Hello everyone. I am a new person who is looking to create their first Total Drama fanfic. I have been pondering over which idea to use and why I should do this idea. So i have to decided to leave it up to any of the people who have graced me by clicking on this fanfic. I'm have 3 story ideas for a Total Drama show. I will leave below the name of that show idea, a short description, and the Pros/Cons to each idea. I will leave this open for a few days. After that I will make my description based on the suggestions you leave in the review section below.

Total Drama: Roadkill!

Description: 30 OC's will be put on a series of vehicles(1 for each team) and they will be traveling across a certain country. That country being America. They will be visiting each of the United States and competing based on that states. There will be awards challenges, surprises and death defying stunts. All here on Total DRAMA...ROADKILL!


1. There will be 6 more OC slots because of the 50 state goal

2. Bigger chapters

3. Because of the pass time for traveling there will be several chapters on the losers so your character will still show up even when voted out.


1. Less screen time for characters

2. Less frequent updates

Total Drama: Scholars Gauntlet

Description: 24 contestants will be 'invited' to a school named Congate E. College.(Not a real school to my knowledge)They will be tested to see if they can adapt to this new school and if they can also compete in physical challenges to win the grand prize. All here on Total Drama: Scholars Gauntlet.


1. Even if your character gets 'Eliminated' they will still be at the school and in turn they will still be shown on screen.

2. If your OC does not get picked for the show they can still show up as a student.


1 This will be a LONG process. It will most likely go on for a very long time, and if not given very interesting long term characters it may get stale.

2. Your OC may have to go through drastic changes to fit the school environment I am hoping to setup.

Total Drama: Trial of Survival

Description: 22 campers are sent to an island with no materials other than the materials they bring with them(in a maximum of 3' by 3' backpack) the campers will get daily 'goals' rather than challenges by none other than Chris McLean. They will be forced to trust each other as each week points will be assigned to the contestants that do there jobs best. There will be requirements each week on how many points you need. if you don't have the required amount of points you are eliminated(this could cause multiple eliminations) the last Survivalist Standing wins. (Note:This does not mean backstabbing, alliances and braininess with little physical skills will either get eliminated quickly or not exist. they will just have to be done in different ways.


1. Plenty of screen time for characters.

2. Easy to make chapters allowing faster updates.

3. There will be no set pace for the story. Depending on the characters I can make it very quick or very long.


1. Not as many competitors.

2. There will be no teams and no challenges so it may not have that Total Drama-esq feel to it.

Alright so those are your options for the Total Drama series I am going to do. When I tallyup all the votes I will post a new story with the Application setup posted and everything. Please leave your suggestions in the review section and have a nice day.