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Not Alone Anymore

(Harry's Thoughts)

~Riddick's thoughts~




Chapter 1

He laid his head on the masculine shoulder, feeling nothing but safe and calmness as strong arms wrap around him, he never thought something like this would ever happen to him, not after everything that had happened, but it did.

His name is Harry Potter and this is how he met his sliver-eyed mate and changes the future.

Hear his story…


Codey was working in the kitchen, even though she knew her master would eat little of it she worked hard in making the meal one of her best. Anything for her master. As she finished up she felt the wards signalling that someone was at the door. Popping over there she opened them to see who had come. Her master didn't get many visitors and sometimes none at all, but when she sew a goblin standing there she recognized him as one of her master's friends; Lord Jaxlyx Goldblade, the high lord of the goblins who oversaw all the banks in the magical world.

Opening the door wider she bowed to the lord, she knew what this was about, "What can Codey do for you, Lord Goldblade?"

"I need to see your master." Jaxlyx said to the little house elf.

"Codey will let master know," she said as she let Lord Jaxlyx into the Forte, she gave another bow before she said. "Please wait here, sir."

Popping out of the room she reappeared, with a silent pop, into another room this one was dark though, the curtains drawn, there was no furniture in the room, except for a throne like chair that faced a large burning fireplace.

Codey knew this used to be the old master's chair. It had been his most loved place to sit and read his many potions books.

Now the chair belonged to her master, it was the only thing that master wouldn't have packed away, not until it was time for him to go.

"What is it, Codey?" Her master asked tonelessly, not looking away from the burning flames.

"Master's goblin lord is here to see him." She answers him.

A pale hand rose from the arm of the chair and took hold of the goblet that had been floating beside it.

"See him in," her master said as he took a sip of the red liquid inside the goblet, before he let it go and it once more floated to rest beside him.

"Yes, Master." Codey said, bowing to him before popping out again. She hoped whatever news the goblin lord brought would make her master happy; he had been sad for too long.

Popping in front of the Lord Jaxlyx, she bowed and said, "Master will see you now. Please follow Codey, sir."

Turning to the chair she asked, "Master, is there anything else that you and Lord Jaxlyx Goldblade be needing?"

"No, Coddy, you may leave, but thank you," the master said, making the house elf beam in happiness before she popped away back into the kitchen.

"Still liking the dark I see, old friend," Jaxlyx said as he gestured towards the dark room.

"The dark is where I am meant to be; for so many years it has been this way." The master said monotonously. It made Jaxlyx feel for his friend.

"But do not forget, my friend, you are also of the light. Please do not hide in the darkness too long," Jaxlyx said. He knew that his friend needed to be out in the sun more. Being ensconced in darkness wasn't healthy. But he also knew it wasn't as easy as it sounded. It was impossible for his friend to go anywhere without being harassed by those that either wanted to praise him for what he had done, or attack him for what he was.

The master nodded his head, but said no more on the subject. It was an old argument they have gone over many times. All his friends and allies have said the same thing.

Waving a hand another chair appeared beside his, and he waved his friend over to sit. As Jaxlyx did so the master asked him, "How are the plans coming along?"

"Straight to business, I see," Jaxlyx said, not bothered by the subject change. "Well, I am happy to say they have finished and everything has been a success."

"And it works?"

"Please do not doubt goblins' building skills, old friend, and I over saw everything myself. It is ready," Jaxlyx said.

Jaxlyx didn't take offense to his friend questioning the goblins' capabilities. With all that he had been through he had trouble putting faith in the world around him.

"So many years I have been waiting to rest," the master said, and for the first time since walking into the room Jaxlyx could hear hope shining through his friend's melancholy.

"And you shall, my friend. No one but you will be able to enter once you have added your blood to the wards, you can be at peace." Jaxlyx said reassuringly. That had been his friend's main worry; that outsiders would enter his resting place and disturb him.

"Thank you, Jaxlyx. You have been with me for many years and have never let me down. There is no way I would be able to repay you for this," the dark being said looking over to the goblin.

"Is this really what you want, my friend?" he asked. He had to be sure this was what his friend really wanted. Once he entered his resting place there would be no turning back.

The master nodded his head, his dull eyes showing he pain and loneliness he was drowning in. "I am so tired, so very tired. I wish to rest without anyone coming to me about another dark lord taking over their world. I don't want to be used to fix their every problem any longer.

"It is your world, as well," Jaxlyx argued half-heartedly. He knew his friend was right, though he wished it wasn't true.

"Not anymore, my friend. This world and the people in it have changed so much, and not for the better. No matter how much I've tried to make them see reason greed and power have taken over, and I no longer want to watch as the world I once loved falls further and further into the hands of the corrupt."

Jaxlyx sighed. He knew what his friend was talking about, and looking into this dull eyes he knew he couldn't and wouldn't stop his friend from fulfilling his wish for rest. It was time the world stood on its own instead of seeking aid from him. "I understand. You will be missed, my friend."

"Only those that truly care will understand why I am doing this," the master said.

"And we do, this has been a long time coming. We could all see it in your eyes, my friend. In a way we are already missing you. You have lost much of yourself over the years, and even though there was sadness in your eyes you still smiled, but now…," Jaxlyx broke off as he looked into lacklustre green eyes. Those eyes had once shone like emeralds when their owner had been but a young goblin. However now, looking at them, they were lifeless and defeated. The last few years had sapped his friend of his will to live leaving only a listless, world weary creature in place of a once strong and vivacious wizard.

Reaching over he patted the hand that rested on the armrest of the chair "All the preparations have been completed. The magic that flows through the structure is strong, but it will fade over time, so we have made it so that as you rest it will feed off the flow of magic you'll put out. Nothing has been left to chance with your safety," Jaxlyx said reassuringly.

"Thank you, Jaxlyx."

"The goblin nation owes you a life debt for what you have done for us. Not only that, you are a friend to us, and we do everything in our power to make sure we help are friends."

Jaxlyx watched as his friend smiled for the first in time years, and he knew that he and the others were doing the right thing.

"Thank you," the dark being whispered, and there were so many emotions in those two words that Jaxlyx smiled and patted his friend hand, again.

The world was going to face a great loss, but it was time for Harry James Potter-Black-Lupin-Snape to rest.

And Jaxlyx Goldblade would make sure that he did.


Many years later

Floating through darkness, you can see so many things. Some things so pleasant they can make your heart sing with joy and others so painful, they make you weep with all-consuming sorrow.

Darkness can be your friend, or it can be your enemy. It doesn't care if you experiences its darkest horrors that would drive you to the point of insanity, or the true beauty and comfort that could be offered from of its too often feared embrace.

But one thing you can always expect from darkness is for it to bring to light the events of your life; the treasured memories linked with warm and comfort; the hated memories linked with pain and suffering.

After all, darkness is indifferent, to what you experience in its embrace.

One such being laid in the darkness embrace. Deep under the surface of a barren land that was once the lush with forests, this being slept inside a tomb, a being that shouldn't exist, it had been undisturbed for centuries.

This being was once known by many. Some hated him and some loved him, but all feared him.

He was Harry Potter.



Harry smiled as he watch his dad, Remus, make his mate blush. It had been a shock to many when Remus had started to court Severus Snape, of all people. Many had though he would get with Tonks, but he remembered that Remus had never taken with the girl. She had been angry as hell when the news of the courting had reach her.

But Harry was just happy his dad was happy. After all those years with the pain and loss of his pack he now had them as a new pack.

It was going to take time for him to get used to having his sneaky potion professor as his papa, but, for his dad, he would get used to it.

"Harry, come on, we have some shopping to do!" Remus called out.

"Coming dad!" Harry called out and rushed towards them.

He had never been happier having a family at long last.


Harry didn't know if he should be shocked or pissed, as he stared at the blonde standing in front of him with bags beside him.

"Now, I know this is a shock, Harry, but Severus is his godfather and he couldn't leave Draco in that house. Now that his father has passed, his mother would have handed him over to Voldemort before the night was out." Remus explained calmly to his son. He knew the two had history together, and not the good kind, much like Severus and him but if he could come to love his mate so could they.

Harry took a deep breath. He knew that Malfoy's father had been killed by the Dark Lord, and if what his dad said was true then Severus was all Draco had in the world now, "Okay, I can deal with this as long as he doesn't go out of his way in pissing me off."

"Like I am finding this anymore a joy than you, Potter." Draco sneered.

"No, boys. You both will be staying here for the summer, so please get along." Remus nearly begged. With the war going the way it was he didn't want either boy out there where they could be hurt.

Both of them looked down at the ground and away from his pleading face, and nodded.

It will take time, but Harry managed to get used to Severus, even like him, he can do same for Malfoy.


Harry had been sleeping soundly when pain, like nothing he had ever known, shot through him, he came awake with a scream.

He withered on the bed as pain overwhelmed his senses.

He didn't hear his door fly open and Draco rush into the room like Voldemort himself was at his heels. Harry couldn't hear over his own screams the panicking boy crying his name.

His mind was too far gone as his bones broke and reformed, his skin split around his old scars and heal over leaving not a blemish, his blood rush through his veins at a speed that would kill a normal human.

He was oblivious to Draco yelling for Dobby and ordering him to get their fathers, who had gone away for the night.

All he knew was pain.

What felt like hours were minutes as he body change and became something that every being in the world through was imposable.

His fathers rushed into the room just when it stop and Harry fell into unconsciousness.


Harry sat on the window seat and looked out at the snow covered grounds of his family's home. It had been a few months since that night and so much has happened in that time. He and Draco had become close as brothers. Seeing him in such pain had shaken the blonde boy terrible, and after that they got to know each other and had found they had a lot in common.

That wasn't the only thing that had change in his life. When he had come to, his dad and papa had to explain what had happened to him. He never thought fate would make his life even crazier. When he had been told he was a hybrid he had freaked out thinking that they would throw him out and no longer love him, but they set him straight very quickly. His papa had even threaten to turn him into potion ingredients if he ever thought of something like that again.

But after calming from that, they had told him that he had done the impossible; he was a dark and light creature. something that had been thought to be impossible, but it was what he was that was the most shocking thing; he was part elf a light being and part vampire, a dark being.

He had gotten the magical genes from both his parents, James and Lily Potter. From the Potter line, it was the vampire's gene. From the Evans line, the Elf gene, it looked like his mother wasn't a muggle-born after all.

But the sad thing was that Vampires and Elves hated each other, it was only due to a treaty that they weren't at war all the time. And because of what he was they couldn't ask for help from either of the species. From what his dad said, both sides would try to have him killed for what he was.

(That's all I need, more people trying to kill me...) Harry sighed, at the moment the only people who knew what he was, were his dad, papa, and Draco. But he knew that it would get out sooner or later. He didn't even want to know how his friends were going to take it. But as long as he had his family behind him he could face anything.

"Brooding again, Harry?" A voice said behind him, jolting him out of his thoughts.

"I am not brooding, papa." Harry said, turning to see his papa standing in the door way. He couldn't help pouting at the brooding comment.

"Well, if you have finished your non-brooding, it's time for your lessons." Severus said, smirking at his son. Both of them knew he had been brooding again.

"Ok." Harry sighed and got up, following Severus out the room.


"GET OUT!" Remus roared, his amber eyes glaring at the two that dared to make tears fall from his son's eyes.

Severus had his arms wrapped around their son, holding him close as the poor boy sob into his chest, and that made the werewolf even more angry, 'How dare those two think to say such things.'

Seeing that the two brats hadn't moved and were about to opened their months again, Severus grab his wand and waved them out the door and dumped them out of the front gates.

"Pay them no mind, Harry, they aren't worth your tears. True friends would never be upset over what you are," Remus said, coming over to them and wrapping his arms around harry as well.

He is right. They are jealous and petty. More like Peter Pettigrew than true Gryffindors. And your other friends didn't care what you are.

"I just thought they would understand." Harry sob out, "But all they care about is what they could get by being my friends."

"What are you talking about, Harry?" Severus asked, though he had a feeling he knew what Harry was talking about. He had heard Remus before they had taken the boys out of school.

"I knew before school let out that they were only my friend because I am the boy who lived." Harry said, looking at his dad and papa with pain filled eyes.

"Then why?" Remus asked confused as to why his son let those to prat into his home.

"Cause I didn't want to believe it," Harry whispered.

"Oh, Harry," Remus said, tightening his hold on their son.

All three stood in the living room, Harry sandwiched between his fathers as he cried out his pain and hurt.

It was going to take time for him to get over this, but with his family around supporting him, he would be fine eventually.


The war was getting worse, neither he nor Draco could go outside the manor anymore, as Voldemort was upping his attacks in search of him.

Knowing this, his dad and papa were training him and Draco in everything they knew. Today they were learning how to go into their Animagus forms. Harry had been looking forward to this all week, even the gruelling mind arts lesson they had in preparation to learning this didn't get him down.

The potion that they had to make was ready.

"Well boys, drink up." Remus said, smiling at them. Beside him stood his mate Severus, who wanted to see what there boys could turn into. There was no way that they didn't have an Animagus form, not with how powerful they both were.

Harry and Draco looked at each other before downing the disgusting potion. After doing so they had to wait a few moments before anything happened.

Just as Draco was about to open his mouth to start complaining, a cloud of grey smoke appeared in from of him, beside him the same thing was happening to Harry. Both watched and waited with bated breath to see what they would become.

A few moments later the form of two animals appeared. Harry couldn't take his eyes of his own. He didn't know what it was, but it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

As the images faded, Harry and Draco couldn't help smiling. And seeing those big grinning faces made Remus laugh.

He remembers a time so long along with two other boys that had the same look on their faces, he didn't think of the other that had been there.

"Well done, boys," Remus said, "But now the hard part starts. Knowing what you are is only the first part in becoming an Animagus, the rest is even harder."

"You both will be given homework on what your animal is and how they live." Severus said, "You will have to know them inside and out before we ever try the transformation, and I better not catch either of you trying work on it on your own."

"Yes, sir." Draco and harry said at the same time. Even out of school their papa was a scary man, but that didn't stop them from being so happy that they were going to become Animagus.

They had a lot of work to do.


"This is the end for you, Potter." Voldemort laughed, his death eater joining in with their master.

Harry sneered as he watched his dad get manhandled over to dark lord. They had been taken by surprise. The wards around their home fell and within seconds the dark lord and his followers entered and captured him and his dad.

"But before I end your life, I think I should make you witness the end of this mutt's life." Voldemort smirked as he waved his hand towards where two Death Eaters were standing, holding Remus Lupin-Snape.

"No..." Harry breathed as his dad was dragged towards Voldemort.

"Harry, always know that I love you and I'm proud of everything you have accomplished," Remus said, his eyes filled with love for his cub.

"No! You leave him alone!" Harry yelled out, trying to get out of the grip of the two Death Eaters that were holding him back.

"How sweet. It's just sickening, isn't it?" Voldemort said to his death eaters before raising his wand to point it at Remus.

"You will get what's coming to you, Voldemort," Remus sneered before his hands turned into claws and he used his strength to break free from the men holding him. He knew he was going to die, but he was going to make sure he took the two bitches that hurt his family with him.

And with that he swiped his hands at the throats of Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, slitting their throats. As blood rained down on him he saw, out the corner of his eye, a green light shooting towards him and heard his cub cry, then he knew nothing.

Harry stared in shocked as his dad's body fell to the floor, his once vibrant, amber eyes turning dull and lifeless.

"Stupid fools." Voldemort sneered as he cursed the two that had let the werewolf get free. It was because of them that he had lost two of his best inner circle death eaters to the mutt's claws.

Harry saw none of this, he couldn't take his eyes off his dad. (No…) Harry mind raced, his blood boiled.

"No." he whispered, but no one heard him. They were watching their master.

Harry knew no more, his mind broke at seeing his dad's death and losing another parent. His blood rushed through his veins; power burst out and blasted the men holding him away, getting the attention of the dark lord and his men.

"What-" Voldemort didn't get to finish before he watched as his enemy changed before his eyes, and fear entered his heart.

"NOOO!" Harry roared, his voice more animal than human, his hands became claws and looked as deadly as any werewolf's. His clenched teeth grew deadly fangs, ears pointed and poking through his wild hair.

But what made the Dark Lord and his death eaters fear, were the blood red eyes that stared at them with rage and bloodlust.

And that was the last thing any of them saw before a powerful roar rang through the manor followed by screams.

Harry slowly blinked the red haze from his sight. He didn't understand what was happening at first, but suddenly memories came rushing back. Letting out a sob he looked around him, there were bodies all round him. Some were torn into pieces and some were mangled like a wild animal had attacked them. Harry couldn't believe what he was seeing, then his eyes landed on the one body that wasn't bleeding, his dad's.

Letting out a whimper, he crawled over to Remus and wrapped his arms around his dad's cold form.

Sobs shook his form as he cried into his chest; he wanted his dad's chest to rise and fall like before; he wanted to hear his dad's steady heart beat that always comforted him; he wanted to feel his arms wrap around him and tell him everything was going to be ok.

But none of this happened, his dad's form laid still and lost its warmth.

He paid no mind when he heard to pops behind him, or the gasps of shock.

When arms wrap around him and tried to pull him away from his dad, he fought them, he didn't want to leave his dad.

"Harry," a pained voice called out, more like begged.

Turning his head he saw his papa's tear stained face beside him, "Come to me, Harry, he…he is gone."

"No," Harry sobbed out. "No, dad isn't gone. He can't be."

"Oh, my son." Severus said sadly. He pulled Harry away from his love's cold form and into his arms. His heart hurt so much, but he had to help their son. Remus would have wanted him to make sure their son was okay.

"Papa..." Harry cried out in pain. He felt like he was dying inside.

Severus pulled Harry tight to his chest and rocked him back and forth.

Another pair of arms joined them. Draco's tearful face appeared and Severus wraped both in his arms, he had to be strong for them.

All three sat beside Remus, letting their tears flow down there faces as they mourned the passing of a great father and mate.

(Dreams End)

Harry's still form showed none of the emotions he felt from his dreams. No happiness, no pain.

Years flowed by and he didn't stir from his sleep, the Boy-Who-Lived, the one that took down one of the most powerful dark lord, Lord Voldemort, had lived the life of love and pain, but his story had been told many times. It was now time for another to take its place.

Harry Potter was to be freed once more, for above his tomb a storm raged, its anger and rage scarred the land below it, moving the sand and dirt so violently it began to unveil something that hadn't been seen for years, the wards around this tomb kept it safe for so many years slowly dimmed and as the storm gave one last push in its rage, it broke the spell.

It was time for Harry Potter to wake once more and face his destiny.


On the Scrape Ship above old earth.

The ship was old, its paint with chipped and faded from being in space for so long and looked more like it was ready for the scrap heap, but its crew kept her going with patch up jobs and repairs. In the control room two workers were at their stations working the night shift as everyone else slept.

Captain Maz looked down at his work station, he was doing another swipe of the planet surface. There had been a sand storm that had blown through the area. He had to search to see if anything was uncovered by the sand storm.

He hated this part. It was so boring and there was nothing new at all, but he needed to feed his crew and keep this tin bucket going, though he had been thinking on moving on from here, old earth had been picked clear of many of its treasures, most had been moved to new earth.

Yawning, Maz was about to get up to get some coffee when his monitor started beeping at him.

Looking down in shock he didn't register at first what he was seeing, when the computer beeped again. He sat down and looked at what the computer had found.

"Don't get excited, Maz, could be junk again." he said to himself as he press some buttons to get a closer looked at what the computer had found. An image of part of a small building slowly appeared on screen, beside it was a list of what the materials it was made from.






He looked at the list in shock at what he was seeing, typing away at his keyboard he asked the computer to do another scan of that area.

When the scan was complete the image was still there. Turning, he called out to his first mate that was working at another station. "Hey, David, you need see this."

Once called, David walked over to his captain and looked down at the monitor.

"Is that what I think it is?" David asked in disbelief, looking at his captain in shock he looked back at the readouts, "A…tomb? But how? We've looked over this area a few times before and there was nothing. There's no way a tomb can just appear like that."

David reached over and typed the command into the keyboard again. The computer took another scan and the same results came up onto the monitor.

"This is impossible." David whispered, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"The computer's reading is right, there's something down there." Captain Maz said. He knew this was too good to be true, but the computer wasn't lying. They had found something that had been hidden for a hell of a long time.

"Get the team together. Looks like we hit a gold mine." Captain Maz ordered. They had hit the jack pot and they had to get down there as fast as they could before someone else found it.


Inside the tomb there was only one room. The marble walls had glowing crystal, the only thing that offered light, in the canter of the room was a bed, its frame was made from Obsidian and Diamond, on the soft feather mattress a dark beauty lay, sleeping, silk sheets covered the still form of Harry James Potter, the immortal.

So deep in his sleep, time had no meaning to him; only his dreams and memories, sometimes they were kind and filled him with so much happiness, and other times they were filled with pain and heartbreak.

They tortured him. The pain he felt from seeing the people he had seen as family betray him over and over again would have drove him mad if not for the memories of his dad and papa. Their love for him filled that empty place inside for some time, but that too would fade into darkness, memories could only keep you going for so long.

Darkness. That was all he had known for years since going to sleep.

But that sleep was about to end, for the wards that protected him for all these years have fallen, it was time for him to wake.


Awareness slowly came back to Harry. Blinking open his eyes, he cleared the blurriness to see he was in a dimly lit room. His brain was just starting to wake up when a surging hunger overcame him and he felt his body change as his blood lust became stronger; his eyes change from green to glowing red; his ears became pointed and his finger became claws. Letting out a growl his gaze swept around the room until it landed on a goblet sitting on a bedside table. Grabbing it up, his red gazed watched it fill with sweet smelling blood. Not waiting a moment, he rose the goblet to his lips and drank it down, not pausing for a moment to breath.

The goblet must have been spelled to keep refilling because it never emptied as he drank his fill. Slowly the bloodlust faded and he began to think clearly once again. Taking a few more mouth fulls Harry put the goblet down onto the table as he gasped for breath and closed his eyes as he got control of himself. His mind calmed and his hunger faded as the fresh blood rushed through his veins.

As his mind became clearer, he began to take in his environment trying to remember where he was and why he was there. Then it all came back to him; this was his resting place. He remembered paying the goblins to build a place where no one could find him, where he could rest and be alone in his pain.

Looking around, he saw the marble walls were dull and no longer had there sparkle like before.

(How long have I been asleep?) Harry thought to himself. Sitting up he turned to the edge of the bed and stood, only to have his legs give out from under him, dropping him back to the bed.

"Merlin, I am so weak," Harry said, though he was shocked to hear his voice so gritty and rough, (I have got to find out how long I have been here.)

Looking towards the table that was next to the bed he saw his wand in a glass case. Placing his hand over the lock he stared at his long nails, they looked more like claws with how much they had grown in his sleep.

He would have to cut those before he did anything or he would end up cutting himself.

Putting his mind back to what he was doing he ran his hand over the case, it let out a ping before opening.

Grabbing his wand his ran his hand over the smooth wood. Though he didn't need it anymore it held so many memories that he could not part from it. Giving it a wave he felt the rush of magic flow through his veins.

His brow fell into a frown of confusion. Calling his magic again he waved his wand again this time he non-verbally cast the temporal spell. Slowly smoke poured from his wand. As he watched the smoke he couldn't help but feel that something was wrong with his magic. It felt larger than before and wilder.

(Maybe it's 'cause I slept for so long,) Harry thought to himself as words formed in front of him. (It needs the chance to wake up.)

(Oh, Merlin's balls.) Harry eyes didn't take themselves away from the number that appeared in front of it. (How is this possible?)

His heart began to race and his breath became lodged in his throat as his brain tried to work out what he was seeing.

{08:36 and Jan 9 - 2696 }

(How can this be?) Harry thought. (Calm down, Harry.)

Harry took deep breaths. Closing his eyes he calmed his racing heart.

Waving the smoke away, Harry got up and moved over to where his bag was. It was a side bag with one strap. It looked like it was made from black leather, but it was the skin of a Basilisk that he had kill when he was 12. On the black leather was gold and silver stitching, to anyone else they looked like a beautiful pattern, but they were actually ancient runes that his papa had soaked in a special potion only he could make. He knew that he could leave this bag anywhere and it would find him.

Picking it up, he opened it and looked through it. Finding his potion case he took it out and quickly pulled out a calming draught, downing it in one.

Harry felt himself become calm once more, he needed to think logically about what was going on and panicking wasn't going to help him.

Looking around he saw that everything he took with him into his tomb was where it had been before he went to sleep, so no one had been here in all that time.

He could feel the wards that once covered this place were gone, he remembered his friend telling him that not even wards lasted forever without help, and with him being asleep he couldn't stop them from fading.

Walking back over to the bed he placed his bag on it, putting the black case back inside. He also put his wand back into its glass case and put that in as well.

Looking around him, he waved his hand over the room and all his things shrunk in size before they too moved into the bag.

He was glad his papa made this bag for him otherwise he wouldn't be able to take everything with him.

The room now clear, Harry planned his next move. He was thankful of the potion he had taken, or he would be panicking like there was no tomorrow right about now.

First he had to get outside and see what it was like around him, and then he had to find the closes wizard world opening and make his way towards a bank.

First though, he had to fix his appearance. He liked his hair long, but not this long. That was taken care of with a quick wave of his hand. Again, slowly his magic rose to the surface and cut his hair to his waist. With that done, he looked at his nails. Another spell and they were shorter and looked normal again.

All that was left were his clothes. Turning to his bag, he thought of what outfit he wanted and placed his hand on top of the bag. Seeing the bag get bulkier he knew that they had appeared inside. Opening it up, he took out a white shirt, black pants, boots, underwear, and soft socks. After getting changed he placed his sleep wear into his bag and closed it.

Looking his appearance over, he nodded to himself, the outfit was plane so he shouldn't stand out much, hopeful the worlds dress hand change too much.

He picked his bag up and put the strap over his shoulders. He took one more look around the tomb he had slept in for so long.

"Here goes nothing." He said as he walked towards the entrance. It was time to see what the world outside looked like.

Opening the door, he was nearly blinded by the bright sunlight that flooded the room. Closing his eyes he placed his hand over his eyes and took a step out into the bright light, blinking his eyes he got used to the sun once again, once his vison had cleared he looked out into the world.

"Merlin," Harry breathed as he stared out into his world. (I think I am going to need another Calming Draught,) Harry thought as he looked out into the rocky desert in front of him.

The once beautiful land was gone. Trees no longer stood tall around his tomb, sand and rock had taken their place.

It was like the world had reformed around him, but the one thing that scared him the most was he could no longer fell and magic around him. It was like the planet he stood on was dead.

(What happened here? How could this of happened?) Harry through confusedly.

Suddenly he heard a rumble come from the sky to his left. Turning he watched as a metal thing slowly came down.

(Now I know I have gone mad! I am seeing alien ships!) Harry thought in shock.

Moving quickly he ducked behind some rocks and watched as the ship landed on the sand. Not long after the hatch opened and Harry started in shock as he saw humans step out in strange outfits.

He watched as they took out strange devices and moved it around them.

Concentrating, he waved his hand over his ears, feeling it take he thanked the twins from coming up with a spell that let you hear over great distance, his elf hearing made it even easier.

"We'll have to get the gear down and to the tombs location," one of the men orders before turning to the one holding a strange devise. "Is this as close as we can land to the tomb?"

"Yes, Cap', if we landed any closer we could end up damaging the site." The slim man replied, not looking up from his devise.

"Well, we don't have all day. There's going to be another storm in a few hours, and there's no way we want to be caught out in that," the one known as Cap said, pointing towards what looked like a big black cloud. Even from this far away they could hear the thunder that was raging inside it.

Harry ducked down when the one called Cap looked in his direction. Slowly he moved back to his tomb. If those humans were looking for it then he had to get back to the tomb and make sure there was nothing magical left in it. He didn't know if muggles in this time knew about magic, but he wasn't going to take any chances if they didn't.

Rushing into the room he quickly got to work, waving his hand he thought of the room packing itself up and into his bag when nothing happened.

Again, his magic failed him. (What the hell is wrong with me? Maybe the magic in this tomb drained me more than it should have when the magic outside disappeared,) Harry thought. It was the only explanation he had as to why his magic worked one minute and failed the next.

Taking a deep breath he once again pulled his magic into his hand. Once he could feel it slowly build up there, he waved his hand again.

This time the magic left him and he watched as items flow into the air, the flap to his bag opened and items began to shank as they fell into the bag.

Not a minute later the room was clear. The bedding and his bed were gone, and the goblet and table it had sat on were gone, too.

Grabbing his bag he placed it on his shoulder and quickly made his way out of the room.

Now he had to plan on how he was going to get information on what had happened to Earth. He also had to find some way to get onto that ship and out of the area. If that storm was as bad as those hard men made it out to be, then he didn't want to be around when it hit.

Reaching down he grabbed some of the sand and rub it in places on his white shirt and black pants, once done and he gave himself a once over. He was happy with the look, his plan was to look like he had crashed his own ship on the planet, was in need of a lift, and with the help of magic it should work.

Hearing the men coming closer he stayed hidden as they entered his tomb, he watched as one man stayed out and took scans of the building.

This would be his chance. With the way his magic was working at the moment, he needed to see if it worked on one person before trying it on the whole group.

Coming out from behind the rock he was hiding behind he called out to the man, "Help!"

The man spun around and looked at him in shock, "What the hell!?"

"Please, can you help me?" Harry begged, coming closer. He was close enough to smell the man's scent and was shocked that there was a hint of arousal there, when the man took in his looks.

His raven black hair and slim build had always made many stare, though it was his eyes that made their breath catch when they saw how the emerald orbs almost seemed luminescent.

As the man got his wits about him, Harry started to call his magic to him, waving it around the man so that he would be more inclined to help him.

To be on the safe side what with how his magic had been acting, he also used his vampire allure so that the man would be more attracted to him.

He didn't like using this type of magic, it reminded him to much of the Imperius Curse, but when needs must.

"Who the fuck are you and how did you get here?" David demanded. Jason had said there were no other ships around, when he had a done a scan to see if there were any other ships around that could try to take their claim.

"My name is Harry Potter. My ship crashed here a few days ago and I have been trap ever since." Harry explained, his words soft and like butter as they flowed over the man, he needed him to believe him and his magic wasn't the only thing he could use, (the one good thing about being half vampire,) Harry thought.

"What!? But the storm." David said in disbelieve. He had seen the read outs on that storm. Nothing should have been able to live through that.

"I hid in a cave when it hit, and I had enough in my bag to get me through it." Harry lied, patting his bag. Harry thought on his feet, his magic working over the man, making him believe his words.

"Shit, you're one lucky son of a bitch to have lived through that. Look this find is ours…" David said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh, I don't care about that, I just want off this rock. Do you think you'd be able to help me?" Harry asked. He didn't care what they did with his tomb, it had served its purpose and now he just wanted off this rock.

"Er... well, I have to talk to me Captain, but I don't see why not, with a bigger storm heading this way, leaving you here would be a death sentence." David said. He knew his Captain would let the guy onto the ship. They weren't heartless, like others, and wouldn't leave someone behind to die.

Plus, it helped that the guy was a looker as well. David knew his Cap liked black haired beauties, be it male or female, so this guy had that going for him.

"David, who the hell are you talking to?" Captain Maz shouted as he stormed out of the tomb with the others. He hoped to hell it wasn't someone after the claim on this gold mine.

"Captain, this is Harry Potter. Poor guy crashed his ship. He needs a ride off." David explained, he saw that the second that his Captain took in Harry's looks that he was coming with them.

"The fuck?" Maz and the others stared in shock at the beautiful male standing in front of them.

Seeing them standing there looking so shock at his looks. Harry, discreetly, used his magic and his vampire allure to ensnare them, again.

"As I was telling your friend here, I crash not far and held up in a cave when the storm hit. I was lucky in living through it, but I know I won't when the next one comes. When I saw your ship land, I thanked my lucky stars and quickly made my way here," Harry explained to them.

"Look, this tomb…" Captain Maz started to say, but was interrupted by David.

"I have already said that, Maz. He doesn't want a claim on it, just a lift."

"Hmm…" Mac couldn't see a problem in giving the young man a lift. He knew that some ships get pulled down or catch on the edge of a storm, so this wasn't the first time he had help others off planet. "Alright, but we have to drop you off at CP station E5."

"That's fine. Anywhere but here would be perfect." Harry said, he had no clue where CP station E5 was, or what was there, but he didn't care at this point. Though he thought it strange his magic seem to buzz inside him for a second when the Captain had spoken that name.

(I will have to mediate at some point to see what the hell is going on with my magic,) Harry thought, before the Captain's voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Jas." Captain Maz called out.

A young man that had been quite behind his captain stepped forward. He had dark hair and blue eyes. He was bigger than harry in build, but shorter than the rest of the men.

"Yes, boss?" he asked, blushing at having been called.

Harry had to hold in a smile, this boy was innocent in many way.

"You take our guest back to the ship while the rest of us get this done here." Captain Maz ordered, though gently. He knew Jas was new to crew so he wasn't too hard on him.

"Ok, boss," Jas nodded and looked towards Harry. There was a light blush on the boy's cheeks as he cleared his throat. "This way, sir."

"Again, thank you so much," Harry said to the captain, smiling happily at the crew, before following the young man. David and the others could help staring at the young man's ass as he walked away.

Shaking himself out of it Maz began ordering the others to start back to work. As they walked in David walked up to his captain.

"You know with his looks there may be trouble, right?" David asked, watching them go.

"Don't I know it… But it will make the trip interesting," Captain Maz said, laughing as he two watched them go, though his eyes were more on that tight ass. 'Yup, definitely trouble.'

Following the young Jas, Harry had to stop himself from laughing at the captains words. (It will be an interesting trip,) Harry thought running his tongue over his fangs.

If it was going to be a long trip he was going to get hungry after all.


A young man that looked to be in his twenties stared at the ship Hunter-Gratzner, oblivious to the curious and lust filled gazes from the crowd. He was only about five foot six, thanks to his relatives making him go days without food as so-called 'punishment'. His hair pulled back up into a ponytail at the base of his neck. Unbound, it would reach to the middle of his back.

Men and women leered as they passed him, some even tried to get the young man's attention. He wore black trousers that fitted well over his hips and thighs, clinging to them like a second skin and drew eyes to his tight assets, and a plain lose white cotton shirt with an emerald leather vest completed the outfit.

The young man was a stunning creature to behold. His innocent looks drew many to him, but they concealed the danger that lay beneath the surface.

Harry looked over the ship he would be taking to New Mecca. The Hunter-Gratzner. A strange name to call it, but Harry had found this time had a lot of strange things. It was long and slim and it was a cargo ship that took passages that didn't have the creds to take a faster ship.

It had taken him some time to get here. Captain Maz had been true to his word in getting him off old Earth, and he had been right in the trip being interesting that was for sure. He had loved the taste of Maz and Jas the best. They filled the hole inside him some with there company, and he didn't leave them without the pleasant memories of their time together.

Mind magic was handy to know and he was thankful his papa had taught him the art. Because of what he was he couldn't sleep with them for real since they were his mates, but he did make it seem like they had, and he was happy to know Jas and Maz were now together.

(There is my one good deed,) Harry thought. It also made him guilty for using magic on them like Obliviate. After all, he couldn't let them know he had been feeding off them and as he can make the bite painful or pleasurable he used his magic to help him.

Shaking his head from those thoughts, he headed towards the ship. It was time to get off of Nova Five and learn more about the time he was in.

Deep In Space – few weeks since launch.

Harry had made his mind up about cryo, he hated it. Back on Maz's ship, he had learned about it. Though he was thankful he didn't have to go into one of the pods then, as they reminded him too much of coffin at the time, but he wished he had now, so that he would have known what it was like and wouldn't be going through all of this.

He knew it wasn't working for him like it did for others when he saw everyone around him asleep and he was still awake. Even his creature sides were stirring and he really didn't want that to happen, not with so many people around him.

He was so thankful for his magic, after being awake for the first day and only feeling dozy, he had used his magic to put him into a deep sleep. It was similar to what he had done in his tomb, just not as deep.

Though, because it wasn't so deep, he kept waking up every few days until he got the hang of it and would sleep for more than a week.

He also dreamed in his Cryo- Locker. His mind went back in time, much like in his tomb. But this time he went back to the start of his life. Back to when he was only just Harry, the freak and the orphan that lived in a cupboard under stairs at his relatives. He couldn't remember what they looked like after all these years, though. The only images that came up when he thought of them were a horse, a whale, and a hippo.

That is, until he received the letter that changed his life forever, for better or for worse. He, Harry Potter, was a wizard, but not just any old wizard. He was the boy-who-lived, a hero for living after killing the Dark Lord.

He had gone to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The memories of that time raced through his mind. Some blurred and people faces long forgotten.

His mind decided to be kind to him this time as his dreams faded and, instead, he found himself in a jungle, sitting by a waterfall.

The place was beautiful, but he couldn't hide from how lonely he was. Being a vampire-elf hybrid wasn't easy, he was the only one of his kind. If it hadn't been for his dad and papa helping him learn about himself, he would have gone mad with all the emotions both sides of himself felt all the time.

Drinking from humans for nourishment took some time getting used to, but he learned and accepted what he was. He could drink blood, without killing his prey and he had mastered his abilities after all this time, thanks to his papa. But there had been one thing his family couldn't help with and that was finding his mate. It had been a shock to learn he had a mate; one person that was destined to be with him. He had at first felt the choice had been taken from him, but his dad had said this person would be the other half of himself, someone that he could let his guard down and always feel safe with. And as a submissive, he needed his dominate mate to feel that. But in all the time he had been awake he had never come across that one person, had never felt the instant attraction to anyone.

But since waking up he had felt a pull. It was like his magic was leading him somewhere.

"I just hope my mate is alive in this time. I don't think I can keep going on like this." Harry said to himself, his voice echoing in his Cryo- Locker.

Being alone for so long was wearing him down and now with all his friends gone, he was even more alone.

He was looking for his mate before, one that he can feed from and be full for days, the one that would make him feel safe and happy.

As time went on, however, all of his searches turned up dead ends in his old time, he had begins to despair that he would never find the one, hopeful in this time he will have more luck than he did in his own.

Harry turned his head and rested it on the lockers wall and slipped into a deep sleep once again.


Not far from where Harry was resting another waited in a different type of Cryo- Locker. This one with a warning signs printed on the front of it

Inside was the most wanted man, though some say he was more animal. He wore a black tank top with black cargo pants. Simple clothes, but on his tall strong form they made for an imposing sight. He was known as Richard B. Riddick. A man that no one wanted to mess with. He had escaped slams like they were hotels and not many people wanted to go after him, but someone did and now he was on his way back to the slam.

Unlike others he didn't sleep in cryo. His animal side wouldn't let him, all he had was time to plan and think.

~They say most of your brain shuts down in cryo-sleep…. All but the primitive side… the animal side…. No wonder I'm still awake.~

He hated cryo, he never slept, but it was a necessary evil, for now.

~Transporting me with civilians. Sounded like forty, forty plus. Heard an Arab voice. Some hoodoo holy man. Probably on his way to New Mecca. But by what route? What route?~

He need to know what route they were taking, but with him bound like it was that was going to be a little hard, for now he was going to have to wait, but that didn't stop him from thinking up plans on how to escape his restraints. With his head resting back, he took in the scents around him, he knew he could get some clues on the route they were on, on who was on board.

~Smelled a woman. Sweat, boots, tool belt, leather: Prospector type. Free settlers. They only take the back roads.~

Riddick turned his head sharply, his nose breathing in deep as the interesting scent came to him. He had smelled it when he came on board, but it had been covered by all the people that had been making there way to their Cryo- Locker.

~And here is someone who has a scent that I have never encountered before; copper that reminds me of freshly spilled blood, also joined with the scent of being in a rainforest. Not a mix I've come cross in my time.~

Riddick could a deeper breath, he let the scent feel his lungs like a starving man. It's heady, a type of energy he hasn't felt in a long time that is slowly surging through his body, stirring his animal side.

~Male. Young… yet old... I can feel the growling threat come through…. inhuman, dangerous, interesting.~

His nose pulled in more of the heavenly scent making the beast inside him stir. It'd been a long time since something had caught his attention and even then not like this. His animal side wanted to claim the scent, something that he didn't think would ever happened. He was going to have a good look at this male, but first he had to deal with a certain someone. A medicated scent drifted by him and he let out a growl.

~And here's my real problem; Mr. Johns, blue-eyed devil. He was planning on taking me back to slam… Only this time he picked a ghost lane.~

Plans appeared in his mind. Johns was losing his touch in taking such a lane. Anything could happen.

~A long time between stops.~

A dark smirk slowly appears around the bit.

~A long time for something to go wrong.~


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