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The entity that had been created by the temporary fusion of the Dark Gods and Vegeta Metallix was floating above the Dark Palace, simply floating there, not moving so much as a muscle, his nigh-all concealing cloak fluttering in the breeze, his bone white saurian machine face the only part of him the cloak allowed to be seen. His face had a look of concentration on it; deep thought if you could call it that. The new being, who had no name, was curious as to his purpose. He had spoken the words that Darkore had asked him to speak, but for his purpose in existing, his reason for being here, he lacked that information, and was trying to figure it out on his own.

He wished he had a name at least, because with a name, he'd feel more complete, worthy of life. He knew that the beings whom he came from would scoff at that idea, but he had no idea why. While he felt that having a name was significant as being a sentient being, he honestly had no rational explanation for it. It was very confusing. As the nameless amalgamation continued on in thought, he heard a deafening roar of an explosion, and turned around ever so slightly. He saw a pluming ball of fire erupt from the side of the Dark Palace, and two huge figures fly out of it, punching and kicking at each other like there was no tomorrow.

After them flew a whole slew of characters that looked similar to one of the first two characters, with two large deep black armored figures following suite. He discovered he was curious, and floated down toward the odd assemblage of characters, intent on finding out what was so engaging about physical conflict.

Mega Android-16 and V'Raal were trading blows with the best of them, neither one gaining an edge. Mega 16 discovered that he was adapting to his opponent as he fought with him; a useful ability if he ever used one. Hopefully his ability to adapt could keep up with V'Raal's vicious fighting style, because each and ever blow was more refined than the last, as well as packing more and more power behind it. He just managed to glance over V'Raal's shoulder before having to block a wicked sweeping back slash by V'Raal's sword with an energy shield he was equipped with. He saw the remaining Mega Hybrids flying down after them, with the two large black armored cyborgs following close behind the Hybrids. He knew that even though that the odds were stacked against them, hope was still feasible, thanks to those two strange cyborgs, one of which was One of Goku's old nemesis turned companion, Piccolo. The other one was another old rival turned friend Tien, who had also discarded his helmet. Both of them had cyber-implants sticking out of the back of their necks, and around their eyes. That was how they interfaced with the power-boosting armor they wore.

As he socked V'Raal in the puss, knocking out several teeth, he flipped over, delivering a thunderous double kick to the Dark God's stomach (if he even had one), and got behind him and nailed him right at the base of his skull, then flew back up to join the two cyborgs. The Dark God crashed through several balconies, finally crash landing in a hanger for the smaller ships that Hurakan and Cynenba had accumulated. Hurakan and Cynenba were doing some final checks on the ship that Cynenba had built, and were now heading back to Earth to pick everybody up before they made tracks.

They had acquired what they had wanted to acquire, but had another 'item' to pick up, but would leave its delivery in fates hands. He wasn't happy about having to hold back his full power from that metal meathead, but if he used his full power, the planet would be so much ash, which would kind of annoy 'father dear'. V'Raal hated having to listen to the old man, but what the old guy had found out in regards to the Dark Gods themselves, being a prophecy associated with them, had blown the younger Dark Gods mind.

He smiled evilly as he stood to his feet, his spine making a rather disturbing crackling sound. As he straightened up, he looked back up through the hole he had made, and decided to incinerate that walking junk pile, but stopped when he saw a shadowy form float down through the hole in the ceiling, and land beside him.

"Greetings", the form spoke. As V'Raal got a better look at the strange being he realized it was that weird nameless guy that he and his new pals had put together. He smiled at the odd combination creature and quipped, "Whazzup?" The strange entity looked at him like he had grown an extra head, and V'Raal realized he didn't get slang, so he rephrased the question, "Hello there. What are you doing?" The nameless monster walked toward V'Raal, and actually had to bend down, so he could look at V'Raal's face. He asked, "I am curious, V'Raal Talgarin, about what it is about physical conflict that you find so appealing? You only seem to damage yourself further, and waste energy. Please explain".

The Dark God gave the strange sentient a WTF look, and plainly blurted, "………The fuck is wrong with you! Kicking somebody's ass is great fun! You pit yourself against an opponent to prove you are the best, the ultimate, the king of the castle and that the other chump is a dirty rascal bitch!" The nameless one looked at V'Raal as though he grew an extra head, which made V'Raal slap his forehead in frustration, and followed with a rephrasing of his potty-mouthed response. "Okay, big guy, listen close. I fight because it brings me pleasure. It is also a way for me to deal with hostile forces that have aligned against me", V'Raal sneered, hating to have to talk like some kind of pompous aristocrat, "as well as proving my ability and power those unbelievers who would discredit my claims to being a Dark God".

The nameless one seemed to understand, but still had an air of confusion about him, though he did seem to understand something of what V'Raal had just said; At least, that's what V'Raal was hoping. The being looked back up through the hole, as though looking at something. V'Raal also looked through the hole, and saw the two black armored cyborgs from earlier heading their way, the newly healed Z-fighters heading their way. The new Dark God shot up through the hole, colliding with the entire group. He plowed through them, knocking them aside as though they were nothing. He turned around and flew back down, and treated each one to a thunderous punch that sent each of them flying.

V'Raal was amazed, because he barely registered the huge monster moving. He heard one of the Z-fighters swearing on the nameless one; well, at least trying to, that is. What he heard was something like, "Damn you's!" The strange being stopped for second, the delivered a second wicked slam to the offending Z-fighter. He swept back down into the hangar with what looked like a small smile on his face. V'Raal was about to ask why he was smiling, when the nameless one spoke up, "I believe I have finally come to an understanding". He looked at V'Raal and simply stated, "I now know why it is that you love to fight, and I thank you". He then simply faded away.

Mega-16 came screaming through the hole in the hangar ceiling followed by a healed Gohan and Goku, intent on flattening V'Raal's scaly face, but found the hangar empty. The three warriors looked around, trying to sense the two Dark Gods, but found absolutely nothing. Not so much as a spark of Ki energy. Gohan started punching walls, furious at missing their chance, while Mega-16 tried to calm the young Super Saiyin down. Goku looked around, an angry snarl on his face, thinking 'what in the seven levels of Hell is going on here! Why can't in just be one bad guy, instead of a whole frikkin' army of 'um!'

As Goku and company began to search for the bad guys, quite intent on finishing this whole horrid business, a pair of sharp blue eyes looked on from the darkness, anger burning in those deep cerulean depths. The eyes belonged to Cell, the twice-upgraded biological android. He sneered as the Saiyins and their android companion flew down to the far end of the hangar, away from him. The new Ki stealth system that he had come in quite handy, and would most definitely come in handy again, he reckoned.

As he stood up, the low light from the hangar lighting made his silver chrome and powder-coat black armor gleam. He had survived the assault on the lab because of Darkore. He had dragged Cell into a shadowy corner of the room, and the next minute they were in a corridor just outside the hangar.

What the elder Dark God wanted with him, he had no idea, but he had said to Cell, "You are very important, my bio-machine friend. How important is something I will leave to fate to explain. Cynenba is simply a tool to complete some work that we had need of doing. When he is no longer needed, we will leave his disposal up to those silly 'Z-fighters', and their idiot companions. Just make sure you survive this ordeal".

The Dark God had smiled at him in an "I know something you don't know" kind of way. It annoyed Cell quite a bit, but he wasn't going to complain. While he could handle the Saiyins pretty easily now (and for that he was especially thankful), he still had a lot of trouble dealing with those two souped-up tin heads that had crashed their little party. Oh well, as the saying goes, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. He decided to count his blessings and, as Darkore had instructed, do his very best to keep from getting killed again.

He had to laugh though. He'd been killed and resurrected at least two times! Or was it three times, he wasn't really keeping score, but it was becoming a bit of a nuisance. Anyway he decided to make tracks and disappear for a bit. He activated another stealth device he had installed recently and became physically invisible. He swept from the expansive hangar and out the main door. If he was going to 'survive this ordeal' as Darkore had put it, he was going to need even more power, a lot of extra power.

He had seen what that Prometheus Star contraption had done for Piccolo and that wimpy human Tien. Unfortunately, it was in orbit, and he couldn't risk flying up to it with all the Z-fighters running around. Mega-16 had sensors that could see through his stealth cloak, he knew after scanning him back in the lab. For some strange reason, he started thinking about the exquisitely lovely Super-18. His mouth started to water at the image of the curvaceous machine woman. He felt his groin tighten rather fiercely, causing him to snarl in frustration. Where in Kami's name did that come from?

He stopped being stealthy and toke it on the lamb. He simply ran out of the Dark Palace for all he was worth, took to the air, and decided to take a more subtle approach to getting more power. No sense in trying to upgrade himself if he was obvious about it. He'd get halfway done, then BOOM! He'd be blasted back to Hell and back to being razed by those stupid ogres again. Not a very promising prospect, if he ever saw one.

He accessed the Internet, trying to fin something of interest, something that could be what he was looking for, and within moments, hit pay dirt. He quickly scanned the web site he found, and smiled a wicked smile underneath his demonic new helmet. He found what appeared, at least on the surface to be promising. To others, it would appear ridiculous and downright ludicrous, but to him, it spoke of opportunity, and perhaps even a 'kindred' spirit.

Just how kindred, he wasn't exactly sure about, but one never complained about potential possibilities when they presented themselves, no matter how far fetched they may seem. Anyway, one does strange things………for family.

The nameless one was currently engaged in conflict with Mega-16 and Super-18. The two androids were doing all right for themselves, until V'Raal showed up that is. NO matter what the two machine warriors did, they couldn't seem to put a dent in the armor of this unexpected, but surprisingly well-coordinated team. When one fired off an energy attack, the other would compliment it with one of their own, or a physical attack from behind, and they never used the same trick twice. Plus the guy without a name had six, count 'um, six freakin' arms!

The tag team then split up, the overgrown nightmare tackling Mega-16 through a wall, leaving her with the walking hormone with the skin problem. She kicked him for all she was worth, right in daddy parts, but all she got from the younger Dark God was big wet kiss right on her lips. She pulled away and gagged. She checked her lip and found it to be bleeding slightly.

She then punched him right in the side of the head, knocking his ornate helmet off, a mane of cotton candy pink hair spilling from underneath as it fell off his head and away. Super-18 stopped statue still, as did V'Raal, who was trying vainly to cover his girlishly colored hair with his huge bear paw hands. She couldn't believe it. This gothic acid trip had pink hair! Candy pink hair, to boot!

Super-18 exploded into hysterics at the strange color of V'Raal's hair, holding her stomach as though in great pain, and laughing so hard, she though she was going to burst, tears leaking down her gorgeous face. As she laughed at V'Raal, the armored menace snarled at her viciously, practically screaming at her, "STOP LAUGHING AT ME, YOU TIN-PLATED BARBIE!" She stopped for a moment, as though stung by V'Raal's angry words, then started laughing even harder then before. If you had been close by, you would have been able to just barely make out, through Super-18 powerful, yet light-heart belly laughs, "Look whose talking about Barbie pal!"

That sent V'Raal over the edge. He roared for all he worth, the sheer volume cracking the earth asunder, the Dark Palace actually beginning to teeter a bit, and Super-18 was sent flying by the impact of the roar. V'Raal reared back his hand and was ready to vaporize the arrogant bitch. He decided to show her what REAL power looked like. He began to power up to HIS maximum. As he began to glow with a terrible, dark purple energy, Super-18 stopped her momentum and stared at the huge demon that was powering up.

She had fighting power almost on par with a Super Saiyin Three, but this guy was in a class all his own! His power was now in the billions range, and it just kept going up! It went past one hundred million, two hundred million, it just kept going up! Super-18 felt her scanner about to overload, so she stopped using the energy-scanning feature, but to no avail. He was putting out so much ambient energy, she was going to overload, one way or the other, and wasn't even attacking her yet!

He flew away from the Dark Palace, now engulfed in energy. Even though he was moving away at high speeds, the energy ball he was at the middle of was getting noticeably bigger. V'Raal had an evil sneer on his face, and roared for all the world to hear, "GET READY FOR HELL, YOU TIN TRAMP! 'CAUSE NOW, WHERE SINNERS WENT TO HELL, NOW HELL SHALL COME TO THE SINNER!" Super-18 had one final thought before V'Raal fired off his final attack: 'Man, issues much?'

V'Raal's energy blast seemed to fill up the sky as he fired it off. He knew that he had severely overreacted, and that the old man was going o give him a serious beating, but he didn't care. As long as that robo-slut burned! He was about to laugh in triumph as he saw a gleaming red and black blur get in the way of his blast. 'What the Fuck! Whoever that ism he's suicidal!'

That thought was smashed from his consciousness as the energy blast was stopped just before it could hit its intended target. V'Raal's spiky jaw dropped as his attack was actually being held at bay! No one could do that, except for his father! Could they? He used his mental powers to 'see' through the energy ball to discover who it was, and almost fainted: it was Vegeta Metallix!

As V'Raal began to curse the mutant cyber-Saiyin, said cyber-Saiyin was pushing with all his worth, trying to keep the Dark God's attack from hitting the planet. He felt his body being burned right through the armor, but he couldn't stop! If that bastard V'Raal succeeds, there'll be no more Earth! The guy was a lunatic! Vegeta had faced something like him before in the form of Majin Buu. He swore he would never let another being like Buu ruin the universe, and the creepy armored shit gaping at him definitely fit under that category! He began to falter, the energy burning right through both his armor and body, pushing him back.

He thought that he was yet again to going to die, or have to be saved by that stupid Kakarott again. An image of the goofy Saiyin popped into Vegeta's head, filling him with loathing and rage, not at Kakarott, but at himself, for being so petty. He realized that all of the trouble that all his allies had suffered the past few days had all spawned from his foolish pride and jealousy over Kakarott's natural talent for beating the odds. He should have praised Kakarott for being the true Saiyin that he was. But, even now, maybe it wasn't too late to make amends.

As he began to dig deep within himself, he never noticed the full moon rising to its peak in the heavens. He suddenly felt a familiar, yet alien feeling. He felt his heart pound with spectacular force in his chest; the sound of the heart beat reverberating through the ears of anyone close enough. Everybody within hundreds of miles could feel the eerie, yet beautiful power building. The Dark Gods suddenly got the picture as something began to happen, that they had totally forgotten about a very special Saiyin power that they thought had been eradicated when Vegeta had been turned into a bio-mech.

He was turning into an Oozaru.

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