Vegeta Metallix: Prologue Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z and all related characters are the property of Akira Toriyama and Bandai/Funimation/and who the hell else owns it! So don't sue me, or I will be vengeful and smite thy punk ass! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The Supreme Kai was strolling along on the world of the Kai's, peacefully, but with a jovial bounce in his step. He was humming a tune to himself, no one in particular, but he wished he had someone to share in his joy, ever since Shin (The former Supreme Kai) and Kibito had merged into an entirely new being. He hadn't thought up a new name for himself, but who the hell could blame the guy! He had been bitch-slapped around by Majin Boo, that over-stuffed pink demonic blubber ball who had killed his whole family, merged with Kibito who had been resurrected after being killed by Dabura the Demon King, helped Goku and Vegeta destroy Majin Boo, helped them find the Universal Dragon Ball's to restore the planet earth when Boo blew it up out of spite, and had to deal with a whole host of brand new enemies! To top it off today, he had gotten a vicious ear-full from the Old Supreme Kai. Why? Well, it wasn't very pretty. The Supreme kai had been walking along toward the Crystal Lake to take a relaxing dip when he heard the Old Kai moaning and breathing rapidly. He ran as fast as he could go, pushing his legs harder than he had when he was running from Majin Boo. He leapt right over a large hill and into the air to get a better look of the area, and quickly found the Old Kai sitting down in front of a magazine. An adult magazine, and he was.was.JERKING OFF?! AAAHHHHH!!!!! KAMI, DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!, MY EYES! THEY BURN!

The Supreme Kai had become so scarred by that little scene that he fainted, and fell. Right down onto Old Kais' noggin. After collecting himself off the old timer, and dumping about six gallons of industrial strength over himself (trust me, you don't want to know why!), he had to run for his dear little life because not only was the Old Kai madder than hell and cursing his head off at his younger counterpart, but also he was swinging the broken Z Sword to remove the younger Kai's reason for being a man!

Kami, did he have a shitty life! But he'd be damned on a stick if he ever let anyone know that! At least there was one consolation: he had recently come into possession of some sort of remote control device. Why was this so enjoyable, some piece of circuitry and plastic? Well, oh curious ones, this remote was for one thing very stylish, built into a metal gauntlet with very expensive leather lining, and studded with precious jewels. Another thing was that it was supposed to control some kind of super weapon designed to protect life, not try and wipe it out. The name of the weapon was the Prometheus Star, an ancient weapon built by a race so advanced, that even Dr.Gero's or Dr.Myu's greatest creations would be as primitive and useless as a stone knife against a plasma cannon. The Supreme Kai wished he could have met them, but they were wiped out by a mysterious enemy that even they couldn't combat. Their legacy survived in the Prometheus Star. An artificial world that was alive! Not alive in the organic sense, but alive in the mental sense. It was an artificially intelligent machine that really had a problem with bad people, like a psychotically bloodthirsty problem! That's what the remote was for! To keep the fucking robot-sado-planet from going Saiyin shit on the whole Kami- forsake universe! Bad people were everywhere, and this thing didn't care if you jaywalked or raped little girls with a Cuisinart while slicing nuns open with a chain saw, if you misbehaved, you were so much fried tissue paper. The Supreme Kai was all the happier that he was A) wearing the gauntlet, and B) finally getting the hang of it, because when he first found it in the lake, he didn't have a sweet clue what it was until he started fiddling with it. He had the electrical burns to prove it! But now he knew how to use it without becoming the universes oldest French fry. 'Cause now it time for some reprogramming. And a long awaited RE-TEST run. As he was entering the access code, a thought came to his head, "Hey, I think I just thought up a new name for myself: Shingo. Now, that was a name with some class!"

Shingo looked back down at the gauntlet with a smile spreading from pointy ear to pointy ear. After the last few digits were entered, he instructed the computer to alter its own core personality to the new, kinder hearted and just settings. The computer replied a few seconds later, which really surprised Shingo, it should have taken at least a few hours for the reconfiguration. He didn't like it one bit, but hey, he had powered up the Prometheus Star over a month ago, he just guessed that the ancient computer had simply had enough time to warm up after all these eons, and was simply a lot faster than Shingo had thought. Oh well, he did know one thing for absolute certain. Some old friends were going to get a massive shock, as well as some welcomed back up.


He thought that over for a second and almost screamed in terror as the computer responded: ACKNOWLEDGED. DO YOU WISH TO INCLUDED SUBJECT 26 AND 8 PROFILES? Shingo quickly, and adamantly said a big, fat NO!! Holy shit that was close! All he needed was a pompous, arrogant, stuck up, haughty, vicious, battle crazed lunatic poser with a mechanical planet for a body, running around the universe. Vegeta and that ass wipe Mr. Satan were bad enough! Thank you very much! After some dept program changes, Shingo sent the Prometheus star on it's merry way, chuckling at the thought of seeing his old friends faces when it parks in earth orbit requesting their presence on board in the main pavilion chamber. 'Ha! That thing's voice was intense, yet gentle, massively loud, and yet seductively soft. It would scare the piss out all them! Oh, I'm so bad! Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad!!' Shingo thought to himself as he softly chuckled to himself.

He had a sudden idea to add a little prank plan to the itinerary, but just as he raised the gauntlet to his mouth to use the voice command system he felt a cold wash over his body. A cold so deep, it reached right into his chest and froze his soul to a brittle, tight clump of ice and frost. He gasped out right and inhaled so deeply, he thought that he would burst like a balloon, spraying the landscape in blood and tissue. He clutched his chest in pain and fell to his knees crying out in pain, twitching and gaping for air. Shingo almost screamed, the pain became so fierce. He felt like he was going to die, but before he could begin to contemplate what it would feel like to die, he saw something moving just behind a nearby hill, like a wraith, all but invisible, moving so swiftly, yet so quietly, it was terrifying to a maddening extent. The form wiped out from behind the hill, then back again, without so much as slowing down, it was like a wisp, it seemed to disappear, then reappear, then vanish again. Not so much as a vague silhouette came into focus for the pain was to great to form any kind of rational thought or effort, and it simply moved to fast. Oh, how Shingo wished it kept moving so swiftly, because it came to halt all but two inches from his twitching, quivering form. Kami-Sama, no. Not him. Anyone but him. It can't be, it just couldn't be. Gogetta destroyed him!

The figure was over eight feet in height, and quite simply a walking nightmare. His skin was a dark shade of pink, reminiscent of Majin Boo, with a metallic sheen that made the skin look artificial. From the crown of his head, sprouted two horns, which curved backward and stretched out for about three feet or more, which were incased in purple bands of bone, like most of his body, including his whole lower half, the ten foot long tale that was almost like Freiza's, his fore arms, biceps, upper chest and back, and incased his head and horns like armor, and yet, like an insects carapace, reminding Shingo of Dr. Gero's biomechanical android Cell. His face was flat, no nose to speak of, save for two tiny nostrils right in the center of his face. But there was something very different about this abomination. On each cheek were two thick black lines that reminded Shingo of a Native American war painting. From his two-toed feet to half way up his thighs, his legs were robotic and ornately decorated, as well as thickly armored, with bladed protrusions, spikes, and jeweled bulges, making the legs look a good deal thicker then they really were.

The being arms were similar, completely robotic up to the edge of the bicep, also heavily armored and decorated, with metal cords connected to the wrists that were so long, they touched the ground, connecting to each of the being's armored shoulder blades. The upper torso had conforming plates of armor over the pecks, abs, and the entire neck, which had an opening from the chin to the base of the neck. To top it off, the horned helmet was split on top, revealing a blood red metal shell inside, and a robotic tentacle that looked way too much like Majin Boo's to be coincidence, but how could he have Majin Boo in his being. Boo had been reincarnated. His good side anyway. His dark side had been sent to true oblivion, or something along those lines, but he was truly gone. Wasn't he?. The new look didn't help Shingo cope with who this monster was. A description as well as a name, his name always gave either of Shingo's two halves Shin or Kibito nightmares rivaling even those of Majin boo. He was truly the ultimate evil, pure darkness made manifest. He was demon. He was android. He was tyrant. All made one. He was Janenba! *********************************

Janenba felt really weird. What the hell was going on? The last thing he remembered was being blown to bits by the fusion Saiyin Gogetta. He kept thinking about what had happened after Gogetta had truly done him in. He suddenly remembered being in a black void, completely empty, no sound, no light, no nothing. Yet He had no trouble seeing. At the time he thought it was kind of stupid that he could see perfectly when there was nothing to see. Or so He thought.

He remembered falling headfirst through this void, but so slowly, it was almost boring, but it was also relaxing. Janenba saw several figures, falling head first toward who knows what. One of them was wearing only baggy white pants, tan boots with coal black legs guards and gold trim, with elbow length padded fore-arm bands, and one ugly mug! The guy had a long, tail-like antennae sprouting from his head, truly weird, and what looked like holes running up and down his arms, and along the sides of his head. What a laugh! What made Janenba stare was the fact that the guy had pink skin. Pink! Damn, what a stupid color, like cotton candy, of all things! How did this guy think that any body took him seriously? He must have been nasty tough to get people to respect such a silly creature, because if Janenba had met this guy on the street, he would of pointed, made fun of him no-stop, and laughed his fusion demon ass off! He kicked himself after he remembered the only thing he could say was his own name. KAMI DAMN IT! HE WAS LIKE SOME KIND OF FUCKING POKEMON!! If anyone had called him a pokemon, he would of gone completely ape-shit on their ass! Since he was part Saiyin that would have been excessively easy. AARRGGGHHHH!!!! Did he hate his few shortcomings! He decided to calm down and focus on the rest of the people with him, maybe he couldn't make fun of them verbally, but he could sure as hell make fun of them mentally! He looked to his left to another of the figures he couldn't believe it. Cooler! Freiza's big brother! All decked out in cyber-hardware, polished to perfection, and shining so bright, Janenba wished he had sunglasses. Suddenly, as though on cue, a pair of Ray-Ban Sunglasses simply popped into existence, right over Janenba's eyes. Whoa. Cool. He adjusted the sunglasses and looked to the right, getting face to face with a very large Saiyin. He has hugely muscled, also wearing baggy white pants like Mr. Pinky over there, but also a purple sash around his waist and.and. Jewelry?! He had a necklace of some kind, with large emerald-like jewels, and a frikkin' tiara on his forehead. How ridiculous is this? This guy must have been a laughing stock! The guys tale was twitching now and then, and his Super Saiyin hair was flashing a shining golden light, which made Janenba's eyes hurt, even with the sunglasses. Right behind was a very tall human, or what he thought was human. He noticed that a portion of the guy's head had been blown off, revealing instead of brains, blood, bones, and other tissue, there were scorched circuits, wires, and the metal material of the skull. 'Android 16?' Janenba thought to himself. He was beginning to wonder what the hell was going on, when he saw a new form fade into existence. This new addition was a complete robot, armored silvery boots going half up the thigh, armored gauntlets going from the hands to half way up the biceps, thick armor over the abs, pecks, shoulders, and neck, and a silver head split open at the top, showing off a red metal dome. What wasn't covered in armor was robotic hardware could have been mistaken for cords of muscle, but was black and metallic. Some sort advanced robotics, of course. 'Oh, come on now, what in the fucking hell is going on here?' Janenba thought somewhat angrily as the new "visitor" joined the rather intimidating group. He got his answer. "

What is going on, is that you have been chosen to be part of a grand design for the greatest prize. These ones assembled here are to be integrated into you for the purpose of enhancement. Along with the obvious power increase and new form, you will have new abilities, plus the power of speech. Any questions?"

Janenba almost jumped right out of his shell. 'Who the.? Who are you?!' he mentally roared at the mysterious voice. If the voice had ears, at the moment, he would have screamed in pain, and held his ears at the intensity of the "sound". Janenba smirked at the thought of this disembodied voice's owner writhing in pain, but got a very, very loud, and definitely verbal response, "You little shit! Why did you have to yell that loud?! Stupid mother fucker, do you know who the hell you just yelled at, you prick?!, DO YOU, YOU MORONIC P.O.S?!?!?!?!?!?!" Janenba was shocked, not only by the fact that a come back had actually come, but that it was so incredibly loud! "Uh, no", was Janenba's only reply. The owner of the voice fell over, then sweat dropped when he got back up. The equally quick reply was, "Sorry. Forgot who I was talking to". Janenba floated there, arms hanging down limp, shoulders slumped, slouched a bit, jaw almost down to his ankles, eyes bulged right out of their sockets. "Then what the fuck did you yell at me for?!" Janenba angrily shot back, arms going every which way, legs going in every possible direction, moving so fast they were a blur of motion, and a very red, and vicious look on his face. The disembodied voice said simply, "Hey, you yelled first!" Okay, that was childish! Janenba thought to himself, but the voice responded, "I AM NOT BEING CHILDISH, YOU PRICK!! Yikes, this guy/girl, whoever it was, was psychic! Oh, shit! The voice responded, "I heard that. Now, down to business before we both continue to make fools of ourselves. Janenba, listen close, so keep your ears on". Janenba had look on his face that screamed "what the?" which he quickly got rid of when the voice angrily replied, "It's a figure of speech, you twit! Now pay attention! You can bring yourself back to life whenever you want. This void is a manifestation of your rage. Think about it. Various villains of every description, each one could represent a portion of your psyche. The pink one could represent the childish components of your personality, like excessive want or temperament, or some juvenile need to be tough. The Saiyin with the jewelry could be a powerful need to be suave, smooth, sophisticated, and attractive, but yet going about it in the wrong way. The damaged android could be your perception of yourself, but not what you expected, and exposed for what it really is. To become new and reborn, you must embrace these things and face them down, until they are yours. Only then, can you be reformed".

Janenba couldn't believe it. Though he really didn't understand much of what was being said, in some weird way, it made sense. He actually thought to himself, not really caring if the mystery man was listening or not, "Well, why not? Stranger things have happened. Maybe a good look at myself might just help me get back on track, back to a living existence, and revenge against those rat-assed Saiyins". He heard the voice chuckle to itself and say, "well, then reach out to all those assembled here". Janenba did this. He suddenly became aware of their individual life forces and they all woke up. Janenba looked inside their minds, their very souls, but also they looked inside of him. They all woke up, and each one smirked. They woke up.

"Nice to meet you, Janenba. I'm Cooler", Freiza's older brother said, voice smooth as silk as he righted himself, with a wide grin on his face at, in a way, seeing his dear little brother again. Janenba said, "Same to you", and then realized he had spoken it aloud. "Hey, I can talk, whooohoooo!! No more Pokemon imitating for me!" As Cooler looked at Janenba dance around like an idiot, he remembered why Janenba was dancing around like an idiot. He thought to himself, 'If the only thing I could say was my name, I'd probably Ki blast myself in the head!' Cooler was just about to get Janenba's attention, when the large Saiyin floated over to them and extended his hands, then said in a deep, soft voice, "Greetings to you Cooler and Janenba, I am Brolly. I see that we who are gather here today have all have dealings with the so-called 'Earth Special Forces'. Especially Goku. What say we get to know each other, then get back to living, so we can then get even?"

Janenba and Cooler looked at each other and smiled wickedly, then each floated closer to Brolly and each shook an out-stretched hand, and noticed that the android had woken up and had floated over to them. He raised his face to theirs, his thick red Mohawk shaking a bit. "I do not understand why, but I know that to merge with all of you is the right thing to do", he said in a deep, self-assured monotone. The others arched an eyebrow at the android. They remained silent for about five seconds, which felt like an eternity. The silence was broken when Cooler floated over beside Android 16 and placed a gentle hand on the gentle giants shoulder and invitingly chuckled, "welcome to the party, my friend". 16 smiled and floated closer to the rest. He was about to say a polite thank you, when a pink tentacle whapped him on the damaged side of his head. The assembled villains, surprised by this looked up. They saw Majin Boo floating along on his back, left leg crossed over right, arms crossed, eyes closed. And snoring. Everybody dropped. After they collected themselves, Cooler sweat dropped and shakily said, "Jeez, the guy is dead, and yet he still snores!" Brolly, snarled at the demon for his rude interruption, and pure idiocy, and grabbed his tentacle, squeezed as hard as he could, then yanked down with all his might. Majin Boo's eyes burst open as he was yanked down right into Brolly's snarling face. "WAKE UP, NUMB SKULL!" Brolly roared right into Boo's face. The only response from Boo was a smile and "Woo, bad breath!" Android 16 stared, Janenba was speechless, Cooler was lightly chuckling, but Brolly was livid.

"Bad breathe. Bad breathe? Bad breathe?! How dare you mock me, you over grown bubble gum wad!! I'll kill you!!!" Brolly roared and was just about to throw a punch when Cooler's powerful robotic tail wrapped around his wrist, causing him to whip his head around to Cooler, eyes wide with crazed rage. "Brolly, wait a minute. Before you reduce Mr. Boo's face to a distant memory, you might want to think about this. Without him, we can't merge, and you might lose the opportunity for revenge. Permanently. Plus, I don't think our mysterious benefactor would be very happy with you. Plus we're all dead. I think". Brolly just kept staring at Cooler, that demented look on his face, but then cooled down and let go of Boo, who was wide eyed. He gave a smile, and actually said, in a sincere tone of voice, "I'm sorry". Brolly couldn't believe it. Cooler couldn't believe it. Android 16 wasn't getting involved. Boo repeated himself, "I'm sorry. I was only having a little fun with you. Besides, we're all dead right. Ergo, no breathe". Brolly, Cooler, and Janenba had egg on their faces. Just before they could continue, Android 16 tapped Cooler on the shoulder. Cooler slowly turned around to face the android, who was gesturing to something behind him. They all turned around to see what 16 was gesturing at, and saw the robot with the stylish boots and gauntlets float over to them and do something rather unusual. It smiled warmly at them, it's lizard like face smooth and reflecting an inner calm. It spoke very softly, but enhanced by a sort of loudspeaker type effect.

"Hello, I am Combat Advanced Neo Entity # 324-T981722. To whom do I have the opportunity to address?" Janenba was the first to speak, wanting to give his new voice a try. "Hi there. I'm Janenba. Pleased to meet you. Cane", he said warmly in his new deep growl voice. He got a sideways glance from the robot, and asked, "what?" The robot continued to give his that peculiar sideways look, and then quietly exclaimed, "My name is not Cane". Janenba figured that the robot had never used or even heard of synonyms before, and explained that Cane was short for Combat Advanced Neo Entity. The robot crooked its head to the other side, then glanced at its feet, as though considering this, and replied rather happily, "I like it". Cane then extended his rather large armored hand to Janenba and they shook hands, and Janenba had to massage his hands afterwards for Cane had unintentionally squeezed it so hard, it was like pulp. Cane apologized, but Janenba said, "Don't worry about it. Besides, we're all dead, so no problem". Cane gave Janenba a weird look, and Janenba realized that robots don't have souls, which Cane seemed to catch on to. "I came to this dimension through a portal my creator had opened using one of his inventions. He told me to wait for a collection of powerful warriors. He said they would be my friends". Everybody else smiled to themselves. All the villains really, honestly liked the robot, because he for polite for one reason, and secondly, why the hell not? Maybe having friends isn't so weak a thing as they once thought. Besides, they'd need all the help they could get with the Earth Special Forces.

Without warning, the mysterious voice returned. "Well, now that you've all had the chance to mingle, time to merge. When this happens, you will all become a single unique entity, with Janenba being the base for this new being. It's very simple really. Just give each other one big high five". Everybody gave a 'you have to kidding', or 'your not serious', or 'surely you jest'. All comments were met with a rather impatient, "JUST DO IT ALREADY!!" they all took a step back and formed into a circle, with Janenba in the center. Brolly said, rather grumpily, "Okay, now what?" he got his answer when the voice replied, "Okay then, Janenba, raise either your left or right hand , then everybody give him a high five. I'm waiting". Before the high five went off, everybody gave the void the finger, yielding a "You damn punks, aarrrggghh! Knock off the horse shit and do it already!" They all high five'd each other in perfect sync. The resulting blast of pure white light was so intense, that the owner of the mystery voice was blown off his feet, eyes feeling like they had been burned to lumps off coal in the sockets.

When the light faded, Janenba remained. Or did he? What remained looked like him, but he had Cane's boots, gauntlets and body armor, Majin Boo's tentacle-like antennae was sticking out the back of his head, which was completely covered in blood red armor plating, he had Brolly's massively built frame and proportions, metallic pink skin thanks to the cybernetics technology that made up Cooler's body and four thick black lines on his face, two on each cheek. His horns were much longer, as well as pronounced, and to top off the beast floating in the void, he had artificial eyes, chrome blue spheres with yellow ring-like iris's around pitch black glass lenses. He blinked his new eyes, discovering they felt real, even though they were not.

The mysterious voice returned and said, "welcome to existence, my dear boy. Welcome.CYNENBA!!"

************************* Janenba remembered the void, the voice, the others, his transformation. And something else too. He was starving! Now that he was alive again, he was absolutely ravenous. He'd eat anything that came his way, whether animal, person, or otherwise! He had just appeared on a strange world he didn't immediately recognize, but it soon came to him. This world was the world of the Kai's, the part of him that was Boo remembered it well. This was where four of the five Supreme Kai's had fallen to Boo before the sorcerer Bibidi had been defeated by Shin, the current, and only remaining, Supreme Kai. Janenba, Actually Cynenba now, had really wished that Boo had, ahem, taken his time with Shin's sister. Oh, how her sex would have tasted, as his tongue slithered around inside of her, her juices pouring into his mouth at her climax! Damn, where the hell did that come from? Who cares, what a time it would have been! Oh, well, spilled milk. He would have plenty of time to search for a playmate, but he had work to do. What that work was, he had no frikkin' idea, but he was sure that his new "employer" would be contacting him soon. He was about to openly complain when he felt a familiar Ki. Cynenba looked around, surveying the landscape, trying to focus on the presence, and got a direct hit. He smirked to himself. He thought with a malicious gleam, "Ahh. Dinner is served." With impossible speed, but shadows quiet, he whipped around a small hill that the Ki was emanating from, and found Shin, or somebody who looked a lot like Shin, on the ground twitching in pain, looking up at him in a mix of fear, denial, and pure hatred. Cynenba looked down at him with an easy smiled and smirked, "Hi there, Shinny. Nice to see you again". He bent down to look Shingo right in the eye and hissed, "how does it feel to feel cold, cold like the kind only death can visit. That's what I felt when I died. That's what Boo felt when you locked him in that ball for untold eons. That's what Cooler, Brolly, Freiza, Cell, Nappa, Radditz, the Ginyu Force, that's what they felt when they were killed by worms who don't deserve to be alive. Now, like your family, which Boo took from you, your time is done. Time to feel the cold".

******************************** Shingo couldn't believe what a fucked up day he was having! Can it get any worse? He knew it couldn't. Maybe. He was looking a cybernetically souped up demon in the eye, and he was actually giving Shingo one hell of a burn (freezer burn, that is!), and was ten seconds from ending his life. How could it be worse? He found out.

The Old Kai came over the hill top, screaming bloody murder, swinging the broken Z sword like a madman, with the intent to chop off Shingo's guy parts. He wasn't wearing any pants, or anything else for that matter. Shingo thought, "Sweet Kami, cover yourself, for crying out loud!!" The old Kai was about to swing the sword down on a large rock as a demonstration of what would happen to Shingo's head, but gripped the hilt as though to throw the sword. He yelled, "Take this, ya peeping tom hentai! Teach you to give an old man some privacy!", and he threw the sword at Shingo's crotch. Shingo could only fearfully think , "Soprano singing, here I come!" He braced himself for the blade that would castrate him, and probably force him to become a monk. Damn! But the blade never came. All he heard was a clang and a gasp, plus a sound that was like someone stifling a massive gag. He opened his eyes to see the Z sword caught deftly caught between the pointer and middle finger of Janenba's left hand, his right hand over his mouth, to, unsuccessfully, keep himself from tossing his cookies all over the landscape after seeing the Old Kai in his birthday suit. OH, HOW GROSS IS THAT?! The Old Kai was standing there with a stunned look on his face, and also a massive blush. Janenba had a hugely disgusted look on his face, and threw the sword right back at the Old Kai. Which ended up lopping off the old ones sex organs. Damn. Damn, oh, damn! Anything but that! That's going too far! Nobody deserved that! When Shingo looked at Janenba again, he was shocked beyond belief, because the look on Janenba's face mirrored exactly what Shingo was thinking. His Jaw was hanging down to about his waist, eyes bugging right out of their sockets, and each individual soul that was now inside of him, save two, said in unison, "Evil is evil, but that's too much!" Janenba agreed as he watched the old Kai scream in agony as his crotch pissed blood all over the landscape.

Shingo thought mournfully to himself, "Oh, no! Venerable sir, what did this monster do to you?" He wished he had let the old one kill him. At least he wouldn't have to see this. An armor plate came away from Janenba's arm, revealing a rather nasty missile launcher. Cynenba looked at the launcher and went, "What the?" just before the launcher fired off a single missile which flew straight at the old Kai. But just before it hit him, it pulled up, banked to the right, then swooped down, and right up the old Kai's ass! The Missile blew the old one to bloody chunks, turning the landscape dark with blood and ash. "NO!!", Shingo screamed as the Old Kai's head bounced off the ground and right into Cynenba's hand. The demonic cyborg turned the Old Kai's head around and looked straight into the lifeless eyes. They were wide open, which intrigued Cynenba. He never understood why some people's eyes never closed when they died, maybe a misfiring of a synapse perhaps? Anyway, he found it very interesting, and kind of cute too. It made them look like they were sleeping almost. Very quaint. Cynenba kissed the old Kai's head on the mouth, before ripping out the tongue and eating it. Talk about stale! Yuck! Cynenba spit out the aged lump of flesh in his mouth, and wiped off the blood on his chin with the back of his massive armored hand. He really wanted something fresh. Or at least something that.hang on a minute. What about Shinny? Cynenba's smile spread from ear to ear (if he had any), and pulled back his lips from his teeth, each one being about two inches long, as thick as a person's thumb, razor sharp, and serrated.

"Time for some fresh meat!" Cynenba thought to himself. He walked over to Shingo and picked him up by the neck and said, "Yum yum", just before he sank his horrible fangs into Shingo's neck, and began drinking his blood like it was sweet whine. Shingo screamed, but the scream died away as soon as it left Shingo's throat. He felt cold and groggy, nothing would work, and he actually found himself liking the disgusting suck and smacking noises Janenba was making, and heard the demon speak into his mind, "It's okay little one. Cynenba's got you". Cynenba? Since when did Janenba have a change of name? Oh well, it didn't matter. Shingo was just starting to think about the how's and why's of Cynenba, when he saw the most beautiful light.

He felt himself floating upwards. He felt a sense of warmth that made his heart glad, and put a smile on his ageless face. As he got closer to the light, he began to make out a form. Someone was reaching out to him? When he got closer, he all but flew into the figures arms. This figure was a woman. She was petite in size, but beautiful nonetheless. She came into clear view. She wore clothes similar to Shingo's, but light tan for the robes, with red trim. She had the same spiky Mohawk that Shin had, but it was cherry red. Her skin was the color of crème, and she smiled warmly at Shingo, in such a way that it said, "Welcome home!" Shingo gently smiled and asked, "Sister?"