRAAA!! " Hiyah roared happily.
" Ohhh boy.. " Gohan groaned.
" I can't believe this! I KNEW we should've NEVER visited that evil Ouji's house in the first place!! Everything's
EATEN!! " Chi-Chi exclaimed. Goku frowned, then grinned to see a lone item on the couch that had remained untouched.
" VEDGE'UMS THE CHRISTMAS PILLOW! " Goku picked the Vegeta-sized pillow up and hugged it, " YOU'RE STILL A-LIVE!! "
A vein bulged on Chi-Chi's forehead, " WHAT!! "
Goku froze, " Veh--Vedge'ums is still oh-kay Chi-chan. See? " he squeaked out.
" Give-it-to-me. " she snarled.
" NO! "
" NO NO NO!! " Goku shook his head back and forth in a panic, " Vedge'ums needs me! He's just a poor defenseless
pillow and I am his owner! "
" ... " Chi-Chi felt her bottom eye-lid twitch, " Very well then, GOHAN!! BRING HIYAH BACK IN HERE! I HAVE A _TREAT_
FOR HIM!! " she screamed, only to have Goku dash past her, clutching the pillow for dear life, " GOKU! YOU COME BACK HERE
him. Goku made it upstairs and locked the door behind him, " GO-KU! GOKU!!! " she pounded ont he door.
" Chi-chan quiet! " Goku said from inside. She blinked, " Me-n-Vedge'ums the Christmas Pillow are gonna take a nap. "
" ... "
" GOKU? "
" ... "
" GOKU!!! "
" ... "
YOU HEAR ME!!! " Chi-Chi sat down infront of his door.
" ... "
" GOKU!!! "
Goten sighed, now alone in the living room. He looked through the presents remains for what would've been his. He
picked up some of his untouched presents and smiled, " Merry Christmas Everyone! "
8:56 PM 1/5/2003
Chuquita: And so it ends.
Goku: (grins) And what an ending it is. I get to keep my pillow, Veggie got his egg-nog, Goggie got his brain back, Bura got
a playmate, Chi-chan found out things could be worse, and Past Veggie got his, urm, (mumbles) servant-maid. (blushes lightly)
Chuquita: Well, we don't really know if it stayed that way for Past Veggie. That was just a snipit at the end. It's mostly
just to be left to the imagination ya know. (nods)
Goku: That IS kinda mean though, teasing Veggie by letting another Veggie win over another me.
Chuquita: Hey, it's the spirit of giving, I gave one Veggie a win, sort of.
Goku: Yeah, until you decide to let Past Veggie lose as well!
Chuquita: (sweatdrops) That's the end of Past Veggie pretty much, unless I bring Gogeta back in another story and he relays
what happened in that timeline since they got there to you guys.
Goku: (saddened) Aww...
Chuquita: Say where IS Veggie anyway?
Goku: Hee~~ (grins) I was givin little Veggie a makeover, remember?
Chuquita: (sweatdrops) Oh yeah. So, is he, err, coming out? I mean, what did you do to him? [gets tapped on the shoulder]
[turns around] VEGGIE---you look exactly the same as before you left.
Vegeta: Yes, I do, don't I. (smirks)
Goku: WITH the exception of little Veggie's outfit?
Chuquita: [glances back at Veggie again to see he's now wearing a blue and yellow gi; his boots and gloves still on] [the
outer's blue and the t-shirt's yellow] Oh...yah, err, big difference. (sweatdrops)
Vegeta: Kakarrotto figured I'd be more comfortable this way.
Goku: No more wedgie's for Veggie!
Vegeta: Exactly! [sits down]
Chuquita: (curious) So you like it?
Vegeta: (thinks) Well it DOES feel sort of peasant-ish, but then again it IS the royal colors of the house of Bejito-sei,
so I guess I can live with it till the end of this story.
Goku: Heeheehee, thank you Veggie.
Vegeta: (to Chu) Besides, after seeing how Kakarrotto freaked out about those drastic GT makeover things I knew he wouldn't
do anything TOO extreme to me.
Chuquita: Ahh, crafty huh?
Vegeta: (smirks) Yes, as a a matter of fact I am. (nods) AND I agree with Kakarrotto, teasing me with having some other me
supposedly win some other Kaka-servant-maid IS a cruel and unusual punishment!
Chuquita: (sweatdrops)
Goku: (nervous laugh) Umm, I'd really rather be the oujo anyways Veggie. (whispers to Chu) At least oujos get pretty shiny
Chuquita: He's got a point Vedge.
Vegeta: Yes, but Kakarrotto is NOT an oujo--and that is completely off-topic!
Chuquita: You wanna know off-topic? I just saw the uncut clip from the Freeza saga where Veggie gives his little pep-talk
to Son-kun in the 'vision'.
Goku: And?
Chuquita: Umm, my best reaction is probably the first one you had yourself.
Goku: (trademark) "COMPLETE SHOCK AND TERROR"!!
Vegeta: (sweatdrops) Terror?
Chuquita: I'd be terrified to if the ouji I just BURIED appeared to me with his tail back on and in his birthday suit
yapping about how great the saiyajins are and then Chibi Veggie, King Bejito, Bardock, and Oozaru Veggie appear to root you
on as well!
Goku: It WAS kinda creepy... (perks up) But Chibi Veggie WAS SO **CUTE**!! With his little bangs and his little cape and
his little Veggie-armor and boots and gloves!
Vegeta: (sweatdrops; embarassed) Err, right.
Goku: I wish Veggie'd keep his bangs down more often. (frowns) (perks up again) They're so cute on Veggie!!
Vegeta: (glowing) Ohhhh.... (turns his head away)
Chuquita: At least Veggie was modest enough to keep his back-turned the whole time. After the initial shock Goku kept the
same freaked-out/shocked look on his face frozen until the end of the vision. Come to think of it I'm curious as to how
Veggie contacted him after he'd been dead for a good 10 minutes. And why was he nak-ee? Was it supposed to be a symbol?
"this is the naked truth--you are the last saiyajin now go and destroy Freeza!"
Goku: Little Veggie's never REALLY die.
Vegeta: (mysterious smirk) Heh-heh-heh...
Chuquita: (sweatdrops) That's creepy. But I KNOW it couldn't have been Goku's imagination because 1, he doesn't know what
King Bejee or Bardock looks like at this point and 2, he doesn't know what Veggie's back in his birthday suit looks like.
Vegeta: (grins) I can manipulate the minds of peasants.
Goku: (eyes widen in worry) (plugs his ears)
Vegeta: What was THAT for?
Goku: So you can't invade my brain.
Vegeta: (sweatdrops)
Chuquita: Anyway, the clips under the "no audio" section of Dragonball Arena for those who wanna see it. I sketched Son's
'shocked' expression and put it on mediaminer.org, but they're having problems w/their server so it'd be pretty useless to
give you guys a url until they get whatever's down back up again. (nods)
Goku: (still plugging his ears) (loudly) WHAT DID YOU SAY?
Chuquita: (sweatdrops) You can take your fingers out of your ears now.
Goku: (glances over at Veggie who's still got an evil smirk on his face) ...no thank you.
Chuquita: (to Vedge) SEE! Now you've got him all paranoid!
Vegeta: (smirks eviller at Goku) No I haven't.
Goku: (somehow stuffs his whole fists in his ears)
Vegeta: (eyes bulge out of his head) Well..that was different.
Chuquita: You blame no one but yourself. (turns to audiance) Anyway, I once again apologize for an astoundingly long chapter.
I'm also very happy I made a part 5 because part 4 would've been HUMONGOUS if I hadn't. (nods) As for my next story, I think
I'm gonna do my little oneshot comedic-angst w/Veggie that'll probably only be one chapter.
Vegeta: (sweatdrops) HOW can you have a comedic angst? That's a complete oxymoron!!
Chuquita: It'll make sense once I start writing it. (to Veggie) You see, I can't be serious too long before something funny
comes out, so it'll kinda be like 'Veggie's sad-n-depressed but stupid humorous stuff keeps happening around him to make
him annoyed'; at least that's part of it, here's the summary so far.
Summary: Just because he said goodbye to you doesn't mean he said goodbye to me. When Goku got blown up during Cell's
explosion, it hit Veggie pretty hard. But when Goku said his last goodbyes to all the Z senshi, Veggie wasn't there. The
stubborn ouji, refusing to believe his peasant is gone forever, begins to stage a vigil infront of window in Capsule Corp's
living room, certain Goku is coming back any day now, either for good or to even take him back to other world with him? How
long will the ouji sit there before someone snaps him out of it? CAN anyone snap him out of it?
Goku: Aww, poor Veggie.
Chuquita: There isn't a sad ending though to it. Nobody dies, actually Veggie thinks of a solution to find Son-kun that seems
so obvious I don't know why he didn't think of it in the show.
Vegeta: (curious) Really?
Chuquita: (nods) Yup! AND there's a little humor side-story going on when we flash up to other-world on that one Kai's
planet; Goku's sharing a room with the Piccolo-ish (Son says so himself in the show) Pikkon.
Goku: Heehee, I am an entertaining room-mate.
Vegeta: (sweatdrops) (dryly) I'm sure you are.
Chuquita: AND Chi-Chi gets a little luck to compensate for the near-insanity she got driven to in this fic.
Vegeta: (grumbles) Onna's poking fun at me, huh.
Chuquita: Well she WAS the last person Goku told Gohan to apologize for him to her AND he gave her Goten while Veggie pretty
much got zippo so, yeah, she's gonna pester poor Veggie while Goku's up in other world and forgot he didn't even say goodbye
to Veggie. I'm also gonna use some stuff from the Cell episodes that seemed like they were going for 'dramatic' but I ended
up laughing at them instead; like the giant Goku heads in the sky (this happens 2 different times at the end of this saga).
And after that I think I'm gonna do what so far is being called "Kaka-version 1.0"
Summary: After Veggie accidentally hits Goku too hard, causing 'Kakarrotto' to re-appear. However, Kakarrotto's last memory
was at the age of 2. Will Veggie be able to kaka-sit this 'big baby' until Bulma is able to develop a way to bring Goku
back, or will Goku be stuck in jumbo-sized diapers forever? And is Veggie willing to change them?
Vegeta: (groans) This...is going to be embarassing...
Chuquita: When you read this one you're gonna have to temporarily forget about how my normal version of chibi Kakarrotto is;
if anyone's read my chibi veggie fics he's the super-genius baby who invents machines and is plotting to take over Earth
once he gets there. But I figured if I used that one this story wouldn't be as humorous and it'd be the same as every other
kakarrotto-returns story. When you really think about it if Kakarrotto returned he probably would still be at wherever his
mind was before he got amnesia.
Vegeta: I'm NOT changing any kaka-diapers.
Goku: (giggles) Heeheeheehee, Veggie gonna feed me a bottle too?
Chuquita: (happily) Who knows? That story'll be a while before I get the first chapter up anyways. However my one-shot
Comedic-Angst story should be out by next week or the end of this one. Seeing as it's only a one chapter short-story thing
the following week the other story should be up. I got other fics listed for after that but I'm running out of room in this
text document so I'm gonna say see you later!
Goku: (grins and waves) Bye-bye! Hope you enjoyed the story!
Vegeta: (still grumbling) There is NO WAY I am changing Kakarrotto's DIAPERS. NO WAY...