Trashin' Da Mall

(A.N. I know this is really unusual, but just suppose Anakin was never trained by the Jedi and grew up in the lower levels of Couriscant.)

"Yo Anakin!"

Anakin Skywalker turned on his heel to face his friend.

"Common," Slin said, showing off missing teeth in his large smile, "Let's go trash the mall."

Anakin looked skeptically at his friend, "You know last time I had to bail you out."

"I know! But it was fun!" Slin said trying to excuse it.

"My face hurt for three days where that security guard hit it with his club!"

"We still got out."

Anakin sighed running a hand through his dirty blonde hair. "Alright. But if you get yourself caught I'm not gonna bail you again."

"Hey, no-need," Slin said, flexing his scrawny muscles, "If there's a problem, I can take care of myself."

Anakin rolled his eyes. "Whatever pall."

The Mall

Senator Padme Amidala walked through the biggest mall in the galaxy. The Ganteria Sleyin. She was in disguise, as usual. However, captain Typho was on her side. He was a good soldier, better than good in many ways. She had come to the mall to get away from politics, and servants, but mainly to do what many women did best...Shop..

Walking out of a jewelry store she walked over to the railing that kept the people from falling down the middle of the mall. She was ten stories up, and dangling over the edge. That was when it felt like she was run into by a speeder. The air was knocked out of her as she fell to the ground. Groaning she sat up, looking for what had run into her.

"Let me go!"

In Captain Typho's grip was a tall young man she guessed was eighteen or twenty. His ragged cloths hung off his scrawny body, and he looked like he needed a bath.

"Not until you give back what belongs to Miss Padme." Typho answered.

It was then that Padme checked her pocket for her purse, and found it missing. Angry she turned to the young man and held out her hand demandingly.

Captain Typho put pressure on the young man's arm, which was behind his back. The thief grimaced from the pain then with his free hand the blonde young man held out Padme's purse, which she snatched back.

"What should we do with him?" Captain Typho asked.

The thief looked up at her, expectantly. And Padme looked into his eyes. "What's your name?" She asked.


"Is that your first name?"