Chapter 9: What happened?

November 25th, Light' POV

Where is that damn shinigami? He's supposed to be here already he left half an hour ago. Just as I thought that Ryuk finally arrived.

He found Katana making sure I didn't move from my position.

"Bout time you got here." She complained. I internally agreed with her.

"Yeah. Had to stop by a different world to get more info. Anyways I'll take over for now, You go take a break over at Light' house. He's asleep so nothing important should happen." he said with a chuckle

"What if something does happen?"

"I'll see it on the monitor and I'll come right over if I can."

"Kay, see ya later." She opened a portal and left swiftly though it

Ryuk turned back to look at me. He sighed.

"Light, I have bad news. This guy has insomnia. You're getting three hours tonight."

Tch, three hours, It's already midnight... What have I done to deserve this? ... All I've ever done was for the greater good of the new world.

I could tell Ryuk felt how mad I was at him. He moved behind me at some point to ignore my aura.

"I guess you already know that this guy has a sweet tooth. So I'll just tell you what I found out." he said nonchalantly

He took a small pause before continuing "You call yourself Ryuzaki when you're with these guys, like you, the rest of these guys -except your dad- have aliases too."

Couldn't he just give me his full name? ... Wait, even if I do find a way to reach the Death Note it would just be suicide since I'm in his body... I think...

He started floating around the room still avoiding my gaze. "The youngest guy here is Touta Matsuda A.K.A Taro Matsui. He tries his best to match up to the other men on the team, but his problem is he doesn't have much experience. I call him Mr. Tries-too-hard."

"The one sitting next to your dad is Kanzo Mogi, he's the quiet one, A.K.A Kanichi Moji."

"The guy sitting next to Mogi, the guy with the afro is Shuichi Aizawa A.K.A Aihara. Don't know much about him except his hair looks funny."

Why is he even telling me all this? I already know.

"The old man cutting cake slices is Watari. He's L's assistant. To the rest of the world he's Quillsh Wammy. Mr fancy-pants here is famous inventor and founder of an orphanage for smart kids in England. You'll be talking to him a lot since he talks to you first when he has any leads."

Just my luck.

"You getting any of this?" He turned to me

Tch, honestly. You'd think he'd be used to it by now.

"Oh, right. You can't talk." He laughed nervously

The rest of the night went by eating sweets, watching the monitors, getting told what to do by everyone's favorite annoying Shinigami and surprisingly feeling sort of used to the restlessness.

November 26th, L' POV

I wake up early and get dressed to go to school. Feeling a bit nauseous, I brush my teeth. and go back to his room to get a schoolbag

It feels strange being in someone else's body and having to adjust to their habits. But his body is already used to some things so that's sort of like a guide. As for the sleeping schedule... I can't remember the last time I slept that long. It feels good. Kind of like a distant memory.

I wonder what's happening to my body right now. Whoever got the chance to play my role had better not do anything stupid and get me killed. If Light Yagami is in my body does that mean he's Kira..? No, That's too cliche... But if he is, even if I do find out I can't do anything about it because he's in my body and 'L' going to prison would kill my reputation as a detective. And I don't want to go to prison in his body.

There has to be something in here that could

"Light! You're gonna be late if you don't hurry! School starts in half an hour." an unfamiliar female voice, that i assume is his little sister, yells from the bottom of the stairs.

Light... Yagami.?

"Good morning Light, did you start studying for the entrance exams?" A boy asks me

"Yes, I did." I said calmly

"Oh, okay. Uh, is something wrong? You're usually cheerier." He gives me a worried look

"Oh that. I just stayed up late last night, I'll be fine in a bit." I say with a slight smile

"Alright." He says grinning

A day as my prime suspect... Is he really Kira? Is this situation supposed to let me see something? Hopefully I'll wake up from this dream. For now I'll act normal and try to figure this out.

Light' POV

How will I get the death note back? Going over there myself is too risky, and I still need to watch him so I can't take away the cameras yet. I can't ask my father to do it either. How would 'L' even know about the notebook. He hasn't seen it. It's still safe in my desk drawer, but what if he finds it in my wallet?

"Your son is at school as usual, correct?" I ask calmly

"Yes" my father answers

"Ku Ku Ku. How does it feel to refer to yourself in the third person?" Ryuk laughs

Damn Shinigami, he seems to forget that I'm his apple supplier. Come to think of it apples are like drugs to them... are Shinigamis Stone-

"Ryuzaki, is everything alright?" Watari puts a slice of cake in front of me on the table

"Oh yes, I just feel a bit nauseous. Thank you, Watari."

I pick up the plate and start eating.

If I go take the entrance exam will he know that I'm Kira? He has no reason to think that, we just switched bodies. Logically speaking someone would want to know what happened to their body. So I guess it's decided.

I'm going to the entrance exam.

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