Chapter One: The Beginning

In the middle of the Elemental Nations we find a hidden ninja village called 'The Village Hidden in the Leaves' and in an alleyway in said village we find a young boy by the name of Naruto Uzumaki. One might ask why this young boy is in an alleyway and not at home with his family and the unfortunate reason for this is that Naruto is an orphan who has been on the streets alone fending for himself for a couple months now.

'Maybe I should finally go see Jiji' ponders Naruto, Jiji being the Sandaime Hokage; Hiruzen Sarutobi. 'I haven't eaten any food in a day or two and all the places I usually go to steal from have been on lookout for thieves' the young blonde sighs. Naruto stands up and finally heads towards the biggest building in the village the 'Hokage Tower'.

"JIJI" Naruto shouts as he shoves open the door to the Hokage's office, after having dodged around the mean secretary lady who never wants to let him in. The Hokage smiles briefly as he sees his energetic adopted grandson. "What can do I for you today Naruto"

"Um well, I sort of got kicked out of the orphanage"

If one was paying attention at the time they would have noticed a fraction of a second of an immense look of anger on the face of the 'God of Shinobi' Hiruzen Sarutobi before it quickly faded away.

"And why would they kick you out Naruto?"

"I don't know, they were always being mean to me anyway and it has been easier to find food in the town without them anyway."

"What do you mean find food? How long has it been since you were kicked out" Hiruzen stated forcefully, dreading the answer he knew he was going to hear.

"A while"

"How long is a while Naruto, Exactly!"

"About three months" Naruto mumbles quietly to himself.

"THREE MONTHS!" he shouts angrily as he starts pacing around the room. "ANBU! Assemble" Hiruzen orders, and three shadows form into ninjas as they appear kneeling in front of the old man.

"Sir!" they are say in unison.

"I need you to bring me the caretakers of the Leaf Orphanage, I don't care what they are doing, you are to bring them all before me right now!"

Naruto takes a step back because of the forceful voice that he has never heard before from his kind Jiji. After noticing this Hiruzen's face softens and he called Naruto over.

"I'm sorry you had to see that Naruto but the people who kicked you out have done a bad thing and you know what has to be done to people who break the law, don't you?"

Naruto's face scrunches up for a second and he replies "They have to be punished right? The people at the orphanage use to always punish me for things that I didn't even DO!" says Naruto getting angry as he thinks about it.

'I'm so sorry for not looking after you properly Naruto' thinks Hiruzen sorrowfully.

All of a sudden the ANBU return holding two Adults tightly.

"What is the meaning of this!" Shouts the one on the left who is a 6 ft. tall man with dark hair and fair skin, who looks like he has just woken up from a nap. The other person appears to be a woman about the same height as the man. She looks around the room she has been taken to and upon seeing Naruto her face takes on a look of dread, realising the reason she must be here for.

"QUIET" barks Hiruzen in a harsh voice, "You stand before me today to be charged with treason for endangering a very valuable resource to the Leaf and also failing in your duty that was assigned to you".

"We have done NO such thing" shouts the man. He finally looks around the room and notices Naruto for the first time. "If it's him that has been telling you things" he points at Naruto "Why would you believe the lies of a demon scum!" he shouts getting angrier by the second. Hiruzens' expression becomes blank and his eyes burn with a desire to inflict pain. "HOW dare you break my law right in front of me!" Hiruzen whispers quietly to him.

The man realising what he said starts to stutter out "I-I-I mean I didn't say"

"Take him away!" barks the Third Hokage to the ANBU holding him. "Now what do you have to say for yourself Mae" He says while looking at the other caretaker of the orphanage. She starts crying and blubbering repeating "I'm so sorry, I'm just so sorry, all I can see when I look at him is the brother and father that I lost".

Hiruzens shoulders slumps and he lets out a sigh, looking every bit his age. He hands some Ryo to one of the ANBU in the room and tells him to take Naruto out for some ramen while he deals with this. Naruto's face immediately lights up and he pumps both fists into the air as he yells "RAMEN RAMEN RAMEN".

One hour later we find Naruto back in the Hokages Office, sitting on the lounge smiling happily to himself while the ANBU who took him for ramen is in the corner crying while mumbling something about money.

"Now listen Naruto" the Third Hokage says softly while taking a seat next to Naruto on the lounge. "Since you don't have a place to stay I will pay for an apartment in the village, do you have any preferences on where?"

"I would like to live near where all the people were nice to me when I got kicked out"

"Where would that be?"

"Near a place called 'Pleasure Palace' I think"

'OH GOD, he's been living in the Red Light District for months' thinks Hiruzen with dread. "Are you sure you want to live there Naruto, there are lots of nicer places than that"

"No, im good Jiji there will do fine" says Naruto not noticing the look on the Third Hokages Face.

"I will only let you live there if you promise me you will be careful and you also allow Dog here" he says pointing at the ANBU in the corner crying about his money. "To come check on you once a day for the first month of you living there and also you let me set up some security seals In the room you will be staying in"

"Security Seals?"

"Yes they sound an alarm when someone who's not allowed to go somewhere passes them and also gives them a shock depending on how much Charka you put into them, here let me show you" Hiruzen quickly pulls out two three by six inch pieces of paper and flicks them onto the walls in his office. "Fuuin!" he says quickly.

Naruto notices something strange in the room immediately but he doesn't know what it is so he shrugs it off "Are you sure you did it correctly Jiji because I don't see anything, is your brain acting up in your old age?" one of the ANBU in the room tries and fails to stifle a laugh as Hiruzen gets a tick mark on his head and wacks Naruto softly on the back of his head. "Why don't you see if my brain is acting up and walk across the room to the door then"

He hops to his feet and starts running across the room, when he gets about half way a sound goes off and he also feels a slight zap of electricity go through his body "OWIE" he yelps as he falls onto his bottom on the ground as he hears his Jiji laughing to himself behind him. "ITS NOT FUNNY" he says grumpily while crossing his arms over his body.

"Of course of course Naruto how rude of me" he says while still smirking at the young boy on the ground. "So do you agree to what I said Naruto now that you know what the seals can do?"

Naruto quickly nods his head while looking over the seals on the piece of paper intensively for a moment. "Jiji can you teach me how to make this electric paper?"

"It's not the paper that's electric Naruto it's the words on it that are using Chakra that is doing it. Do you remember what I taught you about Chakra?"

"Of course Jiji! Chakra is the energy that is in all life and ninja use it to shoot FIREBALLS!" Naruto yells excitedly.

"Not exactly Naruto" sweatdrops Hiruzen as he wonders how Naruto only came out of the hour long conversation about Chakra that they had with only that information. "You see Naruto some ninjas use these words to form seals and charge them with Chakra to get them to do a whole lot of different things, in face the Fourth Hokage was a master of it and he used it to teleport around the battlefield. Its where he got his nickname 'The Yellow Flash'"

"COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL!, will you teach me? Will you? Will you?"

"It is a very hard thing to learn Naruto" 'but with your heritage one could say you were born to master it' "I tell you what Naruto I will give you a scroll on the beginners Fuuinjutsu if you promise me that you will eat some food other that ramen once in a while"

'But ramen is the food of the gods, but on the other hand I really want to be cool like the Fourth Hokage and I also want to zap Jiji to get back at him for zapping me, wait he didn't say that I couldn't eat ramen, just that I has to eat things over than it every now and then, hmmmmmm' "DEAL!" shouts Naruto.

Hiruzen goes into his desk and comes out with a small scroll and he hands it to Naruto "Now things in this scroll might be a bit too complicated for you, so if that happens I want you to write down whatever you are having trouble with and bring it to me once a week" Naruto quickly grabs the scroll and runs out of the office laughing manically while thinking about all the pranks he will be able to do with this.

'did I just make a huge mistake?' sweat drops Hiruzen. "He doesn't even know where the apartment is I bought for him" he says as he sighs. "Dog go find Naruto and take him to his house"

"Yes sir" Salutes the ANBU lazily as he walks out of his office.

No-one could know it at the time but Hiruzen had just started Naruto down the path to becoming the greatest Seal Master and Ninja that the Elemental Nations has ever seen.


This is my first time writing so sorry if it isn't up to the standard of you guys, I've been reading fan fics for ages though and i always like the Naruto ones where he learns and masters fuuinjutsu but those are few and far between so i decided to write my own! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter.

A:N:2: 06/11/16: Edited this chapter a bit, can't believe i spelt it Charka like five times.